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Wild Invitation ➻ Wild Invitation Free ➱ Author Nalini Singh – In Beat of Temptation innocent Tamsyn has always had a place in her heart for Nathan a blooded DarkRiver sentinel But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating bondIn Stroke of Enticement a wa In Beat of Temptation innocent Tamsyn has always had a place in her heart for Nathan a blooded DarkRiver sentinel But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating bondIn Stroke of Enticement a wary young teacher skeptical about love arouses the man—and the animal—in an aggressive leopard changeling who must prove his affections are true Plus NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED NOVELLASIn Declaration of Courtship Grace a shy submissive wolf finds herself pursued by the last man she ever would have imagined a SnowDancer lieutenant said to be “mad bad and dangerous to know” In Texture of Intimacy SnowDancer healer Lara discovers the searing joys—and unexpected challenges—of being mated to uiet powerful Walker a man used to keeping his silence.

About the Author: Nalini Singh

I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating uniue characters love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There's no other job I would rather be doing In September when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t.

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  1. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    1 Beat of Temptation 4 starsNathan DarkRiver sentinel and Tamsyn DarkRiver healerThis is the beginning of the love story between two favourite characters that we see often in the books of the series Nathan knew that Tamsyn is his mate since she was very young Unfortunately they have a big age difference and Nathan keeps away from her until she becomes mature enough Tamsyn does not understand Nathan She is crazy about him and she does not want to wait much longer Although Tamsyn is much younger than Nathan she behaves maturely than him most of the times Don't you growl at me she said and her breath turned the air to mistYou don't get to pick and choose which parts of the mating deal you want It's all or nothing Go away 2 In Stroke of Enticement 4 starsZackchangeling and Annie humanAnnie is a teacher and she is used in teaching changeling children One of those will be in trouble one day and his uncle will come to school to talk to her about his badly behaved nephew Zack realises straight away that Annie is his mate So he will need all his charm in order not to scare her away and to convince her to give him a chance Well I LOVED Zack What're you thinking? he asked herThat you're dangerousNot to you he said I wouldn't bite unless you asked very nicely 3 Declaration of Courtship 5 starsGrace Wolf Changeling SnowDancer systems maintenance engineer and Cooper Wolf Changeling SnowDancer Lieutenant “You’d better find a way to deal with the big bad wolf who wants to have you for his own very personal snack”A thousand butterflies took flight in Grace’s stomachGrace is over the top submissive and Cooper is over the top dominant Grace wants to disappear every time Cooper looks at her Cooper wants to eat her alive So far he tried to control his need to get physical with her but he has reached the point of no return and very very carefully he announced to her that he will start courting her He wants her but he does not want her to feel that she is ordered to be with himGrace really likes Cooper but when he tells her that he wants her she cannot believe that this strong goodlooking wolf means it They have huge differences and he has to be extremely careful if he does not want to scare away her wolfWhat Grace does not know is that Cooper has initiated the mating dance There is no way these two stop until they are matedThis was a great story I loved the slow burn between Grace and CooperI loved how careful Cooper was and his dirty mouth Since he could not touch Grace from the beginning he was describing with every detail what he would do to her Well it workedI loved the fact that deep down Grace is a tough cookie4 Texture of Intimacy 4 starsWalker Psy and Lara SnowDancer healer You knew who I was when you accepted my courtship If she couldn't take him as he was the fractures inside him would be permanent and irreversibleAnd you knew who I was Wolf amber brilliant against the lush hue of her skin I'm not fragile I won't break if you let me see your pain your fury your worryIt felt as if she'd kicked him in the heart I've told you things I've told no one else on this earth He wanted to yell but his voice came out deadly calmYes Tears shone wet in the amber her voice dropping to a whisper It means everything that you invited me into your secrets Everything The panic struggled to recede under her passionate vow hit a snag Then why? Why was she walking away from him ripping him to pieces?It's not enough to allow me into your past if you shut me out of your present Our present she said softly I need to walk beside you to be your shield as you're mine I can't handle being shut out being cut off when I know you're in painWalker and Lara mated in the book “Kiss of snow Their story ran in a parallel way from Hawke and Sienna’s story Walker is Sienna’s uncle and he keeps trying to come into terms with the fact that he abandoned “silence and the “net in order to save his family He did not accept his feelings for Lara easily And although he was always tender and affectionate with her although he tried to look after her all the time; still it was not easy for him to become her lover He may have had a child but he never have had sexual or emotional relationships with a womanLara is the pack's healer She is hardworking easygoing ready to help and ready to fight for what she wants She will try to win Walker but she will stop trying after a while Walker was the one who persuaded her to keep trying after he realised when he would loseAs you can realise it was not easy mating And all these happened in book “Kiss of snow” So naturally I thought that all their problems were sold and now they could live happily ever afterAlas apparently they have issues and this little novel is mainly about these issues This back and forth in action can be frustrating for many readers I thought it was a great way to emphasise the bonding between two obviously very different people

