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Back To You [PDF / Epub] ✩ Back To You ☉ Annie Brewer – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk On the outside 17 year old Abby Lewis has it all She is dating the HS Football star has a best friend anybody would kill for and a love and passion for singing that could send her to Broadway But on t On the outside year old Abby Lewis has it all She is dating Back To Kindle - the HS Football star has a best friend anybody would kill for and a love and passion for singing that could send her to Broadway But on the inside a storm is raging inside of her that she can no longer hide As her life at home becomes unbearable she turns to the only rock she has ever known Lucas When her father abandoned her and her sister Lucas was there to help her pick up the pieces And now that her dad wants back in her life Lucas will again be her source of strength But she isn't his and Abby can't stand the thought of being anyone else's Will she ever be able to let go of the past Or will she let it control her for good.

About the Author: Annie Brewer

Annie Brewer leads several lives At home she's a caring mother of two with Back To Kindle - a heart of gold Online she's a best friend to several and puts a smile on her many fans every time she utters a word In her own world she's a dreamer But the biggest part of her is made of books books and books It's not a surprise she's turned out to be such a talented young author Some of her many hobbies in.

10 thoughts on “Back To You

  1. Annie Brewer Annie Brewer says:

    This was an incredible journey and it was frustrating at times But I enjoyed writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it

  2. Marie Marie says:

    What did I think??? HmmmmWell first off I would like to thank Annie for kindly giving me this book whilst it was in edits I was so happy when I saw it in my inbox I read it straight away and devoured it After reading the few chapters she kindly put up on her profile I was bouncing up and down refreshing my inbox page every few seconds waiting for her name to pop up Now to get back to the book I have been sitting here debating with myself what rating to give this book and after battling my way through my thoughts and uestions I had after finishing I have settled on 4 stars The beginning of this book drew me in uickly I already read uite a few chapters on Annie's profile and after re reading these I knew why I was so anxious to finish it It was good The book was very relatable to me Since I'm only young myself I could put myself in Abby's shoes in most of her situations since I have been through a lot of what this book discussed myself However it also had uniue concepts for example Abby's relationship with her dad Lucas's history I have to be careful here because I don't want to give anything away But my gosh I could go on and on about this book but all I have to say is it's worth reading and Annie did a great job Her hard work has paid off and every minuet I spent reading this was not wastedI'm so proud of you buddy and this book Well it was just amazing I found myself nervous when Abby was nervous laughing when Abby found something funny warm when I was so happy because Abby was happy mainly at the end and jealous that she got an amazing guy to call hers The only reason this did not gain a 5 star rating was because even though it was GOOD the story was not mind blowing or completely different and uniue like others And although I love Annie lots and lots and adore her for giving it to me early etc etc it wouldn't be right to just give her 5 stars I would like my review to be honest and give the rating I feelIt deserves This is one book that deserves to be readAnd it is one that is really easy to get in to and CMON every girl remembers the first guy they give their heart too Even if they wont admit it ;

  3. Erin Erin says:

    First of all a huge thank you and congratulations to the amazing Annie Brewer for allowing me to read an eARC of her first book I was honored I've been very anxiously awaiting the release of her work and I was so excited to finally get my hands on it In Back to You Abby is your typical 17 year old girl with family issues and indecision when it comes to the guy she's dating Graduation is looming in the distance and she's not sure where her future lies with the less than supportive Brady When she sees her troublesome younger sister Sarah successfully making the moves on the one boy that always really held her heart Abby is seeing red But it isn't easy letting go of the safety net that is Brady especially when things are so rocky at home since her dad left and remarried Abby has to decide if she can really trust Lucas with her heart what with all their history together but having to wait for her to decide may just push Lucas in the other direction This story put me through so many emotions I was literally all over the place I was completely intrigued by Lucas when he first came into the story and I wanted to see of him before I even really knew anything about him When Sarah got her claws into him I was so pissed at her for doing that to her sister I felt so awful for Abby and I wanted to shake her and tell her to just break up with Brady and lay one on Lucas that would have him forgetting Sarah in seconds LOL The whole situation had me wound up tight and I was on pins and needles waiting for someone to make the move And when Lucas and Abby finally gave into that temptation my heart was racing and I was giving them a virtual high five for finally listening to me But things got complicated as they moved forward and Abby's struggles with what her future holds made Lucas uestion whether or not she really wanted to be with him I was sold though he was such a sweetheart and so very sexy and the whole best friends before we dated plot made me love him even He had my heart racingAbby isn't some wallflower who gets walked all over like some heroines are thank you No she's snarky she didn't put up with her sister's crappy behavior and she stood her ground with Brady when it came to their relationship Even when I was frustrated with her choices I knew she was trying to be strong and was dealing with what had happened with her own parents And she had to put up with Sarah's constant rebellion which had her a combination of angry and worried at every turn I definitely wanted Sarah to get a taste of her own medicine but then a twist had me realizing that maybe all was not as it seemed with her I was so relieved to see things evolve with all of the relationships as the story went on and I loved how Abby matured and let down her walls so she could really see what she wanted I loved taking Abby's journey with her through this story it was like watching her become a new person right before my eyes She and Lucas were meant to be and I won't give away the ending but I was smiling Back to You was a wonderful emotional sexy story and I'm so grateful that I was able to experience this book

