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My Dear Sophy [Read] ➵ My Dear Sophy By Kimberly Truesdale – Sophy Wentworth loves her life in sleepy MilvertonTwenty three year old Sophia Wentworth lives a uiet life in the small country town of Milverton Here she helps her Papa the town doctor visits with he Sophy Wentworth loves her life in sleepy MilvertonTwenty three year old Sophia Wentworth lives a uiet life in the small country town of Milverton Here she helps her Papa the town doctor visits with her friends and attempts – usually unsuccessfully – to keep her younger brothers Edward and Frederick out of trouble When the opportunity to marry the handsome and attentive young curate who's just moved into the next town presents itself Sophy is tempted by My Dear Kindle - a life of pleasant repetitions and obligations a life that will keep her at the center of the town and the community she loves so muchUntil a stranger arrivesCaptain Conrad Croft grew up in Milverton where his father is the rector He has spent the past fourteen years traveling the world with the British Navy On a surprise visit home Conrad meets Sophia – who was just eight years old when he left He becomes intrigued by this woman the silent core of strength for the entire town When his attempts to draw her out succeed Conrad discovers an intelligent witty strong woman who might just be his perfect match He only has to convince her of it before he sails away againFifteen years before the events of Jane Austen's Persuasion this is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs Croft first meet.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 232 pages
  • My Dear Sophy
  • Kimberly Truesdale
  • English
  • 15 July 2015

About the Author: Kimberly Truesdale

I’m a full time storyteller and sometime teacher who grew up on classic literature and always wanted to live at Green Gables My interests are extremely wide; current projects include writing about early America my home state of Florida and a family murder mysteryFollow me on Facebook at Kimberly Truesdale.

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  1. Sophia Sophia says:

    Persuasion is such a powerful story of love lost bittersweet memories and hoping when all hope is lost In the midst of such a story are characters that are delightfully engaging and bring light and heartwarming moments Two of these are the hero's older sister and her husband who are the catalysts that bring about the second chance Admiral and Mrs Croft who are a middle aged couple settling into a life of peace after Napoleon is defeated the first time They are so in love loving toward her brother and genuinely kind But how did it all begin? I was thrilled to discover that someone chose to answer that uestion and gave the Crofts their own story that stayed true to who they becomeSophy Wentworth is a dutiful daughter to widowed doctor a caring sister to two brothers on the cusp of manhood a dependable helper to many an attentive listener and she feels affection and contentment well with the exception when her active younger brothers brangle and argue their way through each day Sophy even imagines herself in love with the local curate who tutors her brothers Life seems well along on its straight and predictable path Then do to a bit of excitement caused by Freddie she encounters Captain Conrad Croft son of her good friends the Rev and Mrs Croft For the first time someone really sees Sophy and not just who she is in regard to what roles she plays Confusion sets in as she develops fast and hard feelings for a man who is returning to duty soon even as she contemplates the feelings she already has for a man who seems perfect for her in every wayCaptain Conrad Croft or 'Connie' as he is to those he considers near and dear has been away at sea and away from his home for fourteen years With a chance due to his ship putting in for repairs he returns home to surprise his family It is he who receives the surprise when he is brought up short by lovely fun loving Sophia Wentworth She is easy in his presence and treats him to friendly spirited conversation along with one deeply moving one She is all that he would want but then he realizes that she is also someone he cannot have She already has a serious suitor and beyond that he must return to his ship which is no life for a woman Even as he thinks that he also dreams and regards Sophy as than a friend Could he ask it? Would she give up her comfortable life for hardship and adventure with him?The story is gently paced and told from alternate points of view between Sophy and Connie It is a slow paced story of thoughtful reflection giving a feel for the historical period the setting the characters within the setting and the plot The author was clearly careful to research Persuasion and comb for hints to the early years of the Wentworth family and Admiral Croft because I definitely believed that this could have been their early storySophy and Connie are mature sensible people They are likeable with few flaws Their growth in this story was that of deciding to go with the sure thing or take a chance for something betterThe love story is sweet and there is a love triangle aspect The scenario worked for me and the resulting conflict this caused was just the right amount of tension this story needed along with the sense that the clock was ticking down on opportunity since Connie was on leave for a short time I felt that the moments that Connie and Sophy shared were precious as a result The author painted lovely pictures of the settings whether it was the environs of Milverton or Connie's ship but she also painted poignant scenes set against these places The romance was very subtle but not any less powerful and I loved itAs an aside I really wanted to bop both Wentworth brothers and the father on occasion for the incessant arguing and fighting Its all part of coming of age and was funny at times but let's just say Sophy was patient with it than I would have been Still it was fun imagining that young Freddie who gets into scrapes and antagonizes his older brother and father was going to become the man who becomes a Naval Captain wins his prizes falls in love with a worthy lady and pens that amazing letterAll in all this was a lovely gentle historical sweet romance that I do not hesitate to recommend to anyone who loves that type of story but most particularly lovers of Austenesue