  2. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    ♦ I've already read Beat of Temptation My review In Stroke of Enticement My review ♦ This review will be for the two new novellas In Declaration of Courtship 4 ★'sI really enjoyed this story of Grace a submissive wolf and Cooper an extremely dominant one I liked the different play on the submissive and dominant and it was interesting to see how they worked that out The sexual tension was off the charts and I loved how Cooper courted Grace especially with all the gifts Favorite uotes ♥ “You’re not afraid of the big bad wolf any Grace”♥ “I will always need you—you’re strong and brave and goddamn perfect and you fcking own my heart” In Texture of Intimacy 4 ★'sThis is a continuation of Walker and Lara's story that started in Kiss of Snow It's amazing how NS is always able to give you a different take on each person and well personalize it I've always liked Walker and it was great seeing him open up and for Lara to be so patient with him Their mating ceremony was really sweet I especially enjoyed getting to read about all the Laurenseven though we only got a tiny bit of Sienna and Hawke There was also a bit about Alice Hard to tell at this point if any of it will be pertinent to the future story We also get a few sweet moments of Annie and Zach which I really loved Their story is Stroke of EnticementFavorite uotes ♥ “I have a lifetime of sensation to catch up on” “With you”♥ “I love you than I’ll ever be able to say ever be able to describe You’re my starlight on a dark night”Overall it isn't really necessary to read these novellas to enjoy the ongoing story but if you do decide to read them it makes the story that much deeper and fulfilling I would definitely recommend reading this one Plus it's nice having all four in one book

  3. Anna lost in stories *A* Anna lost in stories *A* says:

    Beat of temptation reread in june 2020 45 starsI am beginning my reread of the entire Psy changeling series including the novellas and full lenght books but not the short scenes with a story about how Tamsyn and Nate got together I remember them as an adult and mated for a while couple so it was interesting to see them when they were younger and stupid I was very vividly reminded from the start why I adore this sereis and why DarkRiver leopards are my favourite Stroke of enticement reread in july 2020 5 starsthis is definitely one of my favourite stories set in this series it may be a bit shorter than some other novellas but I just adore it with all my heart it's sweet and lovely and every time I read it I am left in desperate need to get me my own Zach Declaration of courtshipTexture of intimacydisclaimeruntil further notice I will be adding this little disclaimer at the end of all my reviews without boring you with unnecessary details I will say this I’ve been in a writing slump for a while now it’s happened before but usually didn’t last very long it’s connected to a lot of different things in my life but all those details are personal so I won’t get into them right now this time unfortunately it’s been already six weeks and it doesn't look like it’s gonna change anytime soon in all this time I was unable to sit down and write reviews for the books I’ve been reading and I don’t want to wait any longer cause I already accumulated uite a few to do so going forward I will be just writing a very short ones with maybe an exception here and there if I feel like it ; I don't want to put pressure on myself to write long and detailed reviews that I used to do for the longest time instead I will try and add some links to other reviews here on Goodreads if I see ones that I feel share my thoughts and opinions on the stories I read in the meantime I wish you all happy reading XOXOA

