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  1. Nita Nita says:

    In the third book in the Lords of Midnight series Elliott gives us a very prim and proper heroine and a dangerous rogue of a hero They are getting their second chance at love though neither know it Sophie Lawrance has always done what she thought best for her family That includes not eloping with her neighbor Cam Daggett when they were both young and in love Now years later Sophie has pretty much declared herself on the shelf and working hard to make sure her younger sister's engagement and marriage happen smoothly She finds herself in a predicament when she is blackmailed with information about her deceased father She will do anything to keep this from affecting her sister's engagement Cam chances on Sophie as she is delivering something to her blackmailer at the Wolf's Lair a gaming den and brothel This is the last place he ever thought to see Sophie He's intrigued and can't stop himself from seeing her again and then helping her with her blackmailerSophie acted a bit too proper for me It was a little hard for me to relate to her in the beginning But I liked her perseverance and her relaxed attitude with Cam later in the story Cam fights his attraction to Sophie through much of the story because he thinks he is not good enough for her He hasn't led the most moral life But he's loyal and tough I did enjoy his slow turn to realizing he deserved love happiness and Sophie Their romance had a real enjoyable push and pullDefinitely a nice finale to this trilogyARC provided through NetGalley

  2. Farrah Farrah says:

    This review also appears on my blog at Dangerous to Desire was a lovely book It had sweet and sexy romance secrets surprises and an adorable ending Everything you need to have a brilliant bookI've always been fond of the idea of two past lovers finding each other again so I was excited about reading a book that featured it And I'm happy to say that this book didn't disappoint at allSophie is practical That's what she's always considered herself and that is how she's always acted even when it meant betraying her heart I really liked her She was sensible but knew when to follow her heart I admired that she gave up what she wanted in order to take care of her family It takes a selfless person to do that And throughout the story she proved herself to be brave in the face of all the adversity Sophie was an admirable character one that anyone can likeCameron is hot and dangerousas the title suggests I dare anyone to read this book and not lust after Cameron His past is shadowed at best He's done some let's say morally uestionable things But he's definitely not a bad man He's still in love with Sophie despite the rejection and he's determined to protect her when a blackmailer threatens her and her family He's very sweet and caring to her The romance between them is a perfect mix and sweet and spicy They are truly in love and that translates into a very hot scene in the bedroom The two of them were the perfect coupleThe story never gets dull and throws in a few surprises that kept me engaged right through to the end The end was sweet and made me smile Don't you love it when love conuers all?Too Dangerous to Desire was a lovely book one I would recommend to any historical romance lover55Thanks to Netgalley for a copy

  3. Debra Taylor Debra Taylor says:

    This was my very favorite kind of story I'm a self confessed sucker for a second chance at love story It's a favored plot line sure to hook my interest every time Yet it was the captivating characters the tangled twists of the story that kept my interest the entire way Who could resist a devil may care hero his lost love ? SighDark dangerous Cameron Dagget is the last of the infamous Hell Hounds to find love Years ago a young Sophie Lawrence gave up a future with Cam for the sake of her family But Fate has chosen to reunite Sophie Cam just as she faces danger is in dire need of a champion Both past present collide as these two star crossed lovers desperately try to outwit the danger that is chasing them both Their lives are entwined in ways than they know But have they been reunited too late to salvage the future they once threw away ? Oh my gosh I really loved this story Sophie was so stalwart always sacrificing for her family Her memories so sad as she thought back to that boy from long ago But once she was reunited with Cam then she really came to life I don't know who could resist that sinfully sexy pirate And that ear ring ? Yummy Did I mention how much I enjoyed this book ? I just couldn't get enough The fairy tale ending was just icing on the already delicious cake And then to discover that this book is part of a series that I smehow missed Well now I simply must read them all For just as Cam was the sleuth hound so am I Always scrounging around hoping to discover the next great new author or an awesome new book with a sexy hero a sassy heroine to drool over And now let me just say that this book is soooo drool worthyThanks to Netgalley Grand Central for allowing me to review this book

  4. Arshia Arshia says:

    I like plots where old lovers come back and get a second chance at a happy ending Sophie and Cameron were too young the first time around to really make their romance work Now they are both older and although Sophie still has plenty of familial responsibilities she knows that she won't get this chance to be with Cameron again The characters were sweet and complex so they hooked me in However I wish the author had written about Cameron's past It seemed a little too fictional and the tales seemed outlandish at times The secondary characters were really well written; Sophie's sister was adorable and formidable at the same time She is finally old enough to help her sister out with family responsibilities Her remarks made me laugh out loud at times

