მე, ბებია, ილიკო და

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი
  • Nodar Dumbadze
  • Georgian
  • 13 January 2016

10 thoughts on “მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი

  1. Ani doodlez Ani doodlez says:

    it is one of the cutest and funniest books ever in georgian literature Nodar Dumbadzes writing style is really light and easy to read and thats whats so appealing about his books and most importantly the balance of comedy and sadness has a great effect overall Its a georgian classic and everybody needs to read it i just finished it took me like 3 days and i was crying a times laughing sometimes mad at the charactersand it was really fun

  2. Jim Jim says:

    In Drybridge Market Tbilisi I found a copy of Granny Iliko Ilarion and I მე ბებია ილიკო და ილარიონი by Nodar Dumbadze This is a tale by turns humorous and melancholic of a village boy Zuriko a feckless student whose best friends are two neighbours Iliko and Ilarion and his granny The book is set in the shadow of wartime Georgia I read the English translation by Raissa Bobrova published by Raduga in the USSR 1985 My Georgian is not yet up to reading the original version Both books are charmingly illustrated the Raduga publication by Albert Jaralov the Palitra edition by Levan KvaratskheliaThe characters are all partial to cha cha a kind of Georgian moonshine they distill themselves Early on an ill fated hunting trip sees Illarion drunk on cha cha shoot the poor dog Murada whom he mistakes for a hareIliko has his own troubles with animals his prize sow Seraponia who he was counting on to give him 12 piglets which he could trade with his neighbours for corn pushed her way through a fence forcing her to miscarryThe novel has many humorous interludes when Ilarion checks Zuriko's school leaving certificate for his suspicious Granny he concludes it must be Zuriko's and not a forgery because there is not a single good mark to be found in itStill the certificate is enough for Zuriko to leave his village in Guria and travel to Tbilisi to be a student Zuriko is far from a model student and can't make head or tail of Political Economy he flunked the first year He lodges with a landlady he calls Aunt Martha who pesters him to study so he can get a grant and pay her rent But her pestering is to no avail Zuriko's university years are interspersed with Summers in the village Iliko and Ilarion are often pranking the other Ilarion and Zuriko put a message in a claypot in Iliko's vineyard saying his father had buried treasure under the apple tree when Iliko reads the message Zuriko has to leave To keep myself from laughing and so spoiling the entire hoax I said I was terribly thirsty and ran down to the spring Iliko spends the night digging a large hole to no avail On another occasion Ilarion steals Iliko's wood Iliko thought this might happen and with Zuriko had put primed dynamite in the logs later around a fire Zuriko realises it is Ilarion who had stolen the wood and tells him to get down just in time as the dynamite explodes knocking the cauldron distilling cha cha overThe story is a wonderful evocation of village life in forties Georgia the characters aren't too bright but they have a loving bond for each other There is plenty of time for eating drinking cha cha and dreaming up crazy ideas There is also a couple of love interests to tug at Zuriko's heart strings Mari in the village and Zira in the city

  3. Borini Borini says:

    Please help I want this book in Arabic Language can anybody tell where can i find a link to download it ??????

  4. Marika Marika says:

    this is a story about a young boyhis grandmother and two neigbohoursIliko and Ilarion living in a small villagethey live in a time of Soviet Unioneach of them has lost somebody they loved in world war IIAnd now they have each other to loveto helpto feel true and importent feelings of lifeto teach what is really importentthis is a story about a young boy full of love and big humorwithout any drama but with elements you feel

  5. James Salvatore James Salvatore says:

    One of the most delightful books I've read; every page brims with humor and their are some truly some touching simple human moments; it is also an easy read and due to its episodic nature perfect for when you only have 20 or so minutes free Although the English translation is out of print you can download a scanned PDF version from the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia Highly recommended to anyone who has a heart

