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The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch): Valuable Lessons, Smart Suggestions, and True Stories for Succeeding as the Chick-in-Charge [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch): Valuable Lessons, Smart Suggestions, and True Stories for Succeeding as the Chick-in-Charge Author Caitlin Friedman – Forget what you’ve heard Nice girls can get the corner officeAs women we haven’t always had the best role models at work We’ve either worked for men or we’ve had female bosses who are well big Forget what Guide to PDF ↠ you’ve heard Nice girls can get the corner officeAs women we haven’t always had the best role models at work We’ve either worked for men or we’ve had female bosses who are well big bitches Woman still don’t have much of a road map right now when it comes to taking charge at the office so the team who brought you the national bestseller The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own The Girl's ePUB í Business is drawing one for us Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio will teach you to be powerful without being possessive to be opinionated without being brassy and to have a strong voice without micromanaging You’ll learn just how to own the role of Girl's Guide to Being a MOBI :Ê ueen bee in a positive way so that you can be mentor than manager one who leads inspires and motivates So you finally got that promotion You’re the boss now The Girl's Guide to MOBI ð supervisor The manager The captain The taskmaster Those days of taking orders running errands and clock watching are over As exciting as all this might seem once the rush of the promotion is over you might be scratching your head wondering exactly what to do Being the boss is never easy but it's twice as hard for a woman It seems like there's no middle ground Either you're the dragon lady who rules with Girl's Guide to Being a MOBI :Ê an iron fist or the mousey girl who gets drowned out at every meeting When a woman wields authority and dares to make tough decisions how often is the B word bandied about by her employees How can she strike that balance between pushover and dictator Fear not You can do the job All you need is a little helpful advice to send you on your way Whether you supervise two as a shift manager or lord over an entire corporate empire Caitlin Friedman and Kim Yorio will show you how to step gracefully into your new position of power They’ll teach you how to motivate your team without alienating them how to delegate without feeling guilty how to deal with office politics and how to handle evaluations promotions and even firings And for those of you who are already running the show they can help you become the mentor your employees deserve Inside there are self assessment uestionnaires to help you find out where you land on the bitch or wimp scale; interviews with prominent female bosses human resources directors and therapists; and advice from a whole host of experts In addition there are funny and informative checklists and tips to make sure you’re the Good Witch around the office and not the Big Bitch And most important Caitlin and Kim will teach you the secrets to owning your role and loving it You’ve earned your promotion so enjoy it.

10 thoughts on “The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch): Valuable Lessons, Smart Suggestions, and True Stories for Succeeding as the Chick-in-Charge

  1. Laura Sinnott Laura Sinnott says:

    Reads like a Cosmopolitan article littered with embarrassing phrases like Chick in Charge and Bad Bitch or Big Witch? It's awful to think the next generation of young female mangers might read this and believe it perpetuating gender stereotypes to the nth degree

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I didn't finish They lost all credibility with me when I got to the chapter on dress code and it said to get a manicure have eyebrows waxed or threaded regularly keep split ends cut and always wear makeup These are all things that cost money that men don't have to do so I don't do them at least not as a habit Plus do you know how much extra time I'd have to plan to wear makeup? Not wearing makeup does not mean you don't care about your job or how you present yourself Not doing your job well means you don't care about your job You can dress for success and relatively cheaply Goodwill etc which I have done but expecting women ONLY to have their nails hair and eyebrows done on the regular is excessiveI'm trying not to let one paragraph discredit the whole book because I do need to delegate but this is also written for and from a corporate stance than the one in which I work I can't use a raise as incentive; I don't have that kind of power Also I'm already not a bitch at work Where's the book for when you need to be a little bit of one?

  3. Val Williams Val Williams says:

    I had to reread this book as it had been a while since I'd seen it While many of the skills and tips in this book are good advice for either gender in the workplace the authors who run their own public relations company celebrity chef Jamie Oliver among their clients include some information of specific relevance to women For example they remind women that being the boss means that you can't be buddies any with everyone and that at times it's not personal but indeed just business They also remind women that you have to own your power as a boss don't be afraid to be the boss as your employees are counting on you to speak and act decisively They give eual time to being the boss at a company versus being the boss at your own company and they provide some great info on hiring and firing Most importantly they emphasize how important communication is when you're the boss and how important it is that you take each employee as they are; understand that some employees may need guidance than others or flexible hours or whatever and when you meet them halfway you can get great work out of them However I'm witholding a star because I think some of their attitudes on put in your time and you should never blog or have an office romance a little misguidedoutdated If I avoided office romances I wouldn't be married

  4. Cinnamon Cinnamon says:

    I've struggled with becomign a manager and this book provided some great points and some great points of view I read it uickly hoping for advice in dealing with some touch situations that I have been dealing with at work and I have to say it helped me If nothing else it reminded me to think that I need to remember to be the manager I want to have Which isn't easy but its a lot easier to live with myself

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    A good reference book for women who want to be great individual contributors or women moving into a supervisory role I enjoyed the 'girl talk' chats with female managers to gain their perspective on various leadership topics

  6. Liz De Coster Liz De Coster says:

    Some good and practical advice but really geared towards large corporations and doesn't work as well for women at smaller organizations non profits and so on

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Disappointing read Just seemed very common sense to me Probably would have had a different perspective and found it far valuable if I had read it when I first started managing people Frankly I was horrified when on page 25 I read studies also show that women are not socialized to become leaders and that great leading female role models are few and far between Sure there's Eleanor Roosevelt Hillary Clinton Madeleine Albright Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou but beyond that can you name anyone? ?????????????

  8. Kristen Considine Kristen Considine says:

    I wanted to love it but I just found it to be contradictory Many reminders of good habits but then ruin the point by basically saying the opposite in the next chapter Maybe it’s just the way I was reading between the lines but I couldn’t get past it

  9. Melissa Gill Melissa Gill says:

    This was for a miserable white feminist book club

  10. Claire Kane Claire Kane says:

    This is horrendously regressive I thought the title was tongue in cheek but no it just panders to already the suffocating stereotype that women are bitches if they are assertive What would these women call male bosses who behave in the way their supposed real life examples do I wonder? i also find it absolutely abhorrent how these women trivialize and shame bipolar in their book by calling women who go from 'nice boss' to 'bitch boss' 'bipolar betties' no seriously

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