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  1. Mike Vasich Mike Vasich says:

    I am foregoing the temptation to give my own book five stars even though I think it is five star material Is this maturity and restraint? I hope not

  2. Orient Orient says:

    Almost everybody in my friends’ circle know that I have a hook for rough tough badass heroesheroines I can say for sure that I found a badass naughty evil awful disgusting terrible sly and really bad character god in this short book Did I like him? Yes Did I enjoy reading about his adventures? Ermthe biggest part the scheming pranks and tricks were interesting and some even funny but there were ones which I can describe as disgusting and pew I did enjoy the never ending fight between two brothers But if you hope to see the awesome and sexy Thor Chris Hemsworth of course I can assure you there is no not even a bit This book is devoted to LokiI think that any person who has some interest in Norse gods or mythology can find something interesting and even appealing in this book as the author tried not to wander far from the myth and I can say it about myself for sure I got most of my information about the Norse gods and myths from the movies which are uite decent and romantic and some reading during school years which was simpler and slighter in plot “ Loki Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster” is way different and far specific and nasty I liked Loki as a character and his sly and devious personality though some of his tricks and pranks were too vulgar and perverted so I wouldn’t recommend this book for children under 13 To sum up I think the author did a great job in presenting Loki as individuality and it was interesting to read about Loki’s progress and struggle to develop as a skilled prankster and the book ended unexpectedly with the biggest trick of Loki’s life I think the last tale is the work of fiction but still it left some doubts

  3. Wicked ♥ (Wickedly Bookish Reviews) aka Bat-Jess Wicked ♥ (Wickedly Bookish Reviews) aka Bat-Jess says:

    Wickedly Bookish ReviewshttpwickedlybookishblogspotcomI had lots of fun reading this book so I intend to have a good time with the review as well I got my copy as a kindle freebie thanks to my Wigs telling me about the deal Thanks WigsThis review is brought to you by the Godking himself He is ever so excited to be involved in a review of a book that is about his absolute favorite subject himselfLet me start off by saying Mike Vasich has truly captured the uniue flavor of Norse mythology that is adventurous and fantastic but at the same time uite bizarre The Trickster figure that spans across multiple mythologies and belief systems has always fascinated me and Loki is no exception This short story collection recounts many of Loki's most famous tales and opens up a whole new perspective on the god of mischief's reasoning If you are not familiar with Norse legends let me give you a uick lesson on the general structure of your classic Norse mythYes Loki my love That is the injustice you are faced with Take comfort in the fact that your fangirl army is strong and keep reminding yourself thatWhether you love him or love to hate him Loki is without doubt one of the most fascinating characters to come out of mythology in general This shapeshifter and master of magic spans genders and even species sometimes both at once in order to perpetuate his trouble making and often than not to save his own ass from pissed off Norse gods Oh and he's sexy as hell This short story collection advertises itself as naughty and indeed there are some delightfully indecent tid bits but it wasn't uite up to my wicked standards I'll be the first to admit I'm a perv having enjoyed my fair share of bawdy fiction so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I was hoping for some decidedly steamy Loki time I mean the man is just scintillating with unbridled sex appealOf course my king After the reviewDespite my disappointment in this area I enjoyed this collection a great deal Vasich's characterization of Loki is devilishly charming I think I should note here that while I've been using Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki in the visuals the Loki readers will find in this book does not resemble him in physical appearance nor does he suffer from major daddy issues The core personalities are fairly similar but in Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster you get a much broader picture of Loki's character arc In fact I was massively impressed with how the seuence of the tales shows the evolution of Loki as the Trickster figure from playfully mischievous to spitefully destructive Vasich stays true to the essential classic depiction of the trickster while putting his own spin on why Loki did the things that he didOk Loki not helpingWhile the seuencing did wonders for the character development of our favorite mischief maker it flubbed uite a bit in its consistency Loki's monstrous children are actively present in one story but then they are suddenly just born in the next? I think this will be terribly confusing for readers who are not familiar with Norse mythsAnd Hel being depicted as a dark beauty from the waist up? Not uite accurate but I assume the author was taking some artistic license with this detail While these flubs were distracting for me I did appreciate the author's note at the end of the book that gives readers a bit of an explanation for why he took that particular pathFinally THAT ENDING This was by far the most creative and risky interpretation that Vasich throws at us I will not go into it in order to avoid spoilers but I will say the risk definitely paid off in my opinionNope sorry you're just going to have to go check it out for yourselfIf you have any interest in Loki or Norse mythology at all I would highly recommend this book although I think brushing up on some of the actual myths first would be beneficial Marvel Loki's fangirls should do their research on the trickster's origins and exploits if they haven't already Marvel has taken some heavy liberties with this character and assuming they are generally the same would be a mistake Looking forward to reading Mr Vasich's full length Loki novel for sure Thank you kind sir you have indulged my Loki fascination with your writing Now All of you reading this review go pick up your copy and