  4. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Where do I begin with this review Well firstly I want to just say thank you to the amazing and wonderful Annie Brewer for allowing me the honour to accompany her on this journey with her I have been there from the beginning when I saw the words that Annie wrote being transformed into the story we have today Being a beta reader as well as helping to edit has brought me closer to the story than I thought possible And I'm forever grateful to Annie for the amazing experience and wild ridelove you Annie Okay back to the actual review From the outside seventeen year old Abby Lewis looks like she has it all A loving boyfriend who is a uarterback on the football team two best friends who will do anything for her a wonderful family and a voice that could help her have the future of her dreams But deep down within she is in turmoil Her world is slowly crumbling in all around her Life at home was beginning to way heavily on Abby Her younger sister Sarah was always causing trouble or getting into mischief while her absentee father avoided them altogether leaving their mother to raise them on her own And soon Abby finds herself leaning on the one person who has always been there for her especially when times were extremely tough Her best friend Lucas Oh Lucas you are such a bad boy with a sweet and sensitive soul He too has had a rough childhood but he's so selfless and supportive you just would never know He's so dreamy and so sexy and sweet all rolled into one sighsWhat really sets Abby off is when Lucas starts seeing her younger sister Sarah Why should this be a problem you ask? Yes Abby has a boyfriend Brady so why should this bother her? Well it should Lucas in fact was once than just a friend He was her first love and this union triggered something in her that made her start uestioning her relationship with Brady and her sister Did she really love Brady? Did she ever get over Lucas in the first place? And will Lucas's past affect her decision? So much drama goes down with them all including Abby's other best friend Brooke I'm talking about I can't believe this is happening type drama Anyways you can totally imagine Abby's predicament and to top it all off her father decides to re enter her life asking for a second chance What will Abby do? What will she decide and who will she turn to for strength? So many uestions that need to be answered and the only way to find out is for you all to pick the book up yourself This book took me on an emotional ride From it's moment of conception to the very last word I have felt breathed and lived Abby's life You will too be consumed by the story and the events and the love and the moments and the passion and the tension If you enjoy reading about love and the lengths you would go to for it then Back to You is a story that will touch you dearly and make you wish you were a teenager again

  5. Adriana Adriana says:

    OK what can i say about this freaking awsome book Firstly i would like to say a big Thankyou to my gorgeous friend and author Annie Brewer for giving me the eArc so i could read bacause i was dying to read this book and let me say that that i loved every second of this book and i definately going to re read it againI loved Abby from the start she was one of those girls that most of us can relate too Abby had it all the great boyfriend the 2 bestfriends an awsome mum who i wish was my mum LOL but secretly there was something missing The home front was not that good her 15 year old sister seems to be getting into trouble every 5minutes and her mum is alone after her dad cheated on his mum and left But let me say the mother is doing an awsome job raising the girls by herself Then her sister starts to take a intrest in her bestfriend Lucas he is also her ex I loved Lucas i wanted to eat him up he was such a gentle person even though he has had such a bad childhood but he is always there for Abby even when people think her persuing her dream of singing is pathetic he is one to always have her back and support her in whatever she does When Abby see's her sister and Lucas together it brings some unresolved feelings out She relises she never really got over him Even though Abby has a boyfriend Brady she still cant help the feelings she get for Lucas and the she see's him the worse it gets so she starts to try to avoid him To top off her great dilema her sister decides to move back in with her dad bringing him back into her life which and she wants nothing to do with him so her emotions are all over the place To find out what happens you have to read it trust me you will not regret itThis book was an emotional rollercoaster and had me hot and bothered a few times too I finished it in one sitting beacause i could not put it down it was to hot to handle it needed me not to stop reading it till i finished the whole thing and every hour i spent on this book was worth it I recommend this book to everyone as soon as i comes out go and buy it you will loved it

