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The Pied Piper of Hamelin [PDF] ✅ The Pied Piper of Hamelin ✈ Robert Browning – Como um fantasma ressuscitado de antanho aparece o flautista ninguém sabe de onde E executa seu trabalho ue parece milagre e brincadeira O ar suspeito de vadio porém não desperta a consideração d Como um fantasma ressuscitado de Piper of PDF ☆ antanho aparece o flautista ninguém sabe de onde E executa seu trabalho ue parece milagre e brincadeira O ar suspeito de vadio porém não desperta a consideração The Pied PDF or dos cidadãos respeitáveis ue o humilhamMas ao menos pela lenda pôde o artista ressentido punir seus detratores retirando da cidade justamente sua vida e esperança já ue não lhe foi dada sua paga Pied Piper of ePUB ´ devida algo valiosíssimo foi para sempre tirado daueles homens mesuinhos ue não souberam merecer música e criançasO mistério de sua figura não se resolve de onde veio para onde levou as crianças para onde vai como consegue encantar pela músicatantas perguntas levam a conjecturas sem fim Por vezes soturna por vezes brejeira a história mantém uma aura de estranheza nunca dissipadaOs ue se deixaram hipnotizar pela doce melodia foram atraídos pela “promessa de felicidade” ue anunciava talvez realizada no alémNa tradução para o português Alípio Correia de Franca Neto conseguiu a proeza de recriar com vivacidade os versos intrincados e as rimas bizarras de Browning cuja capacidade para a narrativa dramática sempre foi seu principal pendor Além disso ainda nos brinda com um completo aparato histórico a respeito da lenda desde suas remotas origens possivelmente medievais Nada nos deterá crianças jovens e adultos em nossa leitura também ueremos seguir em cortejo o flautista ue por breves momentos também a nós liberta das penas cotidianas e conduz à montanha enfeitiçada dos sonhos onde uedamos ao final como o menino manco único ue não foi para contar a história aos outros testemunhas perplexas de nosso destino.

  • 81 pages
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • Robert Browning
  • Portuguese
  • 12 April 2014

About the Author: Robert Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning professing that Piper of PDF ☆ he loved her poetry and her In the couple eloped to Europe eventually settling in Florence in They had a son PenUpon.

10 thoughts on “The Pied Piper of Hamelin

  1. Calista Calista says:

    Wow this has a harsh ending Maybe I don't remember the story but I thought the kids came back Not in this one If you have kids who are terrified of losing their parents I would suggest skipping this story I hope the townsfolk fire the mayor after his greed lost the town their kidsAt least the kids went to a heaven like place The Pied Piper is pretty cold This is a dark story The nephew did like this story anyway He gave it 4 stars He thought the rats following the piper was cool

  2. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Albeit that I indeed and definitely have much enjoyed Robert Browning's presented verses I do wonder if the at times rather heavy satiric and social criticism of The Pied Piper of Hamelin might in fact be a bit of a potential comprehension block for younger children As an adult they sure do tickle my proverbial fancy but as a child I am not sure I would have even understood the majority of Browning’s diverse allusions and might also have found the rhyme scheme itself a bit distracting and taxing And while Kate Greenaway's accompanying illustrations certainly are lushly colourful and descriptive and I can well understand why and how she has an award for best United Kingdom illustrated children's book named in her honour due to the salient truth that I am personally familiar with the German city of Hamelin I actually tend to find Greenaway’s depictions her pictorial offerings generally far British than German in nature and scope really not all that much of a major potential issue to be sure but visual historical authenticity does indeed seem bit lacking with The Pied Piper of Hamelin And interestingly enough uite a number of modern scholars now believe the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin to be a folkloric allusion to a mass migration out of Hamelin and its environs in Mediaeval times some claim this might have been due to the so called Children's Crusades and although there has not been any actual historical proof of this the theory is in my opinion both intriguing and worthy of consideration and further research But I was actually intrigued to learn while recently reading a fictional autobiography about Romanian Germans immigrating to North America in the late 19th century that according to folklore and tradition the Germans of Romania consider themselves to be the descendants of the lost children of Hamelin Now I have not been able to verify this information but from a folkloric point of view it is indeed an interesting origin tale concept and one that might well have a basis in fact as the Germans of Romania are indeed the decedents of individuals who migrated en masse from Germany to the Balkans during the Middle Ages from the 12th century onwards according to information I have read on Wikipedia

