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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    SelfSame is an enjoyable well written YA fantasy with a very unusual twist Sorcha is a teenage girl whose soul is split in two she spends half her time as Enid in colonial America and the other half as Sorcha in modern times She sleeps 12 hours a day in each life during which time she's living her other life Each life is eually real to her It's a uniue type of time travel story with a little romantic interest in both of her lives and some difficult life changing decisions to make Other than the basic premise this story is told in a very realistic fashion A great Kindle deal for 99 cents if you like YA fantasy and one of the better self published YA novels I've read

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    What can I share about this book I can't say that I don't often give 5 stars to a book I've read but I can honestly say this is the first time I've wished there was an option for a sixth maybe a seventh It is the rare book that can take me away from my other obligations but this one did I found myself sitting in odd places with my Kindle reading Time passed and I had no recollection of it Nothing else seemed as important I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and kept on reading though I had many other things to do I've never read anything remotely like this story There's this girl see But she's no ordinary girl She's Enid who lives during the Revolutionary War and she's Sorcha who lives in the present When Enid falls asleep at night Sorcha wakes And vice versa Very very different lives do they leadOne of the first uestions that came to my mind was What happens to Sorcha if Enid is injured or dies And vice versa I also uickly wondered what The Bens had to do with Enid andor Sorcha and who The Bens are And how they became involved with this extraordinary girl She is extraordinary Intelligent caring and sympathetic A truly courageous young womanNaturally it's a Native American tribe who figures out there is something special about EnidSorcha And so the reader is introduced to Ben and Joseph Ben in the present day Joseph in the past Both are unforgettable mesmerizing young menFor most of this book the reader is kept in the dark as concerns The Bens Sorcha too doesn't understand why this tribe is so interested in her why they dog her steps or why there is someone who wants her dead Just an added layer of mystery woven into the incredible romance that literally had me in tears on at least three different occasions It simply broke my heart once or twice I can't say as it would enter into the realm of spoilers but I will say this is the kind of romance that transcends any book and will live on and on and on in my memory and I have no doubt many othersSelfsame reminded me of the first time I read The Narnia Chronicles I was only eleven and CS Lewis's books took me away from my dreary life into another world of magic and amazement of color and delight The thrill of the Narnia Chronicles has never left me Selfsame had a similar effect upon my psycheHighly recommended for lovers of the paranormal Of time travel Of romance Of historical fiction Of mystery I'm not uite sure what genre I would place Selfsame in Maybe all of the above A guaranteed good read

  3. J.S. Colley J.S. Colley says:

    To get the technical stuff out of the way I’m reuired to state that I am acuainted with Melissa Conway through social networking This is not an admission that my review is biased in any way I read a pre publication copy of this book although I ended up purchasing a copy for my niece to read I have read several books written by Melissa Conway I feel this is one of her best—or maybe a close second to Xenofreak Nation If I had to categorize it I would call it a YA paranormal romance with a hint of historical fiction Selfsame is an apt title for this novel; it is about a girl whose soul has been split in two At birth Enid’s skin turns “the color o’twilight” Her grandmother calls on Bear Talker a Moheconneok Mohawk medicine man to try and save the child He succeeds but not entirely He claims that half of her spirit was left in another place and time Enid would be forever “nesche—two­­” and she would have two lives to live When Enid goes to sleep in colonial America the other half of her soul Sorcha wakes up two centuries in the future Each girl is affected by what happens to her counterpart in the other world Each feels and remembers what the other experienced while she was asleep Sorcha hates the hardships and discrimination Enid must face every day and Enid is frustrated by knowing what advances there will be in the centuries to come and not yet available in her world She does use what knowledge she can to help those around her With all the danger that Enid encounters the reader wonders what would become of Sorcha if something happened to Enid Would her soul survive Just when things become increasingly dangerous in Enid’s world Sorcha meets Ben Webster in hers He tells Sorcha that his family has been desperately searching for her for over two hundred years What is the connection Why is the Webster family so interested in Sorcha They know something that they won’t—or can’t—tell Sorcha The author does a superb job of building the tension by alternating chapters between each of the girls’ stories There are some heartbreaking as well as tender moments Even though this story is classified as “paranormal” Conway makes it all seem very believable I found myself eagerly turning the pages anxious to know what was going to happen next This book will appeal to young adults as well as older readers I don't read a lot of YA but I really enjoyed reading this

