Inferno MOBI Ê Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 278 pages
  • Inferno (The Kindred, #4)
  • Erica Stevens
  • English
  • 04 February 2015

10 thoughts on “Inferno (The Kindred, #4)

  1. Nereid Nereid says:

    There has to be another book where is it? It cannot end like that I will not accept that ending Cassie has been through so much pain in her life and she finally has a chance at happiness Dealing with ancient vampires and now The Commission who are evil and twisted than the monsters they hunt and destroy she is feeling broken and beaten Holding on to the one slim hope that her and Julian will escape and find Devon again A strange kind of bond is formed between them as they live with the torture and experiments holding onto to each other as a lifeline to stave off the insanity and despair Escaping brings it own set of problems her new feelings for Julian guilt over Devon and then having to deal with the left over experiments that have escaped and are ruled by blood lust All the friends are back together again for this final battle they will be surprised by ancient visitors who will threaten their existence yet an uneasy truce is reached until the Halflings are destroyed There were so many plot twists and turns and although I felt that violence was warranted and this was a PG affair that was just my opinion I was still invested in the characters and wanted Cassie and Devon to end up together but fate had other plans Erica you need to write another book really uickly please

  2. Screamingz Screamingz says:

    Please please don't do this to me any I'm alredy waitnig for one of yours book I can't survive not knowing People need to know stuff Especially things like WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUTWhen founding out that the next book is not out yetI won't accept this

  3. Dodie Dodie says:

    Again her repetition of certain phrases was annoying She bit hard on her lower lip Wrapping her arms around herselfand a few others were used to the point I almost had to put the book down It seemed they were in every other paragraph almost But this one was the best out of the 4 in this series I have read far better books by Erica Stevens though

  4. Remona Remona says:

    Holy Hellthat did not end how I thought it would I am in shock Can't wait for book 5 Hurry Erica Stevens don't leave us hanging too long

  5. witzi witzi says:

    I have to say I hate this book cover It was distractingly BAD Out guy is looking deformed in a less than vampire way JS Just amazing Way into a state of hyper book hypnosis My dream condition reading and forget I'm reading Awesome Love it Love these personalities and since I didn't stop until I finished the series I'll say the entire series is embracing and full realistic twists and turns that propel you forward I can't say enough about the flow Seem less but tugging by end of each book Well done Well written Well read

  6. Delphine Delphine says:

    im looking forward to getting to the end of the series To be honest it is a bit full of teenage angst for me but I want to know how it all pans out and I love the character of Julian

  7. Miz Emz Miz Emz says:

    Well I didn't see that comingBut Its good to see something good came out of it

  8. Donna Langley Donna Langley says:

    Oh wowThis just deep I mean real deep I love this story and it keeps getting better as it goes on I am freak out that all thos people showed up and they are to know good

  9. Jeraca Jeraca says:

    I'm not sure why all of the characters are so surprised by that ending I saw it coming a mile away And I'm sure I know what is going to happen next I'm very excited to see how this all ends

  10. Theresa Theresa says:

    OMGOh my gosh Emotions are running high with this book Cassie and Julian are prisoners They find their way free only to be hunted by not 1 group but 2 The ending broke me

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Inferno (The Kindred, #4)❮Epub❯ ➤ Inferno (The Kindred, #4) ➣ Author Erica Stevens – Deadly That is what her time imprisoned by The Commission has made her Just how deadly and exactly what was done to her Cassie doesn’t know but she is terrified of the possibilities Though they try Deadly That is what her time imprisoned by The Commission has made her Just how deadly and exactly what was done to her Cassie doesn’t know but she is terrified of the possibilities Though they try to hide it Cassie knows that the people she loves most are also afraid of what she might become But that may be the least of her problems as she comes face to face with the deserted town she was locked away in and the destruction the Halflings have wrought upon it Destruction she must try to stop before even innocent people are killed and the Halflings escape the town However the existence of the Halflings has also caught the attention of someone else someone powerful and angry; someone determined to destroy her and everyone that she lovesBook of This is a young adult fictional story that includes some language violence and mild sexual situations Recommended for ages fifteen and up Cover art by Cover art by wwwEbookLaunchcom.

About the Author: Erica Stevens

Erica Stevens is the author of the Captive Series Coven Series Kindred Series Fire Ice Series Ravening Series and the Survivor Chronicles She enjoys writing young adult new adult romance horror and science fiction She also writes adult paranormal romance and historical romance under the pen name Brenda K Davies When not out with friends and family she is at home with her husband.