  2. IndieJane IndieJane says:

    You know that feeling when you get a really good box of chocolates and you eat your way through all your favorites and collapse in a satisfied sugar induced coma? That’s a great feeling But even better is the feeling you get when you think you’ve eaten all your favorites sadness and all that are left are yucky nougats sadness suared but you can’t resist looking in the box one time just in case you missed a good oneand gasp There it is One of your favorites the dark chocolate covered almonds in my case and you kind of cry a little bit inside but it’s a happy “oh yay I get to savor this one time” kind of cryOh that only happens to me? Awkward Well try to imagine such a feeling—the savoring of the unexpected reward—and you will get the idea what it’s like to read My Dear Sophy by Kimberly TruesdaleMy Dear Sophy is the story of Sophia Wentworth she is the older sister of Frederick Wentworth my second favorite Austen hero and she is one of the best characters in Austen’s Persuasion She and her husband Admiral Croft have one of the best if not the best marriages in all of Austen Take a moment and think about it We are of course hoping for happy marriages for all those heroes and heroines but pre existing happy unions in Austen? There are not a lot So when I heard that Kimberly Truesdale was writing awell I guess it’s a preuel but trust me it’s not in the icky George Lucas style of preuelsfeaturing Sophia Wentworth and Captain Conrad Croft I was extremely excited And nervous Admiral and Mrs Croft are so in love in Persuasion but it’s a warm comfortable jolly sort of love and I was afraid they wouldn’t translate well into a passionate love storyI was wrong Sophia Wentworth is the eldest child of the town doctor in sleepy little Milverton Her daily existence consists of keeping her father and brothers together as a cohesive and harmonious fail Sophy fail but it’s not your fault They’re teen boys they cannot be reasoned with family after the death of her mother and in hearing all the little gossip and drama of her small town and helping out where she can And kinda sorta crushing on the new rector Mr Hollingsworth seems like he would be a great match for Sophy He’s young attractive smart able to offer her a secure future but thenCue Hottie Naval CaptainCaptain Conrad Croft returns to Milverton after fourteen years to visit his family He and Sophy just seem to get one another Sophy feels like she’s being really seen for the first time Connie is entranced by her comfortable manner and her smiles and by her way of always offering comfort and encouragement There’s witty verbal repartee over a rock skipping contestthere’s Connie with his collar undone and his sleeves rolled up in the hot hot heat of the summerThe path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly and in this case it is mostly the fault of the key players themselves Oh and the annoying okay not really Mr Hollingsworth who was actually pretty much perfect for the Sophy at the start of the book It was really hard to hate him even though I wanted to because I really detest love triangles In this case however the love triangle was very realistic and made sense Mr Hollingsworth could offer Sophy a steady settled and probably pretty happy life in her hometown near her family Connie if he ever gets around to admitting to himself that a he’s desperately in love with her and b all of his ideas about not having a wife on board a ship wouldn’t matter if he had the right woman by his sidecan offer Sophy an unsettled sometimes hard life but one filled with adventure and loveAlso as a side note Teenage Frederick Wentworth I mean yeah he’s fifteen but he’s still kind of hot though a bit of a brat and you know fifteenso on second thought forget I said anythingTo sum up Very sweet uick and comfortable read with flashes of gooey puddle inducing hotness JUST KISS HER ALREADY CONNIE AhemI can’t wait for of Connie and Sophy’s adventuresFive out of five stars

  3. Ceri Ceri says:

    If you've read 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen you will probably have liked Captain Wentworth's sister Sophy and her husband Admiral Croft and here is a story of how they could have met All we really know from Persuasion is that it happened pretty speedily so there is a blank canvas there for the author She paints Sophy as a young woman who is hemmed in by her life; her mother has died and she has been cast into the role of mother to her younger brothers but they are getting to an age when they no longer will be needing her so much She has a suitor on the brink of a proposal and accepting him will mean the continuance of a mundane life in the same village for the foreseeable future And then she meets Captain Croft home from the sea to visit his family looking all tanned and exuding adventure He is at a susceptible point too as being made Captain has created distance between himself and his crew and he's feeling a bit lonely I am not sure that Croft is the same as Austen's would have been he seems almost Captain Wentworth like but I am not complaining I felt that Sophy flitted very uickly between one man and the other I personally don't see her being that flaky Aside from this she seemed very nice though you could see this Sophy becoming the Mrs Croft we meet in Persuasion some 15 years or so down the lineI think the book could do with some attention to the words used though I think there were several words that were too modern eg amongst others nuclear dammit and even okay which I don't think was widely much in Britain before the mid 20th century let alone late 1700searly 1800s as it wasn't even used in the USA then I felt that the speech patterns seemed too modern too you would not read this and think it was written when it was set It is a shame because for me the language niggles distract the reader from what is a really good story On the whole I enjoyed this book it's such a low price too good value And what a gorgeous cover

