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The Art of Roy Lichtenstein The Art Of Roy Lichtenstein Mural With Blue Brushstroke Is The Rare Record Of A Master Artist S Work From Conception To Completion Photographer Bob Adelman Documents A Revealing, Behind The Scenes Look At The Massive Five Story High Mural Lichtenstein Was Commissioned To Produce For The AXA Equitable Center In New York City, Including Exclusive Interviews With The Artist Rarely Has The Public Been Offered Such A Revealing, Behind The Scenes Look At The Genesis Of A Major Work Of Art A Colorful, Complex, And Bold Performance, The Mural Combines References To The Giants Of Twentieth Century Art With Cartoon Blast Symbols, Magazine Advertisements, A Piece Of Swiss Cheese, And Other Images And Artifacts Of Contemporary Life That Have Always Fascinated The Artist Only Lichtenstein, The Supreme Virtuoso Of Pop New York Times , Could Have Created Such An Extraordinary Masterpiece.

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