  4. Bai Bai says:

    Consisting of just about a hundred pages SelfSame by Melissa Conway is a short book with an amazing story Conway does an amazing job of both writing and imagination Her characters are solid well grounded and her mythology is fabulous I was particularly impressed with how she handled 18th century EnidBeing a poor woman of virtually no social standing couldn't have been easy for Enid Add to that the fact that she had grown up with ideas and ideals from modern world where feminism and euality of all are preached and you can tell it will be a tumultous rideSame goes for future self Sorcha who had to live in the present never knowing how the past could affect her But somehow both managed I just loved how both girls I will call them girls because 'halves' sounds ridiculous kept referencing to the other world for various thingsbe it knowledge history or medicineThe mysterious aspects the lovers and all the minor characters were beautifully done It wasn't a Jason Bourne worthy mystery but at the same time it felt real The lack of excessive drama was very fitting to the mold of the storyTo summarize Conway knew what she wanted to do with the story and she executed it perfectly What some others do in two or three books keeping readers in the dark whetting their appetite before finally giving answers she managed do in just a short book And she did it beautifully I loved the last linehell the last sceneNo even that doesn't cover it I loved the book

  5. Penumbra Penumbra says:

    I was given the book SelfSame to read through Goodreads’ Making Connections ARR Paranormal YA group thank you I decided to read this book because I hadn’t read a book with the topic of split souls residing in different times before and this one sounded goodview spoilerThis book is told in third person through the eyes of a teenage female whose soul was split in two at her birth In our present time her name is Sorcha and she is a junior in high school When she falls asleep in our time she awakes to her life as Enid a poor farmer’s daughter in colonial New England Each night it’s the same SorchaEnid spends twelve hours awake in one time and the other twelve hours awake in the other timeI don’t know where to begin with my review with this book except to say that it is good really really good It is one of the best I’ve read through the Author Read and Reviews on Goodreads I didn’t want to put this book down It had me hanging on at the end of each chapter wanting to find out what would happen when either Sorcha or Enid awokeThe author did an excellent job of keeping the plot moving along I didn’t feel like it stalled in any place except in one chapter near the end of the book when we are back in Sorcha’s time and she is at school But that is negligible compared to the pacing of the story throughout the rest of the chaptersThe author seamlessly wove SorchaEnid’s life together from chapter to chapter There was no confusion even though Enid would remember her time as Sorcha and how much better her life was as Sorcha The comparisons in the lifetimes really got me thinking We in our modern times think we are stressed but when compared to Enid’s our life is luxurious I don’t believe that teenagers let alone many adults today would be able to deal with what Enid had to deal with in Colonial time Reading Enid’s chapters stressed me because in her life woman had no say no control they were little than property They were one step above a slave Every convenience we take for granted today like cooking cleaning and even using the toilet was difficult The author made Enid’s life very real and made me thankful I was born now and not back thenI loved Sorcha’s character She was not the typical whiny female high school heroine I read in many YA stories Sorcha had her teenage side but she was much responsible than most teenagers I’ve read It’s possible the hardships in Enid’s life tempered Sorcha’s outlook in her modern life and matured her earlier than most teenage girls I for one don’t know how SorchaEnid kept her sanity for she never slept Her body would fall asleep in one lifetime but her consciousness jumped from one to the other so that part of her was always awakeThe secondary characters were all well written and I had an easy time picturing them and getting a feel for their personalities I think my favorites besides Sorcha were Joseph and Ben Sorcha’s best friend Paula was a good friend sticking by Sorcha and supporting her whenever needed except for one instance which turns out to have been a key spot in the story I don’t want to reveal the secrets in the story because they are kept tightly under wraps from us and even from Sorcha I can tell you that the book had me in tears in several places and especially near the end and that the epilogue was a complete and utter surprise I would have never thought of it I do wonder about the last revelation in the last chapter and in the epilogue Do not read the following spoiler if you don’t want to know what I’m talking about view spoiler In the last chapter we find out that ‘Sarah Murphy’ is Enid We find out that Sarah has been buried on Sorcha’s family’s property So we know that Sorcha is related to Enid and that if Enid did not sacrifice her life and go on to marry Charlie Murphy Sorcha and her family would not have been born either What I want to know is where the gravestones of Charlie Murphy and their children are When did SarahEnid move back to the area she was originally from Did she do this after her husband died when she was older so no one recognized her as Enid Or did the family live there If the author wants to PM me the answers to these uestions I’d love to find out lol The other thing I was curious about was the money I would've liked to know how Joseph and his children made their money and how much they'd made Did Joseph live well knowing all that he did of the future What kind of life did he live Also how much money did Sorcha get and how was she provided for How does she explain that to her parents hide spoiler

