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The Demon Headmaster ❮Download❯ ➾ The Demon Headmaster ➹ Author Gillian Cross – From the very first day at her new school Dinah can see that something is horribly wrong The children are strangely neat and well behaved and they even work during break What's going on Dinah tries to From the very first day at her new school Dinah can see that something is horribly wrong The children are The Demon PDF or strangely neat and well behaved and they even work during break What's going on Dinah tries to ask her foster brothers Lloyd and Harvey but they are reluctant to trust her And the Headmaster treats them like trouble makers and warns Dinah against themHow can she find out the truth And what is the secret of the Headmaster's control.

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  1. Mir Mir says:

    and by Demon Cross really means Mean and Scary There are no actual demonic entities and no souls are eternally damned in the making of this book In fact it isn't even very scary rather unrealistically so given the premise I mean imagine you are little kid at a new school Your new foster brothers drop ominous hints and are clearly afraid of the headmaster and other students On your first day all the other kids are strangely regimented and won't speak to you You get physically manhandled by the precepts and then dragged to the head's office Afterward you can't remember what happened Likewise think about life for the two boys every day they go to a school where they are shut in a room while all the other zombie like children conduct some secret activities The slightest misbehavior leads to physical abuse such as being forced out into the snow for an extended period with no coat or gloves Their parents absolutely refuse to listen and insist the school is wonderful The scenario is nightmarish In execution it comes across as merely stressful and slightly scary In real life a child in these conditions would probably have a break down or at least display some weird behavioral disorders But I guess they are English or something so they are keeping their chins up or whatever There isn't enough character development to be certainAnyway it is a very short and slight book an entertaining uick read that doesn't contain anything graphic or too frightening for younger kids If you found this title looking for something actually demonic or scary related to school try The Dead Boy Detectives The Dreaming or Evil Librarian The last is the most infernal but the least scary

  2. Csy Csy says:

    I first picked up The Demon Headmaster when I was in Grade 2 and of course my grade 2 self loved it It contained everything suspense supernatural action and most importantly an evil villian that was easy to relate to I mean it's not uncommon for a 78 year old to have dreams of world dominationIt’s been uite a few years and this book has been imposed onto me as a compulsory reader The following is written from my current perspectiveFirstly I have to say that I didn’t enjoy this book as much the second time round The plot was rather well developed and I credit Gillian Cross that but various characters lacked dimension I couldn’t really justify their actions and to a certain extent it contradicts with the initial image presentedThe idea of supernatural abilities such as hypnosis in order to achieve the aspiration of world domination isn't that original and having been exposed to many similar books I would say that the motives of the villain The headmaster are rather bland and honestly making a speech in a TV show probably wouldn’t be the best way of achieving it If the SPLAT members couldn’t be hypnotized wouldn’t there be much people around the world who were immune? Not all citizens would be watching the show – would this method really be that effective? And if it’s not then how smart is the Headmaster exactly?I would rate this a 3 however it bears certain significance to me as a 2nd grader I guess I was intrigued by the series and completed it and would recommend this for younger readers Taking the target audience and everything else into account I guess a 4 would be a justified rating

  3. Merwa1 Merwa1 says:

    The demon headmaster is a very spooky book that will captivate children from the start Dinah Glass starts at a new school and finds it to be very out of the ordinary None of the children play typical games in the playground; they just stand around in circles memorising multiplication tables and dates of kings and ueens of England Her two new foster brothers seem very nervous of the Headmaster and she soon finds out why when she meets him herself Tall and thin in his black gown with white hair and black glasses he isn't a very comfortable character to spend any time with This unnatural and odd atmosphere is enough to allow children to explore a very strange setting where their imagination will truly unravel Suitable for children aged 9 10 this magical and mystiue adventure will allow them to explore the world of hypnotism and investigation something that will really get them thinking The descriptive language is effective for increasing vocabulary as well as creating a very intriguing scene where children can pick up on various emotions This book would be great for learning about the tone and atmosphere a book can create The sinister feel will surely open up a new world of writing for children

