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Anything He Wants 3 The Secret [Read] ➭ Anything He Wants 3 The Secret By Sara Fawkes – The glittering life of the ultra rich is overwhelming and than a little treacherous Serving as the dateescort to a charity gala in Paris France one time temp Lucy Delacourt must learn to navigate the The glittering life Wants 3 PDF º of the ultra rich is overwhelming and than a little treacherous Serving as the dateescort to a charity gala in Paris France one time temp Lucy Delacourt must learn to navigate the turbulent waters in which her billionaire boss Jeremiah Hamilton swims Easier said than done Jeremiah is keeping secrets including a deeply possessive streak that comes out when Lucy is introduced to his enigmatic brother Lucas Anything He Kindle - Caught in their little family war it is Lucy's own personal discovery that she might be forming an attachment to her hard boss that really rocks her worldBut some secrets held by the Hamilton men are dangerous than others and Lucy may have stumbled into a trap meant for another with potentially deadly conseuencesAlso published as Love and War.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 45 pages
  • Anything He Wants 3 The Secret
  • Sara Fawkes
  • English
  • 06 October 2014

10 thoughts on “Anything He Wants 3 The Secret

  1. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    I don't know how to rate thisI am enjoying the story but these short installments seem like buying a book by the chapter rather than reading a short series and I hate to rate a book chapter by chapter It is the feel of the whole that influences my personal ratingThen there is the priceIf each of the upcoming installments costs 299 and there are 5 in total the first was only 99 the cost of the entire book will be almost 13 that I am normally willing to pay for a new author's e book So far we are at an estimated 111 pages for 697Just my personal opinion but at this point I am finding this series frustrating than enjoyable

  2. Stacy Stacy says:

    ok soooo these are WAY too short so far Ive spent 700 for a book that I completed all 3 parts in 1 day with a MAJOR cliffhanger at the end Does anyone know when the next part of this will be coming out I guess they now have me trapped lol I MUST read what happens next

  3. Spoiler Whore-Momoa Spoiler Whore-Momoa says:

    So far in this seriesJeremiah and Lucy are in Paris and are in day 2 of their affair They are headed to the gala where Jeremiah is the man of honor The character Lucas is introduced who is mysterious and intriguing Lucas makes Jeremiah jealous by flirting and dancing with Lucy Jeremiah no likey that Lucy is knowing about Jeremiah and his pastThere's limo sex hotel sex which is rough and tender at times Jeremiah can be very sensual when his Alpha doesn't come out Body shot scene would have been hot but then something terrible happens and we are left in the darkOn to the next

  4. ~ Becs ~ ~ Becs ~ says:

    Oh poisoned chaliceNow in Paris we're finally getting a better insight into Lucy's personality who is not uite the doormat she appeared to be in the first two novella's We're also starting to get caught up in Jeremiah's tangled web as the story gathers pace and depth in this oneOf course there's explosively hot sex and a mahoosive cliffhanger at the end

  5. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    Continuing where we left off in part one and part two In part three LOVE AND WAR things FINALLY started to get interestingNo not because the sex scenes got any better There's still talk of his bulbous member wagging with lots of moans and groans that uite honestly I really just skipped through by nowThis installment honestly started out feeling a bit weird and awkward because CEO and Temp who seemed perfectly content beginning their relationship with manhandling assault and rape decided to hop a plane to France and have a bit of getting to know you chit chat Which really when he's eaten your underpants and everything after it all of the niceties of conversation later just feel strangeBut these two start yammering about war and history and Temp has the nerve to feel sorry for CEO because he might possibly feel embarassed that his ancestors were ripping people off for billions while hers were fighting in the war Really I don't get the idea that this Barbarian feels sorry about much of anything but at least they stopped having weirdo elevator and airplane sex for a minute or twoOf course their serious conversation culminates in CEO demanding Temp spread her legs and give him action yawnSo Temp gets all dolled up to go to some mysterious gala of some type with CEO where she laments that her education was wasted on her temp job because she should have been a lawyer The reader doesn't get the notion that she's smart enough for law school especially after part 2 wow but somehow she feels a bit justified being a prostitute than a date entry specialist so go figureIn a bizarre turn of events the couple meets CEO's older brother who seems even disturbing and predatorial than CEO We learn that CEO was punished by his father by inheriting a multi billion dollar company yeah some punishment huh? and his brother is angry and bitter And brother wants to ravish Temp so I guess this pervert stuff runs in the familyIn this segment of the story Temp has changed her monotonous whine from the last installment where she was constantly reminding the reader that sexual slavery was just SO outside her normal personality which I'm not uite buying here Temp Now instead she tells us over and over that she barely knows this man Yeah NO KIDDING At one point Temp nearly tells the predator that she loves him but she immediately stops and scolds herself saying that I've known the man for what two days? Certainly not long enough to declare any kind of affection You're right it's not long enough to express emotion but it's DEFINITELY long enough to be raped ravished and humiliated by a complete and utter stranger right?The end is where things really started to get good though After dumb Temp spent a few minutes wondering why she obeyed CEO so uickly she got poisonedAnd then it endedThe poison alone ALMOST but not uite makes me want to bump it up to THREE starsLOL

  6. Jasey Jasey says:

    At the Charity Gala Lucy meets Jeremiah's brother Lucas There is much conflict between these two brothers Jeremiah is extremely possessive and Lucy is starting to form an attachment to him Lucy runs into an old friend of hers and her husband who are running a medical clinic in Borneo and hope to raise donations for their work Lucy ends up helping them raise money at this charity gala by going around and working the crowd and people there for their donationsI am loving these books short stories I do agree with almost all the other reviews in the fact that we will end up paying alot for this entire book and it does seem unfair

  7. Louise Louise says:

    I read the first 3 books in a row so it felt like one book But its still too short Especially this last one This last one felt a little bit rushed we're introduced to a lot of new characters and a lot happens and its just too much Too much cause it feels like the characters doesn't have the time to develop in a natural way And whats up with the cliffhanger I mean come on Lol but overall I really liked the books 35

  8. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    The third book in this little series I found a bit of 'story' to be introduced this time around and that the relationships with others are really starting to come out in the series including a lovely twist with Jeremiah and his brother Another book I just couldn't put down and read all at once Am definately going to be finishing this series ASAP Contains elicit sex scenes not for all readers

  9. Juls Juls says:

    It wasnt meant for her or was it? Lucy is Jeremiah's assistant while they are in Paris The fundraiser they are attending brings light to Jeremiah's past and looking into his brother's eyes there may be secrets that have yet to be revealed The time Lucy spends with Jeremiah the she wants what she doesnt think he is willing to give But the unthinkable happens and his world may fall into tiny pieces and he may not be able to put them back to right

  10. Jen Jen says:

    Ahh that cliffhanger What the heck happened?? This was a fun book Jeremiah is becoming possessive and when they get to the Gala they're in for a shock Lucas is there And he has his eyes on Lucy You can see where this is going Jeremiah is not happy about Lucas dancing with Lucy even if Lucy is trying to pull away from Lucas's death grip Startomg Book #4 in the morning

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