  5. Tabetha Waite Tabetha Waite says:

    I have really enjoyed this series and I think Cara Elliott is a very talented writer who makes the men hot and the ladies strong willed That being said I was expecting a different sort of ending for Cameron the most mysterious man of the Hellhounds but where she took the story was well written as there was plenty of chemistry and unreuited love in this story All in all I loved the book and can't wait to read by this author

  6. Melanie Melanie says:

    This is the third book in Ms Elliott's Lords of Midnight Series and out of the three my personal favoriteIf you love reading about bad boys then you’ll love this one Cameron is a thief that looks like a pirate with an earring too He is the last of the Hellhound that’s not taken the plunge or fallen into a parsons trap but not for longSophie is a vicar’s daughter by birth and a devoted daughter and sister who would do anything to protect her family and avoid scandal That’s why she braves the slums and enters the Wolf’s Lair to meet a man that’s endangering her familyI always loved Cara Elliot’s prose but once I read the intro into this story I was hooked Here is what Cam feels as he hears a familiar voice in the hallway of the hell “The voice stirred a myriad of memories None of them good Soft and sensuous as summer sunlight it tickled around his head a tantalizing whisper wrapping his brain in a seductive swirl of honeyed heat and gold kissed sweetnessAnother word floated through the half open door and suddenly the sensations were like a serpent trailing a sensuous slither over bare flesh only to strike with diamond bright fangs”With a wonderful character development fast pace and an intriguing mystery to be solved this romance packs a well rounded punch for all of my bookworms that love a second chances love storyMelanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the publisher

  7. Lisarenee Lisarenee says:

    My synopsisOnce upon a time there was a boy and a girl who were each others best friend They roamed the countryside in search of danger and adventure Then one day when she was 16 and he 17 he asked her to marry him She said no Not because she didn't love him but because of duty to her family Shortly thereafter the boy disappeared never to be seen or heard from again That is until nowCameron Fanning now Daggert never expected to see his childhood sweetheart Sophie Lawrence in a place like the Wolf's Lair She was a rector's daughter and the Wolf's Lair was a brothel But neither his eyes nor his ears were deceiving him She was there As he watched and waited he saw her hand off a small package to a man Lord Dudley He heard her mention she was desperate He should not have cared but he found that he did If she was in trouble he'd get her outMy thoughtsThis is the third book of the Lords of Midnight series but the first one I've read I didn't feel lost as this story seemed fairly self contained Both Connor and Gryffin the two main character from the previous books have minor roles in this one but you don't need a lot of background information about them other than they are Cam's best friends and are fiercely loyal to one another In London they are known as the Hellhounds and Cam is the only one of the trio who has yet to be domesticated by a womanCameron is a very interesting character He doesn't have a high opinion of himself as he was raised a bastard and never allowed to forget just what that designation meant While he did leave home over 10 years ago he didn't leave for the reasons Sophie might have suspected But leaving home at 17 without much than the clothes on your back can lead a youth to do things they aren't particularly proud of and toughen their skin He reveals I am a creature of Darkness he murmured feeling the cool fingers of night nymphs tickle his cheeks and thread through his hair A man whose heart was now carved out of coal Black oh so black and cold to the touch Connor and Gryff may be Lords of the Land but I am a Wraith of Midnight A specter whose place in the world was here moving through the realm of the moon Sophie has spent her life doing the right thing even when it wasn't the easiest thing to do She's loyal straight laced and desperate She or rather her family is being blackmailed With her sister's upcoming nuptials she's desperate to make sure nothing happens to prevent the marriage from taking place A scandal could definitely do that While the allegations against her father are false she has no way of proving that because the blackmailer's have a piece of paper in their possession that certainly sounds incriminating and those who could have vouched that her father's innocence are long since deadSophie and Cam will need to learn to trust one another as they once did Together they'll need to uncover the mystery of what Sophie's blackmailer ultimately wants They'll need to figure out how to keep the family from scandal while putting an end to the blackmailer's scheme Additionally they'll need to reassess their feelings for each other and determine if they should rekindle their relationship or if some things are just too dangerous to desire Overall this one get 4 out of 5 roses I loved the chemistry between Cam and Sophie and the way they worked together I enjoyed the mystery of why someone would go to all the trouble of trying to exploit a rector's daughter and potentially scandalize the family I liked the fact these two truly had something special all those years ago and were able to resurrect it Most significantly this book left me with a good feeling and a smile on my face I will definitely need to read the previous two books of the series On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale this one got a STEAM rating too hot for a fan but you still have a handle on things You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public People may inuire as to why you looked flustered and flushed