  4. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    Beat of Temptation #05 Rating 2 starsWell this was disappointing Even so because things got off to a great start The prologue about the Psy trying to make Christmas illegal? Brilliant How the whole thing blew up in their faces? Great Unfortunately it all went downhill from there I was really excited when I found out this was going to be Tamsyn Nate's story I love Tamsyn's character and have been wanting to know about her ever since reading Slave to Sensation Well the story didn't live up to my expectations Why? Because it's just some boring romance between two shapeshifters Worse Singh doesn't even redeem herself with a good sex scene here sighsGreat world building is what I love about this series I love the Psy the PsyNet the Silence Protocol etc The Changelings add much needed spice to the chilling Psy world The problem here is that the story only features Changelings There is no PsyChangeling interaction at all There are a few passages about a Psy named Solias King but they felt forced and added nothing to the story Sure we got to know about Tamsyn and Nate she is young and insecure he is a not swoon worthy aggravating idiot alpha Nate is supposed to be ten years older than her but Tamsyn is much mature than he is His reason for keeping his distance from her is completely ridiculous view spoilerhis parents' failed relationship? Please How much clichéd can you get? hide spoiler

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    Beat of TemptationBeat of Temptation is a preuel to this series and it deals with the healer Tamsyn and Nathan I went back and read it after I had read the first book It was an interesting story and I loved being in the world Tamsyn is uite young when her and Nathan discover they are mates So there's a lot of waiting for them but because Nathan is older he handles it better And because Nathan saw his own parents get together early he's cautious about claiming Tamsyn too early By the time Tamsyn is nineteen she's over this waiting thing And the fun begins This is sexy story of two people trying to resist each other but unable to stay away from each other So much fun And because I love this paranormal world I was a happy readerIt's a great place to start if this series is new to you or if you love the series and need a little Stroke of EnticementI've wondered if a human would end up in this series and I got my answer in Stroke of Enticement Annie is the school teacher at the school a lot of the leopard pack cubs go to She's used to dealing with the cats but she's not prepared for Zack and his cat Zack knows who she is but he doesn't want to scare her off she is after all human But things heat up as they spend time together and Zack doesn't like to shareA sexy adventure where some human frailty meets changeling protectiveness with lots of play Yum If you love this series don't miss this novellaDeclaration of CourtshipI didn't know Cooper and Grace before this novella They aren't at the main Snow Dancer den so I haven't noticed them before But I do know the world and when a strong dominant male lieutenant informs a shy submissive that he plans to court her you know it's gonna be funIt was fun watching them figure out how to respect each others wolf as they got to know each other and tried to rain in their attraction Cooper was being very good to take it slow but he can only take so much It was cute how he courted her Flowers and chocolates to lingerie and baths he was good at courting She was shy about accepting but this girl knew her mind She may have a different role in the pack she wasn't weak And she stood up to her dominant boy toy which he found as adorable as I didI enjoyed seeing a submissive in a story Not everyone is the dominate bada kinda girl and it's nice to see a different type have center stageLots of hot and sexy packed in this novella A sexy fun read for sure Texture of Intimacy I think this was my favorite of the four It's the rest of Walker and Lara's story They actually mated in book 10 Kiss of Snow but there's to their story Walker hasn't uite recovered from his time in the Psy net and while he loves Lara with every fiber of his being he sometimes forgets he's not in the net any longer This is their journey about how to figure that issue out between themI loved seeing the pack as it dealt with the events that happened at the end of Kiss of Snow It was nice to see that Kiss of Snow was emotional for so many reasons and I loved seeing the pack pulling together and recoveringI really enjoyed this story because it felt like an extension of the last book It didn't have a novella feel at all It was healing sexy and enjoyable Overall this book was a nice addition to the series that I am obsessed with I actually listened to each part of the book in it's proper place in the series I do think it would fun to go back and listen to them again with some prospective Mostly they could stand alone but it's much enjoyable to have the whole series in mind as you read

  6. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    I really enjoy these shorter stories and it’s nice getting a closer look to some side characters in the series It’s definitely worth the read

