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Blessed by a Demon’s Mark Kat Redding #3 [Ebook] ➠ Blessed by a Demon’s Mark Kat Redding #3 By E.S. Moore – In a job like this there’s no retirement plan Kat Redding’s life is dangerous enough when she’s hunting the rogue vampires who prey on Pureblood humans But now that Kat is thinking of getting ou a Demon’s Epub ß In a job like this there’s no retirement plan Kat Redding’s life is dangerous enough when she’s hunting the rogue vampires who prey on Pureblood humans But now that Kat is thinking of getting out by a Demon’s Mark Kat PDF/EPUB or of the killing business she’s faced with a slew of new problems Like the demon Beligral who offers help at an escalating cost and the werewolf cult with whom she’s entwined professionally and personally And then there’s Countess Baset—the terrifying vampire Blessed by PDF/EPUB ² who wants Kat to become her personal assassin It’s no wonder that Kat has been seeking refuge in the mysterious town known as Delai a place where she can shed her Lady Death persona and live a life that’s as close to normal as she’s ever known But even in this haven something feels askew Delai is a little too serene And the she discovers the Kat realizes that the only choice left to her is not by a Demon’s Kindle Õ whether to do battle but which side she’ll risk her life to defend.

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  1. JadeShea JadeShea says:

    Kat is trying to run from who she really is and what she does she wants to change but it seems everyone else wants her to stay the same She has a major vampire after her and she's having some issues with demons and other things as well I did not like this book Kat was horrible in it I'm sure I know most of the reason but this was just awful and she doesn't really make up for it in this one either I do want to read but she has a lot to make up for

  2. Experiment BL626 Experiment BL626 says:

    The series went downhill for me in book 2 Book 3 Blessed by a Demon’s Mark stopped the decline but it didn’t do anything to bring the series back up to being enjoyable for me on the stupidity of the heroineIn the last book someone important to Kat died In the grip of grief Kat ran away from her friends and life as a vampire slayer to a mysterious “peaceful” town named Delai a town that radiated an “it’s a fucking cult” vibe I get that grief can cause you to make terrible decisions but for Kat it went beyond terrible to “this is fucking ridiculous how the hell do you not realize it’s a cult especially when you have past experience dealing with cults” Hell a tentative love interest of hers is the leader of one okay admittedly a not that bad kind of cult Still Kat ran away to a cult and she is fucking not aware of itIn book 3 it took a demon to wake her up to the truth A fucking demon You know it’s bad when a demon a creature who wishes to unleash Hell on Earth is the host of your intervention FFS on the contemptible woe is me of the heroineIt was bad enough that Kat was lashing out at everyone pushing her friends and allies away making one bad decision after another and just being a bitch the mean kind of bitch not the awesome kind I truly tried being patient with Kat because along the way I suspected she was being manipulated in the mess with your head cause you to self destruct kind I was half right and half wrong I felt for Kat I honestly did but she exercised my patience hardI could handle Kat making bad decisions but I found it hard to handle her detestable actions against her friends people who were only trying to help her people who if Kat pulled her head out of her ass would realize they had been through what she is going through or even arguably worse Unlike Kat a few of those friends of hers had their history carved into their flesh I did not like Kat’s special snowflake attitude of no one understands my pain I did not like how she used others’ pains to lash out on the stupidity of the heroineThe biggest issue I had with the book was Kat’s abnormal attachment to this seemingly vulnerable “love me and protect me” new character Sienna It was gag worthy After finding out the truth about Delai and its leader Levi did it ever occur to Kat that his daughter Sienna might I don’t know share particular attributes of her father that the innocent “I’m a victim” thing she had working there might be an act? After reading the ending it apparently did fucking not and I felt like waving my arms up in surrenderI am not saying Sienna is evil but I am not saying Sienna is not evil either I am saying Kat is a fucking moron for not acting with highly called for caution Not to mention that Kat has too many enemies to deal with OMG Kill the ones who you have now before making new ones Kat Fortunately for Kat Levi is an enemy that can wait because in my opinion he might be the hardest to defeat Biblical proportion enough said gist of book 3Book 3 was pretty much about Kat dealing with her issues the internal conflicts and growing if ever so little and slowly as a character The other conflicts the external kind had Kat making a new vampire enemy possibly two and putting an old vampire enemy back on her plate so Kat has at least two vampire masters to contend with three if worst comes to worst These vampire masters are stronger than the ones Kat dealt before and then there’s the demon Kat is beholden to This right here is what I mean about Kat having a lot on her plate and that she hold off on Levi what I liked about book 3There was little I liked in book 3 but thankfully book 3 was not as dreadful a read as book 2 Just slow going and occasionally aggravating I liked that Kat at least kicked a few ass even if they were only minions I liked there was some progress on the romance side regarding the leader of the werewolf cult Finally but damn was it so small a niggling issueEthan is Kat’s sidekickbest friend and I didn’t like how little of a role he played in book 3 I didn’t like how Kat was worried about Sienna who may or may not be evil than Ethan who is trustworthy I didn’t like how she treated Ethan in book 3 ie she was a bitch and I hope she’ll make it up to him in the next book the endingThe ending was not an ending nor was it a cliffhanger Nothing was really resolved The ending was like the ending of a chapter and not that of a book and this left me displeasedIn ConclusionI rate Blessed by a Demon’s Mark 2 stars for it was okay I hope book 4 will bring the series back up