  8. Jess Jess says:

    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsSophie and Cameron were young friends always finding new adventures together as they were growing up Cameron asked Sophie to go away with him and she couldn’t do it They were still so young and both needed to grow up plus Sophie has always led with her head instead of her heart Cameron didn’t have an easy go of it after they lost touch He was constantly running from the authorities usually after causing trouble He’s become a self serving Robin Hood of sorts robbing the rich only he keeps the wealth as a pirate is known to do Years later Sophie and Cameron run into each other and the past comes racing back including feelings that never really went away for either of themSophie is on the shelf and she believes spinsterhood is all that’s left for her But she’s a happy person wanting the best for her sisters and taking care of their father who is mentally declining She has one sister engaged to be married and the match is a little rocky Not in the couples love but should scandal come to Sophie and her family the engagement would be off Of course scandal is knocking on Sophie’s door and she’s being blackmailed for a document about Cameron one that proves he’s not the bastard everyone believes him to be and is in fact in line for a title Sophie has no knowledge of this document but that doesn’t stop her blackmailer who wants and each time he calls on Sophie She’s afraid of what’s going to happen to her family and doesn’t have anywhere else to turn until Cameron dives right into the mess to help her and figure out the truth of his own pastSophie comes alive when Cam comes back into her life He loves adventure and the challenge of getting into places he shouldn’t be able to They pick back up with their adventures and it was easy to picture them as kids finding mischief and trouble He teaches Sophie certain tricks against his own better judgment but one lesson in lock picking turns into a sexy game of strip lock picking There’s always that threat hanging over their heads of Sophie’s blackmailer but they have fun together and the passion between them is hot from the moment they’re reunited They have some very sexy moments and it was those moments along with their shared history that made them an enjoyable couple to get to knowThe story of Sophie’s blackmailer and his plots and plans dragged a little bit and is the main reason for my rating I was certainly caught up with Sophie Cam and Sophie’s sisters than I was the suspense portion of the story I can’t put my finger on what about this storyline didn’t work for me but I found myself wanting the story to focus on Sophie and Cam’s romance and even getting to know Sophie’s sisters than I did the bad guy portion of the bookI read this story as a stand alone and realize that I missed out on some Cam build up having not read the two books prior to this I think this reads fine as a stand alone but I do wonder if I might have connected even with Cam having gotten of his past especially when it comes to his relationship with his two friends Connor and GryffWhile I did like Cam and Sophie and their interactions on page the overall story didn’t keep my attention completely from cover to cover The romance was sweet and enjoyable and it’s a good read just not one that really stands outRating C

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    A slightly elaborate version of this review appears on Reading with AnalysisThis book really seemed to be up my alley I did not realize that the book is the third in a series but it mostly works as a stand alone It was a bit difficult to grasp the relationship between the three heroes of the series without knowing anything about their previous adventures but the specific story in this book does not rely on events that occur in previous booksThis historical romance is a fun romp an adventurous story that ought not be taken too seriously But I take everything seriously and there were a few things about this book that just irritated me and spoiled some of my enjoyment of the story1 Sarcasm The word sarcasm actually refers to a specific type of humorwit and does not comprise all humor or all instances of douchey behavior I got a little bit irritated by the number of references to Cameron’s behavior or dialogue that was just douchey not sarcastic Don’t get me wrong he does actually get a few good sarcastic lines in but the ratio of false sarcasm to actual sarcasm is 412 Dog metaphors I never thought I’d use this sentence when talking about a book “There are an astonishing number of dog metaphors– several per page” The male hero characters of this book and the two previous books in the series are known collectively as the Hellhounds For some reason the author decided to carry that doggy affiliation over into numerous references to barking yapping yipping nipping at heels growling putting one’s nose to the ground etc During the sections of the book when two or Hellhounds are gathered together the dog metaphors become somewhat overwhelming sometimes occurring three or four times per page Per Page 3 ”Ha ha ha” On fourteen occasions in this book characters laugh “Ha ha ha” and I heard the Count from Sesame Street laughing in my head every damn time Is it the book's fault that I have a weird soundtrack in my head? No but I still don't think spelling out laughter is a very good idea What if one of the characters had a snorty laugh? How would that be spelled?Although it may seem silly those three issues seriously impacted my ability to enjoy the book Once I noticed that the “sarcasm” wasn’t always sarcasm and that the dog references just kept on coming I was pulled out of the story every time I noticed a new instance of either And the laughing so strange As a result it was difficult for me to connect to either the characters or the story and I might have just stopped reading the thing if I hadn’t been perversely curious to see if the issues continued until the end They did When I try to reflect on the book as something besides a collection of strangely applied dog references I realize that I really enjoyed the relationship between Sophie and her sisters– that was very well done –and I loved Sophie’s character her intrepid resolution and intelligence Without the aforementioned issues I might have really liked this story Readers who are not as easily irritated as I by that kind of thing might find a lot of enjoyment in this story and probably the other two books in the series as well

