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Smile ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Smile By Matt Shaw ➺ – He was standing there Right there He kept shouting that he was going to go but he wasn't moving he wasn't I thought he was bluffing I only turned my back on him for a moment A moment Had I seen him go He was standing there Right there He kept shouting that he was going to go but he wasn't moving he wasn't I thought he was bluffing I only turned my back on him for a moment A moment Had I seen him go of course I would have followed Of course I would have gone after my younger brother The thought of him lost in this shopping centre alone it sends shivers down my back I have to find him I WILL find him Anything to get out of having to make the call home to mum She's going to be so mad Alex's mum was tired and over worked Holding down a full time job keeping the house clean and looking after the children the youngest of which was still a handful with his ADHD as they tried to get the medication right she just wanted a break Even if it were only for an afternoon so she sent Alex to the shopping mall with his younger brother who was throwing a tantrum because he wanted to go to the toy store to spend his pocket money She never once thought Alex would lose his younger brother in the crowds And no one would have guessed how the day would have ended or just how many children were missing 'Smile' is a new horror from the best selling author behind the 'Happy Ever After Trilogy' told through the eyes of the main character as he frantically searches for his missing brother.

About the Author: Matt Shaw

BiographyMATT SHAW was born uite by accident his mother tripped he shot out September th in Winchester hospital where he was immediately placed on the baby ward and EBay Some twelve years later wandering the corridors of the hospital and playing with road kill when he was on day release the listing closed and he remained unsold he was booted out of the hospital to start his life a.

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  1. Stuart Keane Stuart Keane says:

    I believe the greatest horror comes from real life To put it another way if something can really happen to you it's terrifying than say a werewolf or aliens This is the premise of a cracking little short from Matt Shaw who is fast becoming one of my favourite independent authors Shaw also includes two of the scariest elements of horrorchildren andno spoilers it ruins the endingFirst of all I've read the reviews so let's get that part out of the way There are errors in the book I noticed a couple of typos and changes of tense in certain sentences However this doesn't ruin the flow of the story If anything it adds to the chaos and confusion that inhabits our protagonist a teenager called Alex who loses his little brother in a shopping mall As I mentioned a real situation twisted with the menace of horroralways effective The errors probably weren't intentional by the author but unlike some books they don't ruin the experience The reason Smile is so effective is simple Fear Parents brothers sisters babysitters; everyone knows the fear of losing a little one especially somewhere as chaotic and unforgiving as a shopping mall It paralyses you and there's always the nagging doubt that searching for someone in a place so vast is taking you further away from them This is nestled beautifully in the book itself the tension is ever present as Alex goes from selfish kid to nervous irresponsible brother By the time he gets the useless security guards involved the book is fraught with tension I couldn't stop reading finishing it in one sitting4 Smile is a little gem of a book It's short tense plotted between past and present tense using flashbacks to trace the events of the book and very spooky As mentioned I won't ruin the ending for you but Smile will have you trembling a little It would have been 5 but I think it was a little too short There were certain other things that seemed a little unexplained the security camera bit for example but sometimes in horror this also adds to the terror as the unknown is always petrifying One thing is certainyou'll never look at your kids in the same way again

  2. Grammar*Kitten Grammar*Kitten says:

    So yes if you don't want this book to be ruined not that it's great but still by absolute idiots who don't understand the concept of a spoiler and that it can spoil a whole plot for someone DON'T READ ANY REVIEWS FURTHER DOWN THIS PAGE view spoiler Yes this is a big 'eff you' to all the absoluter idiots that were like 'ooh I hate clowns now' or 'not for those with chlorophobia' yes I get it The clown is bad Cheers for ruining that twist tossers hide spoiler

  3. Paul Nelson Paul Nelson says:

    First off Smile prays on one of the many nightmares every parent dreads losing your child while out shopping it nearly happened to me once and the panic is indescribable In this day and age you’ve got to have eyes in the back of your headSmile is told in first person from the viewpoint of Alex who takes his 8 year old brother shopping to get school shoes the bribe is a trip to the toy store Shoes bought Alex’s next stop is trainers for himself but no arguments ensue and Lewis throws a tantrum of epic proportions storms off and amazingly stops outside the shop Alex has eyes on him turns round turns back and he’s goneThe story follows two timelines not to far apart the present search for Lewis and the events leading up to the separationTurns out Lewis is not the only missing person in the shopping centre and while viewing CCTV footage the only unusual thing seen is the presence of a clownNow I’ve got to say the whole clown thing has never really done it for me in a scary context I guess it’s from watching a few low budget horror films as a kid Smile has changed my opinion somewhat amidst a short story that builds the tension nicely