  4. Wigs Wigs says:

    Ahhh Loki how I adore theeHere Vasich presents a collection of little short stories both of classic mythology and original about Loki and his doings As the author put in his blog the stories are saucy and I found myself saying out loud to my computer by story 3 This is indeed saucyI must admit I have never read any Norse mythology before so by about story four I was going WHAT THE SHIT? I was however assured by my friend Jess that in fact these things do happen in the real stories and then I laughed and was like awesome It also was a bit to my detriment that I amwas unfamiliar with Norse gods I've only ever heard of Thor Odin and Loki because the stories don't do much to explain the different gods as it is assumed you know who these people are already I might have liked a brief phrase that explained who they were anytime a new one was introduced but I usually got enough info by the time the story was overI was glad the author included a note at the end which I saw before I finished that explained you might notice some strange logic lapses and that they are purposeful And I read the note about the same time I came upon the strangeness and I realize it's actually uite an interesting concept Normally you might say wait what how can that be? but of course they are gods and time is what they make it and I kind of appreciate the strangeness in time paradoxes presented in the way he set up the stories it's very original and intriguing I would actually like to see a novel written using that concept of time; it would freak people out but I like itStory 2 had me laughing out loud imagining Chris Hemsworth Thor and Tom Hiddleston Loki running around like that I was grinning devilishly to myselfAnd the last two stories which definitely go together as one big story I thought were terribly clever and definitely bring Vaisch's original touch to the collection At the last page of the book my mouth was literally hanging open at the pure audacity and genius of it And then my evil grin returned and I channeled my inner Loki some So yea It's a fun short read and I am now interested to read Vaisch's full length Loki book

  5. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    After reading Gaiman's Norse Mythology I did what any good book junkie does hunted down books on the topic With a title like Loki Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster this was an easy sell for this long time Loki fan on that topic I would like to say that the Marvel movie franchise has ruined my brains because I can now only picture Thor and Loki as Chris Hemsworth and Tom HiddlestonLoki is a very complex god Clever and contrarian taking pleasure in stirring the pot and upsetting everyone in Asgard He is not merely a nuisance I actually think he is the most multi layered god of the Norse pantheon the others often have the same predictable behavior over and over again which is why it is so easy for Loki to throw a wrench in the gears Thor smashes giants with his hammer Odin growls at everyone Balder is just the nicest and handsomest thing anyone has ever seen If you had to deal with people who behave like broken records for thousands of years wouldn't you want to shake things up a little bit?As it eventually becomes clear when you read stories about him Loki is devious and treacherous and occasionally ridiculously destructive but he has a higher purpose than just running around pissing people off gods are complacent and without his mischief they would never really change evolve or even really think too much about anything His mischief is often their call to action and let's face it when he does something stupid it tends to bite him in the ass This collection of short stories does a great job of showing both his light and comical side and his nasty ambitious and murderous streakThe short stories are written in a fresh and entertaining way and yes naughty is in the title for good reasons Nothing in this book will be new to people who have read a bit about Norse mythology before but the engaging tone and humor make these short stories very enjoyable While I enjoyed the first half of the book than the second half I found the way Vasich concludes the collection to be very daring I wasn't expecting the final few twists Very cleverA funny dirty little book my only complaint would be that it was not uite dirty enough to my taste which I guess makes me a pervert Vasich wrote a novel length story about Loki which I am now looking forward to reading

  6. Megan Megan says:

    DISCLAIMER I love Loki and anything Loki related that being said there was absolutely no way that I wasn't NOT going to enjoy and like this book That is all now on to the review Overall I really enjoyed this book It was a collection of short stories about Loki and overall a uick read Having only read some Norse mythology I recognized most of the stories in the story but liked the slight twists Vasich threw in and the witty repartee between the characters While I love the character of Loki I did wish that some other characters mainly Odin had a bigger role in this collection of stories But I love how dynamic of a character Loki is Out of all the gods in Norse mythology I think he is the most fascinating and compelling character He lives up to his name of the Trickster God even reading the stories I found myself wondering what his angle wasLoki is the trouble maker the person who just likes to piss people off and cause trouble just because it is fun While some of us may be guilty of this Me especially it is so easy it annoy my mom sometimes it is just funny I know I'm a bad kid but Loki takes it to the extremes finding pleasure in hurting and eventually killing those around him until the other Gods are basically ready to kill him Even when it seems as if it is the end for Loki he still manages to use his skill in tricking others and using his cleverness and wit he always manages to get out of trouble again After seeing Marvel's Thor and the Avengers it is impossible for me to picture Thor Loki and Odin in any other way than in the movie This made the book that much humorous especially in the story where Thor kills an entire room of frost giants all while wearing a wedding dress I don't understand how Loki kept from giggling the entire time Picturing those characters made some of the steamier stories even better as well ; The best part of this book was the last two stories which basically could be considered one big story I found the ending astonishing and pretty much mind blowing and a total IN YOUR FACE moment I don't want to give away any spoilers view spoilerLoki is post crucifixion Jesus hide spoiler

