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In Flames (Destined, #1) [Download] ✤ In Flames (Destined, #1) Author Elissa Daye – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A cursed lineage A secret magic A destiny that neither one of them could have predictedWhen Elkliss Keep is rampaged by her sinister Uncle Simeon Lysandra lost everything she had ever known or loved w A cursed lineage A secret magic A destiny that neither one of them could have predictedWhen Elkliss Keep is rampaged by her sinister Uncle Simeon Lysandra lost everything she had ever known or loved within a heartbeat Destiny catapults her into a life she could never have foreseen; a life filled with an unuenchable desire for a man whose aloof people harbor a secret almost as dangerous as her ownWhen Aiden first sets eyes on Lysandra the beast inside will not be fulfilled until he possesses her He soon he realizes that Lysandra could be the one true mate that would make his cursed life easier to live.

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  1. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Note Book provided by author for reviewThis book had interesting concepts and fates woven through the story but the execution of the story hit uite a few stumbling points for meCharacter wise I found that the heroine Lysandra was a little flat Her reactions to life changing situations were very accepting and she was confident in her ability to rise above her circumstances but I felt that having this many critical things happen to her in such a short time would have tested the mettle of the most Zen Monk Her reactions to the introduction of our hero were also a uite unbelievable Her abilities were lamentable at the beginning of the story but uite uickly with no real practice or training she was able to use her abilities in a far effective manner than I would have ever imagined Her lack of real failings were a major sticking point for me since every reader likes to imagine themselves in comparison to the characters in a story The hero was interesting in some ways but in other ways was a little frustrating His ability to change and respect Lysandra's thoughts and opinions was refreshing I found his habit of leaving and doing all of his soul searching outside the realm of the book very frustrating His ability to randomly show up and have changed basically the essence of who he was remained a block for me I was not able to connect with him as I would have liked because of thatThe world was interesting but not a lot of it was explained The plot was intricate and fate weaving I really found it interesting to have fate tie into the scrapes our heroine found herself in Ghelli house was a supremely decadent place but that sort of sensuality seemed out of place The heroine's time there was limited but there are no references to any other type of establishment like that and slave status seemed to be limited to one person The situations and happenings of the world were too varied to be able to get enough detail about any one thing in the world to truly whet my appetite I would have wished for less of the exotic buffet of fruits and meat and potatoes in the plot There was a bit of confusion for me with the plot as it seemed that some information was conflicting with other information making it hard to followAll in all this was an ok read but I was not able to connect with the story in any significant way

  3. OpenBookSociety.com OpenBookSociety.com says:

    Brought to you by OBS reviewer DawnBeware of SpoilersThe story begins with a curse on all the descendants of Aesov for his callous use of a witch I thought he deserved it and it set the tone for In FlamesGenerations later Lysandra’s Uncle attacks her parents intent of having their keep Elkliss She is forced to be a maid With time her will to live diminishes Initially I wasn’t sure where she fit into the story She is sort of rescued from her Uncle’s depravity only to be thrust into another position of submissiveness I’m so glad I didn’t live in those times because it’s difficult to understand when women had no say in anythingAiden uinn purchases Lysandra and takes her home to his keep Their relationship development was the focal point of the story at least for me There was some great smutty sex mixed in woo hoo I loved how Lysandra did her best to gain the respect of Aiden’s people She did everything she could to protect them and they grew to love herShe was a spirited woman beaten down by circumstance but she never wavered She fought for what she wanted I’m so glad that Aiden recognized what he had in Lysandra I wasn’t sure he would and I mourned with her especially after she got pregnantAiden ended up doing a complete about face and truly accepting Lysandra as an eual He struggled with his feelings At times he avoided them all together by running away but he always came backI usually recommend a book to specific age groups or genres but this time I recommend married couples read the book together If you’re not ripping each others’ clothes offthere’s something wrongThis is not a Young Adult book make no mistake about thathttpopenbooksocietycomarticlein