  10. Shauni Shauni says:

    Romantic Suspense meets Regency England what a concept While I am not completely sure that this is a regency book as there are no dates actually listed this feels like a Regency book and face it the opening line just worked Cara Elliott is a delight and another great read sent to me from Netgalley Too Dangerous is the third book in Ms Elliott's Lords of Midnight Series and does it ever pack a punchCameron Daggert all round bad boy thief pirate rake rogue charmer Cam can claim them all Of course loyal friend also applies The last Hellhound standing Cam is relaxing in their club when a woman from his past an innocent woman from his past shows up asking for a meeting with the proprietress Cam knows there is no way this particular lady belongs in there and he is intrigued Watching her give one of society's scum a packaged only baffles him enough to make contact with the woman he had adored as a young manSophie Laurence vicar 's daughterminer gentry solid as a rock the one who allows practicality to rule her life is in some serious trouble Someone is blackmailing her ailing father and wants information that Sophie isn't even sure what it is They want some old document that her father probably doesn't even have And if he does she has no clue what it could be and he is sadly in the late stages of some sort of dementia All Sophie wants to do is hold off the villains until her younger sister is married hold of the scandal After braving a gambling hell to make a payment to the scum who are blackmailing her she is approached by a mysterious stranger who only wants to make sure she reaches home safely but something about him reminds her of someone It takes a few meetings before Sophie realizes just who has reappeared in her lifeSophie is determined to save her family on her own to not drag anyone else into it and to protect her secrets Cam has other plans These two are just wonderful It's like meeting your highschool sweetheart at the reunion and realizing that yes there are issues but this person remains the love of your life It is touching to see that Cam treasures the woman Sophie is That he admires her and that he sees her as a bright light his sunbeam And Sophie she loves Cam's rascally ways his life of adventure and the fact that he is back in her lifeMs Elliott also spins a pretty tricky tail not just sweethearts reunited nor even a damsel in distress but so much as the plot thickens oooo I have so always wanted to use that phrase Cam and Sophie must find a way to stop the blackmailer save her family and discover who exactly is behind it all and of course why It gets murkier and murkier until slowly Ms Elliot unknots their lives and we see what perseverance and faith and yes family and friends can offer I really enjoyed this book I suggest you give it a tryShauniThis review is based on the ARC of To Dangerous to Desire provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released November 20 2012For reviews by Shauni check out Tea and Book andBodice Rippers Femme Fatales and Fantasy

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Too Dangerous to Desire [Ebook] ➦ Too Dangerous to Desire ➥ Cara Elliott – Can a Flame from the Past be Rekindled Long ago Sophie Lawrance chose prudence over passion rejecting a rebellious young rogue for the sake of her family no matter the ache it left in her heart But af Can a Flame from the Past be Rekindled Long ago Sophie Lawrance chose prudence over passion rejecting a rebellious young rogue for the sake of her family no matter the ache it left in her heart But after a specter from her father's Too Dangerous Epub / past resurfaces threatening to destroy all she holds dear the desperate beauty knows there is only one man whose shadowy skills can save her Or Is It Too Dangerous to Play with Fire Cameron Daggett is a man of many secrets and many sins He's never forgotten the pain of losing Sophie But now with a chance to win her back Cameron sets aside his anger and agrees to help Sophie save her father's honor Together they embark on a perilous masuerade leading them to a remote country estate near the sea There they must battle a cunning adversary and their own burning desires Will they be consumed by the flames Or can they prove that true love conuers all.