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  1. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    Open Meetings by Joyce T Strand was inspired by real events Mysteries and thrillers are my favorite novels and this one did not let me down The Brown Act is a California law that reuires government meetings to be Open Meetings As we lose journalism as we knew it and investigative journalism seems to be coming obsolete who will be the Watchdogs if the citizens are kept in the dark The government is able to run amok politicians becoming little than dictators over their domains Does any of this sound familiar to current eventsI found myself uickly getting involved with Jillian I knew bad things were heading her way and wondered why she recklessly met them head on My answer – who could really believe that corruption conspiracy and danger could touch them in such a tragic and evil way I fell in love with Chad His humor and determination to make Jillian happy knew no bounds He lived life to the fullest and wanted only to share it with herOpen Meetings has all the ualities for a great mysterythriller with some romance thrown in for good measure The writing was easy reading and I finished it in one sitting The story was riveting thought provoking and it down right pissed me off I had to know what would become of Jillian and I am eagerly anticipating helping Jillian solve mysteriesI won a signed paperback of Open Meetings in a Joyce T Strand giveaway back in August of last year She signed the book – “Enjoy helping Jillian solve her second mystery” All I can say is I sure did Joyce and I am looking forward to helping her solve of them Joyce T Strand

  2. Tracey Tracey says:

    I won this book through First reads and I'am so glad I did It is a first novel I've read written by Joyce T Strand A Jillian Hillcest Mystery I thought this book was excellent such a great read and very fasinating I would have gave this book then 5 stars if I could There is a first novel that this one leads on from but I found I did not have to read it as in this novel had all the infomation in it from what had occurred in the last which I thought that was great It all began with Jillian who is the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Harmonia Therapeutics a small local biotechnology firm Jillian was having a meeting with Mileswhich is a reporter to discuss her companys role in the upcoming statewide conference of city and country officials While they were in the meeting a distressed women enters and begs Miles not to print anything she's told because they will kill her if they do Jillian was very worried and concerned about why thw women would be saying this and acting so destressed A few days later Miles tells Jillian that the women was killed in a car crash in her hometown Troutville Miles explained to jillian that she was a very close friend to him This starts a big enuiry for a few other's involved with losing their spouse's and family members to drink driving car crashes which is a bit suspicious and unresolved cases This is were it all begins to get very dangerous for all involved and one of Jullians close friends gets Jullian involved and in he end she realizes why did I get Jullian involved and what has she done now Jullian is not safe The story involves a lot of different characters and families it shows what true friends will do for each other when they are needed even if they know there is danger involved I loved Jullian's character and i thought she was a very brave clever women There is very sad moments and happy ones But the suspence of not knowing where the story is going to take you makes you want to read The ending of the story was lovely and I couldn't have ask for a better finish I will be getting the next book Fair Disclosure for sure Highly recommended A great mystery and so true to life written by Joyce t Strand

  3. Olivia Martinez Olivia Martinez says:

    Interview with Joyce Strand at 'll love her books

  4. Jodi Jodi says:

    PR Executive Jillian Hillcrest is back and smack dab in the middle of another mystery With the second installment in her Jillian Hillcrest Mystery series Joyce Strand easily pulls her fans back into the fray as Jillian and her sidekicks work to solve another crime Still in recovery mode after her narrow escape from death Jillian Hillcrest is back to her job of PR Executive at Harmonia fielding stockholders juggling preparations for a panel on which she is sitting and planning a fundraising event When meeting with her journalist friend for lunch they are interrupted by a woman pleading with him to keep a recent conversation out of print for fear of her life Miles brushes the lady off only to find out about her death from an accident a few days later A death the police in Troutville are blaming on her driving while drunk The day of the fundraiser arrives with Jillian surrounded by her ex husband Chad neighbor Cynthia and her friend Miles all taking part in the dance contest In a six degrees of separation moment Chuck Baldwin Chief of Police from Troutville arrives to be Cynthia’s dance partner A man Miles has known since childhood and who had been a dear friend of Cynthia and her late husband from the time they were partners on the force Incidentally the Chief of Police in the same town where Miles’ friend has just diedMiles turns up missing after looking into the suspicious deaths of several Troutville residents as a result of alcohol related deaths Unable to pull herself from a family emergency former police detective Cynthia enlists Jillian to drive to Troutville and see if she can locate their friend When in the town Jillian finds herself uestioning the activities of the police department and some of it’s less than stellar officers and lands herself in a pile of hurt in the processJoyce Strand seamlessly incorporates characters and references to her previous book 'On Message' However not so much that a reader would be lost if they were to pick up ‘Open Meetings’ first Tense situations and touches of humor create a five star read that will have you shouting at the book to warn Jillian of what awaits her around the next corner Disclaimer This book was given to me by the author for an honest review

  5. Julie Julie says:

    The book is laid out well with short chapters that are of a ideal length when you only have a short time to read each day This makes it an ideal book to read each evening in bed The book has a good layout with an easy to read font and is not heavy making it a comfortable to hold I enjoyed the storyline of the mysterious and frightening events that happen in the life of Jillian Hillcrest who is the owner of a Silicon Valley Biotech company It was easy to get straight into the story right from the first page The story begins with just a few characters but uickly builds on that with freuent twists and turns in their interactions as you read further into the story The end is really nail biting and you just have to finish reading it to find the outcomeI would recommend this book because of its easy to read gripping content It is an ideal holiday and bedtime good read I look forward to Joyce T Strand’s next bookOpen Meetings Joyce T Strand

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    This is the second installment in the Jillian Hillcrest Mystery Series and I must say once Joyce Strand draws you in you are hooked I uite enjoyed the antics of the heroine Jillian and her friendssidekicks in trying to unravel this new mystery and keep themselves out of trouble I will definitely be reading the first in the series and looking forward to the next installments in this series

  7. Vicky Vicky says:

    The story was OK but the writing was so so The dialog was very stilted and unnatural could have been improved simply by using contractions This author needs to loosen up

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Open Meetings [PDF] ❤ Open Meetings By Joyce T. Strand – PR Executive Jillian Hillcrest is having lunch with a reporter colleague when a woman enters and begs him not to print anything she's told him because they will kill her if he does A few days later th PR Executive Jillian Hillcrest is having lunch with a reporter colleague when a woman enters and begs him not to print anything she's told him because they will kill her if he does A few days later the reporter tells Jillian that the woman was killed in a car crash in his hometown The police ruled her death an accident caused by driving under the influence of alcoholAlthough Jillian is busy promoting her Silicon Valley biotech company the reporter draws her into an investigation of his hometown's police department located in California north of the Napa Sonoma wine region Coincidentally Jillian's neighbor Cynthia Anderson wonders about the untimely death of her policeman husband years earlier as part of the same police department Meanwhile Jillian's ex husband hovers over her to reverse the ex status Unfortunately none of them anticipates the frightening events that followThis is the second of the Jillian Hillcrest mysteries.