  4. Shannon Shannon says:

    A book about Sophy and Admiral Croft? Yes please This book was so romantic It is on the shorter side and I was so disappointed that it ended The StoryThe story begins with Sophy Wentworth living her predictable mundane life chasing after her younger brother's Edward and Frederick Living in a small town affords very few opportunities to meet potential suitors She has watched many eligible men move on from her small town or marry someone else and she begins to come to terms with the fact that she might never marry Enter Mr Joshua Holingsford Wait what about Captain Croft? Well that my dear friends is the fun in the story and I would not want to ruin it for you Suffice to say Captain Croft had his work ahead of him Of course we all know how it ends even before it began but there were delightful twists and turns and as much as I wanted to dislike Mr Holingsford I found him to be a delightful characterCharactersThe characters are amazingly true to form at least how I always pictured them being Frederick was the troublesome youth that I expected him to be and Sophy was the pillar of strength for her family Captain Croft was every bit as intriguing as you would expect a man who has sailed to far off countries to be I loved the interactions between the characters and the scenes of Sophy with Captain Croft are incredibly romanticOverallThis book has become a fast favorite of mine I am not a prude but there is something beautiful about a book that can convey romance and love without having to include scenes of a sexual nature This book was well written had convincing characters and was very romantic I highly recommend this book According to the back of the book Sophy and Captain Croft's future adventures will be coming soon

  5. Emma Rose Ribbons Emma Rose Ribbons says:

    What a nice well written romance Persuasion is an underrated book and I'm always looking for seuels and books that imagine some of the gaps This really delivered if you ask me Jane has written two established as in not made during the course of the novel truly happy couples the Gardiners and the Crofts The premise of this book was a true find in itself I was so happy that someone else had taken an interest in one of the couples I liked best in all of Austen's works Sophy is a well fleshed heroine whose intelligence and responsible nature absolutely won me over When she's torn between choosing two paths in life her dilemna feels genuine because both suitors are engaging though ultimately Croft has of course the edge and when he proposes to her it's with all the knowledge that Sophy is his eual in every way and I loved their reasons for being together Love is nice but entering a partnership of euals is what everyone should aspire to The fact that the author acknowledges that was essential to me and what I loved most about Sophy and Connie's relationship in Persuasion The best part was to find out at the end that there would be seuels I already plan on purchasing them

  6. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    Sophy Wentworth us the daughter of a country doctor keeping house for her widowed father and raising her two younger brothers By the age of 23 she is still unwed and her brothers incorrigible Sophy dreams of love perhaps with the Curate Mr Hollingworth Then Lieutenant Connie Croft returns to Millverton after 14 years at sea and his jovial spirits charm all the Wentworths Sophy begins to reevaluate what she wants for her future as Connie takes the time to really get to know her This is a sweet story about two minor characters from one of my favorite novels I always love Sophy and admire her I almost wish Jane Austen had written about the Crofts This love story is slow to begin The exposition us too long and is mostly told Connie doesn't enter the story until late I enjoyed their friendship and especially appreciated how Connie took the time to talk to Sophy I believed in their relationship despite the short length of time they knew each other I also liked how the Curate was a good choice for Siphy and her first love not a bad person just not what Sophy needed There is a little bit of heat to Sophy's romances bending the rules if etiuette a bit The end gets a little too sentimental for me One other thing I really enjoyed about this book is the loving family relationships Dr Wentworth is a bit strict but loves his children The boys remind me if my younger cousins when they were boysWhile I really like Connie ugh awful name I don't see this laughing joking singing younger man growing into Austen's kind but unobservant Admiral Croft I do get that he has seen much warfare and loss but he would still be in touch with other people's feelings I want to see what adventures are in store for Sophy next35 stars

