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Down ➼ [Reading] ➾ Down By Nate Southard ➱ – Popular Books, Down By Nate Southard There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9780983911814 138 pages and has a text language like English Popular books, Down By Nate Southard There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

About the Author: Nate Southard

Nate Southard is moody shy lanky bald and has bad skin When he isn’t writing he’s probably cooking Thai food or fried chicken Seriously he has something like fifty fried chicken recipes It’s ridiculous He recently discovered coffee flavored ice cream and it’s ruling his entire world Did you know if you mix it with chocolate ice cream you can kinda make mocha ice cream Nate doesNate.

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  1. Kaisersoze Kaisersoze says:

    Coming into Down I was still trying to work out Nate Southard After loving Red Sky and uite enjoying Scavengers I found his recent Lights Out to be a huge disappointment So I was wary about this one Another disappointment would probably see me abandon his writings and move in for greener pastures Especially when Southard himself had described this books as his most under rated work So the good news is that Down to my mind is a uality read filled with realistic characters who are complex than those usually found within this genre It starts exceptionally strongly with Southard effortlessly establishing his characters as they ready to perform a concert while flashing forward to when their plane is about to crash over a large expanse of forest Things then settle down for a lengthy period of time with a creature roaring and banging on the broken fuselage but never really committing to much other than taking dead bodies away for some reason And though the characterisation does continue to develop this middle section of Down does suffer from some scenes that feel overly repetitive and unnecessarySouthard then gets things back on track as the rationale for what is stalking the survivors is gradually revealed culminating in an excellent finale that fans of Lovecraft in particular should get a kick from Bold entertaining and generally engaging Down is a memorable novella from an author who is now three of four for me and that's most definitely a good enough ratio for me to begin seeking out book fiveAll of which means I guess I can now say I've worked out Nate SouthardHe's on my To Read list of authors35 Junkies Gotta Score for Down

  2. Douglas Castagna Douglas Castagna says:

    I have been a fan since Just Like Hell and try to read Southard's work when I can He has a wide range in his work and his characters are always three dimensional whether they are likeable or not Down is about the sixth best band in the world and after a show they are to fly to NY for a video and some R R The plane doesn't make it and it goes downThat would be enough for some but once the survivors assess the situation that is where the real survival story kicks in Something starts picking them off at first they just come for the dead ripping them free from their twisted metal tombs and dragging them down into the earth Once the bodies are gone they come for the survivors Great characters and the story moves well Down will not disappoint

  3. Noigeloverlord Noigeloverlord says:

    I wish I could give two dif reviews a five star on the first 90 pages I absolutely loved the first part From page 91 on I was less impressed don't get me wrong still a good book but it's no longer a straight forward in your face this could happen story to a ok throw in some supernatural aspect book I would have given 3 starsBoth parts are well worth the read I just feel the beginning is that much better

  4. Scot Scot says:

    I would like to let this story settle before reviewing it

  5. Lisa Lee Lisa Lee says:

    I first read Down on Kindle back in 2015 I subseuently acuired a paperback copy autographed thank you very much and have read it twice since then This should tell you how much I appreciate this book This is what I mean when I say “shelf worthy”Yes I know but don’t be fooled by the synopsis Nate Southard has taken a classic premise and done something wickedly wonderful with it proving once again he is a master storytellerDown is an exceptionally well written book with a suspenseful story and a Lovecraftian bent that seems to be lost on some readers In the Lovecraftian way Down has some enigmatic elements things of mystery dark suspense The unexplainable The thought provoking and the mind boggling In the Lovecraftian wayThe characters are vivid realistic and believable More importantly they are interestingThe story transitions from scary to full tilt horror with a deft subtlety that will scare you silly if you can keep upDown is a fun read well paced interesting compelling This novella is a great read for any horror fan especially Lovecraft fans who understand and appreciate the ancient horrors and the art of storytellingBut be aware that this is graphic than any Lovecraft