  6. Michelle (In Libris Veritas) Michelle (In Libris Veritas) says:

    I’ve been rather swamped with reviews and books to read lately and I put myself on a strict Netgalleylibrary dietand then I saw Melissa’s review reuest in my inbox I read the little blurb and just knew that despite not having time I was going to read it I promptly put my other books aside and agreed to review it I’m very happy to say that it was just a good as I had hoped it was going to beThe concept behind the plot was the primary thing that caught my attention and I knew that if the author could pull it off it would make for a really interesting read I would definitely say that she did than just pull it off and she blew me away with the attention to details The whole experience of reading about these two girls’ lives was just fantastic and I was hooked I loved how they were set in two time periods so drastically different and I loved seeing how EnidSorcha dealt with it There is a lot that can go wrong with stories revolving around time travel like the introduction of paradoxes or loosing characters’ voices in the transition however Conway handles it rather expertly and makes sure to cover all of her bases Enid’s voice is distinct and different from Sorcha’s though they borrow from each other a bit as far as knowledge goes which I thought was excellent I mean honestly who would pass up the opportunity to use practical and useful knowledge in the past like plants that can help pain I also really liked seeing how Sorcha reacted to the things Enid had to do and endure during her time period 1700′s and it pained me to see her struggle with not being able to do anything about it The inclusion of Enid’s importance was also a fantastic touch and I found it to be rather humbling to think about in an overall sense They go through so much and yet they still have the will to carry on despite how heavy it all gets at timesThe main characters Sorcha and Enid are wonderful and I was behind them 100% Their personalities are nearly the same however their time periods really determine how that personality it displayed Enid is forced to be a uiet individual who does as she’s told because it is her place but she is also forced to be adult than her age Sorcha is an independent teenager who can speak how she feels and will stand up for herself but being in the present time means she is still in a teenagers place It’s wonderful to see the difference side by side and to see how one person can handle both Joseph held my heart from the moment he was first introduced I loved his strong willpower and determination Ben and John made excellent side characters for Sorcha’s world and I can honestly say I hate John I’m pretty sure I’d never want to met him especially if it involved getting in his wayOverall is a great read about love and sacrifice and I was really impressed with how well it was executed I recommend this wholeheartedly and I plan on checking out Conway’s other books as soon as I can

  7. Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination) Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination) says:

    This review can also be found on my blogI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Getting this book for free has not affected my opinion on this bookWhen I first saw the cover of this book I thought that I wouldn’t stop to read the description at all if I’d seen the cover first but I’m glad I read the description on “Shut Up Read“ a goodreads group first and got the chance to read this amazing book While I didn’t enjoy “The Heart’s Discovery“ that much it was a totally different case with this one Not a dull moment during the whole bookI liked both – Sorcha and Enid – they were strong compassionate brilliant and funny I loved how Enid helped everyone and how she did everything in her power to take advantage of her knowledge she’d obtained while living as Sorcha Sorcha was pretty cool too and I really really liked them bothWhat’s I liked Ben and I thought that Jonathan was pretty amazing too Once again it shows that love interests do not need to be some bad ass soul searchers waiting to be saved kind of guys who don’t get me wrong I love but they get tiresome after awhile they can be sweet protecting honorable insteadMoreover the plot was not stretched to its limits or over the limit It was action packed spiced up with some very sweet romance The writing style was great and ugh I don’t think I can say anything bad about this book even if I tried Okay I have something I really really hate the cover but what can you do She's a self published author so let's look pass this horrible coverI cannot say anything about the plot otherwise I’ll just give everything away I mean it felt like even the little things in this book held a big meaning in themselves and there wouldn’t be any point in reading this book then What I can say is that I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend this book since I really liked it Do not let the cover fool you it certainly isn’t anything that would capture my attention at first sight but what’s really important is what’s inside the book and it was great

