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Whispers at Moonrise [PDF] ✅ Whispers at Moonrise By C.C. Hunter – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Endlich der 4 Band der Erfolgsserie Shadow Falls Camp – das Camp für alle mit übernatürlichen KräftenFeen Hexen Gestaltwandler Vampire und Werwölfe leben im Shadow Falls Camp Doch die sechzehnj Endlich der Band der Erfolgsserie Shadow Falls Camp – das Camp für alle mit übernatürlichen KräftenFeen Hexen Gestaltwandler Vampire und Werwölfe leben im Shadow Falls Whispers at PDF/EPUB ² Camp Doch die sechzehnjährige Kylie ist anders als sie alle und hat trotzdem etwas mit ihnen gemeinsam Sie kann jedes Wesen sein Kylie hat es endlich geschafft Sie hat herausgefunden was sie ist Doch damit ist nur eins von vielen Rätseln gelöst Denn über ihre Art ist kaum etwas bekannt Wie kann sie ihre übernatürlichen Kräfte einsetzen und was ist das für ein geheimnisvolles Flüstern im Wald das nur sie hören kannAußerdem verhält sich Lucas seltsam nun da es sicher ist dass sie keine Werwölfin ist Derek hingegen akzeptiert ihre Identität und ist für sie da War es falsch ihn abzuweisenAls plötzlich ein furchterregender Geist auftaucht muss Kylie sich beeilen um jemanden der ihren vor einer schrecklichen Gefahr retten zu können Dabei wird ihr mehr und mehr klar dass Veränderungen unausweichlich sind und alles irgendwann ein Ende finden muss Vielleicht auch ihre Zeit im Shadow Falls Camp Wie wird Kylie sich entscheiden Finde es heraus im Band der ›Shadow Falls Camp‹ Serie.

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  1. Booknut Booknut says:

    What I want to do to Lucas To sum up of Lucas and Kylie's relationship My mental image of Fredericka My current state My thoughts on the 'Lucas revelation' I am now going to go curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days

  2. Tatiana Sandoval Tatiana Sandoval says:

    My prediction for this book is that Lucas is going to be forced by his grandma to marry a were like Fredricka the were bitch in order to stay in the pack but Lucas wants Kylie so I have a feeling he'll end up leaving the pack and being Kylie's soul mate As for Derek I'm at a loss as what is going to happen i favor Lucas I think because he's loved Kylie so long I think that they truly are soul mates but I love Derek and his sensitivity swellOctober 3rd Let me just start by raising a nice middle finger to Lucas You freaking ruined all my plansPhew Okay so anyways THIS BOOK WAS FABULOUS I loved the the sense of mystery that was consistent through the entire book I was constantly trying to figure out what the answer was and in the end is wasn't shocking but every engaging My main complaint for this book was that although it was action packed it felt like a filler book for the ending I wanted a little resolution Oh and Lucas in the last two percent I really wanted to punch him in the face SIGHI don't want to give to much away but Ill just say that only one part of my prediction above was right and Im still at whats going to happen in the last book but I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT5 stars for CC Hunter3333 AND I highly recommend this series to everyone

  3. Sarah Ann Sarah Ann says:

    She better pick Derek Lucas is annoying to me I just don't like him as much as DerekJust sayin'

  4. hayden hayden says:

    in progressThis review will contain spoilers for the first three books in the Shadow Falls seriesWHISPERS AT MOONRISE just didn't uite do it for me unfortunatelyThe fourth and penultimate book in CC Hunter's SHADOW FALLS series brings us back to the Shadow Falls camp with Kylie Galen and the gang We have just learned that Kylie isn't a vampire a werewolf a witch or part fae; she is all of them Of course we don't know what this means for Kylie; we just heard it from some dead guy in the woods But things are heating up for Kylie et al and we just can't wait to see what's going to happen nextOkay scratch that I really want to know what's going to happen next so I can move on with my life and be done with this series I'm itching to read my ARC of CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL so I can see how this all wraps upOne thing about Hunter's series that totally gets me is that for an almost 400 page book with pretty small words there is a surprising lack of plot The book takes a Pride and Prejudice turn and fills its pages with dialogue most of it dramatic hormonal and totally over the top And on top of that Hunter tells us plenty of times that Kylie and Lucas are in love But where is the evidence?Sure they make out a lot but that shows me nothing than the fact that they're horny teenagers At one point in the book Kylie is talking to Holiday about her boy troubles aka the fact that she wants into both Derek's and Lucas's pants but it's only socially acceptable for her to get into one pair and she tells Holly that she loves view spoilerLucas hide spoiler

