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Innocent Bystander Nicki Sosebee #7 ➸ [Read] ➳ Innocent Bystander Nicki Sosebee #7 By Jade C. Jamison ➽ – The longest Nicki book is also the sexiestNicki now disillusioned realizes that she is but a tiny cog in a big machine and she begins to feel like she’s going to be swallowed up As she opens her eye The longest Nicki book is also Nicki Sosebee PDF ↠ the sexiestNicki now disillusioned realizes that she is but a tiny cog in a big machine and she begins to feel like she’s going to be swallowed up As she opens her eyes to all that’s around her her life begins to fall apart She loses her car her apartment and almost loses her job all to circumstances beyond her control and the bad guys have nothing to do with it But through adversity Nicki learns what she’s made of She begins to dig deep into the underbelly of Winchester and Innocent Bystander eBook ↠ she finds that the drug trade isn’t just for the junkiesKeep a fan nearby 'cause this Nicki book is hot hot HOTWarning Not for the faint of heart This book contains explicit sex and naughty language Proceed with cautionif you dare.

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    This series just keeps getting better as I read each book in the Nicki Sosebee series that I can't wait to get my hands on the next book What can I say that I haven't already posted in previous reviews this author continues to hit the mark with the well written storyline and the characters are always on point

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    “Innocent Bystander Nicki Sosebee #7” by Jade C Jamison5 out of 5 starsChange is in the air and Nicki’s life is becoming unraveled because of it Frustrated by her inability to bring down the corrupt politicians in her small town of Winchester Nicki decides she needs a new story to focus on When Sean shines a light on the crystal meth drug trade growing larger on the outskirts of town she realizes how little she’s paid attention to what goes on around her Once again she puts her investigative skills to the test and her life in jeopardy as she searches for her answers Will she be able to expose this ugly side of her town and can she do it without anyone getting caught in the crossfire?I’m glad to see Nicki getting back to her investigative reporting roots This is her true passion and when she focuses on her writing it shows her mature side I feel like the determination she has for her work grounds her and makes her a much well rounded character Her strength of will was really put to the test in this book as she faces upheaval and I was pleased to see her really weather the storm instead of wallowing in self pity Nicki continues to develop with each book and I love the growth she shows I also love the continuing thread of corruption and greed in the past few books I like the slow build and am intrigued with where the story is headingPersonal growth is good and self destructive behavior is not I understand that Nicki is a sexual creature and loves to explore that side of her self I get the empowerment that would come from being in control of that facet of her life However there are times when Nicki’s escapades make her seem lonely a little sad and dare I say desperate I realize that she is searching for a way to drown out her feelings for Sean and I can appreciate a little escapism but perhaps it’s time to confront her longing for her best friend and the effect it is having on her life I will admit that I have always leaned toward Jesse as the best match for her He grounds her well and brings out a softer side of her At this point though I want her and Sean to give a relationship a shot if for no other reason than to have a basis for comparison This book brings out a slightly different side of Sean and I enjoyed getting to know him a little bit I can see the potential for a future for them and I’m intrigued to learn about him as a partner for Nicki I definitely appreciate his loyalty as a friend and he is truly there for her in this book That’s a plus in his column and only time will tell whether will be addedI like that Nicki’s life isn’t perfect She has job troubles financial struggles and her life isn’t always roses and sunshine Her life is real She faces real problems and real emotions and I love it Jamison has created a world that is realistic but in such a way that you can’t wait to see what happens next Her writing style is fluid and grounded in really knowing her characters I continue to be a serious fan Recommend Recommend RecommendI was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewShannon My Secret Book Spot

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    check out this review and others at wwwTwinsietalkblogspotcomwwwfacebookcomtwinsietalktwinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest reviewJUMPING UP AND DOWN DOING THE RUNNING MAN CABBAGE PATCH AND ANY TYPE OF 80'S DANCING WHILE SCREAMING THEY DID IT THEY FINALLY DID ITOk Let me contain myself to tell you about the book but mainlyread the above mini paragraph and you will see why this is my favorite book of the series soooo far Alrighty so Nicki has had some crap going on in her life lately and is forced to move in with Seandreamy sighSeanwet panty makerSeanhottie mechanicSEAN Sorry snapping back in to review mode Nicki has decided to take advantage of the situation She decided she WILL wear him down and they WILL have sex Well she wears him down alrightBut before he succumbs to her he listens to her has sex with not 1 but 2 men in one week Giggles When they finally give in to their needs Nicki freaks and thinks it is pity sex untilhe sends flowers???? Does Sean want ? Does he feel ??? GASP MAYBE HE DOES I am sooo in love with SeanThe side plot of the book is Nicki stirring the pot again with the drug trade in the town Nicki as usual ruffles a few feathers with the big wigs She also has her life in danger a few times and Sean wants to kick her butt for being so naive Have I mentioned I love Sean? Oh I haven't? Well let me tell youALPHA MALE HOTTIE and I am totally calling him mine mine mine You all remember I am a greedy book boyfriend person right? I am eager to read the next book in the series I will say I am a bit nerbous as to how Jesse will take the news I hope it doesnt hurt him tooo bad but if it does I have noooo problem offering comfort to himyep book slut here

