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  1. Jacque Jacque says:

    You know when you start a great series and you rush through each book devouring them as fast as you can because it's so damn good? Everything about the series you just loved and couldn't get enough of? There was uite the world building that pulled me in from the very beginning The end of the world and how we as people could rebuild and survive The mystery of the why not knowing yet learning to adapt The journeys the main characters embark on ranges from the spine tingling adventures to silly laughing moments to the profound loss That is until you hit the last bookand now you want to savor it because it's the LAST BOOK Now I just want to go back re read all the books just to keep the excitement going because I'm there right now with Night Resurrected Wyatt is another one of the Sedona survivors I wasn't paying much attention to Probably because he pretty much stayed in the background suffering in silence from what he lost 50 years earlier His story is hands down the saddest Where the others lost parents siblings friends Wyatt lost his wife and children His daily struggle of trying to find something to live for was heart wrenching Remy on the other hand has been a character that has been popping in and out of the storyline for several books now as piece by piece her story comes to light FINALLY we get to find out what her story is and boy is it a doozy Everybody the good bad and ugly are all looking for her and here she ends up in Wyatt's lap There's uite a few uestions that get answered and wrapped up nice and neatly in this 6th book Kudos to Ms Gleason on her reason for why not everybody died out Ahhhhh That was a good one I NEVER would have come up with it The crystals yup another good one Remy and Wyatt's HEA Yes they get one and how it all comes out to play is very interesting Several books back I honestly thought it was going to go another way but I'm glad it played out the way it did I have no problem claiming the Envy Chronicles as the best series I have read this year Twisting turning plots mysterious characters and a great battle of good versus evil But despite a spectacular ending I still have a few unanswered uestions For example; what side was Ian really playing on? How long did he really know about Remy? He was such an enigma I really need to know He was a bad guy who did good and a good guy who did bad Even if he was bad I still liked and cheered him on A personal note to the author Ms Gleason if you have a heart please write a book for Ian PLEASEI received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensatedStars 5 Flames 3

  2. Beth Beth says:

    Wyatt has lost everything during The Change suspended in a cave for over 50 years the world has moved on leaving him and his friends in a strange and changed planet Even though his family was long gone he feels he lost them days ago Torn between wishing he was dead right along with his family a bold and courageous woman brings new lifeher name Remington Truth Remington Truth holds the key to power and never even knew it As young teen Remi’s grandfather entrusted her with the key a crystal He told her to guard it with her life Knowing that the answers to all her years of hiding and loneliness may be found in a woman Ana who resides in Envyshe treks out on her own Soon to be joined by Wyatt and her wonderful dog Remi must face the hotcold emotional turmoil of WyattComing against zombies wild animals and dangerous bounty hunters Remi doesn’t know who to trust with her secrets and most of all her heartThis was a wonderful adventure in a dark and desperate post apocalyptic world Strength of characters promises of the past and the will to survive is sometimes all they have to keep them going Touching reunions and heart wrenching decisions keep you riveted to the pages Joss Ware weaves a fascinating look into world where we could of very well caused our own destruction by our desire for power Only those with the tenacity to fight against a superior foe will live onThis ARC copy of Night Resurrected was given to me by Avon Publishing in exchange for a honest review Publish Date February 26 2013