  8. Jaime Arkin Jaime Arkin says:

    This was probably a 35 for me but I wanted to round up because I truly did enjoy the storyWhen I read the summary to this story I was immediately intrigued The premise itself was so incredibly original and different than anything I've read recently One girl living two separate lives 230 years apart hell yes count me in Sorcha lives in a small town in the 21st century while two centuries in the past Enid lives in a time where she is basically a possession When Enid was born she was stillborn She was saved but her soul was split into two Each night while Enid sleeps in the past Sorcha lives her life in the present time and vice versaWithout giving too much away Ben Webster enters her life and the things that are happening in Enid's life are having an effect on Sorcha's life But not only that decisions and choices in the past could have a devastating effect on those in her life now The biggest uestion is should something happen to one half of her soul or Enid what does that mean for Sorcha The reader like Sorcha is kept in the dark as to the mystery Ben and his family hide They don't want their words to influence what happens for Enid and so the history is unraveled for Sorcha and Enid at the same time we as the reader learn about it It took a little bit for me to get into the book but once the story started moving along I was hooked and it moved along uick I wanted to know and Conway does an incredible job of building the story from the alternating point of views The mix between the past and the present was really uniue and I enjoyed it a lot It's hard to categorize this book under one genre paranormal ya historical mystery and even some romance is here a little bit of something for everyone I couldn't help the smile that was on my face when I got to the last page eitherDefinitely check this book out for something new and different

  9. Susan many books and so little time Susan many books and so little time says:

    This is such an excellent storyI am sure where to beginThings i might saywritemight spoil the bookso only read my comments if you have finished the storyIt is such an amazing love storyThe charactersSorcha Paula Ben Luanne John etcwere characters that I fell in love withand hatedlolThe author did an amazing job of bringing those characters to lifeeven though the story itself is a simple readthe author made sure with the use of the write words to truly bring this story to lifeI was hooked from beginning to endI recommend this story to everyone I am a teacher and am thinking I may read this book out loud to my studentsI think they would love itWhen it comes to my reviews I am not like many on herenot sure yet exactly what I need to write but I just want to say that I have never seen this type of story plot done beforeand that is excellent So many times authors seem to copy each other in order to get people to read their storiesThe plot about a split soulbeing lived in both past and presentis so very interesting I have always wondered what it would be like to live back in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuryor what it would be like to have been reincarnated and to know about one's other past livesThis story brings a new twist to those thoughtsand held me entranced to the very last wordand even so because I wish there was of the storyIf anyone reads my reviewall I can say is READ IT

  10. Jenette Jenette says:

    Every now and then I come across a book that is simply breathtaking This little number took my breath away Sorcha and Edin are one person living two lives in two very different times Sounds complicated right SelfSame tells it perfectly the change between here and then is seamless at no point do you feel as though you are reading about two different lives you really are just reading one very complicated one Edin benefits so much from Sorcha's modern day education and living but I think it is Sorcha who actually learns a lot about the hardships of living from Eden Although the idea of being fated for one person due to a paradox of her own making did seem a little fast paced it was easy to fall in love with Joseph and to understand how love could happen so uickly in such a time It was harder to love Ben because he was always living under the shadow of what was fated This will prove to be one of those uick reads you come back to again and again and again

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SelfSame ❰Read❯ ➪ SelfSame Author Melissa Conway – Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 9781452449173A stillborn child revived The past and the future intertwined One girl lives two very different livesBy all appearances Sorcha Sloane is a typical small t Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN A stillborn child revived The past and the future intertwined One girl lives two very different livesBy all appearances Sorcha Sloane is a typical small town teen taking twenty first century life for granted While two centuries in the past Enid Thompson is a poor farmer’s daughter in colonial New England But Enid and Sorcha are the SelfSame girl – one soul split between two bodies in a link that stretches across time Every night while Enid’s body is sleeping she wakes in the future as Sorcha just as the old medicine man prophesied at her birth And every night when Sorcha sleeps she wakes in the past as Enid in a frontier world on the brink of war She only trusts a chosen few with the truth until Ben Webster comes into Sorcha’s life and tells her his family has been desperately searching for her for over two hundred years.

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