  3. Shelley Shelley says:

    Genre Urban FantasyDystopianRating 40Review “Blessed By A Demon’s Mark” picks up 3 months after the end of “Tainted Night Tainted Blood” As we pick up the story reluctant vampire Kat Redding aka Lady Death has left behind her friends allies and job as a vampirewerewolf hunter and fled to the small town of Delai where she hoped to find solace and retirement from the job that has brought her nothing but heartache misery and enemies coming out of the woodworkIn the past two books Moore has held secrets of not only Delai but of Levi and why he seems to be smitten with Kat close to his chest He leaves readers minds to wander wondering why this town just happens to appear to Kat when she needs it the most When you are finally given the real story behind the town it’s like a light bulb goes off in your head PopOf course How did we not pick up on that fact? How could we neglect the fact that Levi’s wife and adopted daughter seemed to be hiding things from Kat and anxious for her to leave? How can we believe that Levi has anything but good intentions towards Kat and not an ulterior motive?Ah but Moore has a few other naughty surprises in store for his readers as well There’s the fact that Kat owes the demon Beligral a favor that she can’t get out from underneath if she doesn’t return home On top of this everyone believed that she was dead for the past 3 months and there are repercussions for being gone for so long She is being hounded by a vampire countess who believes that Kat killed her lover and expects a whole lot in return for not killing Kat’s friends including Ethan Then there is the egomaniac werewolf Adrian who demands that Kat come and visit him for her own good and leaves Kat wondering about her future If you believe that Beligral is finished using Kat you are sadly mistaken ES Moore’s Kat Redding series is a cross between Urban Fantasy and Dystopian There is a profound feeling of dread and darkness in this series The so called humans or Purebreeds live next to vampires and werewolves who make their lives absolutely impossible to live without giving up something in return You have a heroine who may or may not be one of the darkest heroines you will find in these genres and loves to shoot and stab things like they’re coming out of the woodwork She finds herself uestioning each and every move she makes and the people she comes in contact with Overall a really dark addition to the series with plenty of twists and betrayal that will leave you coming back for As for me I will be keeping a keen eye out for the next installment to find out what happens nextRecvd via NetGalley 11202012 Expected publication December 31st 2012 by Kensington

