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Succubus Unleashed The Telepathic Clans #2 ❴Epub❵ ➟ Succubus Unleashed The Telepathic Clans #2 Author B.R. Kingsolver – Book 2 of the Telepathic Clans Saga the seuel to the multiple 5 star reviewed The Succubus Gift It's not easy being a succubus Brenna O'Donnell and Rebecca Healy continue their integration into the Cl Book The Telepathic Kindle ´ of the Telepathic Clans Saga the seuel to the multiple star reviewed The Succubus Gift It's not easy being a succubus Brenna O'Donnell and Rebecca Healy continue their integration into the Clan Learning about their Gifts and always seeking someone who will love them After a crash course in learning about her genetic Succubus Unleashed PDF/EPUB ² heritage Brenna O'Donnell has discovered what it really means to be a succubus and has learned to embrace her strange Gift Her major concern is whether Collin will accept her for what she is As she adjusts to telepathic society others in the Clan have plans that will strip the last of her freedom The social season Unleashed The Telepathic PDF/EPUB ¼ is around the corner including events that Brenna never imagined in her wildest dreams The succubi representatives of the Goddess on earth are at the center of an ancient worship And if a girl is going to be the center of attention then obviously she needs a new dress Between the romance and glistening balls of the Clan's social events Brenna and Rebecca discover life is not secure Telepaths from other Clans are kidnapping young girls and selling them into slavery A continuation of what one reviewer called an utterly heart stopping onslaught of sex violence and paranormal abilities.

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  1. Ann Ann says:

    I loved the first book in the Telepathic Clans series entitled The Succubus Gift and I thought I'd have to wait a year or before I'd get my hands on the second one So imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw just a few months after I had finished the first one that the second book's release was imminent The first book was incredibly intricate with lots of plot points The poignant points stuck with me but there were some subtle parts that I may have forgotten But not to worry Kingsolver opens with a great refresher forward of what Brenna O'Donnell went through in The Succubus Gift with a sneak peak for what was in store for this installment The cover this time around is a uniue blend of realism mixed with animated power swirling around I think I might like this cover than the first It definitely portrays the stronger version of Brenna Succubus Unleashed picks up immediately where the last one left off As a result of the events of the last book Brenna has become far comfortable and confident in the powers and needs of being a Succubus Brenna's also being acclimated into her family and introduced to her very very vast fortunes Which she uses to take the reader on a lust worthy shopping trip Kingsolver has an amazing talent for taking several stories that offshoot into different directions and pulling them together into one cohesive story where they play on and enhance each other This time around there's a lot of focus on family politics with uestions of inheritance relationship drama mysterious kidnapping of Succubi and a huge discovery that completely changes the way that Succubus will live While the story still focuses on Brenna I feel that the other characters get their share of front page time eually Which is awesome because I pretty much love all the secondary characters just as much if not than Brenna We get glimpses into their personal lives and as well as working together as an unstoppable team They get into some pretty epic street battles I kid you not it's like Street Fighter fists and balls of energy flying everywhere it's freaking AWESOME Brenna has changed in leaps and bounds this time around I love that while she is still a strong and intelligent character she manages to maintain a certain air of youth but in certain situations she becomes this dead serious all business woman that isn't to be trifled with it provided surprising moments for both me and the other characters at times Collin Brenna's now boyfriend is still my absolute favorite He's strong supportive and all around adorable In this part of the story we even get a sneak peak into some of his relationships which causes some major tension but also leads him down a new road in his life Rebecca Brenna's best friend with Brenna's discovery that Succubus gene carriers are prone to intense sexual urges I feel that Rebecca has definitely grown up She's taken control of her life and doesn't feel so ashamed any It was great to see this I always wanted Rebecca to be okay with herself and now that she is a bit she's become confident and this confidence ends up translating to other aspects of her life Succubus Unleashed takes a intimate look at the inner workings of the clans and especially the role of the Succubus We're introduced to very old and familiar iconic pagan rituals that are presided over and sealed by a priestess While Brenna is initiated into all of this the reader is opened up to this wonderfully enlightened world where women are revered and respected for their sexuality I loved this so much Especially in today's world where women's rights are slowly being stripped away and where women are shamed for being confident in their sexual wants and needs Kingsolver isn't afraid to embrace the fact that it's a part of our nature and that it's totally okay to relish in it With this in mind Kingsolver takes her sex scenes up a notch which one of the lines in the book perfectly describes as the most civilized and discreet orgy you'll ever attend loc 1948 But what really blew me away was Kingsolver's use of realistic science to explain key aspects related to the clan abilities It's so rare for authors to actually bother to explain things like this let alone explain it in perfect clarity and have it work so well in the story Plus it completely spoke to my Biology Major side I totally suealed and went I KNOW WHAT THAT DOES before she even fully explained it I love having these light bulb moments while reading The Telepathic Clans series has a little bit of everything for everyone International mystery romance political drama paranormal abilities epic smack downs and to die for shopping trips I don't think I'll ever be disappointed by what Kingsolver writes and I'm already eagerly bouncing around waiting for the next in the series

