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Dans le labyrinthe ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Dans le labyrinthe Author Alain Robbe-Grillet – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Roland Barthesin ja Maurice Blanchotin arvostama kirjailija jonka viides kirja kuvaa elämän satunnaisuutta fenomenologisesti Aika juoni ja henkilöt ovat pirstoutuneet Nathalie Sarrauten Michel Buto Roland Barthesin ja Maurice Blanchotin arvostama kirjailija jonka viides kirja kuvaa elämän satunnaisuutta fenomenologisesti Aika juoni ja henkilöt ovat pirstoutuneet Dans le PDF or Nathalie Sarrauten Michel Butorin ja Claude Simonin ohella uuden romaanin tunnetuin nimi.

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  1. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    Then there is the electric bulb swaying at the end of the long wire and the man's shadow swaying across the closed door like a slow metronomeThe man walks out of the house shutting and locking the door behind him He steps down the three stairs to the sidewalk first his right foot then his left foot and then his right foot again The serpentine of concrete takes him to the wide gray expanse of the driveway He is carrying a travel coffee mug blue with London emblazoned in script on the side in his left hand and a truck key in his right hand He is wearing green chinos with a black ribbed polo shirt He checks a wristwatch with a blue face He stops at the end of the drive waiting for a black SUV to pass before advancing four uick steps to the door of the company pickup The man pulls a key from his pocket and inserts it into the lock He pulls the door open and with a little hop slides his 6’4” frame into the pickup seat He buckles his seatbelt He puts the key into the ignition and twists the key igniting the engine He puts his right foot on the brake He then reaches up and moves the gear lever to the D position He rests both hands on the steering wheel at the regulation 2 and 10 o’clock positions The pickup with a nudge of his foot on the accelerator moves forward He drives to the end of the block He moves his head to the left to check for traffic and then to the right and then again to the left He takes his foot off the brake and enters traffic He pulls the truck steering wheel to the right and then back to the left He pulls into the left hand turning lane and stops behind a white Chevrolet car He uses his left hand to turn on the turning signal He waits gives a cursory look over at the young dark haired woman in the sedan next to him She is wearing smoky sunglasses even though the lighting is still very dim She looks over at him and her lips part in a partial smile He smiles back at her He turns his attention back to the light The arrow is green He moves his right foot from the brake to the accelerator His hands turn the steering wheel to the left and the truck moves into the lane heading East He drives about 400 yards The light at Central stays green and he moves through the intersection He watches a small gray Toyota who is creeping up to turn right The car stops He turns his attention back to the road He drives till he comes to P Avenue He removes his left hand from the wheel and moves the turn signal up with his fingers indicating a right hand turn He places his hand back on the steering wheel and shifts the wheel slightly to the right moving the truck into the turning lane He takes his foot off the accelerator and pushes down on the brake enough to slow his forward momentum He turns the steering wheel to the right and then straightens the wheel so the truck is going due South He takes his foot off the brake and puts it back on the accelerator He turns his head to the right and looks at the pine trees that have been recently planted around a home next to the road He turns his attention back to the road He drives until he comes to the stop sign at Comanche St He takes his foot off the accelerator and applies pressure to the brake until the truck comes to a complete stop He turns his head to look at the fire truck stopped to his left He waits for the fire truck to pass through the intersection His head follows the red shape as it moves past his line of sight He takes his foot off the brake and applies it to the accelerator He moves through the intersection He drives another mile He notices the 35 MPH sign and looks down at his speedometer He looks back up at the road When he reaches the entrance to High Plains Journal he moves his foot from the accelerator to the brake The trees on the front lawn are dark huddled masses He turns the steering wheel to the left and goes up the driveway The lower parking lot is empty He sees the white SUV of the publisher parked up in the upper parking lot He moves the steering wheel to the left and glides into his designated parking spot He applies the brake and moves the gear lever to P He turns the key which stops the engine and then slides the key from the ignition He unbuckles his seat belt He puts his left hand on the lever that opens the door and moves it 45 degrees toward himself The door opens He steps down first with his left foot then slides off the seat planting his right foot on the ground He reaches back to retrieve the coffee cup He depresses the lock on the truck door and shuts the door He walks ten paces to the door Leaves are blown around his feet The boom of coupling railroad cars startles him He looks South in the direction of the sound pauses for a moment He turns his attention back to the door He reaches into his pocket and pulls a set of brass and silver keys from his pocket He flips them around on his fingers until he finds the one for the door He slides the key into the lock and twists it to the left until he hears the click of the locking mechanism releasing He puts the keys back in his pocket and reaches out with that same right hand to pull the door open He steps through walks two paces to the inner door He grabs the handle with his right hand and pulls it hard enough to part the magnets holding the door closed He steps through The fluorescent lights over the orange and yellow cloth covered cubicles are already on The lights show everything in stark relief chasing shadows to only the deepest crevices He sees the office manager a position that once was referred to as secretary sitting in front of her computer She turns to glance at him removing her brown framed reading glasses from her face with her right hand