  3. Nicole Nicole says:

    Joint Review with Has originally posted here I have been a fan girl of the Envy Chronicles since I first discovered post apocalyptic romance books I have been anxiously awaiting to see what would happen with Remy and loved getting to see her and Wyatt get their happily ever after This book felt like it had a little bit of a different tone than the previous books in the series but I really liked it Getting and of the story about the Strangers and how exactly Remy played into their nefarious plot was great to finally see unravel I do have to say though if this is the last book in the series I’m very disappointed with how it all ended I HOPE that this isn’t the end of the series because there is so much that was left hanging at the end of this bookHas I totally agree with you about the new tone and feel from the previous books Night Resurrected definitely felt focused on the characters especially on the romance which had was built up beautifully from an antagonistic relationship that slowly grows into love I also loved the insights and backstory into Wyatt’s past which added a lot depth with his character and explained why he was so grumpy especially towards RemyI also enjoyed the on going arc with the Strangers and the Atlanteans plot especially with the mystery of what is the mysterious crystal that Remy has and I was surprised by the twist about its property I also liked how it heightened the stakes with the tension between the people of Envy and the Strangers and I was also left hanging towards the end of the book because it ended way too uickly for meMinnChica Yes the romance between Wyatt and Remy has been steadily growing from the first moment these two met I was so anxious to see why exactly there was an underlying animosity between these two and with the discovery of Wyatt’s past I could see why exactly he was so grumpy at times I did love the way that their romance built and developed over the course of the book and the series as a whole When they finally put their own differences aside and made a commitment to one another I wanted to do a little happy dance I’ve been rooting for these two for what feels like forever so once they finally got their stuff together it was an extra special HEA for meHas I loved how their romance developed it was definitely a slow burn but when they first kiss I have to admit I mentally did a little jig It was also one of the best first kiss I’ve read in a long while because the tension between them just exploded I also liked how Joss Ware covered the aftermath of the attack that Remy suffered previously and that felt organic in how she was coping with her memories of Seattle‘His hands closed over her arms yanking her up and off the ground The next thing she knew her chest slammed into him and his mouth covered hersRemy’s eyes went wide her breath catching as his lips fit to her parted ones Then the shock faded replaced by heat and pleasure barreling through her and she kissed him back As the kiss deepened their tongues twined sleek and easy their mouths molding together She closed her eyes and sank into the delicious taste of him as he devoured her in return His lips were sensual and erotic and she realized her hands had settled on his warm solid shoulders One of them found a lock of silky hair then slid up into thick waves as she felt her toes touch the ground again his hands releasing her shouldersHe ended the kiss abruptly stepping back and looking down at her She was panting her legs felt like noodles and for a moment she wasn’t certain she remembered her own name Oh my God“I had to shut you up somehow” he said stepping back further’But that kiss especially the scene afterward when Wyatt just lost control was just fantastic and I loved how they finally admitted to themselves there was an attraction I really enjoy hate turns to love romances because they do sparkle for me I also felt the dynamics with Ian Marck the bounty hunter who is morally dubious was interesting especially since he had a brief affair with Remy There were hints of a love triangle in the first half of the book but I was glad that element was resolved when Remy and Ian didn’t have strong romantic feelings despite having a sexual spark However I am definitely hankering for his book because we found out clues about his past and his own feelings towards the StrangersMinnChica The overall development of the plot arc was great as well I didn’t feel as if it moved as uickly as some of the previous books in the story but getting the chance to find out the specifics of Remy’s crystal was great I’m anxious to see where the series goes from here now that the Strangers have found Remy and not been able to get what they want from her Ware left a lot of strings in the series – with Ian Marck the Strangers themselves with the town of Envy and the world overall I got a sense that there was so much story to tell despite the fact that the core cast of characters have all found their happily ever aftersHas I also felt that the endgame of the series is fast approaching for the original core of characters Because that ending felt like things are definitely coming to a head with the Strangers the Atlanteans and the people of Envy I did wish we had on the ending because it ended a bit abruptly and I wanted to enjoy the HEA a bit But that ending with the showdown and the great build up of the romance between Remy and Wyatt definitely makes Night Resurrected a solid entry in the Envy Chronicles I really am looking forward to the next installment which I hope will cover Ian’s storyI give Night Resurrected a BMinnChica All in all I was very happy with this installment of the series I loved getting to see Remy and Wyatt finally get their happy ever after especially with everything they have each had to endure Ware continues to write probably the best post apocalyptic romance series and I am so anxious to see what she has in store for us next The world continues to grow and evolve and I am so excited to see what twists and turns are coming up for the Envy crewI give Night Resurrected a B

  4. Jackie Jackie says:

    And so after 6 very enjoyable books we say goodbye to Elliot Fence uent Simon Wyatt Lou Theo Ana Sage Jade Zoe Remy and her ever faithful DantesFor me in some ways this was a good ending for the series and in other ways there is still to be discovered and uestions to be answered However happily our intrepid Envy inhabitants now have a semi conclusion to their adventures

  5. Vanessa theJeepDiva Vanessa theJeepDiva says:

    Remy and Wyatt have had a thing for the past few Envy Chronicle books Their thing is drowning in hateneed and habit Wyatt hates himself This man is carrying a heavy load of survivors guilt He hates that Remy makes him notice her He feels guilty for the way he notices her Wyatt wants his pre Change life back Wyatt puts himself in the center of Remy’s disastrous life because he helps people Helping others is the one familiar thing Wyatt has in this world gone wrong Remy does not understand Wyatt Her lone way of life has left her with an uncanny ability of reading people She can’t read Wyatt She always believes that his scowl is towards her She does not know what he has brought himself through the nightmare he has risen into She doesn’t know the hell is lives with And of course Wyatt being Wyatt he is not about to share that information I enjoyed Night Resurrected Wyatt was always intriguing He was the one member of the group that lost the most He was the man in the most misery He deserved to be happy in this tumultuous world He deserved the happily ever after than the other guys in the series He just had a longer road to his happily ever after Remy and her mysterious crystal has had me making some leaping guesstimations for some time I was a little disappointed in the sex It took Wyatt and Remy forever to take that step It was a step that had building for several books Everyone knew it was going to happen it was just a matter of when I know both have complicated traumas in their pasts I wanted This is strictly a selfish disappointment It does not take anything away from the story The ending had a very nice tight wrap up I scoured the authors website for information if this would be the last book in the series I truly hope not This is such a uniue series and I love escaping to this strange vision of Vegas There are also a few things within this world that I would like to know about I can’t say there are many unanswered uestions but I would like