  4. Abigail Abigail says:

    Lloyd and Harry Harvey worry that their new foster sister Dinah will become one of them the oddly well behaved children at their school Children who act in a strangely robotic fashion and who when asked will invariably respond He the headmaster is a marvellous man and this is the best school I've ever been to Their concern seems warranted at first as Dinah appears to fall into step with the majority But no one not Lloyd and Harvey not their small group of misfit friends and certainly not the headmaster counted on Dinah's stubborn streak and it soon emerges that the headmaster is using hypnotism to control the students and teachers But to what end?This is an interesting exploration in school story format of the conflict between order and freedom The headmaster's motto The man who can keep order can rule the world is as succinct an expression of this polar antagonism as the novel achieves Despite its philosophical underpinnings however I found that I didn't really enjoy The Demon Headmaster as a story The characters felt a little flat and I couldn't work up any sense of excitement or suspense This may be one of those titles that doesn't translate well for adults

  5. Amber Scaife Amber Scaife says:

    A middle grade adventure about a girl with above average smarts moving into a foster home with two boys who can't seem to stay out of trouble at their school She's skeptical at first at their seemingly wild stories about how wicked the headmaster is but she soon discovers the truth of it They finally work together to discover what the evil man is up to and then try to come up with a plan to stop his insane plansA fun story with eually fun characters and a plot that would keep even reluctant young readers engaged I'd definitely recommend this one to all sorts of kiddos

  6. Matthew Matthew says:

    Second Review 4th July 5th July 2016So this is a pretty famous series but it's also very average Not too say I didn't enjoy myself or Gillian Cross' crazy tale of hypnosis in an eighties' English comprehensive school but the characterisation isn't brilliant and the writing middling However for its target audience I do recommend and if you wanna check it out too it's all goodFirst Review August 7th 2014 On the surface The Demon Headmaster is a ever so slightly depressing creepy book about a hypnotising evil headteacher with plans for world domination However delve deeper and you may find Gillian Cross has raised some important issues social control about the fact that the music we listen to the television programmes we worship and the books we read influence our daily lives in than one way and about discipline and creativity Slightly unnerving for a simple short children's book that indeed are influenced by Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four referenced several times within the pages And as for its uality? It's okay It's memorable certainly with its secret messages but its writing style feels too childish for the subject matter Maybe another children's author could've have portrayed the ideas better

  7. Emily Emily says:

    Dinah Glass starts a new school where things are very strange The children act in a robotic and unnerving way seemingly lead by the strange fierce and intimidating headmaster Dinah begins to suspect that something is not uite right in the school particularly surrounding the headmaster When she voices her concern to her peers they all reply with exactly the same phrase 'the headmaster is a wonderful man'The story unfolds and Dinah finds that her suspicions were correct this is no ordinary school I read this story when I was in Year 6 and found the book eually compelling and unnerving Now I can see how social injustices are brought up in a way that is accessible to children For example the 'perfect' prefects are bullies and kick over Dinah's sickly step brother in the snow; it arises deep hatred and knowing for right and wrong in a child The underlying story was also uite original at the time the idea of hypnotism to create a 'perfect' school is creative and interesting to an upper key stage 2 child

  8. Quinkling Quinkling says:

    This was one of my favourite books and television programmes when I was growing up I found a copy in a charity shop and couldn't resist rereading it It's just as good as I remember if a little dated in places The children are wonderfully idiosyncratic and real and the Demon Headmaster fabulously scary

  9. Praiz Praiz says:

    I read this in 200506 over and over again I just stumbled onto it on my TL Damn this is so nostalgic

  10. Suzanne Dia Suzanne Dia says:

    It IS for children which is probably why I didn't like it much the main idea about an evil headmasteretc is nice but in general it wasn't to my likingBut I think kids would enjoy it I like the uestions in the school contest thingy although I couldn't get any of them lolAnd Black banana how I like cursing using food instead of other bad words XD

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