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Just Add Water [Reading] ➿ Just Add Water ➶ Jinx Schwartz – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005S65704Hetta Coffey is a globe trotting civil engineer with attitude who is working on coming of age a little late Pushing forty and still single Hetta i This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BSHetta Coffey is a globe trotting civil engineer with attitude who is working on coming of age a little late Pushing forty and still single Hetta is the epitome of the b word bold bossy brassy breezy and brash After leaving a lifelong swath of failed multi national affairs in her jet stream it is no wonder Hetta prefers living with her dog RJ But old habits die hard and trolling for triceps is Hetta s hobby Plying the waterfront in search of Saturday brunch Hetta Just Add ePUB í s attention is snagged by a parade of passing yacht especially their predominantly male skippers and experiences a champagne induced epiphany if she had a boat she could get a man In hopes a floating Valhalla will overcome an all time low water mark in her life Hetta buys her dream boat in spite of a spectacular ignorance of all things nautical But a shadowy stalker an inconvenient body and Hetta s own self destructive foibles imperil not only her new life but a newly found romance.

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    I accidentally started with the Hetta Coffee #8 Just Pardon my French which I really enjoyed So I decided to go back the beginningI did not enjoy Just Add Water nearly as much It felt longer than it needed to be and I found Hetta to be mean spirited than sassy in this one Clearly the writing has improved with time which is a good thing 25 stars

  2. Susanne Weigand Susanne Weigand says:

    I thought this book would be a mystery It is in parts But to get there is really really boring First of all it is about two women both not so young any who are desperate for men Really desperate You get the picture? Ok of course the right men turn up and the reader knows it But of course it takes time Time and boring time to get there The mystery part is suspenseful but whenever a bit of suspense has built up we leave the mystery and are back again to those silly and vain two woman boring again In the end when Hettas newfound love is missing every reader will know where he is und what he is doing Only Hetta doesn't and feals cheated Come on And their wouldn't even be much of a mystery if Hetta wouldn't hold back on a piece of evidence for no reason The boating part is disappointing as well Hetta has a boat only after half of the book and than it takes nearly the rest of the book for her to handle itThe book ist said to be funny There is one hilarious scene where Hetta takes revenge That is all Oh and the story of the dog is sad but nice and entertaining

  3. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Just add water by Jinx Schwartz is the first book in the Hetta Coffey mystery series Hetta is jilted by an embezzler who several years later winds up dead in her hot tub stabbed by an ice pick An enjoyable and interesting introduction although not much of a mystery but rather a rundown of Hetta's mid life crisis and how she ends up living on a boat A fun book overall although a bit slow and strung out

  4. Laurie Hanan Laurie Hanan says:

    I won Just Add Water in a drawing and couldn’t wait to get started I just love a good mystery but it wasn’t at all what I expected I’m all for cozy or lighthearted mysteries and in fact I prefer them over graphic violence This book doesn’t in any way follow the usual pattern of a mystery and the protagonist is not all out to solve a crime In fact she’s all out to find a man—any man will do thank you—and she’ll do anything it takes to get one Including selling her home to buy a yacht Hetta Coffey had me laughing from the start But a uarter of the way into the book I thought I must have misunderstood about the mystery part and went back online to re read the synopsis Sure enough it does say “mystery” And sure enough a few pages later there was a breather at the other end of Hetta’s phone A few unsettling events occur then a body turns up in the oddest place I have to give this book five stars because despite its uestionable categorization it was a delight to read Within an hour of finishing the first in the series I purchased and started reading the second Whether you're a fan of mystery chick lit or humor you'll be a fan of Hetta Coffey and author Jinx Schwartz Well done

  5. Horton Deakins Horton Deakins says:

    First I must say this book was a chuckle a minute—except for the parts not designed to elicit chuckles of course I have the distinct impression however that it is probably illegal in some countries for men to read this book for there are secrets revealed within its pages that men probably are never supposed to be privy to At times I felt as if I had bugged the women’s locker roomMale readers aside and despite the humorous ualities of the book it is not one you would want your ten year old to read whether the child speaks English or French as in “Excuse my” There are no graphic love scenes or any such thing just a bit of language More than one language actuallyI have a mildly neurotic tendency to mark spelling grammar and editing errors in what I read but with this book I just put my proverbial blue pencil down That was uite refreshing Oh there may have been an absentee article adjective—but no than oneFor anyone who may think the author pulled the Japan experiences out of thin air let me assuage your concerns She did not Amongst other things the story brought back fond memories of taste bud titillations at the all night Korean yes in Japan barbeue joints—something you’ll never see in America No we are too much the litigious society to ever permit patrons to cook with gas grills at their own tableThe only issue I had with the book was that it seemed to be a bit slow paced in the beginning I was about halfway through before I really felt hooked by anything other than repeatedly laughing out loud and being impressed by the sheer uality of the proseTherefore by virtue of my having read this book and because of the fact that although I would like to give a rating of somewhere between four and five stars zut alors I cannot because these crazy rating systems utilize only discreet integer arithmetic and no floating point and by forcing this upon me I must truncate my result rather than rounding up I never round up unless it is in my favor so I hereby award four stars to this book Well done Ms Schwartz and great choice for the boat christening

