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Summers Song ➟ [Epub] ❤ Summers Song By Lindi Peterson ➩ – All she has to do is prove that she's changed completely Pop star princess Summer Sinclair doesn't know what to do with herself now that she's cleaned up and sober She knows God's been nudging her but All she has to do is prove that she's changed completely Pop star princess Summer Sinclair doesn't know what to do with herself now that she's cleaned up and sober She knows God's been nudging her but since God is unfamiliar territory she feels scared and alone Everything changes when she meets Levi Preston a Christian musician who's falling for Summer and wants her to be who God created her to be But when the reality of her life takes Levi to places he's vowed to stay clear of will Summer's newfound freedom be what breaks her heart as she does what is best for Levi This second novel firmly establishes Peterson as a master storyteller and an inspired voice in Southern fiction Debby Giusti author of The Officer's Secret The Captain's Mission and The Colonel's Daughter Lindi Peterson has done it again with Summer's Song A fun voice characters who make you care and at moments make you laugh out loud and a touching story that draws you in and holds you spellbound until the sigh worthy ending Missy Tippens author of A House Full of Hope from Harleuin Love Inspired A lovely read infused with gentle humor and refreshing honesty Meg Moseley author of When Sparrows Fall Lindi Peterson definitely believes happy endings are just the beginning She lives out her real life romance with her husband in a small Georgia town When she's not writing she loves to read bowl and spend time with her family Visit her at lindipetersoncom and thefaithgirlscom.

  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Summers Song
  • Lindi Peterson
  • English
  • 03 May 2015
  • 9781611941371

10 thoughts on “Summers Song

  1. Catherine Catherine says:

    This book is one that will stick with me for years to come The characters are flawed but so real You get them You laugh with them cry with them love with them and pray for that second chance with them WIth music as the underlying theme a wonderful but hurting hunky male lead and a beautiful albeit led astray heroine Summer's Song is filled with romance angst hope redemption and a message that will make your heart sing If you're new to this author I highly recommend Her Best Catch as well Love Lindi Peterson's writing Pick this one up you won't be sorry

  2. Casey Casey says:

    It’s a comeback novel with strong premise that God can take our ugly and broken and turn it into something beautiful Summer Sinclair has a name like music to go along with a flourishing career but the one man she shouldn’t allow herself to love is the one person who could change her life completely for the better I loved Levi Though I’m not sure that many female readers could read this book and not love him He’s chivalrous hunky kind and caring wanting the absolute best for Summer as she discovers her new relationship with God I would definitely ualify this book as being for mature audiences Summer comes with a great deal of influence from her old life and that influence plays upon the page in ways that should be expected before starting the book It’s not your “sweet” romance but real life isn’t I thought it portrayed reality well though I would have preferred the language referenced twice be left out of the dialogue Summer and Levi’s coming together and eventual falling apart this is a romance after all combined with their past and the haunts that have risen up to threaten their future played well with the story and created good tension All in all a good story with good morals and I appreciated its message This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the author for my copy to review

  3. Kara Kara says:

    Review by Kara GrantMinor SpoilersMy ReviewSummer has finally learned the negative impact her wild lifestyle has caused and the conseuences have sent her into sobriety and isolation as she takes time to reflect on who she really wants to be Being a celebrity has had its advantages but she’s tired of the constant attention and wants to live a normal life with her 4 year old son Sam Learning about Christ has completely changed her outlook on life but she is still obligated to make ONE CD for her record company and she’s deeply conflicted about what kind of songs to create Will she stick to the same image that has made her so famous or will she show the world and her fans that the old Summer is gone?While she’s enjoying her privacy in Lawson’s Ledge a small town in Georgia she meets singer Skeet Lawson Despite the small role Skeet has in this book he turns out to be a great friend Skeet teaches Summer how to play guitar and becomes her mentor both with music and with Christ He also introduces her to musician Levi Preston Skeet believes that Levi will be able to help Summer put a CD together but he also believes that they will be good for each other Will Levi be able to see past the drama in Summer’s life and help her adapt to this new lifestyle or will their pasts be a stumbling block?I was so frustrated and fed up with Summer’s manager Coleman by the first 20 pages of the book However he gets what he deserves towards the end of the story I pumped my fist in the air and yelled “YES” when it happened I would’ve given Summer a high five had she been a real character at the moment Seeing the type of family Summer had also drove me nuts during the story but I was confident that all would be set right at the conclusion of the story I was really surprised Summer never lost her cool towards her loved ones but I also believe the strength of God helped her be extra patient even at the rudest moments that they provide Her mother has gotten accustomed to the lavish surroundings Summer has provided for her but she gives nothing but criticism to her divorced daughter Summer’s kid sister Valentine has also become estranged to her Summer longs to rebuild both relationships but she is constantly tested by these women All she wants is to put her life together and be a good mom to SamMy favorite part of the story is Summer’s TV interviews with Meghan Cascade I felt like I was in the same room when these interviews took place and I wanted to cheer Summer on There is great chemistry and romance between Summer and Levi but some of the affection is a little much There’s nothing sexually inappropriate in what they do and Summer is cautious of her feelings towards him throughout the book but he does go beyond her lips in the kissing There are several incidents that happen in the story to Sam accidentally but I never considered Summer to be a negligent mom Accidents happen to kids even with the most protective parents but these incidents do create tense moments in the story I believe that Summer adjusts beautifully in being a caring mom but she is utterly inexperienced at firstI also have to mention that even though Summer is no longer living this wild life she mentions several indiscretions in the narration that makes for mature content She lived her life with drugs alcohol provocative dance videos and other suggestive behavior before realizing her destructive nature She remained numb while others made the decisions in her life not caring for her best interest So even though I loved Summer’s journey to redemption I believe this book is for an older audience Levi also had a troubled childhood which also led him to Christ and being an honorable man but his briefly described journey is a sad oneI highly recommend this book to those who understand what it feels like to get a second chance Letting go of the past is never easy no matter where you’ve come from but it’s a journey Christ will walk you through if your heart is willing I truly enjoyed reading about Summer’s heart as she learns to overcome her previous lifestyle despite the judgment negativity and assumptions that others make towards her She keeps her eyes on Christ and she is determined to do right by her son Levi offers a breath of fresh air friendship joy support and encouragement but he is not the answer to her problems She has to realize her strength in Christ and once she does Summer finally experiences true freedom Despite the worldly content described in this book I considered this story one of the best reads I’ve come across this year I laughed I cried I was annoyed and I rejoiced along with Summer Only the best authors can grab a reader that way and Lindi Peterson accomplishes this with gusto Even if you don’t relate to Summer you’ll be rooting for her the whole time Summer starts out being cardboard but by the end she decides to be fudge Please feel free to visit Lindi Peterson at her websites and I want to thank Lindi Peterson and Bell Bridge Books for sending me a review paperback copy I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own