  7. Nancy Kelley Nancy Kelley says:

    This fantastic preuel to Persuasion follows the story of Sophy Wentworth and Captain Croft–Captain Wentworth’s sister and brother in lawIn Persuasion the Crofts delight us as being one of the few functional marriages found in Austen They are a genuinely happy pair whose personalities and temperaments make them well suited for each other But of course there was a time before they met–how did their relationship start?Travel back a few years to when Admiral Croft was a young Captain on leave in England for the first time in 14 years He goes home to the sleepy town of Milverton where he meets Sophy Wentworth the doctor’s daughter The two are thrown together uite often in the week that passes and that mutual affection we admire so much in Persuasion is immediately evidentIn a way the story of My Dear Sophy is about Sophy’s choice–not the classic Sophie’s Choice but a choice she has to make Though the sparks between her and Connie are obvious he is not the only man interested in marrying her The local curate has declared his interest as well and in many ways he’s a better match for Sophy He represents security and family for if she marries him she will never have to leave her home in MilvertonLike Anne Eliot she is aware that life as a Naval captain’s wife will not be easy In truth the stories mirror each other Both women are faced with the choice of marrying the sailor they love and suffering the whims of the Navy their whole lives or letting him go Under the influence of her family Anne lets Wentworth go As a stronger minded character and with her family’s full support Sophy chooses Connie over the stability a curate could provideI absolutely loved this book as you can see from my Goodreads status updates Despite knowing from the start who the couple was and that they would have the HEA Kim still managed to keep me in suspense There were times when I actually wondered how it would all work outBoth Connie and Sophy were delightful characters to read and completely in keeping with the older versions we know of them from Persuasion We have the additional fun of seeing a young Frederick Wentworth and watching him first become enad with the sea He too was as much like our beloved Captain as you can expect a boy of 15 to be

  8. Candy Candy says:

    My Dear Sophy is a sweet charming story of Sophia Wentworth Fredrick Wentworth’s older sister of Jane Austen’s Persuasion It’s a beautiful telling of how she met and fell in love with Captain CroftLife for Sophy is slipping by When her mother dies she is left to help her father raise her younger brothers Edward and Freddy All of her friends have married but at 23 her hopes for a husband have seemed to pass her by Until one day Mr Hollingson the young new curator starts paying her some attention She begins to have feelings for him also but could it be love? Soon Captain Conard Croft comes to town to visit his parents he’s been away 14 long years Sophy was just a child when he left but they immediately fall into an easy friendship With Captain Croft Sophy feels comfortableshe can tell him her secret thoughts and he listens to her Soon she begins to have strong feelings for Captain Croft but he is leaving going back to sea Mr Hollingson is here and offering her a comfortable home and security What can Captain Croft offer? Adventure and the unknown Of course from Persuasion we know whom Sophy will choose but I was eager to know how Sophy would choose her future husband Argh The frustration of the regency period With so many people around them all the time Captain Croft and Sophy have very little time to talk alone And time was limited Captain Croft would be leaving soon How would they ever get a chance to find out how the other feels? I loved getting to know Captain Croft and Sophy I had really never thought much about them before Truesdale has opened my eyes to them and she has made me love them

  9. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    TYPE OF AUSTENESUE NOVEL Preuel Minor CharacterTIME FRAME 15 years before Jane Austen's PersuasionMAIN CHARACTERS Sophy Wenthworth Frederick Wentworth Edward Wentwroth Captain Croft Joshua HollingsonWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVELAdmiral and Mrs Croft are such a fantastic and exemplary couple They are cheerful capable good tempered and one happiest married couples Jane Austen created I knew right away I wanted to read this novel because of my love for these characters and the fact that there is a scarcity of prose written about them In addition Sophia Croft is a strong minded resilient and admirable woman and I'm just delighted she gets to be the heroine of her own novelWHAT I LOVEDThe Backstory In this novel Kimberley Truesdale takes readers to a village they never visited before the peaceful and hardworking town of Milverton in Somerset and introduces them to Dr Wentworth Edward Wentworth Reverend Croft and Mrs Croft I found the village and these new characters to be filled with charm and personality Moreover I loved seeing Frederick Sophie and Admiral Croft when they were younger witnessing the budding romance between Sophy and the Admiral and gaining new insight about their pastsTo continue reading go to

  10. Kirk Kirk says:

    My Dear Sophy by Kimberly Truesdale4 TeacupsFrom the backcoverFifteen years before the events of Jane Austen's Persuasion this is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs Croft first meet I enjoyed meeting one of my favorite Austen couples as they discover each other There was much wit in the book Lol I hate that Admiral Croft Captain in the time of the book being called Conniefirst name Conrad in the book There were a couple of circumstances in the book where I had to stretch my disbelief abit far However that was made up for by some very moving scenes I understand from her blog and the book backcover that the author hopes to write stories involving Sophy and Adm Croft I'll be onboard I'm ready to sail with them

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