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    This is one of those stories I sort of remembered having heard it many years ago But reading it now in Robert Brownings prose not only brought its all vividly back to life but also brought added depth that I didn't rememberThe story is a retelling of the medieval tale of how the Pied Piper rid the city of rats only to be double crossed and how he took his revenge now normally I would voraciously refrain from spoilers but I think with this story there is little danger of ruining the experience of discovering this brand new for the first timeNow the story is a classic there is no doubt but for me there is the double pleasure with the incredible artwork Here we have the work of Kate Greenaway which I think is a perfect accompaniment giving a timeless feel to the story and the book itself Along with the illustrations of Heath Robinson yes the man of the impossible contraption fame I think they add to the experience and even though this book was published in 1993 it still feels as sumptuous as the first printing back in 1842

  4. mwana mwana says:

    Still my favorite poemReread World Poetry Day 2020

  5. Purvi Petal Purvi Petal says:

    Excellent vivid brilliant One of the earliest works I read first as Grimms tales and then as this poem I was something in class V or VI I guess it left the strongest impression on me While the Grimms tales version inspired me to write my very first work of fiction at age 7 yrs a poem about a princess with 7 pet rats or some such thing can't recall much of it now but I was in love with my own very first work for a long time just because these kinda horror fairy tales had made me fall in love with the art of story telling itself

  6. Gerry Gerry says:

    The message is obviously 'Don't mess with the Pied Piper'The burghers offer a large sum of money for him to rid the town of rats When he does so they renege on the deal and offer him far lessThey think there is nothing that he can do about it How wrong they were as he got out his flute and enticed the children of the village away One managed to miss being led into the cavern in the mountain as he was lame and he was later to lament 'It's dull in our town since my playmates left'This large format edition is beautifully illustrated by Van Dyck

  7. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I recently finished a prose version of this tale that was by Sara and Stephen Corrin and was illustrated by Errol Le Cain and I really loved it I’m about to read another prose edition that’s by Robert Holden and illustrated by Drahos Zak This book is the famous poem by Robert Browning and it’s illustrated by Kate Greenaway I’d thought I’d grown up with the poem but now I know that I was mistaken I did grow up with a song that record is in a box that’s not readily accessible and the lyrics and tune were very catchy I did grow up with the story too; I now am assuming that it was the Grimm Brothers versionI’ve always been fascinated by this story but I was not favorably impressed with this poem I do not think I’d have at all enjoyed it as a child and even now I prefer this tale told in story formThe Kate Greenaway illustrations were colorful but the paintings seemed to encompass different styles some of which I loved and some of which I thought were just okay

  8. Brian Brian says:

    I looked around on the FreeBooks app I bought and wandered across Browning's shorter poems The rhyme schemes entertain with exuisite grace I want of this classic poet

  9. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    35 stars The poem on its own is an interesting and rhythmic piece of folklore As a children’s book however I don’t really think it works It certainly isn’t a fun poem and I believe there are many other wonderful ways to introduce children to the world of poetry I feel that the language in the poem would be incredibly difficult for a child to keep up with and although the story within it offers an important lesson it is also rather dark I think it could be terrifying for a child I did enjoy seeing the illustrations in the book Personally I would recommend this solely for teens and adults who like poetry

  10. Beccy Beccy says:

    There are a few versions of Browning's THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN available so if you like the text you might want to pick and choose your edition based on the illustrationsI think traditionally this text gets taught at secondary school however I can't see any reason why a year five or six class shouldn't be introduced to it The plot of the poem is of a stranger who comes to the town of Hamelin in Germany to rid the place of rats He completes his mission by luring them out of town and into the river with his pipe music However when the time comes for the town council to pay him for his work they will not and so as a truly macabre act of revenge he lures the town's children away in the same way that he did with the rodentsIt's a dark poem and yet strangely hypnotic Based on a time when the town's children really were lost purportedly to the plague or some other medical epidemic or perhaps to a landslide there are various suggestions Browning's interpretation may be a considered one of a number of secondary sources of art and literature depicting these events This poem is great to get discussion going a literary detective case to piece together what actually might have happened when read in conjunction with other representations of the events in Hamelin It also offers the children the chance to write in their verse what happened in Hamelin based on Browning's poem or perhaps turn their hands to journalism and write a newspaper story based on the events depicted in the poem As a writer Browning can also be used on projects on the Victorians with the added bonus if it can be termed that of having his tomb in Poets' Corner in Westmister Abbey and available to be visited Certainly not a light read but definitely one to ge a lot out of

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