  4. Jan Jan says:

    At first glance I thought this book was too mod for this old fashioned gal It is written in first person from a rock star's point of view It's like a peep behind the scenes of Hollywood or Nashville's neon lights The true pain and hurt of stardom is uncovered in the main character Summer who talks to you through the book as if she's allowing you to read her thoughts The I read the I began to see that the message of the book was for everyone The challenge to be real to find the courage to live life as God intends to give relationships priority to take the leap that change sometimes reuiresit's all a process that the very transparent and likable heroine Summer worked through I'll never forget the cardboard vs fudge challengeyou'll need to read the entire book to find out what I mean But it's a good tool to have when dealing with the difficult people in our lives As Levi once whispers to Summer You are better than this This book was a privilege to read

  5. T.A. Munroe T.A. Munroe says:

    If the rating was out of 10 I would give this a 7 35 stars But I hate giving 3 stars I liked the story and the characters I think it could have used some editing out of half the kisses and Summer thinking about Levi and his kisses all the time It became uite predictable that Levi would show up whenever Summer needed help out of a jam What is he an angel? Some other events seemed a little too convenient too Some of the info about the secondary characters was repetitious while others like Todd and Coleman I wanted to know a little about to round them out some I liked that as Christian fiction it wasn't preachy and that people didn't have all the answers This book kept calling me back to it when I had a few minutes to read and with all the stuff on my Kindle and on my bookshelf that says something

  6. Angela Angela says:

    I really found myself enjoying this book the that I read of it I read almost the whole book in one sitting if I didn't need sleep I would have finished it I found the book to be surprisingly inspirational and it was so easy to feel a connection to the characters and their very real problems uestions and worries I feel like I had a really good understanding of Summer's troubles but I constantly keep wanting to know about Levi The characters were well written I felt the right feelings that I as a reader was intended to feel towards the different characters Over all I think that the book gives a great message and is very enjoyable to read I would be interested to read by Lindi Peterson

  7. Ciara Knight Ciara Knight says:

    Summer’s Song is 208 pages of pure joy Lindi Peterson possesses a true gift of storytelling I was so caught up in the struggles of a recovering pop star following God’s whispers to a better life that I read 169 pages in one sitting The heartwarming relationships between Summer Levi and God evolve naturally The reader can’t help but feel completely invested in summer and Levi’s well being At the end of the story you’ll just want to hold this book close to your heart and sigh

  8. Monique Monique says:

    Oh I loved this book This is a beautiful story about c changing your life for the betterIt is about being judged based on the mistakes of your past but also being loved in all spite of that same past There were times I wanted to reach through my kindle scream at a few of the characters I am so excited to share this book with my friends and to read books by Lindi Peterson

  9. Maya Maya says:

    I loved this It is a Christian romance that truely centers on God in the characters lives and how that both brings them together and tears them apart Anyone who enjoys watching Nashville could delight in this music industry romance

  10. Brianna Brianna says:

    I really enjoyed this book Lindi is a great author I love how she can make you feel how the character is feeling It's a cute story as well

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