  4. J.C. Brennan J.C. Brennan says:

    Do you hate Clowns? Well I can guarantee you after you read this you’ll hate them a little Alex loses his little ADHD brother in the mall after being asked to take him to get shoes so his worn out mother can have a little peace and uite for awhile He panics as anyone who loses a child would but when they find out two children have gone missing this become dire The only thing the children have in common after viewing the monitors is they all had an encounter with a strange clown—one who was not supposed to be there What happens next will chill you to the bone and pray you never see another clown as long as you liveHoly Hell I could not put this book down I read it from cover to cover in an hour's time Matt Shaw’s writing is exceptional and the story itself sent cold eerie chills down my spin Smile is a suspenseful horror story you don’t want to miss I'd give it six stars if I could loved this story

  5. Alexa "Naps" Snow Alexa "Naps" Snow says:

    Well creepy clowns are my favorite Little spoiled children well not so much With that being said my heart went to Alex and his mother and hoping to find this little boy

  6. Dianne Dianne says:

    A typical teen Alex has been asked to take his younger brother Lewis who has ADHD to the mall to give his mother a break Alex's reward for doing so is the pair of shoes he has been wanting all he has to do is take Lewis to the toy store he wants to visit So far so good except for the creepy mall clown that is trying unsuccessfully to make Lewis laughFirst on Alex's agenda is to take care of what he wants to do promising little Lewis his time will come they will go to the store he wants to see As Alex gets wrapped up in his own shopping Lewis disappears and cannot be found Security cameras show him there one minute and gone the nextWhat happens next only adds to the terror of losing his brother For a short read I have to say this is detailed tense realistic and horrific It is every parent's nightmare times ten Some people love clowns some think they are creepy I'd love to know how you feel about clowns after reading this

  7. Beadyjan Beadyjan says:

    This free short novella from Kindle was my first read by this author and to be honest it will probably be my lastFirstly there were many grammatical errors making it hard to read the author switched from present to past tense in the same sentence and often repeated whole paragraphs verbatim which jarred with meThe story line began really well though with a teenage boy looking after his younger adhd affected brother in a busy shopping centre when the younger lad goes missing It built tension and made you feel you were this teenage lad panicking about what to do trying to find his kid brother and was showing all the signs of a really good psychological thrillerThen it suddenly took a bizarre and unbelieveable turn and the supposedly horrific ending was ridiculous Unexpected but just didn't really go with the rest of the story and all the horror was in the last page or two

  8. Jason Jason says:

    4 StarsSmile is a fun novella that is worth a uick summer read Matt Shaw does a great job at cranking up the tension and the angst and shows how scary losing a small child can be The story uickly unfolds and it is clear that it will not be a fun trip to the mall for our young cast For a novella enough is said and enough takes place to make this story workCheck it outI hate clowns I think that I hate the smiling ones worse There's something really sinister about them Stephen fucking king I'm never gonna read one of his books again I swear

  9. Rob Twinem Rob Twinem says:

    tedious in the extremespoilers I did not enjoy this short story it was tedious and nothing happened Alex loses his brother in shopping mall his mum will kill him yawn he becomes aware of a rather odd clown lets copy Stephen Kingclown has killed and kidnapped younger brotherzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI think I'll leave Matt Shaw for others to enjoy and read something good in future

  10. Amit Amit says:

    Click  Keep on smiling and the whole world smiles with you O God No please No I say forever No to Fung CLOWNGod Clown world's worst thing of creation by human being ever The you ger to know about them the you will regret itThis short fiction another Gem of Matt Shaw I just freaked out while reading it Though yeah I can agree with you if someone say there's not that much to get scared of But when you put a Clown in a story with giving it the full power to control the tale well I hope you got the answer about how it would be like to read or experience the act of themAlex lost his little brother Lewis in the shopping mall and the fact is Lewis got ADHD problem with himself and this made the situation far worse Alex's Mom tired of her full day job needed badly her free time to relax herself But after losing Lewis and when she finally get the news like any morher she too freaked out hurriedly she visit the shopping mall and demand the answer where her missing child is and scolding security guards who'd been in charge at that time in there Checking the security camera from that exact area not only Alex's mom but it seems there's childrens being missing from that location As the tension grew and intensified Alex didn't understand what or when the situation got wrong But when they double checked the security camera again suddenly Alex found something that changed all the fact of their checking of those footage from security camerasFull of tension and Creepiest horror short fiction for me and by Matt Shaw

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