She reveals blue eyes She has short feathered blond hair She is wearing a blue button down shirt and darker blue corduroy pants The blue of her outfit is bisected by a brown belt with a silver buckle A swath of skin reveals just a hint of cleavage and the large dark brown mole on her neck peaks around the edge of the collar “I have a missing order from the Iowa State Fair” She says He notices not for the first time that her teeth have the rust stain of kids that drank well water growing up “I’ll call the guys and have them pull their tickets”She turns back to her computer putting her glasses back on her face He turns to his office door He pulls the keys from his pocket and sifts through the keys until he finds the antiue brass colored one He slides it into the lock and turns the key He steps into his office closing the door behind him He reaches over with his right hand and turns on the four 10’ long tubes of fluorescent lights in his office He walks around his desk and pulls a black chair from where it has been nestled against the desk He puts his keys on the desk next to the printer and his coffee next to his keys The glowing green LCDs of his adding machine sets to the right of the printer Both machines are gray but mismatching gray He sits in the chair and leans back in the webbing of the back support He glances at the picture on his desk of his wife and he at a friend’s wedding He is wearing a tux that had been reuired to be best man The frame is made of slate He looks younger in the picture and has a moustache He touches the smooth skin over his lip There is an faded tan phone with green and red buttons sitting to his left the phone cord twisted in a Gordian Knot He presses the on switch to the laptop with his right index finger While the computer is booting up he looks over at the other picture on his desk of his two kids sitting on a bridge; they are older now An inbox tray littered with white sheets of paper sets behind the computer A silver tin of paperclips rests in the shadow of two scowling dragons holding a miniature sword used as a letter opener A brass tin business card holder sets to the left of the dragons with JDK embossed on the back cover It holds business cards with the name Jeffrey D Keeten Ink pens are scattered on his desk a blue one a purple one a white one with a green top and papers with columns of numbers marred by suiggles of handwritingThe walls of the office are white He has a picture of Golden Gate Bridge over the window facing into the building If he shifts to his right and leans over a little bit he can see the helmet of blond hair of the office manager He can see her jaw line and the edge of her glasses The rest of her is hidden by the flaring edge of a filing cabinet Over the door hangs a black and white picture of a young Jack Kennedy To the right of the interior window is a picture of The Thinker that he bought at the Musee Rodin in Paris Directly in front of him is a picture of the original dust cover of The Great Gatsby To the left of that is a cartoon picture of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia that he purchased on a trip to Barcelona To the left of the Gaudi is a watercolor of the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans Below them rests two gray speckled office chairs for visitors to sit in On the wall to the right of the window overlooking the lawn and Wyatt Earp Blvd is a diploma from the University of Arizona for a Bachelor of Arts Over the window is a photo of a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon The blinds over the window are brown wicker folding Roman style when raised or lowered The window ledge is dusty the crispy body of a dead fly hangs in the ragged remains of a spider web To the left of the window is a three foot slender picture of the Eiffel Tower On the wall behind him is a Van Gogh of the wheat fields Below that is a portrait that an artist friend sketched of his face To right of the sketch half obscured by a pile of books on a long gray file cabinet is a signed photo of the baseball player George Brett Two black filing cabinets butt up against the long gray filing cabinetHe uses his fingers to tap the keys to enter his security code into the computer He reaches out with his left hand and grasps the handle of the sword letter opener and plunges it into his throat The pain is intense than he could have imagined He pulls the letter opener from his neck with shaking hands and lays it next to his phone Blood gushes out on his keyboard and splashes the phone and the silver tin of paperclips He falls forward His cheek is on the keyboard and he can feel the heat of the computer circuitry on his skin and the whirl of the fan makes a soft echo in his ear as hedies I had to kill myself I couldn’t take it any This is a mind numbing way to write Very difficult actually to strain out all speculative thoughts by the protagonist only writing what he can see and eliminating emotional responses Recording everything one does and the way we do it was interesting because I hadn't really thought about how many motions are necessary just to get me the six miles from my house to my office An arm remains half raised a mouth gapes a head is tipped back; but tension has replaced movement the features are contorted the limbs stiffened the smile has become a grimace the impulse has lost its intention and its meaning There no longer remains in their place anything but excess and strangenness and deathThe descriptions in this novel of mundane things add to the obscurity of the story It seems to be a simple plot of a soldier in a city on a mission to deliver a package to a street that he has forgotten the name of still one would think the inhabitants could set him on a proper course From a creepy little boy that shadows him leads him abandons him to a series of women and soldiers who offer him directions and advice that lead him nowhere While on his uest he is shot by soldiers on a motorcycle The soldier finds himself back at the beginning lying on a bed staring at surroundings he has already seen disoriented by not remembering the exact color of the drapes because he doesn’t normally have faults in his memory There is certainly a Kafkaesue feel to the novel reinforced by a sense that their are too many obstacles to fulfill this simple obligationI actually liked Jealousy better so I would suggest reading that story if you want a taste of the style of Alain Robbe Grillet

