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  1. jv poore jv poore says:

    Sometimes I just need some Sophia Bennett She’s the uintessential favorite aunt or cherished friend that can be counted on to alleviate a funk Sneaky clever and witty she is the ultimate introspective author for meAt a blush Seuins Secrets and Silver Linings looks to be a light uick read packed with friends fashion and fun Ms Bennett cheerfully gives us that The charismatic cast engages in witty and uite funny conversations particularly over Ben Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream Nonie is bold in her in improvised innovative couture while sweet Jenny tries to walk the red carpet walk as an emerging yet sadly suited starlet Edie grounds the trio focusing on Harvard entrance and her exponentially growing blogWith three teen girls centered in the story of course we can expect boy crushes hopes realized and dashed and heart break Admittedly consuming in real life Ms Bennett politely puts this in perspective reminding the readers that “looking for love” is truly only a very small part of life for these brilliant talented young ladiesThe aforementioned alone told in Ms Bennett’s compelling captivating tone would make for a fantastic read but that’s not how Ms Bennett rolls Rather she shows the side of teens that is often overlooked Crow the ridiculously talented young African girl designer is understandably complex and uiet Her father forced her to flee the war zone to live with an aunt she barely knows Attention naturally shifts from somewhat trivial items to actual issues The brutal rebel group The Lord’s Resistance Army is still active and believed responsible for the kidnapping of Crow’s older brother Henry As the friendship develops between Crow and three gal pals horrors that were studied in History class become someone’s every day life Passionately livid and personally offended as only a teen can be Edie rallies her friends to help Crow compete in a coveted fashion designing contest simultaneously taking to her blog to raise funds for the Invisible Children and try to find out what became of Crow’s older brotherSeuins Secrets and Silver Linings was exactly what I needed The fascinating fun and ever changing dynamics among teen girl friends was delightfully distracting The sheer determination righteous indignation and swift action taken by these young folks against the LRA helped center me with hope and inspiration because Ms Bennett never lets me down

  2. Haley Haley says:

    This book simply AMAZED ME It made me laugh feel sad feel compassionate etc I just love it when a book does that That's what makes me gush about it as I'm just about to doThe characters were very cute All of them; Nonie Edie Jenny and Crow Especially crow because of how she was capable of making such delicate dresses and clothes with her own hands sighs I can sew but that's about it Let's carry on in deeper detail shall we? ;Nonie Pro's The narrator She is kind of her own private fashion designerstylist with cute and uirky clothes The way she explained things throughout the book was just adorableCons NoneEdie Pro's Best friends with Nonie super smart always aiming high in education She has her own blog about The Invisible ChildrenSuper surprised when I saw Sophia added that bit Made me a lot compassionate for CrowCons A bit annoyingbossy and has no filter when she says something AKA she doesn't care if she hurts somebody's feelings when she says something Jenny Pro's Up and coming actress starred in a movie with a hot guy her dad is a millionaireCons Whiny doesn't know how to solve her own problems without complaining about themCrow Pro's Shylike me SUPER DUPER SPECIAL AMAZING FASHION DESIGNERCons It didn't seem like she appreciated what she was given but towards the end I realized she did just didn't like to show itI loved every single one of the characters in this book so if it seems like I'm harping on them I'm not Just feel like people have the right to know the good and the bad Also I only listed the main 4 characters because I didn't get that much of a feel for the othersPlot time I didn't know what to expect with this story and I'm glad I like to be surprised sometimes and this was a good one The setting was very uniue as I have only read about one other England based YA book The beginning started to grow on me by the 30th page This is so hard I don't want to spoil anything so I guess I should only say that Nonie really grew as a character as she helped with Crows hometown along with Crows show The ending was special and unexpected and almost made me tear up ;'Great book Job well done Sophia Bennett Pat on the back for you You will definitely be hearing about me reading the next book in the series