  2. Aimeekay Aimeekay says:

    I really enjoyed the second installment of the succubus saga Once again the author does an amazing job of bringing us into Brenna's world I loved the descriptions of Ireland and the different places Brenna visitsThere was of a back story given in the beginning of this novel So if you haven't read the first book The Succubus Gift you won't be too confused or lost Although I do highly recommend reading The Succubus Gift In this novel I really think Brenna is finally coming into her own in relation to her powers and her standing in the clan She used to be unsure and hid from the world Now not only is she being groomed to take over the clan she has also began to accept her abilities and even enjoy them There isn't as much of her romantic relationship in this one but I think that is good because it gives us a chance to get to know Brenna the succubus and it isn't just focused on Brenna the girlfriend there's nothing wrong with that either but it does give a fresh change of pace from just your average romance novel I also got to find out about some of the other clans in the world and how they are run and what influences them Again I really like the world building that the author has done Not just the descriptions which as I said before I loved but also how the characters interact with their world The only issue I had with this book was that sometimes characters would refer to events that happened in the past Not in the previous novel but incidents' in the clans recent history The events are referred to but it is never explained what actually happened that makes them so important It seems that they have some importance in relation to what is happening in the current story but it is never really explained how This happened in the first novel also and while it annoyed me there I assumed that these events might be explained in further detail in the second book However this hasn't been the case Overall though this I found to be annoying but it really didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story itselfOver all I've REALLY enjoyed this series so far and I can't wait for the third book to come out I definitely recommend it

  3. Mia Darien Mia Darien says:

    First off I actually read this as a beta reading copy I know a few things have changed but the story is the same and I feel confident in letting folks know what I over all thought of it I'll also admit that I helped do the cover art and blurb so I'm not entirely not involved but I think I can write an objective reviewSo on with itThis is the second book in the Telepathic Clans Saga I posted my review on Goodreads about the first one which I had several issues with However I beta read the second book and was pleasantly surprised I had trouble getting into the first until maybe half way through but then it got me The second book did a better job of grabbing and holding me all the way throughI found the world of the telepathic clans to be fascinating and I liked a succubus as the main character I found it different and fun I loved the polyamorous angles to the opinions of certain characters about love sex dating and life It needs to be seen in mainstream fiction Not as The Big Deal as some menage romances but just as a different way of life of being The open sexuality for women and men alike was wonderful Just it's a part of who we are And when you're a succubus even The ballparty halfway through nearly made me take a cold showerBut what I liked a lot better about this book was that we see all of these characters loving the MC Brenna but in this one we're shown why than we're told why which was an issue I had with the last book I felt like that aspect was Tell rather than Show but this fixed that and I felt better connected to Brenna Rebecca was kickass I'm still not sure I feel this is a romance per se since while the first book felt like a coming of age story this was a political world builder and coming into one's ownStill it was a good paced read with a fascinating world I have the third book waiting on me to beta read it and I'm looking forward to it This is a solid 4 Fireball tale

