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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Lizzie Goes Wild
  • Kirsten Larsen
  • English
  • 15 March 2015
  • 9781405204330

10 thoughts on “Lizzie Goes Wild

  1. Monica Monica says:

    This book is just a light little read that I've read several times but in rereading it this last time it may be the last time I reread it The other stories in this book arewhatever but I want to make mention of one and go into a little detail on the other Bear with me I don't remember story titles of some of the other character namesLizzie gets detention and starts hanging out with the goth girl and then she gloms into her image There was always this Lizzie's trying to find her place in the middle school class system aspect in the show and is evident in this book but to completely lose yourself in a personalitystyle that doesn't fit who you are as a person in asinine Even for a tween Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way but so be it NextLizzie and Miranda are the type of people that I have zero time for Gordo's love of all things Rat Pack was lame and weird until Ethan showed interest in it So now that a cute boy is into to it then so are they First no I will not be chalking that up to things tweens do; especially since some adults behave this way as wellSecond Gordo is the person who likes what he likes and doesn't give a hoot whether other people like or have even heard of it for that matter so his love for Frank Dean and Sammy is 100% understandable Third Lizzie and Miranda are always so concerned about not looking like losers that they miss out of some great things and experiences Fourth Gordo had every right to be angry with them for using them to gain knowledge so that they could convince Ethan Craft that they knew all about The Rat Pack when a week ago they were trying to pretend they didn't know Gordo because of his dedication to the era I suppose my main problem with this book is that Gordo allowed them apologize for using him and hurting him and their friendship over a boy that hardly ever looks their way and in turn trying to make him feel bad about being himself and liking what he likes And Lizzie and Miranda showed behavior that people don't grow out of because the people in their lives forgive them for being horrible

  2. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    Lizzie starts to become friends with a girl named Angel and the girl is anything but an angel She's basically a delinuent and she starts to have an effect on how Lizzie looks and behaves Miranda and Gordo become concerned over how Lizzie is changingMiranda and Gordo make up a videotape to show Lizzie to try to get her to realize just how much she's changed and it worksMeanwhile Matt has been misbehaving as usual and this time his parents do away with his bedtime allow him to stay up all hours hoping this will teach him a lesson when he realizes he's too young to do that He eventually does learn his lesson remarkablyend of part 1 in the novelGordo gets really interested in Frank Sinatra and the entire Rat Pack era of music Lizzie and Miranda get interested once Ethan gets interested and then it becomes a school wide fad leading to a special danceThe problem is that Gordo seems to have lost interest in the music ever since everyone else jumped on the bandwagon Lizzie and Miranda need his help to plan for the dance but he won't be involvedThe dance ends up going well though and Gordo realizes that he still likes the music and shows up after allMeanwhile Matt is up to trying to set a world record in something but can't manageThis part is based on Episode 12 Come Fly With Me

  3. Harshita Harshita says:

    Lizzie's day today was not going well It all started when Lizzie was having exams for math especially Behind her seat is Angel If you think she is angelic then you are wrong because she is one big devil Angel didn't know some of the answers to uestion so she asked Lizzie if Lizzie could give answers to her But Lizzie said no so Angel stick her chewing gum on Lizzie's hair Lizzie was not sure what was on her head All of the sudden she found out Angel had sticked gum on Lizzie's hair And when Lizzie was giving few words to Angel for what she did Angel raised her hand and said to her teacher that Lizzie was copying Lizzie was like why the heck would I copy her And because of that LIzzie and Angel started finding And by that they ended up in the detention room When Lizzie told to Miranda and Gordo what happened during the test they didn't believe what Lizzie was saying because Lizzie had ever ended up in the detention room And the whole cause of this injure was Angel Lizzie hates Angel like anything To know what happened in the detention room and read Lizzie Mc Guire Lizzie Goes Wild

  4. Naomi Naomi says:

    i am reading this book right know and is really really good

  5. Cws Cws says:

    JAR4 McG

  6. Manasa Manasa says:

    i love it so bad too

  7. Salma Salma says:

    Read thi sbook when i was 6 3

  8. Jess Jess says:

    I think this book was ok If you needed something to do but don't read it if there's another book like twilight it's way better

  9. Ariana Modiri Ariana Modiri says:

    i thought it was an exicting book because there was always something happen a you never felt bored it alway intracted with you and i describes really well

  10. Alisha Brook Alisha Brook says:

    A cute little read but the TV show was better

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Lizzie Goes Wild[BOOKS] ✭ Lizzie Goes Wild By Kirsten Larsen – Everyone knows that Angel Lieverman is big time trouble That's why Lizzie stays as far away from her as possible But when Angel and gasp Lizzie have to serve detention together Lizzie realizes that An Everyone knows that Angel Lieverman is big time trouble That's why Lizzie stays as far away from her as possible But when Angel and gasp Lizzie have to serve detention together Lizzie realizes that Angel's life is exciting Soon Lizzie has a new image and a new attitude Who knew that being bad could be so much fun Now if only Lizzie's family and friends could see it the same Lizzie Goes Epub / way Plus Lizzie thinks her friend Gordo's obsession with the lingo and music of the Rat Pack is totally lame until the whole school gets into it Soon Lizzie is helping organize a lounge lizard themed dance and Gordo is furious with her for being a phony Can Lizzie convince Gordo that she's gonna do it her way.