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Moonflower [Ebook] ➧ Moonflower Author E.D.C. Johnson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk After Josephine Woods' father dies of cancer her mother up roots the two of them and moves to the city Josie hates her city life but her teenage issues are of little conseuence when they have a car ac After Josephine Woods' father dies of cancer her mother up roots the two of them and moves to the city Josie hates her city life but her teenage issues are of little conseuence when they have a car accident and she wakes up in a strange land reminiscent of Victorian Europe alone Lost with her school backpack as the only connection to her world Josie struggles to find her way home She is found by Lucius Conrí the son of a Maruess who possesses royal blood and the gift to shift into a wolf’s form at will Can the kind hearted Lucius help her find her way while winning her love or will she fall for Donovan Conrí his older serious brother and heir to the Conrí wealth.

  • ebook
  • 268 pages
  • Moonflower
  • E.D.C. Johnson
  • English
  • 09 January 2016

10 thoughts on “Moonflower

  1. Becca Becca says:

    35 starsJust out of curiosity is it me? Really is it me – only who falls for the wrong guy every time in a book? Goddammit I received this book for an honest review for a Blog Tour by Juniper Grove Book Solutions I believe honesty is the best policy and my opinion was in no way swayed Song Choice “Train Song” by Fesist Ben Gibbard “You Are My Best Friends” by Weezer “My Lovely” by Eisley and “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift featuring the Civil WarsFirst Thoughts I really enjoyed this book I couldn’t put it down honestly but there were things about it that made me really upset By no means does that make this a bad book or anything like that I thought that the plot was interesting and very intriguing yeah this was of a story about love and a bit about politics adventurous slightly but not too much The story was about finding love and about a young woman learning to deal with the loss of her father Thoughts on Plot Okay I was intrigued when I saw the summary of this book – really intrigued – Victorian werewolves? I mean who wants to pass that up? What I didn’t realize that she would be transported to a different land – nah big deal really just there you go so you won’t be as confused as I felt for a bit There were parts in this book I think that we were SUPPOSED to be as lost as Josie but I was getting a bit frustrated at the same time That I didn’t mind as much as the fact that I guess I was waiting for something to happen I liked that yeah this story was also about growing up and finding love and all that stuff but at the same time I was sort of waiting for a bit of action maybe that is my own preference kind of things Um since this is of a character based book I am going to go ahead and start talking about them CharactersJosie Uhhhhwell okay I like how her character was written for the most part There were times I was wondering if her character was believable Like when it had been over a month and she realized then that she might not get home anytime soonit has been a month And she doesn’t show much concern whether her mother is alright But she does have a good freak out and I was glad about that She adapts well to the world that she has been thrown into and she tries to keep an upbeat attitude which I do admire She learns a lot about herself in this strange world and becomes so much Um her feelings for the brothers are very unclear and I find myself still wondering exactly how she felt While in the middle beginning and middle of the book she didn’t think much of going home it becomes of a thought at the end of the end of the book and becomes her ruling objective I know that she thinks of Lucius as a best friend and Donovan as well Donovan but I DO NOT KNOW how you feel about them other than that you might like them both I honestly don’t believe you have eual love for the brothers I wanted to know how they made her feel Yeah there were moments of showing like when he touches her she gets goosebumps when they kiss passion ignites but it wasn’t enough for me because these were rare incidents Lucius Freaking hell how is it that I fall for the wrong guy in the a love triangle every time No seriously every time examples Twilight Team Jacob all the way – and not even because he was a werewolf In the Iron Fey Series Puck – loved him still do There are many anyways point is that I loved Lucius He was fun and sweet Yeah he was the younger brother but he in no way acted like he was a child compared to Donovan He was charming and totally sweet He took his time with Josie he tried to make her feel safe and made sure she understood certain differences about them before she found out in any other way He was protective and when we read in his POV he was acting like a man – if you know what I mean – I mean he wasn’t super descriptive but I mean he is a guy he thought the girl was pretty I honestly truly believed that he loved her Donovan Now I am sorry both to the author and to fans of Donovan but in my honest opinion what crawled up your ass and died God if he wasn’t suck a stick in the mud I would even dare call him hot Two different colored eyes EDC Johnson – sweetie you were really trying to make me love this man because I LOVE two different colored eyes LOVE IT But god I didn’t believe that he truly loved Josie I think that a little bit he saw that his brother had something he didn’t She was this exotic new beauty from a faraway land Lust interest yeah but not love He was too serious and barely smiled He was the brooding guy and I didn’t understand how Josie felt so strongly about him Because in the beginning of the book he seem to hate her and it took about a month before he even spoke to her? UGH UGH UGHSo the love triangle I am thankful she didn’t really “play the field” it’s a bit harder in this situation because they were like Victorian’s I mean they courted but not dated like we do you know But like I mentioned I didn’t know how Josie really felt about the two guys yeah she might have said a few things but there was nothing solid for me to grasp on but maybe it was because I didn’t want to grasp it I still honestly am not sure where she stands So it’s not the worst love triangle I have ever read but it was slightly unclear to me So overall the reasons that this dropped for ME – ME IN PARTICALUR was there wasn’t enough action where I thought it might have spiced it up a bit but I am an action junkie – it’s a problem truly it is Josie wasn’t as clear with her feelings as I would have liked her to be not only with the brothers but finding home and all that And lastly the unclear ending So the ending um is this a series and I am just stupid or is this a standalone and I need to cause an uproar – no not really a cliffiebut a ton of unanswered uestions Oh I guess I should define what I see as a cliffie – where it stops in the middle of actiondoesn’t feel finished This could yeah be finished but I don’t want it to be So if this is a series yes I will gladly read the next one if its not I might be protesting to the author ;So I have this thing It’s a blog A fun blog Where lots of fun stuff happens To see the full post with the rest of the toury stuff please go here