  2. Scribble Orca Scribble Orca says:

    Excellent translation; close attention and flawless as the Observer observed rendering of Robbe Grillet's aesthetics and aims Poundian repetition the leitmotif of a labyrinth depicted in the glance of the camera and the selected metaphors surreal landscapes in sepia tones colours used are mostly associated with uniforms creating a dream sense the development of the speakerless no omniscient author intrusion narrative here not perfectly realised but evident as intent via the paradoxical use of present tenses the I narrator appears only at the beginning and end of the book the disorientation of the reader and the precision of detail the latter eventually gobbling patience

  3. Michael Michael says:

    230419 read four times in translation so i knew what i was getting here first time read in french great for improving my vocabulary particularly of nouns as there is much repetition much context much exact or similar phrases verbs all in present tense dialogue repetitive evocative dream like plot description physical movement details of streets cafe stairways hallways lamps street lamps shadows clothes falling snow gathering dust gestures all again and again not much confusion of poetic or historic or literary expression the early passages i love in translations i love in original fast read sort of because repetition builds rhythm and i very much love this workmaybe i would like to write this review in french that is not very good spelling terrible but if you are french or interested in french avant garde literature you probably know or think you know what early robbe grillet reads like and you love it or you hate it so this review is for anglos who want to practiceread french and are tired of reading the usual ‘l’etranger’ or ‘le petit prince’ or whatever yes this is like nothing you have read or i have read in english or translations from other languages or probably other authors in french i have previously reviewed this work in translation in the grove book with ‘jealousy’ but again this is my first read in french i decide to read robbe grillet’s other novels and maybe cine novels in order of writing though the u library only starts with ‘les gommes’ and ends i think with ‘repetition’ oh well i know my next 11 books

  4. Drew Drew says:

    The best way I can describe In The Labyrinth is by saying that reading it is like trying to read a Klein bottle Or an Escher drawing And that's both good and bad in every way you'd expect it to be It takes a good long time to figure out precisely what's going on not that you can ever be exactly sure and the prose or the translation is uninspiring There's a lot of what seems like unnecessary description of physical objects and locations to the exclusion of descriptions of say the main character Nobody has names; physical descriptions such as they are seem meant to confuse The plot consists of a soldier with a package to deliver from whom? he doesn't know To whom? He doesn't know Containing what? He doesn't know who forgets the name of the street he's supposed to meet the recipient on Every intersection looks the same to him He does occasionally meet people who rarely tell him anything useful which raises the uestion does nobody in this city have a map he could look at?But all these annoying things pretty much have to be present for the novel to work which it does probably better than I'm implying here; it's just not really my thing Those same irritating descriptions of physical objects pile up to create a tone one could describe as proto Lynchian if one were so inclined There are heavy red curtains everything's dusty Nobody ever seems to have their lights on so whenever the soldier has a door open for him it's always into complete darkness Nobody's ever in the streets except this weird little kid who's supposed to guide the soldier but keeps abandoning him One thing that's interesting but also frustrating is that Robbe Grillet never bothers to get in the heads of his characters This is apparently because of his rejection of the psychological novel Thus no names no thoughts everyone utterly impenetrable Frustrating for the first half interesting for the secondWould I recommend it? Maybe to someone who already likes all things French But I'm not sure I know any of those people

