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Blue Murder (Lord and Lady Hetheridge, #2) [Download] ✤ Blue Murder (Lord and Lady Hetheridge, #2) By Emma Jameson – Alternate cover edition can be found hereTwo Dead Men In London’s fashionable Chelsea a Halloween bash goes terribly wrong Emmeline Wardle daughter of a frozen foods baron throws a party which resul Alternate cover edition can be found hereTwo Dead Men In London’s fashionable Chelsea a Halloween bash goes terribly wrong Emmeline Wardle daughter of a frozen foods baron throws a party which results in the demise of two university schoolmates Handsome golden boy Trevor Parsons is dead So is pasty computer nerd Clive French Both died on the Wardle estate within minutes of one another and both died the same way – an axe to the skull Given the social connections of all involved New Scotland Yard sends a real baron to investigate Chief Superintendent Anthony Hetheridge also known as Lord Hetheridge ninth baron of Wellegrave Two Prime Suspects This time around Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield and her partner Detective Sergeant Deepal “Paul” Bhar have their work cut out Bhar must contend with Emmeline Wardle a spoiled blonde with a penchant for the finer things including a certain illegal white powder Kate must decide if Kyla Sloane model pretty and delicate is being truthful about the events of that fateful night And if Kyla’s connection to a former lover of Bhar’s means nothing – or everything Lord Lady Hetheridge Book Two Return to the world of Ice Blue in Blue Murder the second of the Lord Lady Hetheridge series In addition to solving the double murder in Chelsea Anthony Hetheridge plans on proposing marriage to Kate for the second time He has the ring Now all he needs is the proper moment.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 175 pages
  • Blue Murder (Lord and Lady Hetheridge, #2)
  • Emma Jameson
  • English
  • 10 November 2014

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  1. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    Hail hail the gang’s all back together That includes Anthony Hetheridge and his two key detective sergeants Paul Bhar and Kate Wakefieldand the absolutely essential Lady Margaret “Hetheridge had made a career out of interviewing liars And made a surprisingly good liar himself when it suited him More than once it had occurred to Hetheridge that if not for the triple accident of birth breeding and ethical indoctrination he might have climbed to the very top of the corporate crime ladder God knew a position of authority within New Scotland Yard reuired a flexible interpretation of right and wrong not to mention the truthThis is a “contemporary cozy” with benefits sex; occasional blasphemy and descriptions of murdered bodies are all included Among the three working at Scotland Yard there are tensions Bhar and Wakefield are somewhat competitors for their “gov’s” assignments and opportunities for advancement Hetheridge and Bhar spar over nothing –Why did you burst in?” “Hoping to catch you asleep at your desk” “I do not sleep in this office” Bhar and Wakefield are both resented by many of the force He because of his race and she because of her gender and both because they have the full support of Hetheridge There are tensions Bhar to Wakefield “Doesn’t change the main point” Bhar said grimacing as he tried to flex his left arm “I have poor judgment I’m not like the guv Not like you Whatever I think whatever I feel—it’s sure to be wrong” Wakefield to Bhar What about you? Get your mum that Tesco ice cream?” “I did But it proved unnecessary Mum’s writing a new romance and on top of the world Didn’t even ask me about the case which is a very good sign” “This isn’t another one like The Lordly Detective is it? I had the feeling that was loosely based on our guv” “You never mentioned you read my mum’s stuff” “‘Course I do Got a Kindle don’t I?” she grinnedHetheridge and Wakefield are attracted to each other but “the gov” knows that if they get together there will be conseuences Bhar is one of the few who understands what is going on Wakefield knows that her East End accent and style would not fit in with Hetheridge’s upper crust family and friends His chauffeur offers the following “And what’s that? The correct sort?” Kate asked cold Harvey’s deep set eyes sparkled as he released her door lock “Someone he chose Someone like you I could clear your way Detective Sergeant Wakefield As Baroness Hetheridge you’d never want for guidance Never make a public misstep Not with me to help” Kate caught her breath She had no idea what to say “Just think about it” Harvey continued “And know if you decide to say yes—well You’ll have at least one ally”So all this is going on while they are trying to focus on a high society double axe murder that has taken place at a mansion on Halloween when the parents of the party giver are away There are plenty of drugs and messy sex and even messier party favors as the police try to interview dozens of guests and not let the killers? get away This is particularly challenging “under ordinary circumstances entering a public place with two axes in hand might be considered bizarre rather than cold blooded Except at this one time of year At a Halloween party complete with rubber rats joke blood plastic body parts — and plastic axes too right?” “Right” Hetheridge said “We’ll have to reference the crime scene photos to be absolutely sure but yes I seem to recall fake axes Not to mention the fact virtually every last one of the male party guests had a backpack Not surprising since they were all students And a backpack or large satchel would make it easy to bring real weapons onto the scene”To add further complications the suspect in another set of murders lives next door Our team could never get him convicted Mind you sociopaths experience many of the same needs we all do” Hetheridge continued “They attend schools maintain jobs I believe they can even love in the way little children love—a combination of wanting and demanding But sociopaths have no conscience no innate sense of responsibility toward others They cannot believe other people have separate lives beyond the sociopath’s own needs and expectations Sociopaths are incapable of empathy though the intelligent ones are freuently able to fake itIf you are in the right mood this is very enjoyable particularly because Jameson demonstrates a deft facility with observations that include demeanor fashion and decorationthings that many other authors outline but fail to fill in For example That back door opened into the Wardle family mudroom It was a stark white rectangle unadorned except for macks hung haphazardly on pegs a line of Wellies in various sizes and an umbrella stand Dutifully Kate glanced about finding nothing to flag for the FSS Strange that people who led such antiseptically clean lives used a “mudroom” to prevent the spread of the world’s inevitable filth In the very worst parts of Britain family dwellings opened directly into the front lounge In those places a bit of tracked in mud was the least of anyone’s worriesFrom the name of the series you would expect something like Nick and Nora Charles solve the cases but you and I would be wrong The team is inclusive and as of the end of this the second book there is still no “Lord and Lady Hetheridge” Yet for me this series entertains 35

