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  • 14 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Safe With Me (Safe With Me #1-8)

  1. Emmi Emmi says:

    I just finished the book and I'm irritated May not be the best time to write the review but I'm too annoyed to care I just plowed through 800 pages of reading about a neurotic over sex spoiled selfish little girl Susie is the least likeable character I've ever read Spoiler My god everything that happened to her she wanted and actively sought out from the 14 yr old experimentation with the older guys to the porn acting to sleeping with like every single one of her friends guys girls taken not taken I can't it was like 790pages of her just being a selfish little bitch I hate her I can't believe I even finished it Oh and then in the last ten pages we get an epilogue from 17 yrs down the road where everything is supposed to be all hunky dory EFF THATThere were soooo many things that were unresolved and the reader and Tyler never feel like there is a solid unbreakable connection between him and Susie or Candy or Mia or freaking Dee DominiueI never say this but it's 800pages of whining pain angst and that'd be alright but there it barely a resolution It's kinda like oh i didn't realize the book was so long I'll end it here Yes they've broken up 4 times already but really this time believe they'll work it out this time bc all her coke blew away and Gloria told her to go back The End Pass

  2. April April says:

    Possible spoilersLemme tell you this book was not what I expected It took me through some twists and turns and ups and downs When I tell you this Bh Susie fought to the literal end I was amazed What I didn't like was the epilogue mostly because it left me kinda hanging and was too short Also I could've done without the Joan character's POV She was just too whiny and insecure and worked my last damn nerve Plus she was a stupid traitor I loved Tyler and want my own James Tyler Campbell Jr I love me some authentic American Indian men with long thick dark hair Susanna was a thick sexy chick who brought recognition to the confident plus size gal But she had her issues her past I'm not judging her but she allowed it to rule her and bring her down The One that will love you will do so in spite of and often because of your past They were meant to be and made for each other I loved this book and will read again but the complete series was sooo long LOVED IT

  3. Christie Christie says:

    Very much enjoyed this read after Fifty Shades and Bare to You The characters are enticing and very interesting to say the least The ending wasn't what I uite expected but I would definitely read her other books about the characters to see how Susie and Tyler got to the 17 years later mark I would definitely recommend this book to friends

  4. Mira Patryk Mira Patryk says:

    I SO loved this book I bought in its entirety not in parts I did not expect to experience so much identification with the female main character Susie I think that identification is what has driven me to read the book three times I haven't re read it for the sex I re read it for the STORY That's really rare I really really love this book I liked that the characters were a little believable than the billionaire businessmen of so many other erotic novels Obviously Susie has money this book is still a different breedPros It's a good long read Very well written Believable dialogue I really liked the different POVs knowing different characters' thoughts upped the tension in later scenes because I knew things that hadn't been said or discovered by other characters yet Hot sex Beautiful and real and gritty love story Wonderfully crafted characters with grit and flaws Susie is a REAL flesh and blood and curve WOMAN With a BODY Not your run of the mill skinny supermodel type Cons As long as it was it wasn't enoughAs I write this review July 2013 has temporarily discounted the ebook version to 399 I do not know how long that discount will last but that's a great deal for this book

  5. MissyGirl MissyGirl says:

    45 starsI initially was not impressed by Part 1 of this 8 part book but I'm so glad I continued reading The story just got better and better with each pageIt's a long book but it is filled with a cast of interesting characters who eventually grew on me They felt very real warts and all ; I even fell in love with Susie and Tyler though I wasn't uite sure I would connect with them at the start I can understand the frustration in other reviews I've read but I soon realized that every thought action and reaction they had was a direct result of everything they've experienced in their short lives I really felt their emotions and understood their mistakes eventually The further you get into their story the you will understand right up until the last page I promise ; I can't say much or I will be giving away the plotThis is a beautiful story filled with sex secrets and surprises I don't know how I would have felt if I had to wait for each installment but I highly recommend it now that you can read all 8 Parts straight through

  6. Jessica (Angie & Jessica& Jessica (Angie & Jessica& says:

    I don't really know what to say about this First off the writing was good The story was good I liked most if the characters I had a hard time with the fact that Susie made no apologies EVER for her behavior her jobs her drug use all the secrecy the infidelity yeah I'm talking about the chicks she never once seemed to feel bad about it and even after Tyler found out instantly accepted it and tried to move on Susie left him over and over I wanted them together all along but by about 70% in I was seriously thinking Tyler should have dropped her ass I'm hoping that in the upcoming 'seuels' the author mentioned at the end that we can see some redeeming ualities from Susie I get that she was messed up but come on

  7. Kristine Kristine says:

    I don't even know why I finished this series and honestly I sped read through most of the last 150 pages because I was so bored by this story Sadly the main male character Tyler was way too weak for me confidence wise and I wasn't at all attracted to him physically either Long hair pony tailed Indian just doesn't do it for me sorry I just kept waiting for him to cut his hair the entire time I was reading this The main setting involves the characters attending a university and I'm not sure if the author ever attended college but the details she writes about just don't happen in RL Sorry I just didn't care for it