  6. Jody Jody says:

    Such a great read Full of emotions and romance I loved Abby and Lucas and the ending was just beautiful I agree luckiest girls in the world Im starting to get uite a collection of Lucas book boyfriends Love em If you like to read contemporary romance then you will love Annie's book

  7. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:

    Annie Annie Annie I have been waiting MONTHS for this book Even since I read the first five chapters You did not disappoint girl This was me when I was reading this book Opens book smiling like the Cheshire CatUgh that's right I didn't like BradyOh I love Lucas please pick himOh wow I forgot Sarah did that the bitchnaaww Abby's mum is coolOh talk to him girlWOW what a great freakin dream I want oneHoly shit At the party?OOOHH LukeOH Abby you’re playing with fire girlSick huh?Oh I really like Sarah nowI CANNOT BELIEVE THATOK I get you’re a hypocrite but really?Oh Lucas I think you deserve better than thisUmm Ok so you chat and everything is ok???Naw double dating how freaking cute sticks hand in mouth and makes gagging noiseOH ABBY? WTF?I don't blame him seriously Abby WTFOh promGreat fucking epilogue Ok So Pro's and Con's Pro'sI loved the Characters how Abby's your typical 17 yr old girl Brady is gunna be a big football star Brooke the sidekick Sarah the troubled teen wise beyond her years Lucas is the hot next door neighbour Con's view spoiler I DID NOT LIKE THAT BROOKE AND BRADY WERE SLEEPING TOGETHER and that it was OK? Yes Abby slept with Lucas; however Lucas was not Brady BEST FUCKIN FRIEND And that all it took was one chat and everything was hunky dory hide spoiler

  8. Brooke (The Cover Contessa) Brooke (The Cover Contessa) says:

    I would like to thank the wonderful Annie Brewer for providing me with an ARC of this book for reviewThis is the sweet story of Abby and Lucas Of their friendship and love of their ups and downs Back to you captures teen angst at it's best It captures relationships between friends family and first loves There is tension their is sadness there is happiness all wrapped up in the neat little package that is this book Back to You caputres the true meaning of love and how it can withstand anything you throw at itAbby is snarky and strong She doesn't let anyone step on her She stands up for what she believes and what she wantsLucas is handsome and sweet How could someone not fall for him?Brooke Abby's best friend is supportive and you can tell they are true friendsBrady Abby's boyfriendfriend personifies the typical football player and guy who likes to hang with his friends and play gamesSarah Abby's sister is a pistotol in need of a lot of sisterly loveAbby's mom is cook and calmThe cast of characters is fun and intriguing drawing you into the story and egging you on to read to the endCongratulations Annie

  9. Wendy Wendy says:

    I hate to write this review seriously I do I like Annie but this book just didn't do it for me It might be your cup of tea but for me this book euals 15 stars1st of all Abby got on my nerves You knew she was gonna choose Lucas She knew it too But she just kept on dating the douche and cheating on him then feeling guilty about it and complaining and complaining like wtf 2nd of all the love triangle that isn't even a love triangle You know what I'm talking about you've seen this a million times before I'm ok with it if they only happen at the begging of the book but dragging on through 34 of the book no thank you3rd of all I didn't enjoy the writing style Sometimes I just rolled my eyes at the conversations At other times I rolled my eyes at the way things happened how fast in what order and so onSo yeah that's all I wanted to say I guess You may like it but it just wasn't for me15 stars

  10. Mary Mary says:

    SOOO EXCITED to get my hands on this

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