  6. Glenda Glenda says:

    book got off to a slow start Main character Hetta Coffey not very likable for me I may read another book in the series?

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    Too much about Hetta's personal life for me Plus her stupidity in view spoilerrefusing to tell the police about the crucial information about the key Especially after finding a dead body in her hot tub hide spoiler

  8. Helen Karol Helen Karol says:

    Chick Lit Extraordinaire with Canine CutieI started this book under the impression it was a mystery romance and so was puzzled when the reuired generic expectations failed to materialise up front It was very entertaining and I loved the sassy Hetta and her friend Jan but I kept waiting for the murders and the love interest to kick in I actually put it down at one point with the intention of not proceeding – I AM VERY GLAD I DIDN’T I was intrigued by the characters and completely in love with canine cutie RJ I also harbour a deep fantasy of owning my own boat; so I went back for a second go This time approaching it as chick lit it was much easier to read and by halfway I flew through it with joyI am not usually a fan of this genre but I loved Hetta because she isn’t falling apart and always has a snappy comeback without being bitchy Although she has her obstacles she isn’t dependant on men or in need of rescue well for most of the time I love the part where she takes off and anchors in the bay aloneIt has the merits of chick lit with enduring female friendships but again none of these women are disasters It begins with a thriller scenario but doesn’t really pick this up until halfway through the book We are treated to a thriller ending and eventually the romance element kicks in very nicely Hope we see of that relationship in the seriesJust goes to show that frame of mind when approaching a book can have a massive effect on your enjoyment Don’t be fooled by this one – stick with it – you won’t be disappointedDespite the slow start it turns out to be a very satisfying rompFirst reviewed under the KBR at com“The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent fair and honest review We are not associated with the author or ”

  9. Jeannie and Louis Rigod Jeannie and Louis Rigod says:

    My First comment to my followers of reviews is that this book is Not a typical cozy There is strong language sexual innuendos and a main character that you may like or not Having said all thisyou might want to read this book as it is one heck of a well written mysteryThe main character is bold bossy brassy breezy and brash And I would add another five letter 'B' word The thing isHetta Coffey has come to this personality due to actions that have happened to her There is something called excellent writing that compels the reader to want to find out what makes this woman click Life has caused a severe injustice to Hetta and you are driven to see if she gets justice back to even the score This mystery has another subplot that of a romance running throughout the novel Hetta has made poor choices in the past can she 'Just Add Water' to find the love of her life? Hetta feels buying a yacht will bring her to a classier group of men What it brings is a drain on money and 'man' troubles at least in the beginningThen there is humor I will say the humor is of a twenty first century type Again this is not a cozy of the traditional style I was shocked into a laugh out loud scenario on page 219 that had my spouse running to my aid I guess it was a bray I was oddly satisfied with a scene involving a 'Morgan' vehicle underwear and a large silver balloonYou have to read the book to appreciate the sceneNormally the language etc would put me off however I am so very glad I continued to read the book as the writing is amazing and so was the story I will read the next in the series and remember to stay in 2013

  10. Denise Zendel Denise Zendel says:

    Hetta Coffey is not your typical engineer – she’s sharp tonged witty and outspoken Along with her bff Jan she searches for love freuently falling for the wrong man In a moment of champagne induced drunkenness she decides if she had a boat she could get a man and off she goes to realize that dreamShe’s surrounded by a great group of friends and a rescue dog whom she loves beyond reason and who loves her the same way I was mildly annoyed by the “got to have a man” drive but setting that aside she is a strong character and throughout the book starts to take control of her life The plot was interesting the characters likable the dialogue filled with humor and the details about living on a boat educational I noticed other reviewers here complaining about the sex and language but I didn’t notice anything that merited the level of discontent I don’t think I was reading the same book as themFor me this series was reminiscent of the early Janet EvanovichStephanie Plumb books It was a light easy entertaining read and a great way to spend some time I liked this enough to want to read about Hetta and to see how her life turns out

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