  6. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    I'm so tempted to mark this as a 5 star but that would be for the series as a whole then this specific book But this book alone did earn a 4 star from me I Love Ware's world building and character development I had major reservations about this series when I first got it and have been pleasantly suprised ever since the first book I can't wait for the next book and I am desperately hopeing it's Ian's book The only downer I had with this one is similar to that of others in the series and that is that the ending felt Short Not really rushed just cut short like Wyatt and Remi deserved another chapter or 2 to work out their biz But Great story and I didn't even mind that there wasn't many steami hots Good job over all

  7. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    A lot of things were revealed but the ending was less than completely satisfactory I really find it hard to believe that this actually the final book as things were left hanging Apparently there is a short story Tempted by the Night which implies that this series isn't uite over just yet YAY Maybe there is hope yet for Envy and the gang I'll be watching and waiting for the next one

  8. Mei Mei says:

    I like reading about Envy and all prople involved I will continue to read these books even if the story is getting less interesting

  9. Michelle Tempted By Books Michelle Tempted By Books says:

    This series really left me wanting It didn't really come across as a romance as the couples were never really at the forefront The series should really have been a Distopia or an Urban Fantasy The story itself gave enough to keep you interested in the world but then failed to deliver in a manner that was satisfactory IE The ending of this book and the series was very rushed and rather blah In nearly every one of these books in the series the story never really flushed out The main characters all seems severely naive and easily over powered The constant allowance of the Strangers behavior without repercussions and the fact that all the main 5 guys are so easily over powered was another asinine thing It seems as if the concept was a wonderful idea but lacked the full vision As to this book specifically Remy is an idiot and Wyatt comes off as an ass as well

  10. says:

    Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiBeware of possible SpoilersWyatt had it all A loving wife two beautiful kids and a career he loved as chief of the fire department He was so excited to go on a guy’s weekend with his best friends uent and Elliott but he never expected when he kissed his family goodbye that it would be the final time he’d see themRemy has lived her life on the run doing whatever it takes to protect the crystal that her grandfather and namesake gave her on his deathbed with the ominous instructions to protect it with her life And she has done just that But now the elite are looking for her and will stop at nothing to get her and the crystalBut Remy can’t seem to shake Wyatt He is determined to help her whether she wants his assistance or not Even her traitorous dog loves the man But when their attraction ignites will they give in to it or will their own reservations and guilt keep them apart?I have really been looking forward to this book I greatly enjoyed the glimpses of Wyatt and Remy that we saw in the previous installments of the series and I knew that their relationship would be a fun and emotional ride; and definitely would NOT be boringIn fact during the majority of this book I felt this was my favorite book of the series The previous books were good but they all had a bit of a lull in them while the story was building up it was a dull period but while reading it you knew it was necessary and you had to truck on through it to get to the good stuff And the good stuff has definitely been worth it But Night Resurrected didn’t have a lull in it at all It was full of action and made me want to keep reading non stopMy only true complaint with the book is the ending With the entire book being such an exciting adventure it put a lot of stress on the ending to be eually exhilarating if not so And in that regard I felt this book fell short I was expecting the epilogue to have some ridiculously mushy romance going on to tie the book up but instead we get the couple enjoying each other while reminiscing on their past Namely the things that Remy did to Wyatt; shooting at him throwing the snake etc I was expecting so much so it was a bit of a disappointment to meAlso if you’re going into this book expecting lots of raunchy but romantic sex scenes you will be a bit let down as this is not that kind of book There is actually very little sex in this installment And I for one am glad for that Considering what Remy has gone through I think that if she was uick to jump into the sack with Wyatt or anybody else that it would come off as fake and unrealistic To say nothing of the guilt that has plagued Wyatt for leaving his family before the change I felt Remy and Wyatt’s union was done with class and the duo couldn’t have been caring and affectionateI have heard rumors that this is the last installment of the series but never from any official sources I desperately hope the rumors are false There is so much story left to tell and I would hate to end it now we haven’t even gotten to ‘see’ Zoë and uent’s baby yet Not to mention in this book there was a hint of another couple that may be expecting And even though he’s a bounty hunter I feel Ian is screaming for a book of his very own

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Night Resurrected [Ebook] ➢ Night Resurrected By Joss Ware – His family lost forever in The Change Wyatt is a man with nothing left to lose But just when he thought he'd never feel anythig again Remington Truth came into his life Knowing the bold beauty would f His family lost forever in The Change Wyatt is a man with nothing left to lose But just when he thought he'd never feel anythig again Remington Truth came into his life Knowing the bold beauty would face unimaginable dangers on her uest to safeguard the mysterious crystal in her possession he joins her on her journey never expecting her to find a way past the wall he's builtRemy's a woman with everything at stake While protecting the powerful crystal that is her family's secret legacy she dares not trust anyone Yet once she recognizes the ravaged heart beneath Wyatt's stony facade she's willing to risk it all Together they battle the forces of darkness their very survival at stakeUntil Remy is forced to make a terrible decision that could destroy themand the rest of the world.