  4. Sofia Wren Sofia Wren says:

    Fabulous fabulous fabulous BR Kingsolver's second book is everything I would have hoped from reading the first book in the series The Succubus Gift 1 This author is no one hit wonder this book too has action suspense and fantasy As in sexual fantasy urban fantasy and Hey I wish I were that rich fantasySuccubus Unleashed is a well thought out seuel The plot is strong and our favorite characters come along for the ride on a European vacation Brenna goes to meet her extended family and spend a bit of her enormous inheritanceIt picks up shortly after Book One continuing the conflict of the Telepathic Clans while introducing new conflicts sure to be picked up in Book Three not yet released So far everything by BR Kingsolver is well edited nicely paced and one of a kindAnd of course there are hot outfits sexy scenes and bad a fighting2 The main character Brenna embraces her role as not only a proudly sexual female leader but also a priestess of an ancient Goddess Kingsolver draws from Irish mythology and history to create a mythos surrounding the Succubus The Succubus today are descended from ancient priestesses who used sex as a way to raise energy for worship of the great creator GoddessThis builds off of the themes of female sexuality freedom and power begun in Book OneThere is archeological evidence to suggest that a goddess culture existed in many parts of the world before organized religion developedIt's my personal belief that if society gave acknowledgement to female divine power sexual women wouldn't get all the crap that they currently do Generally in modern America there is a whole boatload of issues surrounding activity that is well pretty naturalI think this aspect of the book is ridiculously cool but then I am a sex positive Goddess loving pagan and proud heathen Call me unusual but this is my kind of book3 Travel to Ireland and Paris As I mentioned in my recent review of Everything to Lose I adore books set in Europe I mean who wouldn't want to not only be a powerful succubus heiress but be jet setting around the world??Brenna also has a certain curiosity about the lives of cortesians Now that she has embraced her sexuality why not give getting paid a try? And why not in Europe?This aspect of the book would probably appeal to fans of Secret Diary of a Call Girl as it is uite glamorous4 Brenna's family sure is complicatedAs so many new relatives are introduced I can't say I remember everyone's name I trust BR Kingsolver to remind me when I need to know in the next book She did a good job of summarizing events from the previous book when needed without going overboardBrenna doesn't expect this but many members of her family are ready to hand her a heavy responsibility Most of her Clan already sees her as a leader except there are some who won't make it easy for Brenna to take charge These enemies make a stink in Succubus Unleashed and will be sure to appear in the next book 5 Crazy fighting This is one scene that will strike fear in the heart of any man I'm serious Wow BR's fight scenes are never boring Brenna and her crew have take it to the next level When a Succubus fights it is deadly cunning and relentlessI really wouldn't mess with these womenthey have a tough bark better take a hint and avoid the killer biteIf you liked this review please check out the happenings at blogCopy received for free in exchange for review

  5. Lissette Lissette says:

    Adjusting to her new life as a succubus Brenna Morgan has come to embrace her gifts with open arms Taught to wield them to the best of her ability she's surprised that she's accepted her new life so easily Granted she's still recuperating from the injuries she suffered at the hands of the succubi hunters Never the less it does little to deter her from living the life she was meant to liveWith her new best friend Rebecca Healy by her side Brenna allows herself to grow and strengthen her abilities She's no longer afraid to show the world who and what she is though she knows she needs to be careful as to what she does and with whom The succubi hunters are still out there and she refuses to fall into one of their traps ever againHer fascination with Collin makes her uestion as to whether or not he could ever like her Deep inside she wants him to accept her for who and what she is She knows that he takes his duties uite seriously and is proud of what he does for the Clan itself Yet she can't deny that she'd love to him open up to her a little whenever possible Never the less she's determined to show him just how much she cares for him and Immersed in the way of the life within the Clan Brenna struggles to make sense of all she experiences There's so much to get used to and so much she doesn't know While everything might seem fine and dandy she knows that not everything is what it seems Danger lurks around the corner something she must protect herself from at every turn With the recent disappearances of telepaths from other Clans she's knows it's only a matter of time before someone tries to lay a hand on her If she's to remain one step ahead she'll need to come up with a plan that will ensure her safety as well as that of those she loves Sadly that's easier said than donePicking up where the first book leaves off Succubus Unleashed dives right in and provides us with a meatier sexier and delightful representation of what Brenna's new life is like She's still adjusting to her new role though she's certainly enjoying herself in the process Her turbulent life doesn't stop moving for one minute and she's catapulted into situations that blow her mind in ways than one Erotic and so very steamy this book will definitely leave you wanting