  7. Aly is so frigging bored Aly is so frigging bored says:

    1st read 5 March 2013I love reading Nalini Singh's stories I know she will never disappoint me So when I started this book it felt like coming home I met new characters saw the old ones and had fun reading about heir antiues got emotional over their pain and adored reading every word PS I don't care if I act like a broken record but Nalini really is an amazing writer one of the very best2nd read 8 5 may April 2017

  8. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    BEAT OF TEMPTATION is the story of Tammy and Nate Both have been characters seen throughout the series and are an integral part of the Pack but they were always on the peripheral Tammy is just 19 years old while Nate is 29 The large age different plays a part in their relationship because Nate wants to make sure that Tammy gets the freedom she deserves As the healer of the Pack she has a lot of responsibilities for such a young age and Nate doesn't want her to feel overwhelmed when the mating bond fully kicks in So he keeps her at a distance that is convenient for him while Tammy is suffering both physically and emotionally for Nate's soothing touchSTROKE OF ENTICEMENT is about Annie a shy human teacher and a super sexy changeling named Zach Most of the magical romance happens within the first 48 hours of meeting each other But Singh does fast track a month after to see the dynamics of relationship The fast forward is significant because Annie has a problem with commitment She's afraid to fall completely for the dangerous and alluring changeling because she fears that Zach's passion for her will fade But the cat in Zach isn't about to give upIn DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP readers meet Grace a submissive wolf When a high ranking smolderingly hot SnowDancer lieutenant decides that he is going to court her nobody is surprised than GraceCooper the dark dominant wolf must learn how to handle Grace's surrender As they dance Grace begins to show some teeth and despite Cooper's natural tendency to dominate both of them manage to find a middle ground that fits both their personalities I love the way Singh is able to bring two opposites together without having them compromise something in order to be a unit A DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP is sizzling with sexual tension and one of the most tender stories I've ever read from Nalini SinghTEXTURE OF INTIMACY is another new never before seen novella that continues Lara and Walker's story from KISS OF SNOW I loved that Singh further explores their relationship Readers see how the happily mated couple are doing and further advancements in the overall plot of the book I highly suggest reading this book before the next soon to be released title because there is some focus on Alice againSingh also gives insights to possible future pairing such as Tai and EvieSweet and tender Singh never fails to impress me with her writing The sexual tension is so thick it can't be cut through with a knife and it proves just how talented Singh is with her words True talent lies in the world building where every story submerges you into a new world Not to mention the most lovable memorable characters With WILD INVITATION Singh cements herself as one the genre's best authorsRead this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

  9. Camila (previously the opinionated Catruler) Camila (previously the opinionated Catruler) says:

    One of the most amazing things about this anthology is that all the stories are honestly not diminished because of their length Nalini had a brief story to tell not a plotline she shortened for the purpose I admit I love novellas and short stories but they're not the same as actual books Here I was as emotional involved as I usually am with a full length novel and that's something Of course already knowing the world and even two of these pairs helpsAnother thing I love was the fact that they are all utterly different They have different kinds of characters and relationships a different feel to themBeat of Temptation Tamsyn and Nathan “You made her cry Nathan You made your mate cry and then you didn't hold her” Tammy and Nate's highly anticipated story can be described in one word ANGST Which you may think weird because through the Psy changeling novels they're incredibly sweet and endearing However it was great to see how even the role model of couples had a rough startWhat makes this one a five stars is the way Tamsyn is written She is a submissive wolf and a healer kind and understanding Yet not only is she elemental in DarkRiver so much that in future books we see her overruling Lucas the alpha of the Pack she stands up for herself She absolutely does not buy Nate's bullshit nor does she keeps throwing herself at him when she thinks he's only attracted to her because of the mating bond Don't get me wrong she does fight for him But when he closes up and she rightfully I should add interprets it as dislike she stops I have the biggest respect for her character and everything she representsAnd duh fifteen year old Lucas fucking Hunter The voice of reason Already damn sexyStroke of Enticement Annie and Zach 12 “Really Mr uinn―”“Zach You can only call me Mr uinn when you're angry”“Mr―”“Zach”Her hand fisted “Fine Zach”He smiled “Yes Teach?” This novella was just so much fun While it didn't have the same emotional impact on me as the others it was good old fluff Zach and Annie are really really cuteTheir interactions aside I liked Zach and Annie's relationships with their respective families a lot The Pack is always interesting to read about especially when Lucas Sascha and chocolate make an appearence but Annie's relatives gave the story a whole new depthI could have done with a bit length but I understand that would've made the story angsty and it wasn't supposed to be

