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Shadow Dreaming The Dreaming #1 [PDF / Epub] ☃ Shadow Dreaming The Dreaming #1 ✑ Jan Hawkins – Shadow Dreaming is a new novel the first in ‘The Dreaming’ series The story explores the contemporary lives of Australian Aboriginal Shaman who live within a family based Community in the Northern Shadow Dreaming is a new novel The Dreaming Epub Û the first in ‘The Dreaming’ series The story explores the contemporary lives of Australian Aboriginal Shaman who live within a family based Community in the Northern Rivers region of New South WalesExplore the lives loves and culture of the characters as they seek for Shadow Dreaming PDF/EPUB or a balance of the world in which we all live It is a blending of modern culture with the ancient spiritual beliefs and practices of our indigenous Australians and the men and women who are so much a part of The DreamingShadow Dreaming is the first in a series of four Dreaming The Dreaming PDF È books which introduce the spiritual culture of the Aborigines Readers will delight in being able to follow the lives of the characters such as Ty the sympathetic shaman of his Community who falls in love with Aine from the broader multicultural Australian community found in the cities who becomes his spiritual partner and who in turn is immersed in this uniue Aboriginal culture Join them as they fight to find their way in a world which can destroy their love and their lives.

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  1. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I picked up this book Did I expect romance? Yes A clash of cultures? Yes A lot of information about the Aboriginal culture? Yes But swimming with a bunyip? Shape shifting into a dingo? What? There is a very descriptive English word describing amazement not necessarily of the positive kind gobsmacked Well this book left me gobsmacked Sorry

  2. Paula Paula says:

    R2R LoP Shadowing DreamingI received a free copy of this book through LoP in exchange for a reviewBegins the story of a Australian Aboriginal family but it is really only part of the story Enters Ty a true Shaman and leader against the backdrop of the modern day city Outside of his community he is visiting his brother who is away for school and manages to find himself waking up to a beautiful girl Aine the roommate of Ty's brother is another young adult living and going to school but the chance meeting with Ty will change her life and alter her outlook on life greatly This book is a journey for both Ty and Aine into both of their lives and the meaning of how one views the world Becoming part of the Aboriginal culture and each other lives they find in each other and why they were brought together“I know Why would you have?” His smile enfolds me “It's a lifestyle Kitten a way of living A belief system if you like It is a way of dealing with life a dedicated understanding of spiritual things in a dance with your world the Dreaming It can't be explained in sentence or even a story though stories are primarily how it is told or taught”“It sounds complicated”“No so than life is complicated”I found this book to be one of the most interesting stories I have read for 2013 while it was not that long it was so full of detail that I refer to it as being dense Very interesting background stories and I feel like I have a much full understanding of this culture than before It took a little while for the story to solidify in my brain but it kept me thinking about it for that time I'll be interested to see what happens in the next installment

  3. Margie Margie says:

    What I particularly enjoy about Jan Hawkins work is her assimilation with the spiritual and cultural aspects of the land and her people It's refreshing to read a novel that encompasses the passions that come with such cultural diversity The author describes well the personal struggles of the main character and how difficult it can be when someone is torn between the social aspects of life and what they are drawn to be within themselves and their culture I am finding it a very good and interesting read so far

  4. Jan Hawkins Jan Hawkins says:

    This story was with me for many years and I enjoyed the journey of writing it a great deal I hope my readers will enjoy it as much as I did Behind the scenes is a lot of cultural research and some wonderful experiences related to the writing of the seriesJoin in the ongoing research on a journey of discovery at and your welcome to leave comments etc You can 'like' the page and stay up to date with the research and discoveriesJan

  5. Mina Khan Mina Khan says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of ParanormalThe spiritual culture of the Australian Aborigines was fascinating and I enjoyed delving into it However the writing style was hard for me to get into But it reflected the dream state or my idea of it at least and so is appropriate to the story So someone comfortable with that particular free flowing disjointed style would probably have an easier time getting into the story

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