  2. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written May 25 20173 12 Stars A second good enough in this series Will continueBook #2 Enjoyed listening to the first #1 Ice Blue 36 stars and then immediately started this second — Reading by myself this time May Got the audiobook 714 hrs narrated by a old favorite by me Matthew Lloyd Davies Blue Murder is the #2 part in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series Procedural mystery crime fiction with a added romantic in the office secondary plot set in a contemporary London UK More about this series characters etc view spoilerA mix of British soft cozy crime with intriguing class issues jokes and bantering some tender romantic element etc All in all a very appealing storyline mix to this lady Add a uite young woman versus an older both a posh bachelor and her older boss is of course also always uite titillating and a bit naughty mischievous Or?There are four Lord and Lady Hetheridge mysteries so far and the first book was a very promising serial opener Main characters# Anthony Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard never married no children no pets no hobbies and not even an interesting vice and already sixty# Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield with two boys to take care for is beautiful willful and nearly half Hetheridge's ageSecond characters # Charming Detective Sergeant Deepal Paul Bhar Witty a woman hunter and just lovely# Ms Small the classic perfect stiff older female secretary taking care of them all hide spoiler

  3. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    This is second in a series and much of the setup happens in the first You could start here if you like but I highly recommend reading the first er firstIf you've read the first then you know what to expect with this one or less In a good way We get a few sections from Bhar's PoV and the underlying plotmystery isn't uite as strong with a key reveal left til late But I liked the story and the characters remain my central engagement and it has a good pace and progressionSo it's a solid four stars I thinkA note about Steamy Tony and Kate get together in this one and there is sex There's enough explicit goings on for me to mark it as Steamy but only just So the very lowest possible steam rating Which works very well I think given the story and characters as written

  4. Lea Lea says:

    This is not a very good book on several levelsFirst the mystery part While it's not uite the butler did it simple the story and the new characters are not fully developed It is only 200 pages or so and it feels like the author had no ability to develop the mystery nor the people beyond a cardboard cutout Second the romance part The first book in the series had a good premise A relationship mismatched on so many levels that their story could be taken to several different directions The point of a good romance is to see how the people solve the difficulties thrown in their way This author must have gone to a helicopter parenting style writing workshop since hardly anything is done with the potential conflicts in the relationship The challenges are nicely swept under the carpet by various means including the butler and everything goes smoothly towards HEA Besides if an author's idea of a romantic scene involves people dressed up for a formal ball also happens in book #1 she has a very limited imaginationAll in all a disappointing and boring book

  5. Katie Katie says:

    Oooh yes still just enjoying this series a lot view spoilerI'm not sure I SUPER believe Kate and Tony are in love yet but whatever I like them a lot and well see title of the series I knew what was coming hide spoiler

  6. Sandradine Sandradine says:

    35 stars really An enjoyable uick read but somehow I expected I'll read the next one in the series though

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    After the first book in this series and my not very flattering review I'm afraid I tried the next one Wow what an improvement I'm giving it 4 because Emma Jameson walked the walk she found someone who can give her the Brit speak to make this readable the writing has improved dramatically and the story line whilst a bit OTT was still interesting and kept my interest I'll keep an eye out for the next one Well done Ms Jameson

  8. Lori Lori says:

    I won this book on GoodReadsA great read I stayed up all night to finish it I must confess I have a weakness for British policemen especially When they belong to the aristocracy I will certainly find the first book in the series and look forward to the third one coming in the new year I will recommend this book to my friends

  9. Terri Terri says:

    I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this cozy mystery I picked it up from BookBub so I was prepared for anything But this was a pleasant surprise I loved the murder plot and I loved the interactions between Kate and Tony I would definitely be open to reading the other books in this series

  10. Daniella Bernett Daniella Bernett says:

    Emma Jameson spins another engaging and entertaining mystery The murderer is no match for Tony and Kate They are a perfect pair professionally and romantically I'm so delighted I discovered this wonderful series

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