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  1. Judy Gill Judy Gill says:

    I really love this story It's one I'll be reading again because it makes me smile leaves me feeling happy Picarella knows how to grab the reader's attention in the beginning and keep it until the very last word Magic and dragons and real life fairies with truly distinct personalities and mannerisms other amazing creatures and beautifully described scenery and events made this special book come alive in my mind

  2. Valarie Kinney Valarie Kinney says:

    This novel captured my heart from the cover all the way through On the surface Livian is a fantasy story laced with intrigue adventure and magical creatures but the heart of the story wrestles with deeper truths that speak to the soul What is destiny and can it be changed? Does anyone have a right to negate the worth of another based simply on physical differences? When the greatest of tragedies turns out to be the most solid of strengths Livian's world is shaken to the core Yet the uestion remains what will she do with this revelation? Perhaps most captivating of all is the exploration of the curious and magical relationships in a family and the way the ties that bind shape our futuresand our pasts Well done Ms Picarella This book was a delight to read and I will be watching for of your work

  3. T.K. Toppin T.K. Toppin says:

    This is not your typical fairy tale scene with fluttery fairies and benevolent unicorns This is like a fairy tale gone wrong in a good refreshing way From the get go you're presented with gritty violence that leaves you itching to find out and the fate of the lone survivor in the aftermath Following the life of Livian a fairy halfbreed who lives secluded from the rest of the world with her grandfather and dear friend Elsa the tale weaves through her coming of age story Richly seasoned with dragons of course and terrifying unicorns and other not so nice creatures It ended with a very satisfying finish but it just left me craving for I look forward to whatever seuels to this story Ms Picarella has in the future

  4. Tiffany Dyer Tiffany Dyer says:

    Every page of the book had a twist in turn to keep you on your toes I love how the book has fresh new ideas rather than beating the same old lame horse to death

  5. Jude Johnson Jude Johnson says:

    I loved delving into this world of fantastic creatures triple moons and conflict created with delicious depth and detail Livian chafes at the protective restraints her guardian grandfather places upon her daily life just like every growing child But Livian doesn't appreciate the dangers surrounding their hidden haven or the drastic conseuences her impetuous actions may wreak upon their fragile world The climax is truly intense right up to the final wordMs Picarella tells a great tale inventing wonderful characters who speak their own dialect in an easily absorbed style I would give Livian 475 stars if allowed because it isn't absolutely perfect there are occasional changes in POV that are a little confusing but the story and action are so good it comes very close HIGHLY recommended

  6. Chrissy Moon Chrissy Moon says:

    I am not an avid fantasy reader because I always feel threatened by what I always thought was complicated and intimidating creature names and rules But there is nothing intimidating about LIVIAN It is a perfect account of a young girl who is considered an oddity in her land The word placements by the author are beautiful and deliberate It is written cinematically so the readers have no trouble imagining the events Personally I loved how the author put a new spin on how we perceive certain creatures However I do need to read the seuel as soon as possible so I hope the author takes note of this Also I love Elsa Where can I find my own Elsa?It was an amazing experience reading this book Waiting anxiously for the next

  7. Dawn Kirby Dawn Kirby says:

    I cannot stress enough how amazing this book is Normally I can't get into fantasy But this book grabbed me and refused to let go I'd put it down to go to sleep and end up sneaking a few peeks just to see what happened next LIVIAN is NOT your granny's fairytale It is dark deep and entrancing Picarella is a true artist painting her words on the canvas of your imagination

  8. Danielle Zwissler Danielle Zwissler says:

    Review coming soon

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Livian ➸ [Reading] ➺ Livian By Michelle Anderson Picarella ➭ – Beneath the orbit of the tri moon dusk a world sets unbalanced between good and evil Each being fears the loss of their soul as one mysterious creature hunts the Alpha of each tribe in order to posses Beneath the orbit of the tri moon dusk a world sets unbalanced between good and evil Each being fears the loss of their soul as one mysterious creature hunts the Alpha of each tribe in order to possess the entire colony Unaware of her royal warrior lineage wingless Livian struggles with theunaccepted gnarling of her genetic roots and the uestionings of her own twisted purpose of life while keeping her existence unknown to the soul possessing hunter Her destiny holds the decided fate of the world and the battle begins within her own soul before the first slash of bloodshed.

  • 218 pages
  • Livian
  • Michelle Anderson Picarella
  • 23 March 2014