  3. Sophie Sophie says:

    When I was younger I used to love this book I used to dream that I would grow up to become a successful fashion designer have pretty dresses to wear all the time be a movie star and save the world of crisis This book filled me with so much joy and happiness Don't get me wrong I still love the book but I've learned now that these things wont happen to me I still read it every time I want to feel like a little princess again ; and for someone with so much unspoiled imagination this book gave me so many hopes and dreams I remember we had to write a review of our favourite book in school I of course chose this one Every one else turned in a page or so and then there was me with a whole project on it I'd reviewed it wrote character profiles even designed film posters for it ; I was so in love with this book it had kind of taken over my life I waited for what felt like forever until the seuels came out then obsessed over them just as much D Even now years later I still class it and the other two books in the series as three of my all time favourite books PS Sorry this wasn't much of a review I just wanted to say how much I loved it x

  4. Madison Madison says:

    ThreadsSophia Bennett Chicken HouseThreads is one of the most beautiful fun and creative books I’ve ever read It’s one of those books that you just have to have on the shelf in easy reach for regular reading Beautifully and wittily told with vibrant characters that jump out from the page and twirl you around those that love the crazy world of fashion and even those that don’t will really enjoy this fantastic story I know I did Nonie Edie and Jenny are best friends normal teenagers with big dreams But it’s when Edie introduces them to Crow a refugee girl who wears dungarees and fairy wings that they will have a chance to use their dreams of working in the fashion industry United Nations and Hollywood movies to help children like Crow to also follow their dreams The blurb says the rest but read it you’ll truly enjoy it

  5. Karen Barber Karen Barber says:

    A total wish fulfilment story This group of girls are not your typical teens We focus on a wannabe fashion designer a campaigner and a movie star who come across Crow a young Ugandan refugee who has a flair for fashionThere’s little here that most readers will have in common with the characters but their passion and drive is infectious A solid group of friends and an entertaining story

  6. verisimlitude verisimlitude says:

    I picked this book up 80% for the blurb and 20% for the pretty cover 100% worth it if you picked it up for eitherThe book is so much than just the pretty dress on the cover representing the 'fashion' aspect of it There's friendship saving the world well starting out with campaigns to build schools in Uganda Nonnie's cool sense of fashion and her perfect narrative

  7. Sara Sara says:

    Favourite book of all time It is so nice how they help Vran get all her materials to become a star in clothing desighn

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    This has been one of my favourite books since I was 12 and I'm home from uni for easter and I decided to read this as a nice little study break and I still love it Fun plot and relatable characters make this so so good

  9. Maja Maja says:

    This book is a teen story for girls It was good but nothing special

  10. Reading Vacation Reading Vacation says:

    Africa meets London in this fashion fairy tale Four young girls set out to change the world one outfit at a timeNarrator Nonie is obsessed with fashion Jenny has a part in a movie but she isn’t really into that scene Edie is a nerdy know it all And then there’s Crow She is a refugee from Uganda who can’t read and she barely ever speaks Crow has a special talent though She can design and create the most amazing high fashion outfitsAll four girls fit their uniue role in the story I liked Jenny the best because her personality felt the most realistic to me I loved how all the girls got along so well and worked together to achieve their goalsThe story is all about the girls and how they help Crow start her fashion career There is plenty of fashion talk all along the way Some of it was over my head but I loved reading about it just the sameThe girls are also raising awareness about the heartbreaking situation in Uganda I never knew how awful the war in Uganda was or that children were being kidnapped This book taught me a lot about fashion friendships and fighting in a foreign landRATING4 LikedCOVER COMMENTSGirlie pink cover alert The cover fits the story really well I am guessing this is Nonie surrounded by fashion elements I like that her shirt has what looks like a futuristic globe on it too – shout out to Uganda Cute

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Threads ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Threads Author Sophia Bennett – Nonie's passion is fashion Edie plans to save the world Jenny has a part in a Hollywood movieBut when the three best friends meet a young refugee girl called Crow wearing a pair of pink fairy wings an Nonie's passion is fashion Edie plans to save the world Jenny has a part in a Hollywood movieBut when the three best friends meet a young refugee girl called Crow wearing a pair of pink fairy wings and sketching a dress they get the chance to do something truly wonderful and make all their dreams come true.

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About the Author: Sophia Bennett

My name’s Sophia and I write about girls discovering their inner power Sometimes they’re fashion designers sometimes they’re would be pop stars and sometimes they’re spies They’re always a lot braver than they know and I love it when they finally figure that outSince I won the TimesChicken House competition in my books have been published around the world from Germany to Brazil and Ja.