  6. Amr Assaad Amr Assaad says:

    The absolute comedy novel The only comedy novel in my list I suppose

  7. Swagata Swagata says:

    Beautiful sad happy and poignant

  8. Joel Joel says:

    In youth we rebel We look around at what we instinctively know as good and we sneer at it – for it is not exciting; it does not speak to us of danger or achievement mountains conuered or sins at last permissible This story is as old as Jesus’s parable of the rich man’s son who suandered his fortune only to learn – after the parties were over and the wickedness left him exhausted – that what he had truly been seeking is what he had known all along The joyous return; joyous we are told because of the rotten mulch of evil out of which grows the gratitude and temperance; accompanied by so great a sense of guilt as have those who know they have done great wrong But why is this I wonder?It is not unsophisticated to love our place in the world; the imagination of what we hold in our consciousness that is kept also in safeguard by the hills and vales in which we nestle protectively our ideas of home They want to make it seem so – those who tell our young to flee; those whose meaningless lives are played out upon a great stage or an endless ‘feed’; inspiring others to live lives as theirs lives of no conseuence wicked and banal and endless in their despair To be sure the young must find their place in the world; they must sail the storied seas on merchant ships carrying spices to and from distant lands; they must fight in just wars and return with injuries and honor to be placed beneath glass upon shelves of places where their heart always were They must learn to miss home – to understand its value; to treasure its knolls and valleys and sip uietly the wines of their own land knowing that it is from and to themselves that this product of their sweat and labor will return But if in the end they do not return – that is the real tragedyThere is something beautiful about literature from the Caucuses Nodar Dumbadze was born in Soviet Russia and became one of USSR’s great writers; winning among other honors the Lenin Prize The story is about the love of a man for his friends his family and his land About the big city and its excitement the sly adventures of youth and the warm comfortable embrace of his country girl and his grandma when he knew that the time had come to return to a place that would always be there This is why we fight for these places incidentally – for we must protect them from the wicked who see the values and principles of the timeless earth as a threat to their wickedness For if they succeed and we have nowhere to return to – if all our places have been charred and our books burned upon the altar of passing prejudices and our legendary tolerance for injustice today it is called ‘social’ though tomorrow it will be other – the timeless healing beauty of who we are will no longer protect us from who we are becoming And that is scary indeed“So here I am striding along the meandering path that leads to our village The earth the grass and everything around is wet from a recent shower I myself am drenched to the skin and keep slipping in the mud The path goes steeply uphill I hasten my steps scale the hill almost at a run and suddenly my village opens to view lying in the valley as in the palm of my hand My knees give way and I sink on a boulder a lump in my throat I sit for a long time swallowing tears and waiting At last I see Granny go out of our house She is bent than she was last year but she moves briskly enough I jump up grab my weightless suitcase and run downhill shouting at the top of my voice “Gra a anny” Nodar Dumbadze

  9. Julia Julia says:

    The novel by Nodar Dumbadze narrates the mundanity of a godforsaken Georgian village where “todays’ newspapers or even yesterday’s do not exist there are only week old ones”; where the kids are preferred to work on land rather than study at school; where everyone knows all deeds and odds of one another Soothing spirit of warm summer days mature daily tasks carried out by children while the parents have gone to war the strenuous personality of a bossy but loving grandmother are composing the novel’s uniue character Grotesue sometimes naive humour in the relations between two old neighbors Iliko and Illarion is very humanistic and living the episode with the shot dog and a mocking telegraphic message is deeply sad and hilarious at the same timeA sorrowful smile slips between the lines a heartsore of a dying little village where everyone knows what will be tomorrow its daily routine and the people where no one is like no other

  10. Giorgi Pipia Giorgi Pipia says:

    The most bright and delightful georgian novel ever Full of wit and humor expresses all the best of humans together with real every day life events Story of a young naive orphan boy I hope there is translation in english of this particular novel which i consider as one of most authentic piece of georgian or gurian Guria is the region in the west of Georgia Where the novel mostly takes place novel

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მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი[EPUB] ✽ მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი ❂ Nodar Dumbadze – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk მე ბებია ილიკო და ილარიონი — ნოდარ დუმბაძის პირველი და ყველაზე პოპულარული მე ბებია ილიკო და ილარიონი ილიკო და MOBI î — ნოდარ დუმბაძის პირველი და ყველაზე პოპულარული რომანი ნაწარმოების მთავარი გმირი მთხრობელი ზურიკელა ვაშალომიძე გურიის სოფელ ხიდისთავში ცხოვრობს ბებიასთან ერთად ბებიას შვილიშვილის აღზრდაში მეზობლები ილიკო და ილარიონი ეხმარებიან ნაწარმოების მოქმედება დიდი სამამულო ომის დროს ვითარდება რომანის მიხედვით გადაღებულია ამავე სახელწოდების მე, ბებია, ePUB í ფილმი.

About the Author: Nodar Dumbadze

Nodar Dumbadze July ილიკო და MOBI î – September was a Georgian writer and one of the most popular authors in the late th century GeorgiaBorn in Tbilisi he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University in The same year his მე, ბებია, ePUB í first poems and humorous stories appeared in the Georgian press He edited the satirical magazine Niangi from until when he became a secre.