  8. Kristy Mills Kristy Mills says:

    I'm a little torn on this book It really sucked me in I couldn't put it down I was so intrigued with their story At first I thought Susie was such a fun character She was spunky and I was dying to know all of her secrets that she kept so tight This uote is what made me love Susie Call me whichever one you want I just ask that you pick one and stick with it I'm like a trained dog If I get used to your voice calling me Susie I won't know who you're talking to if you call me Susanna But as the story went on I got and turned off by her Actually her secrets weren't really the problem I kind of figured most of it out before they were revealed anyway But what I didn't like was finding out she had slept with just about all of her friends that her and Tyler hung out with That bothered me Every time you think there are no surprises in that department you find out about another person she has slept withTyler was so sweet At first being in his head made him sound a little less confident But as the story went on I found him endearing I'm such a woman I can hardly stand myself Sitting her talking about my feelings to her best friends behind her back Waiting for her to call But the Susanna opened up to him the confident he got I loved it I especially loved his dominate side When he decided to just take what he wanted from her That was hot Actually the whole book was pretty hot There were some pretty intense scenes between the two of them I loved how much he loved Susie almost right from the beginning The only problem was that I had a hard time finding her deserving of his love Which is a terrible thought because that was exactly what she thought of herself But some of her actions just drove me nutsSome of the descriptions in this book were great It really helped me get into their heads I have experienced feelings and thoughts so similar to what she wrote but I never would have thought to break it down the way she did I just loved it Watching him there my mind was filled with? things to love about him It was like a crowd of people all showing up to a party at the same time much like the party going on in the living room Every single thing vied for attention like a person screaming my name Everything from the way he smelled to his intelligence to the fact that he deeply loved to fix cars He was so beautifully odd in so many ways I smiled at him He was so precious And he had no idea the emotional havoc he'd wreaked upon my life There were times when I found him so incredibly endearing I thought my insides might melt into a puddle on the floor from sheer mushy lovestruck joy He made me tingle and not just in the throbbing sexual capacity But from my head to my toes in the 'nothing in this world matters but me and you' capacityview spoilerIt was a bumpy road for the two of them I was really looking forward to reading their resolution and finally seeing her submit completely to their relationship and to him But I was kind of disappointed She ran and he finally found her She was addicted to cocaine and she ended up staying with him because she didn't really have anywhere else to go It felt like she was defeated and just gave up on running Not that she realized she didn't want to run from him and that she WANTED to spend the rest of her life with him It seemed like there was a lot of their story still to tell Yes she decided to go home with him but their problems were far from over What about her drug addiction? What about the next time she feels threatened? What will keep her from running? It's what she does I just didn't get enough closure from this ending I didn't get the impression that she would stick around I realize there is a second book coming out that will be about her brother and his sister but I don't know if I want to read Tyler and Susie's relationship from a different perspective I want to stay in their heads while they hash out their remaining problems hide spoiler

  9. Sabine Wilson Sabine Wilson says:

    I absolutely LOVE this whole series I really can't say enough about how much I love the main character Tyler he's such a funny and nerdy everyday guy oh and of course he's a super hot nerd I love how in love he is with Susie and what he's willing to do to make Susie see how perfect they are together there were so many hilarious scenes in this book I was laughing right from the first page Tyler's internal monologue is so awesome and the author did a really awesome job writing from his POV Susie's mysterious background was also a good twist I'm not sure why people are complaining how the author ended the story because it totally made sense to me I didn't need to have the wedding and baby in the Epilogue because I knew all these things were going to happen since this time Susie is the one that came back to Tyler I can't wait for Matt Daisy's story really seriosuly LOVE LOVE LOVE this book

  10. Donna ~ The Romance Cover Donna ~ The Romance Cover says:

    I had to finish this mammoth reading sessionI really enjoyed this book even though Susie could be extremely frustrating at times I had warmed to her and just wanted to know her secrets and her pastshe was extremely mentally brokenTyler what a sweetiehe just would not give uplike a puppy with a bone Even the back characters were interesting except the biatch KateI must admit I was a bit upset with the epilogue skipping so much but understand that this is because there will be books that cover that inbetween time but at least we know what happens to Susie and Tyler 17 years from the end of the book

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Safe With Me (Safe With Me #1-8)❰Reading❯ ➹ Safe With Me (Safe With Me #1-8) Author Shaina Richmond – Warning This book is intended for mature audiences Themes Graphic sex intense emotions flawed characters jealous hero illegal drug use anti heroine promiscuous behavior When Tyler Campbell meets Susie Warning This book is intended for mature audiences Themes Graphic sex intense emotions flawed characters jealous hero illegal drug use anti Safe With PDF/EPUB or heroine promiscuous behavior When Tyler Campbell meets Susie Lombardi in a coffee shop he doesn't expect to sleep with her that night He also doesn't expect to fall in love But Susie doesn't want a boyfriend She lives alone in a house full of locked doors and combination safes unwilling to answer Tyler's uestions about her past or her future Susie gives Tyler her usual excuses intent on crushing his hope of a future together But she doesn't know that when the right guy finds you he won't give up How far is Susie willing to run from love And how far is Tyler willing to chase her.

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