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Harbinger ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Harbinger By Justus R. Stone ➠ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Our earth is one of many all of them connected all in dangerAt a young age seventeen year old Gwynn Dormath lost the ones he loved Since then he's kept the world at a distance But he's tired of being Our earth is one of many all of them connected all in dangerAt a young age seventeen year old Gwynn Dormath lost the ones he loved Since then he's kept the world at a distance But he's tired of being alone and one girl in particular Sophia has him wishing for When she asks him out for Halloween he eagerly acceptsBut their night goes horribly wrong A prank explodes leaving Sophia injured and awakening an ancient power in Gwynn the power of gods like Odin and Zeus Gwynn will never be able to flee from the world again Instead he finds himself tied to the fates of multiple Earths With his abilities he could save the world Or fate might've decreed his powers signal the end of all worlds Harbinger is a young adult paranormal thriller part one of The Bleeding Worlds series.

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  1. Nicki Markus Nicki Markus says:

    Harbinger certainly reflects the author's stated love of anime I could absolutely imagine this story working in that format There are plenty of options for great visuals and memorable characters Sadly it didn't uite gel for me as a novel There was potential and the plot moved at a good pace but there were too many references and ideas introduced but never elaborated on and I struggled to accept Gwynn's motivations and choices at times which sometimes seemed merely convenient and which made me disconnect from him as a hero figure By no means did I hate the book but I think a little editorial tightening could have really enhanced it In the end I am giving it three stars It has promise and I am sure it will appeal to fans of teen aimed mangaanime style storiesI received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Gaby Gaby says:

    I won this book in a giveaway of the author and when he contacted me I promised him a single thing to give it an honest review no matter what So here it goesHarbinger took me by surprise and I must admit that it was a very good one At first sight I knew I would like it the gender is one of my favorites the synopsis intrigued me and although I try not to judge a book by its cover I could not help noticing how beautiful this one is Nevertheless it's the kind of story that if it is not well written it can go very badly very uicklyLuckily that was not the case The plot is uite original and it opens up to millions of possibilities Personally my favorite books are those that can transport me to another world to another time that even for a brief moment can make me forget who I am and where I am For me books mean freedom And Harbinger didn’t just set me free but also from the very beginning it made me the “unspoken promise” that it would take me to millions of different worlds and I believe it is a promise that will be kept in future booksI have a few comments on the book Firstly the characters are interesting but I feel that lacked that one character that said the right thing at the right time that made me laugh in the middle of all the tension Gwynn had its moments but it wasn’t his job to make me laugh Secondly perhaps the action scenes were too heavily described leaving little to be imagined but I suppose that the author really wanted us to live it the way he had imagined Another problem for me was the names some of them were difficult to pronounce And Gwynn I mean are you really going to name your main male character Gwynn? Seriously??? Oooooook Fortunately the story made me pass right over those details very uicklyIn general this book kept me entertained and wanting to read It gives many answers towards the end but leaves others unanswered just enough to keep me anxiously waiting for the next bookHarbinger is a fantastic book without becoming ridiculous and I openly recommend it to all those people that like me enjoy to plunge among the pages of a book and to be dragged into another world where anything can happen Ahora en español DGané este libro en un giveaway del autor y cuando él me contactó le prometí una sola cosa darle una reseña honesta sin importar ué Así ue auí vaHarbinger me tomó por sorpresa y debo admitir ue fue una muy buena sorpresa A simple vista supe ue me gustaría el género es uno de mis favoritos la sinopsis me intrigó y aunue intento no juzgar a un libro por su portada no pude evitar notar lo hermosa ue esta era Sin embargo es la clase de historia ue si no está bien escrita puede ir muy mal muy rápidamentePor suerte este no fue el caso La trama es bastante original y se abre a millones de posibilidades Personalmente mis libros favoritos son auellos ue pueden transportarme a otro mundo a otra época ue aunue sea por un momento puedan hacerme olvidar de uién soy y dónde estoy Para mí los libros son libertar Y Harbinger no sólo me liberó sino ue desde el comienzo me hizo la tácita promesa de ue me llevaría a millones de mundos diferentes y creo ue es una promesa ue será mantenida en las futuras entregasTengo algunos comentarios respecto al libro Primero los personajes son interesantes pero siento ue faltó ese personaje ue dijera lo justo en el momento indicado ue me hiciera reír en medio de la tensión Gwynn tenía sus momentos pero no era su trabajo el hacerme reír Segundo uizás las escenas de acción estaban demasiado descritas dejando poco para ser imaginado aunue supongo ue el autor realmente uería ue lo viviéramos como él lo había imaginado Otro problema para mí fueron los nombres algunos de ellos podían ser muy difíciles de pronunciar Y Gwynn O sea vas a nombrar a tu personaje masculino principal “Gwynn”? De verdad??? Oooooook Afortunadamente la historia me hizo pasar por alto esos detalles muy rápidamenteA rasgos generales este libro me mantuvo entretenida y ueriendo leer más Da muchas respuestas llegando al final pero deja otras preguntas sin responder lo suficiente para ue espere ansiosamente por el próximo libroHarbinger es un libro fantástico sin llegar a ser ridículo y lo recomiendo abiertamente a todas auellas personas ue como yo disfrutan de zambullirse entre las páginas de un libro y ser arrastradas hacia otro mundo donde cualuier cosa puede pasar