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    I have to say that this series keeps getting better and better Another 5 Nicki Sosebee adventureNicki is growing up in her professional life and tackling the difficult stories as a freelance reporter for the local paper which serves to highlight her naivety in her own surroundings She has been living in her own bubble for so long but now she has a purpose Nicki starts to investigate the local drugs scene and raise awareness of the issue as she did with the homeless issue in 'One More Time' Unfortunately for Nicki those involved have far reaching power in the community and Nicki is once again in dangerIf only this was all Nicki had to deal with then it would be enough but no unfortunately things are not going well for her in the rest of her life either Her car has gone kaput her other job as a waitress has seen new owners move in and give her crappy shifts and reduced hours and she has to move in with Sean when her finances take a downward turn Hang on moving in with Sean isn't such bad thing right? They have been attracted to each other for forever but something has always stopped them from getting it together Is this their time? Will living in such close proximity force them to confront their feelings for each other?I was gripped from start to finish feeling Nicki's frustrations with her and wanting Sean and Nicki to finally end up together Jade C Jamison has created a set of characters that you fall in love with Nicki is independent sassy fun and knows her own mind which freuently gets her into trouble Sean is protective calming passionate and wants the absolute best for Nicki As Nicki has unleashed a hornet's nest upon herself this is only the start of her troubles I can't wait to see where the series takes her next

  7. Mary Lou Hoffman Mary Lou Hoffman says:

    Series Nicki Sosebee #7Category Genre Contemporary RomanceReceived from Jade C Jamison in exchange for an honest reviewRecommended for 18 due to adult situations and sexual contentGrammarediting A – near perfectThis is book seven in the Nicki Sosebee series They do need to be read in orderThis is going to be short and sweet This one was the best book in the series so far I am now firmly entrenched in the Team Sean camp If you are reading this review then chances are you have read the first six books and you love the series as much as I do Are you Team Jesse or Team Sean? Why?If you haven't started reading this series then let this be your friendly advice READ They are awesome and each one better than the one before Nicki is a real woman part tiger and part lost lamb She has brass balls tougher than most of the guys you'll ever meet but she's still naive as well Nicki pleases and teases wherever she goes; that girl doesn't just wanna have fun she DOES have fun I'm jealous Then there are the two main men in her life Jesse comes off as an asshole when you first meet him but he's actually got one of the softest hearts you'll ever encounter Sean is a big hot alpha BAMF but he too is protecting a heart of goldShort I know because I cannot wait another minute to read BLIND Oh and by the way Jade PMd me this morning FAKE is finished and I will be reading it tomorrow Yes you most definitely heard me saying “Neener neener neener” to you hehehehe

  8. Sue Sue says:

    YES And I'm so happy never thought I'd say it but team Sean gets their wish fulfilled in this book#7 in the Nicki Sosebee series Nicki is having a really hard time her job is iffy due to new management there is a big meth problem in her town and people in high places are involved and threatened by her snooping She's lost her car and her apartment and whoa is herpoor girl can't seem to get a break Good thing she has her sexy knight in shining armourThis book turned out to be one of my faves so far can't complain when Jamison cranks up the heat and romance and I love love love the direction Nicki's life is going minus the crazy people who want her out of the way Going for book #8 nowwoohoohaven't had this much fun reading a book in a whilenot too heavy easy to read and sexy as hell 5 hotter than hot roomie stars

  9. Jennifer Allen Jennifer Allen says:

    As usual Jade C Jamison does not disappoint I'm addicted to Nicki Sosebee's stories This one was longer than the others and I had to keep checking to see if maybe I'd read straight into the next bookit's that good and yes I sort of lost track of time and everything else Things heat up again in this book and as I'd suspected with the previous installments we were definitely being set up for the next big thing As far as her romanticsex life goes Nicki kind of flip flopped in this one but it ended really really well I have to say though I still love Jesse I don't know what it is but I want to hug him

  10. CDBW CDBW says:

    OMG The series just keeps getting better I am totally on the Team Sean Bandwagon now Finally I really enjoy this series and find myself thinking about what's going to happen when I'm not reading it Hell I even had a dream about how it would play out between Sean and Nicki I was totally wrong I feel like I'm back in the 80s with all the totallys I'm using lol On to Blind now Great job Jade

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