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Across Islands and Oceans [Download] ✤ Across Islands and Oceans ➺ James Baldwin – Across Islands and Oceans is the memoir of twenty five year old James Baldwin and his epic two year solo circumnavigation in Atom his trusty but aging twenty eight foot sailboatEarly on and as broke a Across Islands and Oceans is the memoir of twenty five year old James Baldwin and his epic two year solo circumnavigation in Atom his trusty but aging twenty eight foot sailboatEarly on and as broke as he dared to be James determined not only to sail around the world but also to hike across every island that he visits His inland forays are uniue in the literature of circumnavigators as he finds danger humor friendship and romance in places most sailors Across Islands PDF/EPUB ² will never visit James' story unfolds in his earnest exploration of distant lands and seas his meditations on the people whose lives he touched and his greater voyage to explore his own private ocean of solitudeHis adventure is not merely an attempt to seek thrills nor even to tempt death but rather a voyage of discovery as he set out in the direction of his youthful dreams to meet the life he imaginedGo seek what you will where you willbut be a seeker all of your life James Baldwin.

10 thoughts on “Across Islands and Oceans

  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    Just to keep things straightGiovanni's Room 5 starsis a different James Baldwin

  2. Alena Alena says:

    This book was than I expected; for some reason I thought it would be a simple account of a long sailing trip unpretentious and well uncomplicated It took me longer to read it than I originally thought partly because the book is than just a straightforward description of the trip The author writing about his long voyage on a small keelboat when he was in his 20s reflects on its spiritual purpose and the way the experience changed him though not uite reaching the point of becoming obnoxious and smug The bottom line is simple you learn much about yourself and the places you visit when you go on a long trip alone; there is no point to be scared or postpone experience due to perceived obligations or lack of money I am not uite sure what to make of a bottom line like this I am tempted to make fun of the author for refusing to eat the fish that was uite literally falling into his fry pan because he decided to become a vegetarian for the duration of trip but I was still drawn in by the poetry of his intentions even if I don't fully share them

  3. Michael R Michael R says:

    An elouent look into a solo sailor finding his place in our beautiful worldIt is very special for me to occasionally come across books I have not read before and become emotionally attached to because I know from their writing that here is a kindred spirit a wandering soul meant to search the world for an elusive something that is never really defined and yet constantly found if only by stepping away from the “normal” human condition This book is well paced and well written as well as being a treasure trove of needed information for anyone considering sailing The various cultures met and described in great good humor or sober examination depending on the place provides one with a real sense of “this is our planet please explore”

  4. Villan Villan says:

    AwkwardMaybe worth 25 stars but I cant feel like I took away much from this book Granted there are a few nuggets of wisdom in regards to sailing specially solo navigatiom and minimalism but you are forced to drudge through way too many lackluster anecdotes On top of that even though it was written 25 years ago the views on women and noble savages a term used repeatedly are annoying AT BEST and actually form a significant portion of the authors attention both in writing and in his travels Very strange

  5. Daniel Seefahrt Daniel Seefahrt says:

    SeekerJames Baldwin is a fantastic writer and a true seeker Sailing to Islands solo and with the minimal euipment is a true accomplishment but only part of his journey as he also treks across those islands reaches its peaks and meets and befriends locals His account sets him apart from other solo circumnavigators and is sure to touch the readers heart

  6. James Fields James Fields says:

    This book was bad Rambling self congratulatory travelogue of an immature man child The story uickly became a catalog of all the 'exotic' girls he left in his wake Not much about sailing at all either I don't recommend

  7. Samuel Goldenbaum Samuel Goldenbaum says:

    Really enjoyed Jame's story and honesty Beautifull recollection of what must have been a testing journey both physically and spriritually Only wish he had visited places

  8. Sebastian Sebastian says:

    Another great sailing book Lets you dream about distant lands and your own journey to come But don't forget that you are already on your way every moment here and now

  9. Xavier Xavier says:

    Honest raw and delightful clear writings I did not uite expect those from this type of book A wonderful surprise

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    So this isn’t “the” James Baldwin who wrote Go Tell it on the Mountain Silly me Pretty well written very brave but just not my cup of tea

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