  3. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    In Harbinger the first book in the Bleeding Worlds series Justus Stone tells the story of Gwynn as he discovers that he isn't who he thought he was but is instead one of a hidden group of special beings with god like powers His awakening to his new power coincides with a plot by others like him that threatens to destroy his world Gwynn is called upon to fight but first he has to figure out what it is that he's fighting forThough uneven at times Harbinger is a fast paced and enjoyable read The story moves uickly and there's enough action and real danger to satisfy and to keep one interested in the outcome This is all the commendable given that Stone at times seems to be trying to weave in to the story too many plot points and one off references which are never subseuently explained Gwynn’s primary motivation is also at times unbelievable All of that being said this is a very good first effort and readers will likely be waiting with anticipation for the second book in the series

  4. Alina Diaconescu Alina Diaconescu says:

    I received this book as a free eBook via NetGalley in exchange for anhonest reviewThe bleeding worlds Harbinger is a fast paced story packed withadventures danger and mythology It will keep you at the edge of yourseat and it will make you want to know about what is happening Idefinitely struggled to put it down before I got to the end of itIt's a very original take on the Norse Mythology with characters welldeveloped and interesting backgrounds It's very refreshing to see a different kind of main character one that is not the super star of hisschool the best looking most popular student Instead we're getting auiet guy trying to get through highschool unnoticed when his life takes another unexpected turn and changes everything he knew Also the way we're learning about this world as the story progresses at the same timewith the main character makes it eaier to get transported into this worldThe plot is easy to follow and has a few unexpected twists that keep youon your toes The author is describing the world in detail so you get apretty good taste of what's going on Sometimes it gets a bit repetitivebut rather than getting boring or annoying it only adds to theatmosphere and helps getting a better understanding of what is happeningIn short it was a great book I would 100% recommend it especially ifyou like the Norse Mythology PercyJackson or The Summoner thisbook is definitely for you Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of thebooks from the series🤩

  5. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I have to say As an advanced reader I was prepared to be very hard on this book Didn't even think I would like itTotally took me by surprise I've actually read it twice now and Harbinger just leaves me wanting This amazed me Few series do this to me Off hand I can think of the Divergent series Mr Stone? I want Ha Hope you're prepared to continue The Bleeding Worlds And uicklyIt is so refreshing to have a youthful male protagonist Also to have a YA novel that isn't set in some far off dystopian future A local feel that this could be happening today just down your street is uniue I truly would like to say and discuss but will refrain For now Can't wait for this to release

  6. Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald says:

    Ok I think this book has great potential to make it a best sellermeaning a #1 seller Once word gets out to the teen genre it will excel I think adults will buy the book also It seems like it will have some mysterye4e and intrigue I'm 35 and I will buy the book but I really want to win this book My daughter loves to read and collect books ad much me I haven't been at it long but i have come to realize that I love to read and listrn to audio books Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book I hope to won

  7. Quan Quan says:

    Harbinger is very good book It is not the best but I might read other two books I like the characters I like the twist and turns in the book although it can get kind of confusing especially in the middle It is something you have push through However the ending is not that satisfy as I want it to be It was just a typical ending In the end I still give it 4 out 5 stars I recommend this book to anyone who likes Percy Jackson but wants something a little darker That's my review

  8. Alpha_stigma Alpha_stigma says:

    This review may contain spoilersA pretty good book I liked the veil with all of the mythological references thrown in with a good explanation about the abilities The author did a really good job with Gwynns' background and growth but the abilities were for the most part pretty linear until near the end when they got intricate hopefully the second book will have a bit of the abilities revealed and hopefully a good love interest for Gwynn that does not die

  9. Restie Restie says:

    the first book has great potential to be a great fantasy series some elements were not explained well but i let it go necause this is his first book what i felt by the end of the is the same thing i felt after watching a good japanese anime

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