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Wonder Woman: The Journey Begins (Wonder Woman) Ebook Wonder Woman The Journey Begins Wonder Woman Nina Jaffe Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk As Wonder Woman Leaves Paradise Island To Spread The S Message Of Peace And Justice, Trouble Erupts The World Over She Suspects That Ares, The God Of War, Is To Blame For This Dark Shadow Of Hatred Now The Princess Must Use All The Tools At Her Command Her Golden Lasso Of Truth, Her Silver Bracelets, And, Most Important Of All, Her Great Wisdom And Quick Mind But Is She Powerful Enough To Defeat The Menace Of Ares And Restore Peace To Mortals World

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    I gave this book to my 3rd grader because I like how Wonder Woman conveys the message that women can be intelligent, strong, and capable However, I was disappointed in the level of mythology in this book In the old Wonder Woman TV seri...

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    Absolutely fantastic The best of Nina Jaffe s Wonder Woman series.

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