  5. S̶e̶a̶n̶ S̶e̶a̶n̶ says:

    It is a mystery with no crime and no detective It is unsolvable Or is it Lucky for me the person who previously owned this copy figured it all out and wrote the five word solution on the last page I shall use my Ouija board to interface with the specter of Chief Inspector R G immediately and report the findings

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    I don't blame anyone for disliking this book There are a lot of things reasonably expectable from novels and stories in general; most of those things seem to be or actually are missingA simplistic plotless summary Events are told and things are described Most everything involves a soldier carrying a box He jumpcuts from nexus to nexus within a city with plenty of buildings but without landmarks Streets are identical This must be shown on a screen Animated Like with crayons No Or stop motion photography Cards with the dialog written Not many cards It will be easy for me because there are no people moving about the streets with the soldier A boy with a cape A man with a fur lined coat and an umbrella One at a time with the soldier I can draw that But the many soldiers And in the café It's an etching the eye ingests the patrons bartender and waitress within one All sleeping within one army barracks hospital room A sort of family unit inside one residential one room residence The soldier might be injured sick or simply unable to experience time Normally Or at all No I'm thinking of the narrator It's snowing and he has a sallow complexion with a certain amount of days' beard growth Or rain Silent snowfall even vocalizations called speech might not be auditory It's all his thoughts The tree falls inside a skull I can tell you that No one hears a thing Read images of vision I stopped summarizing some time agoSo why did i care enough to read the whole book? What entertained me? I know that nothing within the three intro essays felt applicable to my reading experience Did i like the book though? No Yes Maybe is what i'd attempted to utter when i was the motionless ARG character inside me But i think i was am merely the a narrator Fitting the pieces of narrative and description together within me as i encountered them satisfied me In a stretchy synaptic tingling kind of wayThough Robbe Grillet ain't evil for having an alien mind or a concept of The Novel that challenges mine if there's a war to determine the fate of The Novel i wouldn't be able to knowingly kill him and i wouldn't want to fight beside him in the trenches either

  7. Mona Mona says:

    Read this ages ago Don't remember much about it except that it was very haunting

  8. Katrine Solvaag Katrine Solvaag says:

    A strange experimental read that feels like a half forgotten memory You wander down the same streets pass the same houses in search of a meeting spot you cannot remember the name of for a purpose you can no longer recall The snow falls doors creak open and lights are turned out A challenge in the beginning but well worth the read

  9. V V says:

    Dizzying and often beautiful accessible on first reading than Jealousy but maybe that's because I read Jealousy first Some unforgettable scenes people behind a curtain in a high window and haunting portrayal of paranoia suspicion and perpetual search for identity selfness and the truth as it is IMO reading for the imagery itself is enough for the first time

  10. Jacob Frank Jacob Frank says:

    There were continual unannounced shifts between scenes between points in time and between levels of reality ie reality vs painted image vs photograph vs memory There was an enormous amount of intentional repetition with only slight variation forcing the reader to be attentive for new information and to resist boredom and confusion Lastly there was the author's own preface stating that the story is not to be read allegorically or symbolically or even as an account or version of an historical event It is clearly intended to be an experiment in a different way to write a novel; but it does not read as a fun experiment in the way that Joyce or Burroughs typically do There is something captivating or entrancing about the book that draws the reader forward but I can't say it's an enjoyable read and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they were actually looking for an example of a difficult slightly unpleasant post modern novel It bears some resemblance to Beckett's trilogy but again I found there to be something fun or uaint about Beckett something lacking in Robbe Grillet Oh well

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