  2. Heather McCarthy Heather McCarthy says:

    What a wonderful love story I know this was written for young adults but its a good read for almost anyone Great job

  3. Matilda Matilda says:

    Now I didn’t want to give this book three stars but I just couldn’t decidedit was a choice between 4 stars or 2three wasn’t a option as I either really liked this book or I felt it was ok Still not sure though so I decided on 3 the middle option Synopsis of the bookAfter Josephine Woods' father dies of cancer her mother up roots the two of them and moves to the city Josie hates her city life but her teenage issues are of little conseuence when they have a car accident and she wakes up in a strange land reminiscent of Victorian Europe alone Lost with her school backpack as the only connection to her world Josie struggles to find her way home She is found by Lucius Conrí the son of a Maruess who possesses royal blood and the gift to shift into a wolf’s form at will Can the kind hearted Lucius help her find her way while winning her love or will she fall for Donovan Conrí his older serious brother and heir to the Conrí wealth? So this books idea was the one thing that drew me towards it it was new and freshfrom other YA books out there which at the moment seem to be trending assassins and aliensthis one although having werewolves it was differentThe main character I liked but there is nothing defining her from other YA characters yet saying that she was meant to be a normal girl and I could see that about her I felt we needed to know a little about her past and her relationship with her mum because after a while of being in that place she kind of forgot it allThere was one point where I was like As she had just asked demanded her maid to wash her hair and I was wasn’t impressed with that I was worried she was gonna turn into some demanding child BUT SHE DIDNT Now the whole love triangle debatewas odd it wasn’t one of those perfect love triangles which is amazing and you love it you support one of the people and you want them to be picked But it wasn’t one of those tug your hair out pick someone already and stop playing them both love trianglesIt was difficult because even I couldn’t decide which one I preferredboth of them had things I liked and I spent most of the book confused over which one I want to win over So I understand why Josephine struggled so much but I felt at some points she didn’t help herself but overall I was so conflicted which has never really happened beforeNow even at the end of the bookview spoilerwhen Donovan was a whinny baby and decided to challenge his brother I could fight him on this I couldn’t decide whether I was gonna reject him or nothe annoyed me and I didn’t like him so much in the end hide spoiler

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    What a fun beginning to a new series It starts out sad though as Josie's father has died of cancer and her mom moves them to the city Josie is having a hard time adjusting She's in a car accident and wakes up in a foreign land with only her backpack to link her to her old life She meets Lucius who first appears to her as a wolf and then returns as a man He takes her home and she's surprised when she finds out where he lives and who he is even before she learns that he can shift into a wolf His brother Donovan enters the picture and she finds herself attracted to him too She enjoys spending time with each of them but still has a strong desire to return home This book pulled me in from the beginning and I found myself getting lost in the story I felt for Josie as she fell for both brothers and enjoyed spending time with each one but I definitely have a favorite I enjoyed learning about the Conri brothers and their history and how the book got its title Josie was fascinated with the world she somehow fell into since it was uite different than what she used to but she was also anxious to go home She was pretty young to be faced with the decisions she had to make I really wasn't sure how it would end and have to admit that it surprised me I won't say why because I don't want to spoil it The ending definitely makes me want to read I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance Mel's Shelves

