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The Grass Monkey and Other Dark Tales ☂ The Grass Monkey and Other Dark Tales PDF / Epub ✐ Author Scott Langrel – Welcome to Shallow Springs Virginia It's not a nice place to visit and an even worse place to live Evil dwells in the mountains and lakes surrounding the town Creatures ancient than the Appalachian Mo Monkey and PDF/EPUB ä Welcome to Shallow Springs Virginia It's not a nice place to visit and an even worse place to live Evil dwells in the mountains and lakes surrounding the town Creatures ancient than the Appalachian Mountains Grass Monkey and Other Dark PDF or themselves lurk in the shadows and prey on the unsuspectingConsisting of three short stories and a novella The Grass Monkey and The Grass PDF \ Other Dark Tales takes the reader on a terrifying tour of Shallow SpringsA family moves to the Springs from the city only to discover that their new peaceful surroundings are nothing but a deceptionA telephone lineman out in a bitter winter storm must fight demons both his own and the ones stalking him in the snowy woodsA Grass Monkey and Kindle Ñ group of loggers set out to harass a tree hugging environmentalist and instead find an ancient horrorA paranormal handler returns home to Shallow Springs to help a woman who is being stalked by a creature as intelligent as it is evil.

10 thoughts on “The Grass Monkey and Other Dark Tales

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is a lovely book On its surface it's a series of four modern haint stories linked by place and it works very well on that level Langrel's access to Appalachian language and daily life allows him to create strong characters and it's really those characters and not the haints that carry these stories Each works on its own but read together a larger theme becomes apparent These stories are also about masculinity in a particular place and time The stories are ordered in such a way that they create a larger story arc; one of loss despair and recovery The first story Grass Monkey is a particularly lovely and intimate look at masculinity rurality and fatherhood The women in these stories when they are even present don't come off so well but this is in part a book about men who are loosing or who have lost their women and so that's to be expected Of course fans of paranormal literature are going to read this much differently than I did If you're reading it for the boogie men well they are there tooDisclaimer I knew the author when we were teenagers But not well enough to have to pretend I liked his book if I didn't or to be obligated to read it by friendship So there you go

  2. Andy Downs Andy Downs says:

    I enjoyed the short stories they are creepy and build the tension nicely throughoutThe fourth story is novella in length and therefore is the most involved It introduces Finn McCoy a paranormal handler who is the main character that also appears in the follow up novelI like this authors style and find it a very easy read

  3. Seth Tucker Seth Tucker says:

    Fun stories set in the FInn McCoy world Explore some of the backgrounds that have been touched on in the Finn McCoy series The novella featuring the famed paranormal investigator was actually a lot of fun and I feel that this is a good jumping on for those who have not read any of the full length adventures

  4. Linda Shelton Linda Shelton says:

    ExcellentAs all his books are excellent this book is too The short stories were awesome but about half the book was excerpts from two of his books and I have already read those so I skipped them making the book a very fast read It is still a good book I love all his books

  5. Jim Kratzok Jim Kratzok says:

    Nice collection of storiesThis was a collection of short horrorsupernatural stories that were nicely written Not overly gory but gory enough Several featured recurring character Finn McCoy a man with gifts that allow him to sense things most people can't His profession handler He handles paranormal problems Overall this was a satisfying read

  6. karen laflamme karen laflamme says:

    Last bookI read this one last should have been the first one I read in the Finn MacCoy series all of these books kept me reading couldn't put it down just bought another with wolf Donavan who was in these series Can't wait to start it it is called the blight

  7. Kay Oliver Kay Oliver says:

    I love it when an author can bring out a story in language This story speaks volumes like the author truly knew experienced the things they wrote I also love when a collection of short stories are all linked in one way or another Very well written creative and uniue and of course haunting

  8. Michelle Lynn Westmoreland Michelle Lynn Westmoreland says:

    Chilling StoriesThese stories were some of the best I have ever read Each one chilling than the last I love how all the stories connect to one town I'm pretty sure these stories will stay with me for awhile If you love chilling stories then this is the book for you

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    Great short storiesI love short stories because I can read them and then go to sleep With this set of short stories I didn’t sleep so well They were worth it Keep them and Finn McCoy coming

  10. Carlton Phelps Carlton Phelps says:

    I found these stories fun scary but fun I'm not sure if on my next visit to the mountains if I will stick out on my own in the late afternoonThe stories all happen around one mountain and all have to same outcome Someone dies or disappears foreverStill well written and interesting

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