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The Last Stop ❴Reading❵ ➿ The Last Stop Author Matt Shaw – Having lost his Wife James feels as though he has lost everything that matters to him Finally beaten by his ongoing battles with depression James decides his best plan of action is to sell his worldly Having lost his Wife James feels as though he has lost everything that matters to him Finally beaten by his ongoing battles with depression James decides his best plan of action is to sell his worldly possessions Sell up and move out to Australia for a final blow out a final adventure bringing nothing but The Last MOBI :Ê highs before his planned grand exit from his own LifeAnd it could have been the ideal plan had he not fallen asleep on the trainFrom Matt Shaw Best selling author of 'Happy Ever After' comes a whole new dark and twisted tale.

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  1. Stuart Keane Stuart Keane says:

    Right I'm going to do something I've never done in a review here For your perusal a photograph of a typical train station in the United Kingdom With that in mind I give you this review I've said it many times before but I'm a huge fan of Matt Shaw What I also admire in an author is their willing to take a leap of faith or stride into unknown territory Comfort zones are for suares Matt is well known for his graphic violence and borderline psychotic characters In this novella he takes a step back and heads in completely the opposite direction so much so that and this is a compliment by the way there isn't a sign of blood or violence in sight Rather than a slaughter we have a study and Matt pulls it off with a bravado that's very impressiveFrom the outset of The Last Stop it's very clear that Matt Shaw is in new territory here Ever the diverse author he tries his hand at the aforementioned character study a tale about James a man who decides to up and leave his existence behind His reasons? I won't spoil it for you but the guy decides enough is enough sells his home burns his clothes cuts ties with his ignorant mother and buys a one way ticket First Class of course to Australia After a luxurious night in a hotel and some self reflection James boards a train to the airport He even meets Lisa who takes his fancy Then he falls asleep When he wakes up the station is abandoned and the train empty bar him and the Lisa At this point I refer to the photo aboveIf you woke up in the dark in the station above what would be your initial thought? The Last Stop takes this premise and unleashes it on us For the first 50% of the book Shaw develops his main character lavishly James is flawed he's sympathetic in places and uite tragicthis is an ordinary character one that could exist in any one of us There's no psychopathic thoughts no sharp weapons We have a normal humanand it's riveting You know his plan but what keeps you hooked is how he'll get there Once he boards the train you realise something is up and when he dozes off that's when Matt returns to his dark roots to create an unsettling empty world that swallows up our lost protagonists It's very eerie almost Silent Hill esue in places but regardless of this you're not uite sure what is happening As you turn the pages and edge towards the mysterious finale heart in mouth Shaw confirms one thing He can do horror but he can tell a hell of a story too5 A short sharp thriller that teeters on romantic love story territory Matt has a way with his characters and there are many but this book stands out Not just because it's strayed into unusual realms of literature for the author which he deserves credit for but because he tries something different and pulls it off True people who've been to the UK may connect with this bed and breakfasts spooky train stations old school trains but any horror fan should appreciate this book Slick modest and very low key Shaw confirms he can tell a story without the shocks I've read some reviews and Shaw's normal work isn't for everyone For those critics who think he relies on shocks and offensive material to gain attentionthink again A solid book well worth the hour's investment

  2. Paul Paul says:

    What did I think? disappointed I'm afraid The first half of the book was brilliant I really enjoyed the glee in which the main character was planning his suicide and how his odd behaviour affected the people around him Very original and I was looking forward to seeing where this was going to end Well it ended at a train station when what appeared to be a complexly different story starts Okay confusion but hang on the second half of the book is also very well handled and a joy to read That is until you reach the end of the book Its a bad ending no uestion I would have happily read of the first half of the book as a story in its own right or the second half of the book also as a complete story but not together and not with that ending Having said that any book by Matt is essential reading so still worth a read my disappointment was really because this could have been so much What should the ending have been? no ideaview spoilerThe second half of the book reminded me of the 1980s horror anthology film The Monster Club which contained the excellent The Ghouls I was expecting something along those lines without the vampires but with a similar ending hide spoiler

  3. Kari Dennis Kari Dennis says:

    The last stopI really like this story and I'm actually wishing Matt Shaw would write like it A suicidal man giving everything up to spend the last month of his life in Australia falls asleep on the train to the airport He wakes up to darkness when it was just morning and things just get stranger from there Really good short story

  4. Kay Oliver Kay Oliver says:

    You'll never see it comingThis book is filled with suspenseful twists and turns suicide heartbreak depression New love ghost towns alternate dimensions and finally pure horror A Matt Shaw classic

  5. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    DifferentNot your usual Matt Shaw book by any means but he definitely made it work I loved how you didn't see the ending coming at all

  6. Valerie Sparkle Valerie Sparkle says:

    Wow I loved this story This story isn't the horror and gore I've gotten used to reading from Matt Shaw This is completely different I really felt for the main character James is dealing with severe depression something many of us can relate to After his wife leaves him he decides to just give up on life He sells everything he owns and decides to go to Australia to enjoy what he has decided will be the last thirty days of his life He ends up sitting near a beautiful woman on the train and all of a sudden they wake up in an abandoned train station That's when things get strange Of course I won't give anything away but be prepared for another shock of an ending because this is Matt Shaw I highly recommend this one to everyone

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    I'm used to the Black book extreme Matt Shaw but I soon learnt that he was capable of being versatile like a Bird's Eye Potato Waffle but with wordsI loved this storyit's like it fell out of a British version of The Twilight ZoneThe main character struck a raw nerve in me as I could relate to a lot of what he had to say and hadin my own wayattempted to do a similar thing I'm glad to have read this and like any good story shouldit left me wanting

  8. Kandi Branson Kandi Branson says:

    So so okWas pretty clear it was a couple of book ideas put togetherbut done nicely Extretremely calm and mild mannered book by Matt Shaw You just go on boy You don't always have to be vulgar as long as the story is good

  9. Nakia Nakia says:

    Matt Shaw really knows how to hook a reader The end thoughIt took uite a turn

  10. Jason Jason says:

    My second book by this authorI really enjoyed this book it was a wick read but like the first book it has me like wow

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