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Eleanors Heart ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Eleanors Heart Author Misa Buckley – Dying of a rare blood disease Eleanor Franklin needs laudanum to ease the pain often driven to steal in order to buy But when she steals a ruby she has no idea that the gem will tip her into the midst Dying of a rare blood disease Eleanor Franklin needs laudanum to ease the pain often driven to steal in order to buy But when she steals a ruby she has no idea that the gem will tip her into the midst of a deadly species warSaved by Jefferson Park she discovers a man with an even darker past than her own—he is one of the last true Vampires fighting to stop the eradication of his kindBut the Sanguine aren't the only problem as Eleanor finds herself falling in love with Jefferson It is a relationship she cannot commit to as she knows her time is limited and she will not risk breaking his heart.

About the Author: Misa Buckley

Misa Buckley is a geek who blends sci fi and romance.

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  1. Kendra Kendra says:

    For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight please visit Reader's Edyn at this was an interesting read to be sure Not anything like I expected and entertaining still I knew this was a Steampunk book to begin with but having very little experience with said genre I guess it could be argued that I really didn’t have any idea what to expect I knew the genre was a mixture of historical meets contemporary with all sorts of treats thrown in and that is pretty much what I got If this is Steampunk I’m inEleanor is dying Suffering from a type of blood cancer and unable to work due to the unbearable pain of her disease she has turned to a life of crime Crime that only pays in the form of laudanum; the only temporary relief she can get from her pain at this point She knows she doesn’t have much time left but still seeks a respite from the crippling disease Unbeknownst to her her latest bout of thieving will launch her head first into a world she never could have fathomed existed Horrified at first she slowly comes around to accept her surroundings and the “people” withinJefferson is one of the last remaining vampires Gone to ground to escape extinction the remaining handful of his kind are somewhere in hiding Only one thing can save his species from the eradication brought on by the vampire “cousin” race the Sanguine the gem that Eleanor has just procured With a Sanguine hot on her tail Jefferson uickly rescues Eleanor and ends up offering her a place to stay after recognizing that she is afflicted by illness Jefferson senses something special about this human thrust upon him and before too long desires flare But Eleanor hides the awful truth of her disease confusing Jefferson denying him the answer as to why she rejects him Luckily ain’t nothing determined to obtain something he really wants than a vampire This story took a bit of getting used to because it is written from Eleanor’s perspective I haven’t come across too many first person point of view stories in the numerous romance books I read so I always find myself having to adjust a bit when the pieces of the puzzle change My review copy was about 50 pages but each page easily accounts for about two pages with content Still a novella Ms Buckley packs a lot into this entertaining read It started out with action and ended with action wink And although there was a bit of intimacy included I would almost call this story a Sweet Steampunk Novella No raunchy sex here this story is full of a blossoming romance the realization that vampires really do walk among us an interesting take on the vampire society and the Sanguine and the uest to stop the eradication of an entire species Sounds like a lot And it is But it is very nicely put together and presented in a way that does not overwhelm the senses I really enjoyed my time spent getting to know Jefferson and Eleanor My only complaint is that I would have liked to know about Eleanor and Jefferson’s backgrounds More so Jefferson with the hints at a long and troubled past but both seemed like they would have had an interesting story to tell The spark between both characters is undeniable And I liked that it was a spark Romance does not always have to come in the form of unuenchable lust nods Wait Did I just say that? gasp But really it doesn’t Some of it was predictable I guessed at the entendre in the title and pretty much predicted the ending I had no idea it would happen the way it did which was nice But even knowing it would happen the way that it did I still love a good HEA and this book definitely gives the reader that For those of you who like a uick read but can still get pulled into an engrossing story that included paranormal elements this book is for you And if you are new to Steampunk and enjoy paranormal why not give it a try You will be glad you did eBook copy provided by authortour company in exchange for an honest review

  2. Shelly Shelly says:

    Sick cold homeless and hungry Eleanor Franklin has all the odds against her So when she breaks into a house to steal something of value to pawn for food she has no idea that her actions will lead to a life changing with Lord Jefferson Park Jefferson Park is one of the last known vampires and he’s on a mission to save his race when he discovers what Eleanor’s has in her possession This is the first time I’ve heard of much less read anything by Misa Buckley but I promise it will not be the last Eleanor was a joy to know and even fun she’s got a past that is shrouded in mystery After being rescued by Jefferson she’s taken back to his house because she’s in so much pain from her disease that she’s literally unable to stay conscious Her pain came across so vividly that I felt myself aching for this poor girl and her need for relief either through laudanum or something even permanent There are some dark thoughts about her future that Eleanor had but I could understand her rationale I really liked and enjoyed getting to know Jefferson he definitely wasn’t the typical vampire hero He doesn’t have flowing hair bulging musclesbiceps or blue eyes; instead he’s Eleanor’s height hard gray eyes and thanks goodness always had his clothes on I didn’t find a thing lacking in his physical attributes and the way he treated Eleanor was absolutely perfect He was kind responsive and apologetic when she needed him to be I really liked these two individually but I thought they made a really good couple too Even though there's no explicit sexual shenanigans I didn't feel cheated because the sexual tension made it nail bitin’ goodThe “I love you was thrown about a bit too early for me but other than that I recommend this read to anyone wanting a story with a good plot dialogue and character development And for those that happen to love a good vampire story well then pick up Jefferson and Eleanor's story you'll be glad you did Happy Reading folksRating B Book provided by author for reviewReview posted at Red Hot Books

  3. Iris Hunter (InstagramREADS) Iris Hunter (InstagramREADS) says:

    Eleanor's Heart is the first book I have read by Misa Buckley and that is kind of strange because I am a die hard fan of vampire books But I'm glade that Misa contacted me to review her latest book because Eleanor's Heart is a fantastic readEleanor is a strong woman but with a terrible disease She is trying to keep herself on her feet by using Laudanum After being rescued by a beautiful strong vampire after she is attacked she finds out that she's not only have to fight against a strange paranormal being but that she also wants to fight against her disease to stay alive and in secret hoping for a romantic future with her rescuerMisa Buckley has written a short but strong story containing al the right elements Good world building paranormal beings strong alpha hero strong heroine that keeps on going and just the right amount of steamy scenes to keep it hot enoughI doubt if I would be thinking of romance hot men and fighting with vampires if I had that terrible disease But luckily for it is just a story I highly recommend it to readers with a weakness for vampire romance

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Eleanor stumbles upon a priceless ruby on one of her BE to support her need of laudanum Little did she know that this stone was wanted both by vampires and sanguines It can save the vampire race but can someone save Eleanor from what´s threatening her?Regency Vampires action and some fluff the fade to black kind35 Stars

  5. Chantal Halpin Chantal Halpin says:

    This was a very sweet romance with a highly original world of vampires and beasties uite steam punkish at times with a good dose of humour I'd recommend this genre crossing novella to anyone who enjoys a good historical romance and likes it with a paranormal twist I will definitely be looking for by this author

  6. Diane Breton Diane Breton says:

    A fast paced steam punk novella with engaging characters and just the right amount of heat Highly recommend

  7. Rinelle Grey Rinelle Grey says:

    I don't normally read vampire stories but I'm glad I made an exception Misa does an excellent job of creating characters you can really care about Excellent read

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