  7. TL TL says:

    Original read 85 to 8 7 12Re read 2015 A wonderful collection of short stories about our favorite Trickster God Loki is certainly one of the most fascinating characters in mythology delighting in causing mischiefmayhem Before I read this book the first time and before seeing the Thor movie I hadn't known much about Norse mythology at all Just never thought about it really After seeing the movie I looked it up and was uite fascinated by it all While I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki I am intrigued by him in his own right as wellThese stories aren't 'naughty' in that sense completely there is some elements but it's mostly Loki causing his own brand of trouble It was alot of fun to see his personality shine through and the wonderful ways his mind workedOnly one story I didn't care for it was at the end It was slightly disturbing and felt 'off' to menot because I objected to the content in that sense really just that it didn't seem to me to fit with everything That was the only one I didn't finish this time aroundI would highly recommend it's alot of fun and a uick read for an afternoon

  8. Jillian -always aspiring- Jillian -always aspiring- says:

    Actual Rating 35 starsIn some respects Loki Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster fell a little short for me me due to my expectations After having finished Mike Vasich's full length novel Loki I was eager to see what his short story collection about the trickster would entail As I said in my review of Loki I really adored Vasich's sympathetic take on Loki and wondered if the short stories of this collection would tie into the backstory of the character we had met in the novelAlas the nine short stories therein rather support the Loki seen in traditional Norse mythology he's less of a cunning strategist as were seen in some shades of Loki's character in Loki and of the usual wily character who's sometimes uite petty and childish in his schemes Granted I love when writers are faithful to myths while at the same time offering a spin narrative wise but I guess I was still pondering the uestion of why the gods held such a low opinion of Loki within the novel's narrative frame and hoping that the nine naughty tales of the trickster would give that backstory Instead the novel and this short story collection are very much apart from each other so readers should take that into account whether they be starting the novel or the short story collection firstMany of these stories are familiar to anyone who has ever looked into Norse mythology the cutting of Sif's golden hair the time Loki disguises Thor as Freyja so that they might reclaim Thor's hammer from the giants the events that lead to Sleipnir's birth Balder's death but Vasich brings his own spin to them through witty dialogue from Loki and others Even with the sometimes distasteful things the gods do it's still somewhat amusing to read about these gods' blunders and missteps often orchestrated by Loki himself This uote from the collection really sums up how Loki perceives his role among the gods It was a given that any of the gods could slay him in physical combat and yet he survived–nay he thrived –in their midst making them dance like puppets at the end of his strings However even with the amusement to be had from the other tales the real stand outs here are the final two which deal with Ragnarok and its aftermath here Vasich really takes the myths into his own hands and fashions his own uniue take The seven tales preceding them seem almost like child's play by comparison and by the time I finished my eyes had gone wide because egads what if that had happened?Somewhere I think a certain trickster was laughing at meAll in all I think Loki Nine Tales of the Trickster is an amusing take on Norse characters and their stories with a spotlight on the trickster's antics Loki fans especially will likely find this collection worth reading

  9. Kat (Lost in Neverland) Kat (Lost in Neverland) says:

    Another Loki book by Mr Vasich Naughty Now why does that make me think at least a few of these stories will be of his love life? ;

  10. Jillyn Jillyn says:

    First I have to say thanks for the free storyThis book is a collection of nine I know it's in the title hush stories based on my personal favorite boat rocker Loki I thought there was a nice balance of original myth the author's own twists additions I originally was thinking that this book was going to be four stars Until I read the last two stories In them Mr Vasich's creativity shines effectively leaves an imprint on your ideas about the misunderstood tricksterThis was a pretty uick read but I recommend it for mythology fans Loki admirers alike

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Loki [Ebook] ➩ Loki Author Mike Vasich – He is called the Trickster the Sly One For eons he has manipulated and played the gods against each other Now the time has come to go beyond petty schemes and seize the most powerful throne in existen He is called the Trickster the Sly One For eons he has manipulated and played the gods against each other Now the time has come to go beyond petty schemes and seize the most powerful throne in existenceBased on the classic tales Mike Vasich breathes new life into the most complex god in the Norse mythos.