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  1. Radiant Radiant says:

    NoteContains spoilersKailee is happy with her parents who love her than anything and she has a best friend she wants to go with for college in fallher dreamsher aspirationsher familyher futureall was setThat is until their parents break a shocking newsshe is sent off to a place far awayto her fianceefor god's sake she is just 17She is shell shockedconfused but does nothing when she is taken far away from her homeWhen she reaches her fiancee's all is newnew peoplenew place and finally a guy she has to get marriedTrenton hot and super sexy not that she minds but she also wants answers cos there's something not right when she sees the woods around the house stretching for milespeople trying to talk to her in riddles and when a wolf is playing with you than eat youTrentonhas waited for long for kailee to come to himshe is all he wanted beautifulsweetinnocentalso lot of stubborn and cocky making him set on edge and always running on his toes lolbut he loves her nonethelessHe knows she wants answerswhich should be said by her parents at first placebut now it's his dutyas her alphaas her mateWhen Kailee hears all she can think is she is in a place of crazy loonies and has to get away from the housecos there's no way this person is what he says a werewolf and that she is oneBut when time passes and truth is laid out on her faceits all she can do is not to pass out or hide in a cornerkailee feels sadbetrayedbut most of all she feels bad she made trenton sadwhen all he did was protect her and love her than his life even after her crazy and stupid stuntsShe realizes trenton is everything she has wanted and much a passionatebeautiful lover and a strictdisciplined alphanot what she thought few months back would happen to herbut the she knows about him the she falls for him and the family or packThe life she thought ahead now looks much brighterwith a future she now wants with him beside her with a little changesThe story is said from third POV to make us know about everyone's feelingit could have been done a little betterThere were few scenes which i thought they weren't really needed for the story but it was fine if along with these a little care is taken on spellinggrammatical mistakesit would have been betterBut overall all i can say it's sure is a shortfasteasy and good read for time passThe cliff hanger was surprising especially after a 16year leap and all i can says is Let's see if the history repeats itself?LOLSo want to know how Brooke handles her lifeLooking ahead for the seuelSometimes it's not necessary that a story has to have lots of dramaactioncrazy madness or even a plotit can be laid backenjoyablejust a happy one telling about LOVEthis is one of thoseAnd there's also a sense of humor at right places which make's it enjoyableYesI am biased with werewolvesLOLSri

  2. Jillian (NetGalley Addict) Jillian (NetGalley Addict) says:

    Review from busymomsbookreviewscomKailee comes home one day and is told to pack her bags because she is going to be moving not only is she moving but she is also going to be marrying some man she has never met She isn't told why or when or even anything about her fiancée She is whisked away to this new place that she knows nothing about where she meets Trenton Trenton is an alpha male who is in charge of everyone else When Kailee tries to run away she comes across a wolf in the woods just outside the house She finds out that her fiancées and everyone else in the house is a werewolf and that her family is to Trenton has to convince Kailee to mate with him or he will die and so will she I loved Trenton he has spent his whole life knowing about Kailee and how she is his mate While everyone is trying to force Kailee to accept Trenton he tries to protect her and allows her time to get to know him Kailee is a good heroine she gets thrown into these situations and while she does make some not so smart decisions most of the time she faces things head on She does the best that she can do with the situation she has been put into I did like the characters and I like the descriptions of the settings I also enjoyed how the author was able to really pull you into the book and make you feel the emotions of the characters I had some series problems that started about halfway through the book Things went from a nice easy flow to really rushed and everything is happening within a very short amount of time So as much as I enjoyed the beginning of the book and characters I had to knock off points because I didn't enjoy almost the entire last half

  3. Sheridan Sheridan says:

    I really liked the story and think it was a great uick read although with all the stuff happening I don't know how the character could be 18 Also I just didn't really get Trent the relationship Things such as the whole book just moved a bit to fastCons were that the copy I got from Smashwords had barely been edited and so many times the wrong word had been left in place such as 'message' instead of massage and 'gravelling' instead of grovelling as though the author only used spell check instead of doing a proper read through and editBut apart from that annoyance I uite liked it

  4. Griffinyarn Griffinyarn says:

    DNF I barely made it past the first chapter This was the first sentence Where do to start? Well no Maybe ahno how about nah Well here it goes For a story written in 3rd person that intro didn't even make senseThe plot sounded good but the writing style seemed very immature and the numerous spelling and grammatical errors I just couldn't continue reading Please it's called proofreading

  5. Knz Knz says:

    I don't normally rate a book I have not fully read but this one will be an exception The grammar in this book is horrible from misuse of words to incorrect tense usage I could get over that; but add in the constant switch between first and third person with no delineation between and it is just too much The story has so much potential I really wanted to read it I made it to chapter 10 but on top of all those issues its like the writer had multiple versions going on and never fully edited it down to one It's like there are missing pieces of the book I keep thinking I was skipping pages because an idea is brought up but never fully developed At this point I am giving up on finishing this book even though I think the book has so much potential and is really interesting but needs 3 editing rounds before turning into a fully wonderful book

  6. Cassie Blasier Cassie Blasier says:

    i just love this booki hope that there is a second book to iti love the ending part with brooklyn and that new guy i think his name was beckem i hope that they are mates and will get togetherand i hope that brooklyn will shift

  7. Jillian Ridall Jillian Ridall says:

    It's a cute book I really liked the story I feel there were a few minor things missing from it and maybe a little too much details on certain parts but overall a good and easy read

  8. Joy Joy says:

    Atrocious grammar but the story was good

  9. Becca Becca says:

    I always feel bad not explaining my reasoning for no ing a book but this one was because i saw a review on which did a horrible job of hiding a spoiler and i ended seeing what the spoiler was and that was what turned me off from the book And i won't be that asshole and say what it was but that is my reasoning and they are personal reasonings as most things are when they come to books so don't take my no book for you as a reason not to give this a chance you might really enjoy this

  10. Jennifer Rininger Jennifer Rininger says:

    The plot was well thought of i love the way it moved through their lives it had some grammar issues but if you can get your mind to skim over them it wasn't to big of a problem the main character also seemed to accept her change in life pretty uickly and both seemed to fall uiet uickly in love but it was a good short read and had some cute moments

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One's True Love ➭ [Ebook] ➨ One's True Love By Lindsey Owens ➹ – Kailee's life is perfect until a few weeks before her birthday when her parents announce she and only she is moving Not only is Kailee moving but they also tell her she is getting married To make ever Kailee's life is perfect until a few weeks before her birthday when her parents announce she and only she is moving Not only is Kailee moving but they also tell her she is getting married To make everything One's True eBook ↠ worse the man is a stranger in a strange city on the other side of the country Will Kailee be able to cope with being so far away from her friends and family that she loves so dear What will happen if Kailee falls in love with the man she must marry He is mysterious and alluring to Kailee but will she still want him when she finds out him and his family are hiding secrets The secrets that may change Kailee's life forever.