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  1. Jacquie Talento Jacquie Talento says:

    This is a great short story by Mr Suiers Xander is now a new vampire that spends his time protecting those less fortunate While out one evening he stumbles across a victim that is being assaulted by others and his flashbacks of his mother come to surface It seems what’s good for the goose is good for Xander as he seeks the revenge of his mother’s murder Thank you Mr Suiers for another great read for us

  2. Anne (Angel Anne Reviews) Nelson Anne (Angel Anne Reviews) Nelson says:

    Wow awesome readI would like to thank Author Nathan Suiers for the opportunity to read Victim Crimson Shadow Series for my enjoyment and as a reader I feel that it is fair to in turn give my fair and unbiased opinion in this reviewWhat a spectacular short story which flows uite uickly as you read through each page Xander is a vampire out on patrol when he hears screams he stumbles across a human women in the midst of being attacked by some human menIn the back of his mind he knows that he shouldn’t get involved but he realizes that the men plan on raping her All he keeps thinking about is how own mother was raped and then murdered he was unable to do anything to her his own mother Still knowing that he shouldn’t get involved but barges in to save her The one bad thing about it is she sees the whole thing unfoldVampire law states that he must kill her because she was a witness to the vampire thing Can he do as vampire law dictates Nope I don’t think so so he does the next best thing he erases her memory wiping it clear of the incident Hoping that it will workI fell in love with Xander Stryker almost from the beginning A person with a complex of emotions that conflict from within from being once a victim then a hero and even now a protector I think that I must get on this series to find out what happens in “Crimson Shadow” Looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of them Well done Author Nathan Suiers Recommend 18Adult due to graphic natureRating 455 angel starsAngel Anne Stars

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    For me this book was like going into a five star steak house and getting a great steak cooked well done Maybe the font used screwed with my head but it felt very two dimensional to me The scene and the characters fell flat in my mind Thinking of it in terms of a movie it is like Sin City All you see is black and white then big splashes of gory red If this was intentional than BRAVO It is a really cool effect to get on paper and if you loved those films you will love this novella I don't know the Crimson Shadow Series or Xander the Vampire so I can't speak to how this book ties into the other story lines Xander seems to be a grumpy baby vamp with revenge on his mind I can't tell if he is a truly evil vampire that just so happens to want revenge than he wants to be evil in that moment or if he takes pity on humans I get very little feel for what kind of vampire he is so as a stand alone novella there is a bit missing from the story I can say however that I found it a bit not my speed and didn't make me want to find out about the other stories That being said I'm a huge book geek and read everything unless it truly is horrible or is painfully grammatically a nightmare so I am sure I will give one in the series a try I am a bit curious to see if the Black White and Red effect can be duplicated WaAr

  4. Carrie Carrie says:

    One piece to the Crimson Shadow puzzle revealed and of our favorite merc as he once again battles the demons within his tortured soulRaised in a home laced with hate and violence Xander knows all to well what it is to be a victim When he stumbles upon a woman being brutally violated by a demented Vampire will he have the strength to push his nightmares behind him and do now what he couldn't do all those years agoChoosing between the laws that govern the Mytho's community and his own beliefs we see Xander as he once again finds that humanity inside him battling the Vampire he has become in this short glimpse of a night with the Crimson ShadowI love how in such a few short pages the author can pull us in and enthrall us within the world he portrays There aren't many full length novels that can pull that feat off and to be able to do so within just a few words is simply amazingIf you haven't read Crimson Shadow Noir you will be a little lost with the 'Dirty Dozen' short stories that show us some of the battles Xander faces but that just means you HAVE to pick up the novel and dig in You won't be disappointedFive stars to Nathan Suiers for one awesomely addicting tale

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest reviewAnother amazing short story in the Crimson Shadow Series The Author has done it again as he brings to life another layer of Xander's World in a few pages We get to see the inside of a troubled vampire's mind as he contemplates his human past by visually going over every scar that mars his body Then in a twist of fate he is faced with a scenario from this same human past when he is witness to a woman being terrorized and raped just like his mother had been Only this time he may be able to do something about it Does a Vampire have compassion or is it a trace left from his human past The Author truly leaves you guessing This story is less graphic then others in this series but still packs the same punch of what a real vampire's life is like from feeding to mind control and the sometimes uncontrollable rage within Great addition to the series as we get to learn of who Xander is and how deep his past is that effects his current way of thinking Great character development

  6. W.H. W.H. says:

    WOW Wicked Indeed OMGosh I am amazed at how Xander deals with the events taking place in this short story the I read this series the better picture of Xander Stryker I get and the I LOVE him As fictional characters go this one grabbed me from the start and has not let go Nathan Suiers is an amazing writer spinning a tale so horrific yet so unfortunately real while bringing me in up close to the scenes that I found my jaw hanging open This read is not for everyone and definitely not the faint of heart either If you are looking forward to have your mind blown away and love horrific psychological vampiric thrillers then this read is for youThis is definitely an 18 read due its graphic nature5 out of 5 HeartsLovetiggi's Book Reviews

  7. Autumn Autumn says:

    I received this book from the author to give an honest reviewVictim is a short story that has the main character of Crimson Shadow Xander Stryker Xander has left his previous life of being a human for becoming a vampire While thinking about the scars he bores inside and out he hears the screams of a young victim He is reminded of his past when the same scenario happened to his mom Will Xander rush in and help or just turn his back You have to read to find out In Victim we get a bit of insight into the mind of Xander and of course we are not disappointed This is a uick read of another wonderful adventure of Xander and I would highly recommend you give it a read

  8. Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer says:

    Victim by Nathan Suiers is a brilliant short piece about Xander a victim himself of the vampires who converted him and messed up his lifs As he watches a girl falling victim to men intending to rape her he is torn between the remains of his human character and his new role as vampire This is a great addition to the Crimson Shadow series about Xander adding layers to his deep character and his background The struggle within him is fascinating and convincing as it unfolds and creates suspense in itself

  9. Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages says:

    10s I love this little extention into the mind of Xander Stryker This is an awesome story about the hunters become the hunted The thought of what happen to Xander's mother and this victim are to real for him and he losses control This is a MUST read ADULTS only story Thank you Nathan for showing us a little bit of Xander Stryker

  10. Wanda Hartzenberg Wanda Hartzenberg says:

    We are now gaining insight into the World of Xander as he turns from a victim to a hero His reluctance and the fact that he is still a hero in training diminish nothing from the fact that he is now a hero and a protector of his kind But his kind has two sides How will you chooseNo uestion about it this is a 5 short story readWaAr

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Victim ❮Read❯ ➯ Victim Author Nathan Squiers – The scars we wear are a constant reminder of what we've suffered through; of what we've survived But the scars of every fight every sacrifice and every mistake are only skin deepFor Xander Stryker the The scars we wear are a constant reminder of what we've suffered through; of what we've survived But the scars of every fight every sacrifice and every mistake are only skin deepFor Xander Stryker the Crimson Shadow this truth is all too obvious and though his vampire body will not scar easily he still wears the reminders left behind from his human life And while it's simple to see the history of abuse and self destruction on Xander's body it's the scars he wears on the inside that haunt him the mostDespite having left the human race in a previous life with a little motivation from a helpless Victim he may still be able to maintain his humanity.