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A Kingdoms Fall (The Light of Epertase #2) ❮Download❯ ➵ A Kingdoms Fall (The Light of Epertase #2) Author Douglas R. Brown – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk That which survives the initial assault may yet die from the infection left behindIn the destroyed country of Lithia the former Gildonese leader of the Lowlands King Fice has violently assumed the thr That which survives the initial assault may yet die from the infection left behindIn the destroyed country of Lithia the former Gildonese leader of the Lowlands King Fice has violently assumed the throne filling the void left by the Tek destruction of the country His unnatural powers of sway have become potent and his influence is far reaching The Tek invasion has also left a void within the kingdom of Epertase The war has tested the once great people and with the venomous words of men ueen Alina A Kingdoms Epub / considers friends Epertase descends into revolution Alina barely escapes with her life Once again the kingdom needs a savior And once again Rasi will be forced to unleash the darker part of himself in order to save the woman he loves All is not what it seems Victory may still mean defeat The war for Epertase has only begun.

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  1. Katy Katy says:

    I first read this book in January 2013 I re read it in July 2013 before reading the final book in the trilogyBook Info Genre Military Science FantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of dark depressing action oriented stories military sci fifantasy great characters and world buildingTrigger Warnings murder violenceAnimal Abuse in battle many horses are fatally injured often on purposeMy Thoughts This is the second book in the Light of Epertase series following Legend Reborn review linked here where formatting allowed A third book The Rise of Cridon is scheduled to be released later in 2013 I have also read Douglas R Brown’s unrelated urban fantasy Tamed review linked here where formatting allowed I really like his writing style But I must say damn this book was seriously depressing Be warned—this story is dark and difficult in many ways but the writing style and the excellent characters keep it from being unendurableBasically it starts out dark and keeps growing darker The series is good but not for the faint of heart The various horrific creatures that inhabit Epertase alone make me wonder how anyone lives there without hiding in a fortress There are plenty of wondrous and unthreatening creatures as well Then there are animals just like ours It actually sort of confuses me that there are animals exactly like ours—lions bears and deer living all within the same area—and also these weird and horrifying things like hylocks and fishers and orchridsIt also expresses better than I ever could how the cancer of negativity can spread How lies told to a few spread to the many and how ultimately words—the pentongue powerful than the sword—can destroy everything Words For those who claim “They are only words they cannot actually hurt you” I challenge you to read this book and really think about it and see if it doesn’t make you re think your positionOne thing this author does really well is creating characters we love to hate like the Teks Tevin the Third King Elijah the symbionts King Fice and now Jarreh The only one of those that had any sort of redemption was Elijah; the rest are just complete and total villains straight up evil While this is not my preferred villain—I rather like a villain to whom I can relate a person with good intentions that just went wrong—it feels right for this type of book When one is going to war one doesn’t want to feel any hint of sympathy for the enemy nor is one usually granted that sort of internal understanding However I’ve seen some really outstanding books—by Weber Ringo and Modesitt to name a few—that give us the enemy’s point of view after several books of outright evil causing a huge shift in perception and I can’t help hoping that we’ll be granted a similar look into the psyches of some of these villains before the end of the seriesRasi is sort of an anti hero in many ways He’s often not at all a nice guy but everything he does he does in order to gain the greater good or at least his view of it He is however violent and dangerous and his straps or tentacles make him even so His berserker rages may be useful in battle but that sort of low level anger can be very dangerous if not carefully controlledAm I the only person who is so tired of nearly unbeatable enemies that no one—except for maybe one person—can even touch? It’s so unbalanced It feels realistic to me if the villain is a bit evenly set against the hero These Gildonese are very scary but I do sort of wish we knew about them Why do they all look so sickly and thin? How did such a dangerous race develop? How do they manage to even co exist with themselves?This book is for fans of very dark fiction military sci fifantasy action oriented books but not for the faint of heartAnd now a private message for the author There will be spoilers and while they will be hidden on Goodreads they will be viewable anywhere else so if you don’t want this to be spoiled then don’t read this last paragraph You have been warnedSPOILERview spoilerMy Goddess man how could you write such an utterly depressing story yet make it so captivating? I hated that you killed off so many of my favorites At least Alina and the baby survive but damn could you have made it any harder for her? Poor child hide spoiler

  2. Scott Scott says:

    This review is based off of an ARC copy I received through the publisher for review Also if you haven't read the first book this review could contain spoilers for you so be warnedThis book is one that I have been looking forward to since I finished reading the first almost a year ago Since I didn't reread the first book before diving into this one it did take me a couple of chapters to re immerse myself into the world that Doug has created but once I went under there was no coming back up The beginning of the book has some brutal turns as deals made in order to fight off the Teks are coming back to bite the Princess The Gildonese King Fice has taken land that should not belong to him and is making a move to oust the rightful rulers of Epertase as well His ability to sway the minds of those near him seems to be unnaturally potent even for one of his race When those that are most trusted by Alina begin to turn against her she must reunite with Rasi in order to save her kingdom from the dominion of those who wish her nothing but harm Once again in his writing Doug manages to completely absorb the reader into a world of complex political machinations violent combat seuences and the struggle of normal people to survive Rasi is a man whose life is defined by violence who wants nothing than to become a peaceful farmer taking care of his parents His amazing abilities combined with the uniue straps he bears however give him alone the ability to challenge King Fice with any hope of victory Simcane has also returned using his special skills to aid Alina in her survival while her kingdom is taken from her Honestly this is a just a great series for fans on fantasy

  3. Cherie Cherie says:

    A KINGDOM’S FALL by Douglas R Brown grips the reader from page one and doesn’t let up even at the very endAfter defeating the Teks ueen Alina thought she would slip into her new reign easily but what she doesn’t know could destroy not only herself but her kingdom and everyone she loves Rasi wants to live a peaceful life on his parents’ farm but the upcoming battle might be too great for this war hero As civil unrest boils to a full out battle both may discover the fight for Epertase is too much than they can handleA KINGDOM’S FALL picks up a few months after LEGENDS REBORN The novel easily pulls the reader back into the kingdom of Epertase and its surrounding lands Brown plays on the readers’ love for the characters and I found myself worrying about them and holding my breath much of the time I read this book The plot is dark slightly vicious and fast paced Anything can happen in this new world order and I was hooked until the very endDouglas R Brown’s A KINGDOM’S FALL is a must read for any fantasy enthusiast I can’t wait to read book three

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