  4. Beth Beth says:

    Kate Redding is a vampire they call her Lady Death She destroys vampires who kill pure blooded humans Troubled by her current life path Kate has been searching for a change when she is called back by a Demon’s MarkKate soon realizes that she couldn’t run from her troubles and leaving the mess behind was unfair to her friends She must retake her “Lady Death” persona and stop the threat of Basel Meanwhile the werewolf cult run by Adrian has entangled her once To make matters worse she must decide whether to accept another mark from Beligral to see the truth about Levi It seems that Kate life is a mess and each decision pulls her deeper into this tangled web of control and powerThis has a very interesting and intriguing plot ES Moore provides lots of action and mystery to keep you involved in the story I did had some difficulty with Kat she seemed to have perpetual PMS mood swings and unlimited nastiness so it made it extremely difficult for me to like or relate to her Ultimately Kate’s inter turmoil and lashing out distracted me from what was a really great plot leaving me with liking but not loving Blessed by A Demon’s Mark 3 ½ starsThis ARC copy of Blessed By A Demon's Mark was given to me by Netgalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review Publish Date December 31 2012

  5. ♥Lynn ♥ ♥Lynn ♥ says:

    I didn't really care for Kat in this book She was so hateful and horrible to everyone

  6. Dawn Cavenee Dawn Cavenee says:

    The author writes well and that is the reason I gave this book 3 stars The story blows And the main character is an angry unlikeable stupid vampire Stupid because she is suppose to be a slayerhunterassassin although she is not observant makes unwise decisions and is a total butt to everyone How she has lived this long is a true mystery to me I forced myself to finish the book but it was torture Nothing is resolved by the end of this book She just digs herself deeper then ‘the end read the next book’ Definitely not continuing with this series I’ve been known to dislike a series but to continue reading because I need to know what happens to a character BUT I HATE this character Although I own the first three books in this series I won’t much longer

  7. Kt Kt says:

    Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionReeling from the pain of having to kill her brother Kat aka Lady Death is in shambles It doesn't matter that Thomas was a mindless killer leaving a path of destruction in his wake a part of her still held out hope that he could be saved So now that her small hope has been extinguished she's left her Lady Death persona behind and fled to the safety of a town called Delai as it offers a strange sort of peace But in Delai nothing is as it seems With each passing day it gets harder and harder for her to remember who she is and it's only a matter of time before she succumbs Her only hope lies in the strangest of saviors her tie to a demon known as Beligral But even his power may not be enough to save her as she is in the grasp of something stronger than she ever could have imagined With her very freedom on the line she's got a choice to make stay in this false peace or return to her bloody life as Lady Death Talk about a rock and a hard placeIt's a real testament to how much I enjoy the world behind this series and the side characters that I have been able to continue reading despite my utter dislike of Kat And I'm not talking a mild disagreement either I absolutely cannot stand the chick Not only is she too much of a hard ass and closed off but she's also ridiculously reckless which uite frankly baffles me I just don't get how she survived this long without getting killed I mean she's supposed to be the bogeyman to vamps and weres and yet she's constantly being sloppy especially in this installment But I could have forgiven all that if it weren't for her utter cruelty towards the people who care about her It doesn't matter what they do she's absolutely terrible and uite frankly I feel she needs to be knocked down a post or ten I cannot count the number of times while reading BLESSED BY A DEMON'S MARK where I wanted to reach through the pages to slap her silly for either her foolishreckless behavior or the way she treated her friends I don't care if she hates herself so much that she is incapable of attachment There is absolutely no excuse for the way she acts and uite frankly my anger at her made it rather hard to read the book Now to get into the good things in the book with the first up being the world behind it all I just love the way that this is an open world with all of the humans vamps demons and weres all intermingled with each other It just opens up a lot of possibilities for the story and the author is fantastic at exploring them By the end of BLESSED BY A DEMON'S MARK things were definitely shaken up and I really enjoyed the new added elements to the story I can only imagine where things are headed and I'm sure it will be an intense ride along the way The other thing I really enjoy about these books is the secondary characters from the good guys to the bad they are all fully fleshed with not a placeholder among them On the good side I love how fiercely loyal everyone is despite the fact that they should have given up on Kat long ago I also really adore Jeremy as he's had a whole lot thrown at him in such a short time in his path to redemption and I couldn't be proud of what he has overcome On the bad side well the author sure knows how to write a convincing bad guy and there are several in this book I'm not sure who is the worst out of them all but trust me evil is an understatement hereAs I said previously I really enjoy this worldsecondary characters but it's become a juggling act of enjoyment considering my issues with Kat On one hand I am incredibly curious to see what happens next but on the other I don't want to spend another book seething at the main character It just doesn't make for an easy read nor does it allow me to have the full entertainment value I'm really hoping that the barest hints of a romantic possibility will start to come to fruition in the next installment because that would go a long way towards softening Kat Would I recommend BLESSED BY A DEMON'S MARK? Yes for fans of strict Urban Fantasy it's a solid read but as a disclaimer for those looking for a good main character attachment or romance they won't find any here