  4. Mary Ting Mary Ting says:

    This is not the type of book I normally read but I'm glad I did I was hooked from the beginning and I couldn't stop reading I felt like I was the main character Lysandra going through all her emotions There were a few emotional parts too giving me teary eyes Also there were several hot and steamy parts in the story but it was beautiful writtenI needed lol This book had all the elements I love in a storyhot guy romance action and twist and turns I will be reading books from Elissa Daye Thank you for a great read Great job

  5. Romina Romina says:

    Lord Aestov is in lust His lust is for Bridget he has wanted her ever since he set eyes on herAfter chasing her for a while they begin a passionate affair Unfortunately for Bridget he is married and will never be hersHeartbroken by his betrayal she curses his people The lives of the people of Blackwolf Keep will carry this curse until the time someone carrying the same blood as Bridget can break itMany years after the curse is cast we are taken to Elkiss KeepAn attack on the Keep is about to happen led by the Lord’s own brotherLysandra is left without her parents and taken captive by her cruel uncleHer Aunt soon sells her into slavery where she has to deal with all sorts of men trying to take her virtue She is put up for auction by her owner and sold to Aiden uinnThis story tells of their relationship and how they soon learn it is their destiny to be togetherThis is one of those love stories that you immediately want to have a happy endingAfter reading such tragedy at the beginning there had to be something special that came from itThe two main characters Lysandra and Aiden are written so well you feel they are meant to be I like thatWith lots of strong characters and a story of love and intrigue I was easily drawn inThe sex scenes are very well written not too erotic and perfect for the characters situationMagical powers feature strongly in this story but are not too over the top as to overwhelm leaving the characters to build up their inclusion into the story perfectlyI love a book full of mystic and strong passionate womenI’m recommending this book to fantasy and romance lovers it has everything

  6. LovesAllThingsBooks Book Reviews LovesAllThingsBooks Book Reviews says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author for a review At first I was a little unsure the two chapters were a little hard for me to get intobut as the story began unfolding I couldn't stop reading I found myself carrying my e reader to the kitchen with me so I could read and cook at the same time I love how Lysandra's magic is tied to her heart her love and emotionsWhen Lysandra's family is murdered she is sold as a slave Fear grips her when she discovers her new master's plans for her future He sells her to the highest bidder because she has remained untouched Now she is in a whole new environment with one stranger in particular that looks upon her with disgustAdian her new master has a secret and it has something to do with the cylce of the moonIf you are looking for a good read that deals with magic and werewolves look no further I cannot wait to read from this author

  7. Emi Lia Emi Lia says:

    I really enjoyed this story I was hooked from the very beginning In Flames is the first book in the Destined series it's a great introduction to the women of Lena Strong magical women who will do what is necessary to protect their own Lysandra was thrown into a world hate and servitude until destiny comes looking for her and though the path isn't that clear for at the time she does a wonderful job embracing it While Aiden is a bit guarded with Lysandra he eventually gives in to the feelings he can no longer hide from himself There is a little jealousy and treachery involved which makes the story all the interesting I highly recommend it

  8. Jane Doe Jane Doe says:

    I read the second book first and the main female character is in that book too In book two she has matured a lot and has completely come into her own Good story the pacing was a bit off in this one the bane of the beginning of a series Still obviously well worth the read and the series continues to grow and get even better This is an author to keep an eye on Can't wait to see where she goes in book 3 She is on my auto buy list

  9. Malinda Malinda says:

    In Flames is very well written and has such strong characters The the story unfolded the harder it was for me to put my kindle away for the night I can not sit here and write this review without giving away any details I literally felt every emotion that Lysandra went through I can not wait to read of Elissa's work

  10. Michelle Mauer Michelle Mauer says:

    I was not aware of what this book was about which is good because I probably would have skipped over it Instead I read this book and was glad I did This book shows you that you will find love in weird places It also shows you that even outsiders have something special to offer if you take the time to get to know themI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story

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