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The Wishing Cake [Download] ➵ The Wishing Cake By Ellen Meister – One wish can change everything Divorcee Rhea Samuels isn't expecting sweetness to walk into her life So when an enchanting elderly couple enters the bakery where she works and orders a cake for their One wish can change everything Divorcee Rhea Samuels isn't expecting sweetness to walk into her life So when an enchanting elderly couple enters the bakery where she works and orders a cake for their th anniversary she's not uite sure what to make of the wishing dust they leave her with Soon enough she discovers it has power and surprises than she ever imaginedA fresh original romantic comedy in novelette form The Wishing Cake is short enough to be devoured in one sitting rich enough to be savored for years.

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  1. Sheila Sheila says:

    Cake designer Rhea can’t help but be pleased when an elderly man and woman order a cake for their anniversary They obviously have the sort of love she can only dream of—the love she thought she had before the divorce But she’s not bitter Not like her boss Really she’s not And a love like theirs deserves a heart shaped cake whatever her evil boss might think of heartsA uick dusting of precious sweetness from the sweet old couple’s tin and the cake’s complete till Rhea’s boss walks in Then dreams turn to nightmares in ways than one and Rhea’s out on the street looking for another jobThere are some pleasingly disconcerting details in this short story as Rhea learns than she ever wanted about secrets of the male anatomy But the secrets she needs to learn are her own desires and it’s not her fault her guides prove so ineptBy turns sweet amusing dark bitter hopeful sad and romantic this little tale packs a lot into a small space leaving the reader intrigued and pleased at the end There’s to life than wishes after all and to the future than the past This story should please as long as you’re in the mood to have your emotions twisted first I really enjoyed it Disclosure I was lucky enough to get this ebook free and I found it a very enjoyable short read

  2. Donald Donald says:

    Ellen Meister has given us this tasty e book novelette to hold us over until her fourth novel is published Rhea Samuels is a cake designer for a bakery in Brooklyn She’s excellent at her job but feels her male boss’s preference for the other cake designer a young and not very likable guy is holding back her career advancement When an elderly couple orders an anniversary cake from her they provide her with some magical “wishing dust” to sprinkle on top A bit accidentally makes it home with Rhea and she soon learns the true meaning of the old saying “Be careful what you wish for” A fun uick read that would be approximately 50 pages in print form I thoroughly enjoyed it

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I found this story weird and maybe disturbing But at the same time it had some cute things Rhea works in a bakery for her boss Paul He hates heart cakes and they are not allowed in the bakery EVER One day an old couple married for 75 years comes in and wants her to surprise them with an anniversary cake And they give her some magic dust to sprinkle on it Well after everything Paul has a fit and fires her She makes up unknowingly making a wish and then licking the magic dust that is still on her fingers The wish totally backfires and was a little weird with the events that followed It is all a strange setup to get Paul and Rhea together Not sure I would ever recommend this book

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The Wishing Cake is a cute uick novelette The story is fast paced and the book was over before I realized the end was drawing near From the blurb I did not expect the events to unfold the way they did or for the magic to react the way it did so I was surprised on a couple of occasions This short story was a fun way to spend a couple of hours

  5. Carrie Webb Carrie Webb says:

    Short and SweetSometimes it's really difficult for two stubborn people to come together In this short but sweet story it takes a bit of magic I'm the end all falls into place

  6. Literary Chanteuse Literary Chanteuse says:

    35 stars

  7. Robin L Ackling Robin L Ackling says:

    Enjoyable casual readWhimsical and light with a bit of mysteryI thoroughly enjoy her work I would recommend this book and other works by this author

  8. Silverana Silverana says:

    Loved it Rhea is a beautiful divorced 36 year old woman with a talent for baking especially with decorating cakes Despite her hard work her boss Paul only shows discouragement and is unfair in the dealings between her and another employee who seems to take credit for her work In fact Paul appears very harsh to Rhea at one point which didn’t sit well with me It kept me wondering how things would work out with themSeveral factors made the story very enjoyable Although there is mostly little interaction between Rhea and Paul hints are given of their actual thoughts towards one another The truth is revealed in a very exciting manner Magic is a major part of this story with two secondary characters showing another side to the plot There is one element regarding these two that could be seen as strange or if given a little thinking it might appear understandable to some people The story does extremely well for the short length that it is given but it would have done so much better with a longer ending or at least a detailed present form writing for the main characters The end was written in an original way but right when I was waiting to see how everything worked out for Rhea and Paul the final sentences seemed like the story was about the two secondary characters than Rhea and PaulOverall I loved it and would love to read other similar stories by the author

  9. Mary Havlovic Mary Havlovic says:

    Rhea a 36 yr old divorcee is a talented baker who works in a bakery owned by Paul her boss who refuses to allow his bakers to bake heart shaped cakes Paul was hurt in a relationship and is very bitter as a result I have no other way but to describe Paul as a sexist jerk in the way he treats Rhea Rhea is contracted by an elderly couple to make them an anniversary cake using some special dust in the frosting She has made the cake when her boss finds out and forces her to destroy the cake and fires her in the process Rhea is then mugged on the way home has some of the special dust on her fingers and licks it off wishing she was a man so she could be treated by her boss eually on the job like her male co worker Rhea then goes back to the bakery as a man and is hired to work as a baker She then finds out the truth behind Paul's bitterness and comes to the realization that she is in love with Paul She is determined to find the elderly couple in hopes of obtaining dust so that she can change herself back uick read with a happy ending

  10. JoAnn Paules JoAnn Paules says:

    Lately I've been reading a lot of heavy intense books Emotions are usually deep whether it's passion or anger or fear After a few books like that I need something light and refreshing Like a little sorbet after a heavy mealThe end of this story is rather predictable but the path it took to get there was anything but predictable The Wishing Cake isn't the next best seller but I truly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to others

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