  5. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    OMG i cant wait until October It seems like this is the month for everything I want to read to come out But hey I am NOT complaining Now to make my little comments1 The cover could of been soooooo much better 2 I hope Holiday and the big sexy FRU vampire agent get together FINALLY 3 Miranda and Perry are goig to fall in love 4 Della is going to get a boyfriend who can treat her right and who knows what she is 5 Lastly the whole Kylie Lucas Derek situation Really a part of me is confused I am still kinda mad at Derek for what he did and how he kept on blowing kylie off even when she tried to make it work with him Lucas I love Lucas and Derek but he can be an annoying jealous little prick at sometimes which plucks a nerve Anyways I just cant wait until we find out who that ghost was and ALL OF THE ANSWERS to Kylie's and my uestions

  6. Alexa ❤️ Alexa ❤️ says:

    5 Stars ‘Moonrise she thought She felt again the whispers echoing in her mind Whispers she couldn’t understand whispers that both lured and frightened her’ Kylie Galen page 41 Well we finally know what type of supernatural Kylie is A Chameleon not the lizard variety now if only she could get everyone at Shadow Falls to believe her It was nice that Mario did not appear in WaM it would be a bit boring and tedious if he appeared in every novel wanting a fight WaM was about the changes that Kylie was experiencing Finding out what she is Grieving over the loss of a friend Putting her focus onto one boy And finally dealing with her latest ghost who resembles someone we all know and love

  7. druidessprincess druidessprincess says:

    I devoured this book in a couple of days I really can't get enough of the characters in Shadow Falls Every installment just endears me and to their interactions foibles and character flaws It all makes me love them the Except for one particular character in this installment grumbles emphatically Whose name I can't say because of spoilers Damn you spoilers I so want to call this character out on their bad behavior Needless to say that particular character went down in my estimation in this book I definitely decided on my 'team' also It so far in the series has flip flopped between Derrek and Lucas on eual occasion but not any My bed is firmly made ;Kylie is getting ever closer to discovering the secrets of her identity as a supernatural in 'Whispers at Moonrise' But what with every other crazy thing going on in her life including her mid life crises parents her triangle shaped love life not to mention seeing the ghost of someone close to her that's still alive how can she possibly handle everything and keep her sanity? What sacrifices will Kylie have to make to find out what she really is and where she ultimately belongs?I can't believe I have to wait all the way until next spring for the final installment And OMG the final cover art is frickin' beautifully gorgeous fangirls and pulls hair out erraticallySidenote On the topic of beautiful covers This coverhmmm why am I so disappointed? It has all the makings for a beautiful coverbut it's just not uite right I may feel this way purely because the other covers have been frickin' GORGEOUS and my eyes have simply been spoiled the book art appreciation section of my brain overstimulated by the aesthetic wonders of the previous three offeringsbut none the less I'm still a little sad about this oneEvery other book has had a cover that centers around some kind of vertical landscape scene behind the title be it a tree waterfall negative space between cliffsbut this cover has a big suare hole cut out of the middle and the title slapped inside it like a sticker almost It looks rushed and not very well thought out

  8. ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate says:

    May 18 2016I agree with my past self with how I can't help but enjoy reading this series It's fun for me to read about the character and the world Plus I enjoy the humor throughout the seriesJuly 22 2013These books honestly just something bout them makes me love them

  9. Paulene Paulene says:

    Oh my GodKylie is a Chameleon What?And finally her pattern had changed Supernatural as in she can be a witch fae vamp shifterIt's so Coolbut everyone was likeand Kylie was likeShe totally poofed Zac Efron in their cabin instead of a 6 pack soda when she was a witch It's of Della's fault and it cracked me up LOL So many things are going on and since Kylie is just a girl she can't handle too much She needs a break and her decision at the end is what's important HmmmBTW my heart broke at the end Guys this book is awesome I don't think I can wait any longer for the next and final book

  10. Annie Brewer Annie Brewer says:

    OMG I can't wait for this I freakin love this series

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