  8. Lucy Dosch Lucy Dosch says:

    Kat Redding has been hiding out in the Town of Delia for the last few months She is tired of her life surrounded by death and killing and just wanted to bask in the feeling of peace she feels in Delia even if she knows deep down there is something wrong with the Town But it is time to go back and can feel Ethan’s demon calling her back to pay the price of the promise she made The problem is when you run away from your life with no word to anyone the world moves on without you especially when they all think you are dead Which was probably for the best because than just her friends have been waiting for Kat to return There is a Major Vampire House looking for revenge against Lady Death and they have been rather vehement in their uestioning of her friends There are drawback to having a reputation like “Lady Death” whenever vampires and werewolves show up dead they believe Kat is responsible Countess Baset believes that Kat is responsible for the death of her lover and she won’t stop ‘til she finds Kat Whether it is Kat’s time in Delia messing with her or the pain that her friends have moved on with their lives without her but Kat isn’t thinking straight Not when she is decides to let everyone know she’s back in a big way by feeding uite publically in the area run by Count Mephisto a major Vampire Royal and not when she decides to take on Countess Baset by herself Kat needs to get her head on straight before she gets herself killed and her actions are taken out on the few people she truly cares aboutTHOUGHTSThis story shows that it is not good to be a friend of Kat Redding I thought the story was very frustrating in the beginning I don’t know if it was Kat’s time is Delia Levi’s blood deprivation program to cure Kat’s vampire problem or just leftover trauma following her brother’s death messing with her had but she does some really stupid things in this story most of which affect her friends She is also very angry and nasty toward the only people who truly care about her; including Jonathan the werewolf leader of the Luna Cult who is my personal hero I love Jonathan So that probably pissed me off most of all If she gets Jonathan killed I am finished But where Kat was a killer who used her skills and cunning to attack and destroy the smaller Vampire Houses she acts a little unstable in this story running hot and cold with her friends declaring that they are trying to control her while getting herself into some bad situations where she has to bargain her soul and her freedom Although she starts acting level headed by the end of the story the damage has been done Kat has been backed in the corner by several major players due to her dumbass actions which are going to be significant impact on not only her future but those of her friendsI am also hoping that Kat Redding is not getting a case of Sookie Stackhouse Syndrome where every supernatural creature wants her Although Jonathan has definite feelings for her and we know the other werewolf leader has also declared he wants to mate with her so together they can rule the area bwahahaha it came off that than just those two are making moony eyes at Kat Please don’t go thereReceived ARC from Kensington Books Thank you See at