  10. ♥ℳelody ♥ℳelody says:

    Beat of Temptation 25 starsI liked Tamsyn and was curious about her story when I read Slave to Sensations But this novella was kinda tame and underwhelming overall I still have no idea what Nate even looks like which bugged me and the fact that we didn’t even get a sex scene anywhere in those 80 pages I found really lameLikecome on Seriously? All these two did was moan and argue over not having sex and not completing the bond so yeahI was expecting something with all that damn build up and dragged out sexual tension The least the author could have done was include a sex scene and not a lame FTBAnd what exactly does the cat in his voice mean?? It's used everywhere in this and I found it inadeuate There has got to be another descriptive way to show your readers this guy is a panther changeling Cause saying 'the cat was in his eyes' or 'the cat was in his voice' is a little weird and doesn't really say much Stroke of Enticement 4 starsOh man Zack uinn is super sexy Why didn’t this guy get a full book? I thought him and human teacher Annie were really sweet and refreshing The sexual tension and chemistry was definitely there Only hiccup for me were the strange typos and phrasing of certain things He sueezed her even as a wave of love flavored with the primal fury of the cat came down the bond between them Huh?? The writing overall is just weird to me It’s so chunky and doesn’t flow right And serious uestion How do humanchangeling pairings work? Changelings age at a slower rate and live longer catdog years no? Soooo how does that work when they are mated to a human? There is no mention of the age problem here except them growing old to be 100 Declaration of Courtship 5 starsCan Nalini do a full book with hhr that are wolf changelings? Please? This worked so much better for me than PsyPanther or PantherPanther couples I found the whole courtship and mating dance culture in the SnowDance pack so interesting and charming And shy submissive Grace being courted by intense dominant sentinal wolf Cooper was really fun to read about Grace and her submissive wolf and how she soothes a dominant wolf just leapt off the page and made sense Everything she is feeling and thinking is so precise and parallel to what a submissive wolf would react and do based on their instinctive nature Nalini really excelled here with the translation from wolf to human sideTexture of Intimacy 2 starsWhat exactly was the point of this? I found this one really difficult to follow And I’m not sure it was entirely because I haven’t read book 10 yet I’ve only read Book 1 from this series and I've had no trouble following along with the other 3 stories no matter where they fall on the timeline This one though was very sloppy And so uninteresting The same problem I pretty much had with Book 1 the Psy factor I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work for me and I don’t know how or if I’m gonna sit through Hawke’s book if it’s just 300 pages of summarization There is literally NOTHING interesting in explaining the same things over and over again And I feel Singh struggles to get her point across when it comes to her Psy characters She gets hung up on explaining things 10 different ways when it’s same thing and not new information It makes the reading experience lag so muchOverall Enjoyable and a really great mix of couples This is a general critiue I think Nalini has interesting ideas but I think her writing tends to lean towards the sloppy side And it shows even so when dealing with characters that communicate telepathically Since both are italicized there are literally no cues or distinction between what is being ‘spoken’ telepathically in present time and what is just a flashback scene And there are several flashbacks in Texture of Intimacy So everything just blurs together The overall world building and descriptive imagery could be better A man standing beside a wolf who shifts into human form and is described as kneeling before him and cupping his face makes no sense Moments like this give you descriptive whiplash Even the stories I really enjoyed the number of times I kept catching myself having to re read a passage or a sentence because it made no sense or didn’t read right was countless and it slowed things down a little The over wordy run on sentences and fragment lines threw me off and I find that frustrating I know I'm being picky but when it takes you out of a moment and so constantly? then it is a problem

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