  6. Maghon Thomas Maghon Thomas says:

    So we're back again and things are getting deep There's some travels and some magic and some romance and some serious creepies LOL And we've got some back stories added which makes it PERFECT to just pick up even if you haven't read book one I would tell you to read it cuz it's so good but if you start with this one it won't hurt And now that people are finding out what Brenna is and her usefulness things are getting both very cool and really scary Brenna is finally cool with being who she is and being ok with that She is learning to uses her powers and what those powers are She's also growing some confidence She is finally letting go and having fun I really enjoyed seeing her growth so far And now Brenna is learning that there's other clans and who they are and what they do The beautiful setting and world scenes are just gorgeous There's so many things about this series that is fascinating to me And there's even action and crazy to add to the first I mean some seriously crazy fight scenes and scary moments And Rebecca is still one of my favorite characters And yes I am still Team Collin and we do get to see of him and some of his past I think my favorite part of the book is her explanations I am just so very much impressed with how very cool her writing style and writing descriptions are I am definitely a big big fan of this series And I know my review for the first book was only 4 PAWS but this one is definitely a BIG FAT 5 PAWS VERY COOL

  7. Patrick Patrick says:

    An unflattering portrayal I read the third book of the series on a whim and it was great I went back to the First book a second time and still couldn't finish it This book also had me bailing by the 50% mark Teenager dialogue clothes shopping body image obsession and hookups aren't telling the story of telepathic society and it didn't feel like an urban fantasyThe characters aren't obsessed with sex because they are telepathic or that It advances the plot It seems to be a substitute for character development and is a breezy shallow approach to relationships self image and emotional fulfillment This might be the writer's view of immature US culture or a nod to mandatory sex talk in woman centered novels The third book takes place in Europe and the writer is much at home writing about the same type of non human as people They are adults have recognizable motivations and don't organize their lives around sexual encounters andor clubbing I'm guessing this and the first book were attempts to write characters based on US Images and while it reflects an unflattering perception it's an honest mistake but makes for bad books The third book is back to the writer's good stuff and still addresses the sex issues affecting the succubus and telepathic characters in a mature mannerI think book four might be worth reading

  8. Lucia Culpepper Lucia Culpepper says:

    It was a bit strange to have the climax section of the book full of a trip around Europe with a gathering of smaller events instead of the standard accumulation of the plot It worked though A bit harder to accept was how easily Brenna fell into all the wealth and responsibility It hasn't even been a full year but someone who has only before been responsible for herself and her research is very suddenly comfortable ordering people around and managing finances in the millions All while protesting that she's not good at this sort of thing and isn't ready for it While there is definitely a characterization involved in not believing you're good at something you are there needs to be on the side of not capable to justify her feeling this way And I would've been comfortable with her screwing up a lot I get that there's a Chosen One schtick going with this but it always rubs me the wrong way when someone is so completely capable of absolutely everything and constantly astonishes new characters with her power and wonderfulness Still a very enjoyable read though despite those nits

  9. Poor Professor Poor Professor says:

    Great seriesAnother excellent installment to this fantastic series I highly recommend this series and other works of Kingsolver's to anyone who enjoys fantasy Her world building absolutely blows me away with the thorough and uniue creations she comes up with

  10. Pam Miles Pam Miles says:

    Telepathic Clans Saga book 2I really enjoyed this book So far this series has been excellent I've been binge reading the series on to book 3 I definitely recommend this series I love the books that BR Kingsolver writes

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