  9. Red Lace Reviews Red Lace Reviews says:

    Living a calm and serene life in the sleepy town of Delai Kat feels almost unnaturally at home however when she’s reminded of the things she left behind she feels the need to return to her old ways and take care of some pressing matters She doesn't realise just what she’ll discover Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers before reading furtherWhilst the last book in the series was a slight disappointment this one reminded me how much I actually love Kat Redding So much is happening in her life some readers actually complain about the number of plots going on at once I for one applaud this There is never ever a dull moment and the book is brimming with excitement I really doubt Kat’s life would in fact think; “hold on there’s too much going on here for this woman let’s just give her a break” It doesn't work that way and because of who Kat is I’d assume she’d much prefer to try and get things sorted as soon as possible rather than leave it to stew which is why she juggles everything at onceBetween Levi Adrian Baset Beligral and The Left Hand everything will hit the fan sooner or later I’m sure Indeed nothing was tied up in the end of this instalment but hopefully it’s laying the way for a thrilling climax down the line somewhere I have faith in the author as I think he has what it takes to please his readers Kat is certainly not the typical heroine More often than not she isn't even a nice person Her aggression dominates her fuelled by her bloodlust her fear of not being in control of her own life and perhaps many other factors Let’s face it; she’s basically broken and unwilling to let anyone really help her It’s uite obvious she won’t last for long unless she changes her ways as at times she spirals out of control and does someone very stupid then realises her mistake She’s almost self destructive even admitting her indifference of dying Now do I think Jonathan could be her saviour? Yes possibly if she lets him past her hard exterior I still really love Jonathan and how he treats Kat I believe he’s in love with her and hope beyond hope I’m right If he somehow has a sinister ulterior motive I’ll definitely be upset As for Nathan I have absolutely no idea how he really feels for Kat I was shocked at that very awkward moment they shared and didn't know what to make of it Adrian is just crazy; I already concluded that uite early on There definitely seems to be men in her life than women but I liked the connection and protective feelings toward Sienna I wonder if she’ll ever have the chance to save the girlBeligral that pesky demon is up to no good The way he manipulates is great I have no idea what he’s planning but I can’t wait to witness it He’s definitely a favourite of mine whilst Levi I loathe Of course I prefer the demon who wouldn't? I find all the characters make an impression one way or the other They’re written well and all are uniue in their own way This is a big part of why I’m drawn to this series and why I hunger for Eagerly awaiting the fourth book which is scheduled to release next year© Red Lace 2013

  10. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    Kat has found some measure of peace in the strange town of Delai even if things seem so very strange there But she can’t remain – she made a deal with a demon to return and that demon is now using his mark to reel her in With no choice she leaves her unusual haven even though it feels like an escape than leaving and her old life with all its chaos and its pain rushes back inEthan in her absence has cemented even stronger ties with the Luna Cult Worse in her absence one of her brother’s murders has been pinned on her – and a powerful vampire countess has Kat in her sights – just as she is getting people she cares about people who are vulnerable to being used and hurt to make her obeyThen there’s Adrian the Luna Cult rebels determined to drag Kat into their plans; the Left Hand of God is back in town killing vampires and things remain eternally complicated between Kat and Jonathon It’s almost enough to drive her back to Delai – until the demon shows her the truth about her erstwhile havenI think there’s probably one storyline too many in this book or possible two or three too many We have Kat’s ongoing issues with the demon we have the revelations of Delai and what Levi is actually up tp We have some unresolved issues with Adrian the rebel Luna Cult dragging Kat into her schemes And then we have the evil conniving plots of the vampire countess who is gunning for Kat We even have another vampire count that Kat pissed off for shits and giggles There’s even the human hunters back for killing and complicationsThat’s a lot of issues to deal with I think part of that is intended as a way of showing how overwhelmed Kat is and to drive home the theme of the book which is Kat being pulled in too many directions with too many people having a hold on her Still I’m not sure if the return to Delai couldn’t have been handled in a later book or Adrian pulled his grand plan in the next book There’s just so many of these different threads that they distract each other and sometimes feel forgotten – I forgot Adrian was even looking for Kat until near the end of the bookThere wasn’t anything resolved in this book either Now I love meta meta is what keeps me plugged into a story but it’s rare that a book can be nothing but meta; you usually have some sub chapter of the book being concluded and there wasn’t one hereStill the stories that are presented are great fun with lots of devious plotting I enjoy I love the demon’s manipulations Delai and its revelations are definitely intriguing and we all knew there was something sinister underlying it I really want to know exactly who and what Adrian is and what he is plotting – I’d also kind of like to know why Jonathon tolerates Kat all things considered and if he has his own agenda The ongoing theme of Kat becoming and beholden to people each of them having a lever against her is really well done as well – and shows how much her friends and loved ones are a weakness to her and leave her open to this manipulationRead More

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