  6. Horror DNA Horror DNA says:

    Nate Southard is one of the best short story writers in horror He's also one of the lucky few who can write novels eually well In Down Southard unleashes his gory fast paced prose on a narrative that brings together a classic survivalmonster story with a weird psychological slant The result is a creepy novel that drags the reader into a dark world where reality starts to blur and the creatures that stalk the night are motivated by something the victims can't even begin to imagineYou can read Gabino's full review at Horror DNA by clicking here

  7. Dustin Dustin says:

    Currently 99 in the Kindle store

  8. Robert Krone Robert Krone says:

    The first thing I noticed with this book was the immediate typo in the book in either the description of the story or on the first page that gives the date of the story The back of the book says it takes place in 1992 while the start of the book makes it June 1993 This was the first of a few typos in the story along with a font size that should have been a little larger given the short length of the story While those two issue were a little annoying and confusing when it came to when it was supposed to be taking place they will not factor into my rating as I don't blame the author for them and only mention them here to inform others in case that would impact their desire to read thisI had never read anything by Nate Southard before this but had heard good things so I was excited to read this and check out his work In the end I finished this feeling let down and disappointed What started out as a strong psychological thriller with an unknown creature terrorizing a band that was involved in a plane crash turned into supernatural horror story with no purpose This story started very strong for me but ended up finishing very weakWhile I don't mind having supernatural elements in my horror stories I want there to be a purpose What I got when I read this felt like it was just thrown in for no good reason There was no story of exactly what the supernatural element was why it was there how it got there what it wanted or pretty much anything else about itWhile first part of this was easily a 5 star story the last part of this was only about a 15 star story In the end I give it 325 stars I think if this story had been expanded into a larger novel with a proper explanation given of the supernatural force involved it could have been at least a 4 star story Even better if the supernatural force was never involved it would have definitely been a 5 star story I'm sure that I'll read something from this author again in the future but hopefully it will be a stronger story throughout than this one was

  9. Hatchet Mouth Hatchet Mouth says:

    Southard's most underrated work and that's from the author's own admissionTo begin some backstory on the publisher Sinister Grin Press is a publisher of limited edition high uality horror fiction They deal only with authors with cult status and an already established audience They have worked with Jack Ketchum Monia O'Rourke Wrath James White Brian Keene etcDown is the horror genre's answer to Lost No golden waterfalls or research stations here though The characters who crash on this island don't get to shower and eat candy bars what utter nonsense Some are paralyzed most die either from their injuries or at the hands of a mysterious primitive force that occupies the isolated isle Addiction is given no leeway as the junkie bandmate is disposed of halfway through for the self indulgent weakling he really isSouthard is a resonant presence in horror literature and recently broke into the crime fiction genre with Pale Horses His star can only rise from here I look forward to interviewing him on the Surreal Grotesue podcast Saturday November 23If you're like me and you enjoy high uality horror check out Sinister Grin Press for titles like this at wwwsinistergrinpresscom

  10. Tim Potter Tim Potter says:

    Earlier today Nate Southard​ posted about his novel DOWN pointing out that it was on sale for Kindle at 99 and that it is his favorite of his own books So I bought it you can't beat 150 pages for a buck and I read it and I agree with the author that it's my favorite of his works The story opens fast jumping back and forth between action and character exposition and sets a breakneck pace that it manages to maintain throughout the story Where DOWN really succeeds is in its straightforward plot a plane crashes in the wilderness and the passengers must survive the crash and a monster out for their blood and its complex characters The story is surprisingly deep for a book with such an economical use of words and it's all due to the characters They are individually interesting and have a fleshed out reality Their relationships are genuine and honest and drive the plot to its inevitable but unexpected conclusion I haven't read all of Southard's books but I will before too longI also enjoyed the punctuation two spaces after each period Sometimes three spaces Hell when he gets going there are sometimes as many a four spaces between each period and the start of the next sentence From what I can gather nobody fucks with Nate Southard's punctuation

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