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Devil Town (Norothian Cycle, #4) [Epub] ➛ Devil Town (Norothian Cycle, #4) By M. Edward McNally – Volume Four of the Norothian Cycle #1 The Sable City #2 Death of a Kingdom #3 The Wind from MiilarkPrincess Allison of Beoshore undertakes a mission to the Daulic city known as Devil Town since its oc Volume Four of the Norothian Cycle The Sable City Death of a Kingdom The Wind from MiilarkPrincess Allison of Beoshore undertakes a mission to the Daulic city known as Devil Town since its occupation by infernal forces The diabolic decision she is forced to make there may compromise herself her friends and the entire Empire of the CodeJohn Deskata and Nesha tari struggle for control of the peninsulas of the central Norothian Channel where the governments of Ayzantium and Martas have collapsedTilda Lanai returns to the Underway with a trio of old friends carrying two warrants authorized by the Codian Empire One of Arrest and one of Death It will fall to Tilda to decide which is delivered.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Devil Town (Norothian Cycle, #4)
  • M. Edward McNally
  • English
  • 09 July 2016

About the Author: M. Edward McNally

Yikes this page gave me an option to enter my date of death That's disheartening Anyway North Carolina born IrishMexican grew up Midwestern along I Northbound KS IA MN now in AZ among the scorpions and javelinas Studied English Lit and RussianEast European History in school and at the place where the two bumped together I wrote some Musket Magic Fantasy books Deus Impeditio.

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  1. Lynne Cantwell Lynne Cantwell says:

    All I can say is it's a good thing I bought books 3 and 4 of this series together because I was compelled to go straight from the last page of The Wind from Miilark to the first page of Devil TownJohn Deskata has allied himself with a crop of dragons and is attempting to conuer new lands lands which Nesha Tari also has her eyes on In the meantime Princess Allison makes an alliance that might spell doom for the Lands under the Code which does not best please her brother the king And Tilda Lanai gets a case of wanderlust that sends her back into the region where Captain Block met his endMy only regret at the end of Devil Town was that book 5 isn't out yet Get busy Ed

  2. KD Rush KD Rush says:

    My review for this series can be found herehttpwwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

  3. Mark Mark says:

    Once again M Ed McNally has come up trumps with Devil Town the fourth book in his Norothian Cycle series and a worthy addition to the foldAs I contemplate this review it's hard to decide what to say that doesn't carry the risk of revealing spoilers If you've been following the series then you are familiar with the adventures of Tilda Lanai and the gang and book four will not be found wanting If you're not then all I can say is get the first three books and dive in You won't be disappointed by this excellent 'magic and muskets' fantasy series and either way Devil Town is a characterful and gripping volumeWhat I will say is that Devil Town has something of a change of pace compared to the preceding books as the political situation in war torn Noroth and its neighbouring nations shift and change; war has brought about much instability shifting allegiances and dangerous new developments as kingdoms fall and new factions emerge from the ruins And over all this there is the looming shadow of a deeper terrible darkness to come The plot thickensThe nearest metaphor that comes to mind is a chessboard the pieces are being moved into position ready for a showdown but Devil Town plays its pieces in such a way that it intrigues without hinting at the coming strategies In that respect it feels a little slower than the previous instalments in the series but that's not to suggest Devil Town is actually slower or lacking in action It isn't and it's packed with action as the major players seek to just get on with their lives but once again find themselves swept up in events This is the calm before the storm AlmostDevil Town is every bit as detailed and engaging as the rest of the Norothian Cycle but without ever getting bogged down in too much info while the characters are presented in rounded human terms They are anything but cardboard cutouts but filled to the brim with lifeIf there's one criticism I have it's that the series shows no sign of 'running out of steam' – by that I mean coming to an end This reader is looking forward to the conclusion of the Norothian Cycle so he can contemplate the finished whole And read the entire series from the beginning to the end once as a completed work of masterful fictionAs it is Devil Town ensures you'll be coming back for Mark CantrellAuthor of Citizen Zero

  4. Heather Adkins Heather Adkins says:

    I typed a title Fave in the series so far And then I sat here for like five minutes and stared at it Is it my favorite? Because I've loved them all for so many different reasons I loved Sable City for introducing me to so many killer characters all of whom I'm emotionally invested in even the ones with sketchy motives I loved Death of a Kingdom for its beauty strong Claudja doing what she must for her people even stronger Tilda casting aside any morals in order to save the man she loves I loved Wind from Miilark because it tossed my world upside down and inside out just when I thought I knew what was going on I realized I knew nothing at allI think maybe what I loved most about Devil Town is while it's a full plotted novel in and of itself it is also an obvious jumping off point The tension between McNally's countries builds throughout and civil war rages Powers dominate from the ashes and declare war or peace with each other And all of this bubbles in the cauldron leading to an obvious conclusionBook five is gonna be EPIC

  5. Kara Prem Kara Prem says:

    Devil Town is the 4th book in the Norothian Cycle and it gets everything back on track after the so so 3rd book Devil Town was not just focused on one small group of characters but devoted time to all the original characters from the first book in the Norothian Cycle There was even a certain trouble making devil lord helping Princess Allison John the Red and Nesha tari are still waging their wars and this seems to be setting up the plot for the 5th book Claudja continues to show that she is not just a gentle noble woman but has ambition and a shrewd mind for taking care of businessMost of all there was a lot of Tilda and Zed and then Tilda with Amatesu and Shikashe taking care of a traitor in the mountains My thoughts don't do the book justice it was a great read and I cannot wait to start on book 5

  6. Tori Tori says:

    I love this series My only complaint is that the books could do with having an editor go over them as I keep finding typos and misused words which are understandable but avoidable If not for that little issue which tends to irritate me as I'm reading I would be giving the whole series five stars The characters are great the world is detailed and absorbing and the story is engaging

  7. Alice Bridgwater Alice Bridgwater says:

    3 12

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