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The Zombie Show [EPUB] ✰ The Zombie Show Author Gerald Dean Rice – An undercover agent hellbent on bringing a drug cartel enforcer to justice by any means infiltrates a group of college kids out to have a good time across the Mexican border But the enforcer has plans An undercover agent hellbent on bringing a drug cartel enforcer to justice by any means infiltrates a group of college kids out to have a good time across the Mexican border But the enforcer has plans to disappear forever before he can be taken alive putting together a big show that will culminate with a big ending But The Zombie PDF or as the agent closes in one of the zombies in the enforcer’s stable half devises his own plan for revenge When things finally explode not even the dead may survive.

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  1. Patrick D& Patrick D& says:

    The Zombie Show is Gerald Dean Rice’s newest novella swipe at the zombie genre and as was the case with Fleshbags he has crafted a zombie that is a diversion from the traditional In this tale we are introduced to Cole Green an undercover agent trying to find a Mexican Cartel baddy by the name of Mazatlan The zombie apocalypse is over and humanity won though there are still zombies out there Naturally criminal minds think of criminal ways of using them when the law is to shoot the undead on sight And these zombies are as I mentioned a bit different Not only do they regain a small amount of cognitive ability when they devour flesh they also have another basic urge that goes along with their insatiable hunger The urge for sex remains at least in the male undead and this serves the purpose of Mazatlan and other criminals who like to put on illegal sex shows south of the border for bored jaded American college kids While many of the shows put on end up being some guy in zombie makeup Mazatlan with a science background has managed to concoct a drug that creates new zombies though these hybrids are a bit different than the regular undeadThis story has a lot of elements to it Uncover action zombie horror surprising twists and turns plus a zombie name Jose that shares the spotlight with Mazatlan and Cole as a main character who was perhaps the most interesting character of them all The author likes to give his zombies a bit of humanity despite their monstrous nature and in both this tale and Fleshbags before it and he delves just deep enough into their minds to give his audience an appreciation of what they’re going through and perhaps forces us to have some sympathy for them even as they’re tearing into their latest victim This story also had a Dusk Till Dawn flavor to it with zombies replacing vampires in the club setting where the story takes place Certainly the place turns into carnage central before the story is resolvedThe author has a flare for taking traditional horror monsters and turning them into something new and intriguing while also crafting some well done traditional scary tales as well I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen so far from Gerald Dean Rice and The Zombie Show is no exception

  2. Steve Chaput Steve Chaput says:

    If you have already read Rice's FLESHBAGS know that these are not those zombies These undead also created by science are closer to your classic Romero brain eaters In Rice's story as has become increasingly popular with some writers the dead are not simply killing and eating machines but can actually retain some memory from their earlier lives Here one of the undead's memories are triggered by the blood and flesh of its victims gradually diminishing until they completely fadeThe Zombie Show of the title is an illegal performance where alleged zombies sometimes real sometimes actors in make up engage in sex with the living for a paying audience The story uickly switches viewpoints as the leader of the illegal show one of his undead victims and a young agent now working with other cartels to take down the show each move through one evening where one or of them may not survive Each in turn gives an account of how they arrived at this point and the plans they have as the performance around them turns into something than the paying customers bargained forI like the bit of history we get in bits about the young agent and just why he has become obsessed with stopping the show and the man behind it Even so what we learn of the one zombie and what his past was prior to his turningJust remember that Rice can crank up the violence profanity and sex when he wants to so if any of those things might bother you than be forewarned

  3. Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed says:

    Very graphic very gory very violent not for the faint of heart the weak of stomach or the easily imaginative Mexican drug cartels desert dives strange men with no past and zombies and always always the market to feed the strange one’s planned performances of zombies and live folks A man who somehow eludes not just capture but identification who somehow in the heat of the Mexican desert either produces or stockpiles the zombie virus who infects the innocent so as to create zombies such a man needs to be removed and one young undercover agent is about to do so if possible But not just Mr Undercover have plans so do the strange cartel enforcer himself and so does his “head zombie” have plans of a sortI found getting to the meat of the characters and plot definitely no pun intended difficult because I was constantly dismayed and distraught at the settings and explicit violence among the humans it’s expected among zombiesThis edition also contains material from “Fleshbags” and “The Dead Child”

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