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General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts [Read] ➪ General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts By Raymond Chang – The fifth edition of General Chemistry continues the tradition of presenting only the material that is essential for a one year general chemistry course It strikes a balance between theory and applica The Essential Epub Ú The fifth edition of General Chemistry continues the tradition of presenting only the material that is essential for a one year general chemistry course It strikes a balance between theory and application by incorporating real world examples; helping students visualize the three dimensional atomic and molecular structures that are the basis of chemical activity; and developing problem solving and critical thinking skills Although the fifth edition General Chemistry: PDF/EPUB ² incorporates many new features such as macro to micro artwork six new animations correlated to the text and the addition of new hand sketched worked examples General Chemistry is still to pages shorter and much less expensive than other two semester textbooks Dr Changs concise but thorough approach will appeal to efficiency minded instructors and value conscious students.

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The Essential Epub Ú Margaret Chang He grew up in Shanghai China during World War II and the civil war that followed He has contributed to several chemistry textbooks and manualsTogether with his wife they have published several juvenile and adult works on the Chinese language and culture.

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    I'll give a review laterfrom prefaceWhat's new in this edition?Kenneth Goldsby Florida State University has joined Raymond Chang as an author on the seventh edition of General Chemistry Ken's background in inorganic chemistry has added insight into content and problems and his extensive work with undergraduate students both in the classroom and in the laboratory reinforces Raymond's long tradition of understanding and respecting the student's view of the material as well as that of the instructor's Many new End of Chapter Problems have been added to this edition of General Chemistry with an emphasis on interpreting graphs and solving problems based on visual information End of chapter problems are organized in various ways Each section under a topic heading begins with Review uestions followed by Problems The Additional Problems section provides problems not organized by sectionMany of the examples and end of chapter problems present extra tidbits of knowledge and enable the student to solve a chemical problem that a chemist would solve In particular numerous problems are based on descriptive and applied chemistry that would be found in boxed essays and later chapters of a longer text; see Problems 172 4115 6108 8108 1173 13105 19127 These examples and problems show students the real world of chemistry and applications of everyday life situationsNew is the creation and versatility of our Connect Chemistry system McGraw Hill has initiated a rigorous process to ensure high uality electronic homework Through careful observation of real students and active instructors we have advanced online homework to an online learning and engagement environment The goal of Connect is to usher in a new era of meaningful online learning that balances the conceptual and uantitative problem solving aspect of this most vital disciplinMcGraw Hill is offering students and instructors an enhanced digital homework experience using Connect Chemistry Each problem within Connect Chemistry carries the text problem solving methodology and is tailored with specific hints as well as answer specific feedback for common incorrect answer Each uestion has been accuracy checked by two or chemistry professors Several rounds of editorial and chemical accuracy checking in addition to numerous instructor and student tests of all problems ensure the accuracy of all content In addion to the specific hints and feedback provided for all uestions many uestions allow students a chemical drawing experience that can be assessed directly within their online homework Connect Chemistry utilizes ChemDraw which is widely considered the ''gold standard'' of scientific drawing programs and the cornerstone application for scientists who draw and annotate molecules reactions and pathways This collaboration of Connect and ChemDraw features an easy to use intuitive and comprehensive course management and homework system with professional grade drawing capabilitiesNew Review of Concepts have been added to many chapters Review of Concepts are uick conceptual exercises spread throughout the chapters to enable the student to gauge his or her understanding of the concept just presented The answers to the Review of Concepts are availible in the Problem Solving Workbook and on the companion website in ConnectThe entire text has been revised to improve clarity and readability hallmark characteristics of General Chemistry New and substantial revisions to chapters and sections includechapter 3 summary of solving stoichiometry problems based on the mole methodchapter 4 new Example 44 on writing molecular ionic and net ionic euations addressing common misconceptions for diprotic and triprotic acidschapter 9 Example 911 provides insigth into drawing Lewis structures for all compounds containing elements in the third period and beyond and addresses the controversies in drawing these structureschapter 19 discussion of the increasingly important lithium ion battery has been updated including a new figure highlighting the role of graphene in these systemschapter 21 up to date information on the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima Japan and its implications for the nuclear power industryKenneth Goldsby

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    Nice book but i think he must be clear ^^

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    too complicated I've never had chemistry in my life so I come to college and they give me this waaay to much blah blah blah hard to get the point

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    it's good

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    begginings are usually essentials

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