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Nobody's Safe [Read] ➻ Nobody's Safe ➸ Richard Steinberg – There are some secrets the government would kill to protectNo door is lockedGregory Picaro lives in the shadows and works in the dark finding his way into the most exclusive homes in the world and met There are some secrets the government would kill to protectNo door is lockedGregory Picaro lives in the shadows and works in the dark finding his way into the most exclusive homes in the world and methodically taking away their treasures one precious item at a time A man who has made safecracking an art form who has never met a lock he couldn't pick Picaro is at the top of his field But he has just opened the wrong safeNo treasure is secureSuddenly Picaro in the company of a beautiful woman reporter is on a harrowing cross country odyssey in pursuit of a truth too extraordinary to guess dodging enemies who want him dead and want their evidence back For over fifty years a mysterious organization has been guarding a secret that will change everything you have believed about our government And the only person who can tell the truth is a master safecracker holding the key to a mind boggling revelationNobody's Safe.

  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • Nobody's Safe
  • Richard Steinberg
  • English
  • 12 August 2016
  • 9780553581881

10 thoughts on “Nobody's Safe

  1. Alex Alex says:

    This book is greatIt completely encapsulates you into the mind of the lead character and really does well with building suspense and surprise The tension between characters is well developed and the writing style does amazingly well at peaking this tension at just the right moments The book keeps you wanting to read from page to pageThe only reason this isn't a 5 star book I'd happily rate it a 45 if I could is because of the plot line and the way everything is wrapped up in the end Yes the plot isn't original but with so many other writers out there it's hard to find a perfectly original plot; don't overlook this book because of it It's wonderfully written and definitely worth the time

  2. Knot (Claire-Edith) Telling Knot (Claire-Edith) Telling says:

    This is a fun exciting book with a surprise ending that is both cute and cheesy Part of the story the part I really enjoyed involves a gypsy clan that joins Our Hero the best thief in the world in an enormous hangar to prepare for the big job that brings us to the totally unexpected denouement It's sort of a literary cirue du soleil This is not a book that will challenge your world view or open you up to new ideas It is a book that will engage intrigue and entertain you For the sake of full disclosure I should probably add that the writer is my brother but this is a reasonably unbiased review for all that This my favorite of all Ricky's books

  3. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    I received this audio book because I won it from IListentoBookscom for writing reviews I listened to it for a break between some of my longer audiobooks on my commuteThis was a typical story It was written in the late 1990s The writing is decent although the story is movie action esue instead of storytelling It reminded me uite a bit of The Scarlet Ruse and Reunion other books although this one I did like better than thoseThe full 3 hours is taken for this audiobook The story intrigued me a bit then it took a sudden jump and became science fiction I did not see the aliens coming Perhaps it was because it was abridged I thought there were some things that would turn out to be related but they were never addressedThe reading was alright I did not like the way he read the women As with several other audiobooks I have listened to the women sounded whiny even though I don't think the writer necessarily intended for them to sound whiny Overall it isn't too bad if you don't have anything else better to listen to on 3 hours of commuting

  4. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    what can I say about this one I started it last year in 2016 couldn't get into it so I put it down for awhile only to pick it back up in January this time I read the whole thing it took me awhile to read it do to reading 3 books at one time but without giving things away it was good once I got into it I really like Meagan and Greg and I do think people should at least give it a good go

  5. Roger Roger says:

    Loved it Starts with a heist the protagonists get involved in a conspiracy another heist and conspiracy Good characters with depth few flaws a page turner combining the heist genre with political thriller and an intriguing hint of something extraordinary

  6. Lori Dailey Lori Dailey says:

    This was such a wonderful book From the first line I was hooked I was hoping for a seuel because the world the author created is one that I really want to revisit

  7. Maurean Maurean says:

    I really enjoyed this fun action packed book Okthe storyline is a bit cheesy I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying it's about Area 51you will figure this out on your own very soon into the book but the characters are great the story is engaging and well told and I couldn't put it down Besides I enjoy a little cheese now and again Lots of interesting tidbits about the 'art'of safecracking some fun facts about gypsy lifestyles and a few aliens thrown in for good measure Amusing engaging a great summertime diversion

  8. Ed Ed says:

    Thriller Master burglar Gregory Picaro and his crew join forces with a band of gypsies and a TV magazine producer to prove an ongoing government coverup after a 1947 alien spacecraft crash at Roswell NM

  9. Anne Anne says:

    gypsies murder mystery fun

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    Boring dull and the plot is stupid Gov't and its hidden agenda about aliens Whoo whoo yeah very stupid plot and it's used so often so it lost its originality Blahhh

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