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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable
  • Tom DeFalco
  • English
  • 13 April 2018
  • 9780785118824

10 thoughts on “Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable

  1. says:

    Classic stuff from the Tom DeFalco era of Spider Man In my mind you can t get much better than this, the whole time period surrounding the Hobgoblin arc.

  2. says:

    Maybe the least interesting Spidey book I ve ever picked up.

  3. says:

    Whenever I read old Spider Man comics, I think I should read old Spider Man comics, even while I realize I m not going to go to the trouble to find them especially when even a trade like this has a bunch of scattered stories from different titles and story arcs Basically, though, I learne...

  4. says:

    The Black Suit era had some gems, even if they don t quite scale the heights of the Romita era But Silver Sable, the Rose, a few iterations of the Hobgoblin, and the Sinister Syndicate all make for the kind of dramatic, soap opera storytelling that has alw...

  5. says:

    Silver Sable comes to New York to capture criminals It s a decent introduction to a new character I preferred the second story where she hires Spiderman to go up against Jack O Lantern, which he was planning to do anyway A good read.

  6. says:

    I have fond nostalgia for the pre computer art when it was all done old school pencils and inks Although the dialogue is somewhat overbearing it is still classic spidey and back in the days when things where hectic and fun Really enjoyed

  7. says:

    This was a good time in Spider Man comics, and Silver Sable was perhaps at her best in this period These are all very solid, well done comics.

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Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable Epub Spider Man Vs Silver Sable Author Tom DeFalco Capitalsoftworks.co.uk He S A Wall Crawling Wonder She S A Mercenary Marvel Together, They Well, Get On Each Other S Nerves, Mostly But They Make A Great Team, As Long As They Re Not Matching Blows And Ideologies Themselves See Their Lives Intertwine Both In Shared Adventures And Apart, As Spidey Faces The Ability And Ego Of Silver S Ex, The Foreigner, While Silver Herself Squares Off Against That Hot Headed Hobgoblin To Be, Jack O Lantern Plus The Gathering Of The Sinister Syndicate And The Reformation Of Sandman Guest Starring Daredevil And The Black Cat Collects Amazing Spider Man 265, 279 281 And Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider Man 128 129.

About the Author: Tom DeFalco

Tom DeFalco is an American comics writer and editor, well known for his association with Marvel Comics and Spider Man.