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Love Kills Redcliffe #2 ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Love Kills Redcliffe #2 By Catherine Green ✸ – The pretty seaside resort of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a lot dangerous than you might thinkEspecially if you fall in love with a vampire and become entangled with his twin brother's werewolf packBooksh The pretty seaside resort of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a lot dangerous than you might thinkEspecially if you fall in love with a vampire and become entangled with his twin brother's werewolf packbookshop owner Jessica Stone did just that against her better judgement and while recovering from a horrific werewolf attack she is haunted by the creator of the vampire she loves Jack Mason's vengeful master does not share easily and Emily Rose will return to kill her rival and reclaim her consortJessica has her own secrets however and they are about to be revealed as she discovers Love Kills ePUB í her true heritage as a witch She soon finds out exactly how powerful she could become and what lengths she is willing to reach to save the vampire she lovesPublisher Comments The Redcliffe series is exciting challenging different and our heroine is on a uest of the heart and spirit No shrinking violet she challenges all the men in her life Paranormal romance at its bestThe Redcliffe novels follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she falls in love with a vampire and his identical twin werewolf brother and discovers the secrets of her supposedly human friends and her own hidden heritage Set in a pretty seaside town in Cornwall this series offers contemporary English Gothic with lashings of powerful paranormal romance.

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  1. C. Bennis C. Bennis says:

    I loved this wonderful story we follow through the eyes of Jessica a typical young English woman who manages a bookstore lives with her vampire lover and entertains fantasies about his twin brother the werewolf Previously overzealous supernatural lovers have hurt Jessica Even Jack her loving and normally considerate boyfriend once drank too much blood in the throes of passion Meanwhile Jessica is concerned about the sales from her bookstore and her best friend the co manager of the bookstore who is late delivering her first baby Oh I forgot to mention the wolf bitches want Jessica dead forever because of her design on Jack's brother the number one most desirable wolf Even Jessica's mother a dead witch warns her daughter to learn her inherited supernatural powers as a witch before it is too late You will not have been paying attention if by now you're not yelling Jessica time's up This is the eleventh hourMany years ago I attended the London Boat Show and watched the interview of a small English woman who sailed alone across the Atlantic in a 22 foot sailboatthrough a major hurricane When asked what was the most memorable thing she replied disposable underwear LOVE KILLS is the first in the assuredly drop dead exciting series of Radcliffe novels

  2. Slb Slb says:

    SPOILERSWow this 2nd Book in the redcliffe series is a bit of a downer The heroine struggled to relinuish control of my human experience introduced to her familiar a Snow Tiger named Suri that battles for control Her own and Suri's lust for her boyfriend's brother's wolfe and their friend Marcus who is usually her friend when in control of his vampire Her boyfriends maker still wants to kill her and will use others to hurt her Her neck is a mess and her scars are increasingHer boyfriend's blood helps her heal Her Mother can speak to her from beyond the grave She has a Bookstore to run Her best friend had a baby and is exposed to her new world having seen her attacked and sucking her boyfriend's blood to heal her She is freuently overwhelmed and survives my problems Life goes on Shish The title says it all Love Kills

  3. Amanda Williams Amanda Williams says:

    This is a terrific second instalment of the series and I cannot wait to devour

  4. Flossie Flossie says:

    Catherine Green certainly has a way with vivid imagery in depth characters and memorable words The world she has created is populated with beings such as vampires werewolves witches and other supernaturals They live in and about our human world and have complex personalities just as humans do It's thrilling to travel to all the nooks and crannies and dark corners the author takes us to I read the first of the series also and can't wait to sink my teeth into the next one

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