  5. Lynda Lynda says:

    DisappointedOrdered book it was a stand alone story not a Romance fan but do like Fantasy Tired of all the writers that produce a good story but only book one Takes away the enjoyment As I do not want a book 2 34

  6. Brooklyn Davidson Brooklyn Davidson says:

    35 stars

  7. Diamond Diamond says:

    A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Josephine Woods is a fairly angst y 16 year old girl She lives with her mother struggling to make ends meet after her father dies of cancer While arguing with her mom they get into a car accident Josie promptly finds herself in a completely different world; alone with nothing but the clothes on her back and her trusty backpack She meets Lucius though a 17 year old boy who is of royal blood and he can transform into a wolf Moonflower was a wonderfully written story I wasn't uite sure what to expect when I started it I certainly didn't expect to be so enad with the story that I would read it all in one sitting I found the prose so natural and easy I was instantly living the story along with Josie and I was eager to see what would happen Lucius or Luc uickly becomes Josie's best friendand crush He's definitely a hottie His friendliness chivalrous behavior uickly had me rooting for him His brother Donovan started crushing on Josie too Donovan was a military man one year older than Luc He's serious and I definitely found myself secretly hoping she'd pick Luc over his brother Josie showed a lot of strength in her situation I liked how she didn't let the boys pressure her and kept her resolve I was a little confused though about which boy she was favoring It seemed like she liked Luc but then if Donovan would write her a love note she got all flustered Yet there was not much reason for it I guess I just didn't buy that that she was considering Donovan at all I could buy that she had feelings for Luc though The story had excellent world building too I felt it was a different land kind of like old times in Europe but had a uniueness to it I loved I loved the culture and how both boys were incredibly respectful and polite I don't understand why some Ya books insist on having rude boys who cover the main character by being rude and ignoring her This book was so refreshing because the guys actually cared for her and didn't show it by being rude jerks The only thing I can say truly disappointed me and the only reason it's 4 stars instead of 5 is the ending I really felt it was incomplete I'm not sure if this is going to be a series or if I can expect a seuel? In a way I hope so because I felt the ending was sort of a cop out It lives on in your heart type of thing just didn't cut it Is it wrong that I wish it hadn't ended like that? I don't want to say of my frustrations because I don't want to give anything away I'd recommend this book to lovers of good young adult fiction with alternate realities It's a wonderfully romantic book that will have you eagerly flipping the pages to find out where Josie's path leads her

  8. Christa Lane Christa Lane says:

    This book was really really good and the only reason I gave it a 45 was because the ending for me just really sucked and also every stinking time I read a book i always love the wrong guy So the way this book was written really intrigued me It was not like twilight as much as I thought it would be That is a victory in itself right? I mean the whole thing was like something new to take in The whole story was about a girl named Josephine who was involved in a car accident She wakes up in a foreign land full of Earls and Kings and people who can transform themselves into wolves She spends most of her time with two brothersLucius and Donovan who both decide to fall in love with her The brothers i admit were both very romantic but when it came to the way they presented themselves to Josephine I thought Lucius did a better job with the way he would walk with her and just talk or have a picnic made for them to be together Donovan of course took her horse back riding but I felt like he did not take her as seriously as Lucius did I mean the guy seriously did not even acknowledge Josephine until a whole month had passed and it gave me the sense that he only liked her because Lucius found something he could not have Of course this started a brother rivalry and it got out of hand at the end of the bookI wont give away the end of the book but it made me unsatisfied and waiting for a seuel I knew would never come It was really the whole reason I never gave the book five stars There were parts of the book that I just fell in love withWithin the book Josephine's father had just died with cancer and she was still dealing with that as she emerged into this foreign land Later in the book it is revealed that Lucius's mother had died and his father is very ill and could die which ended up giving them an experience they could share It was the way she made the emotions so real that just made me love the aspect of this loss and morningI also loved the Moonflower ceremony that the whole kingdom had to celebrate the way that Lucius and Donovan's mother and father joined two rivaling kingdoms They held a ball in which there is only one girl allowed to wear white and one man allowed to be in wolf form to escort her in This is supposed to represent the first night that the rulers met in the woods and fell in love The way the celebration was described was just fa nominal and it just made me want to partake in it myself Overall the book was satisfying up until the end and I do recommend it as well

