Charlotte's Story: A Florida Keys Diary 1934 1935 ePUB

Charlotte's Story: A Florida Keys Diary 1934 1935 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Charlotte's Story: A Florida Keys Diary 1934 1935 Author Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk – Charlotte's Story A Florida Keys Diary 1934 1935 Paperback Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk Author Charlotte's Story A Florida A Florida eBook ↠ Keys Diary Paperback Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk Author.

10 thoughts on “Charlotte's Story: A Florida Keys Diary 1934 1935

  1. Kris Kris says:

    A Robinson Crusoe type of story set back in time with a gal from the City and a husband who knows how to do everything come to settle on a desolate beach in the keys Loved it

  2. Anne Vandenbrink Anne Vandenbrink says:

    Charlotte Arpin's diary of spending a few years in the Florida Keys during the early 1930s Coping with sand flies scorpions and mosuitoes and a deep freeze Dealing with rum runners drug dealers and borrowers and an interesting group of natives called Conchs Living without modern conveniences her resourceful husband teaches her how to extract a conch from its shell make a sculling oar and become a master at sculling a boat and navigating by clouds They are two of the few who survive the 1935 hurricane

  3. Tracey Shadday Tracey Shadday says:

    I first read this book ten years ago; I believe it was the first edition I have enjoyed the second read so much better

  4. Carrie Carrie says:

    Basically the diary of a woman who lives on an isolated Florida key with her husband during prohibition 30s This book was most interesting to me not because of the descriptons of their life in paradise but due to the contradictory study of the author Charlotte She must have been in some ways radical at that time seeing that she's bold enough to dump her 3 year old child from a previous marraige on her parents and join her husband on a deserted island fraternizing with rum runners and Conchs native keys tribe She often dresses in slacks and passes herself off as a man too But the way she treats and is treated by her husband is pure 1930s She worships her husband's every step and is constantly awed by how wonderful and brilliant he is and berates herself for being silly and slow to learn all the sensible things he is trying to teach her he comes across as very bossy and patronizing though even through Charlotte's words It's an interesting study in how times have thankfully changed

  5. Allison Hepler Allison Hepler says:

    A memoir of a couple who lived for 2 years on Elliot Key Florida now part of Biscayne Natoinal Park but in the early 1930s a drop off point for rum runners and others who needed to cool off for awhile Charlotte and Russ lived on this island 35 miles from Miami managing a couple of lime groves and making do with very little while meeting up with all sorts of interesting characters They left after surviving the devastating hurricane of 1935 Very good writing it evokes an era that doesn't seem possible any Charlotte does not romanticize their life but it is clear they enjoyed it

  6. Chris Sexton Chris Sexton says:

    A fantastic story of a young husband and wife as they built a life on one of the many islands in Biscayne Bay Their trials and tribulationstheir day to day life Very interesting and anybody who has ever been to Elliott Key would love reading this story

  7. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    I bought this while in The Keys it is really written like she is remembering it so not exactly well written but still entertaining She remembers every detail about what she eats though I guess she would have been my kind of pal

  8. Krista Krista says:

    The stories were great but the writing was lacking It probably didn't help that she was writing this book 30 years after the fact I had a lot of trouble with the timeline it read like all of this happened in a week but it was actually two years Overall a good look into the Keys of the 20's

  9. Kathy E. Kathy E. says:

    Tough one to rate Her diary is so descriptive and thorough and while I was fascinated reading it the writing had a lot to be desired What an amazing story of survival and courage And a perfect one to read while sitting on the beach in the Keys

  10. Donna Delcheccolo Donna Delcheccolo says:

    Great diary about a couple living on an isolated island near Key West in 1935 1936 Their description of weathering the horrific Labor Day hurricane of 1935 was gripping This is the second first hand account of this event I have read

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