  9. Patricia Hamill Patricia Hamill says:

    Loved it though it made me sad in places Definitely rocks a love triangleMoonflower is not a typical YA shifterwerewolf love story despite the love triangle and the fact that it features werewolf shifters One of the things I love most about this story is the originality Josephine is just a regular girl but when she and her mom get in an accident she blacks out only to awaken on another world It just so happens that the royal family has the ability to change into wolves The way Josephine and Lucius meet plays on her naivete and on Lucius being surprised that she doesn't realize he's really a human From there the story delves into the family and household dynamics The older brother vs the younger The similarities between Josephine's father's illness and the Maruess the brothers' father I also enjoyed the way the servants and employees of the house interact Josephine's lady's maid is so well normal It's her first time in such a role and she wants to get it right yet still she can't help but be herself I loved how the two become friendsThe love triangle and the dynamics between the two brothers is pretty well done Of course I tended to like Lucius a little better but I think the author did a great job making it a really hard decision for Josephine And as in real life Josephine realizes that it isn't just a choice between the two young men but of a life choice Does she really want to stay in this new world and abandon her mom? Does she want to be subject to the archaic role given to women in the feudal society she finds herself in? Is she even ready for commitment?I suppose the only thing that left me a little down was how the story ends and it does end in a rather final way While the author might potentially decide to write in this world it seemed like this story is meant to stand alone It's not a fairy tale but rather a story of first love of growth and of making the best choices for yourself even when they aren't the easy ones It left me thinking and wondering So despite how I felt at the end and maybe just a little bit because of that I must say that I enjoyed itI would highly recommend this book to folks who enjoy books featuring a little romance a little fantasy and the feel of a historical fiction that just happens to feature men that can turn into wolves I thought the book was well written and well edited and smoothly pulled me from chapter to chapter I was lucky to have found this book while it was on a free promo day on but I feel it's definitely worth buying even if you don't happen to come across it while it's free I am pretty sure I'll be reading this again

  10. Claire (Jst1MoreChapter) Claire (Jst1MoreChapter) says:

    35 Stars Mixed feelings for this Teen ReadAlthough this turned out to be a cute Teen Read to be honest I thought it wasn't greatly executedSo Josie she's only 16 so I kinda forgive her for acting like a spoiled bratShe's in a car accident on her way to school and wakes up in a different world bearing in mind that she remembers the accident and that her mother was in the driving seat she wonders if she herself is dead a few times but it never occurs to her that her mother could be also that really really bugged me especially after losing her father recentlyShe's also wandering around this 'period drama' land being treat like a princess for like months Ermm hello? Anybody thinking 'Golddigger' around here? Or like 'she says she's from another world is she nutts?' Because surely that's what people would think especially Luscious and Donovan's familyLuscious was perhaps my favourite character he was really cute and sweet but until the end he didn't have much backbone I mean 'make a move man' I could see how he came to care for Josie spending time with her etc but he let Donovan swoop in which was again bizarre one minute Donovan wouldn't even acknowledge Josie the next he's taking her down the pub getting her drunk and telling her fate has brought them together WTH? Maybe if we had heard a little from D's POV on a few occasions just to make you understand what he was thinking and if he was actually being genuine then I might have found him a bit appealing because there were times when I thought he had an ulterior motiveI mean don't get me wrong I love PNR books vampires wolves dragons etc but I like my fantasy with a bit of plausibility yes he can turn into a Wolf but is he really yearning after a 16 year old girl he knows nothing about?On the plus I loved the plot that's what made me download it in the first place there are some nice takes on shifting etc The writing and descriptions were good The ideas about the Moonflower Ball etc I don't want to give too many spoilers away were beautiful and it ended up being a really cute read the ending was nice with an opening for a second book but not much of a cliffy which was good In my opinion it could have been done better but it's probably a nice little read for a younger teenage audience

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