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  1. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    Avalon has returned to her hometown looking for her family She is very concerned about them because of her sister's inability to flame as a Fire Mage should Avalon never expects to find what she and Jack run into The town has been ravaged by The Realm They are taking families who are hiding humans With some secreted coins her mother hid in the house Avalon and her friend Jack decide to head to The Realm H and find her family Along the way they will run into many situations The Realm has caused They will be tested by many obstacles The uestion is can they find her family alive and well AND remain friends? Hard work and a deep faith in each other keep them going Avalon's personal feelings are tested deeply when a beauty seems to beguile Jack He seems to be a totally different man with her disregarding Avalon altogether Jack's heart and feelings are tested when he comes face to face with his long lost father It reuires strength neither thought they had to make it through it all and save her family It also might be the beginning of another chapter for them OMG What can I say This second book in the trilogy takes off on wings and never sets you back down until the end Even the end leaves you panting for the next installment of this series The story is fantastic Filled with action passion and heart The characters are defined in this second book so that if you didn't already love them and I did you will now You can't help but get caught up in this book It feels as though you have to yell at the characters at times because you are certain they don't see what's coming grin I recommend this book this series and this author You will not be disappointed It has a touch of The Wizard of Oz Cinderella and the best action movies Get yours today I found no issues I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it was a whirlwind from beginning to end and I loved it

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    This is the second book that I have read by Kate Bloomfield I found the first book in the Fire Mage Trilogy Frost Arch to be entertaining and fast paced I greatly enjoyed it and was excited for the next in the series Flamethroat did not disappointI found the story to be just as engaging as the first The plot while different follows the same pattern as the first book There is mystery conflict emotional turmoil and action The plot kept me engaged and I wanted to see what happened next Where I found the story lacking was with the characters You do get to see of Jack I thought the first book lacked character depth on Jack This book shows you of his past and answers some uestions However Avalon doesn't seem to grow at all and Jack comes across as a very passive character in certain situations He's a very conflicting character who I want to yell at one moment and then become a sappy romantic over the next My biggest issue and where this book really took a dive and lost a few stars was with Avalon herself She is selfish dishonest abrasive and walks all over Jack I can't connect to her and that makes the book hard to read Even her softer moments are really her way of being selfish in this book In my opinion she uses Jack and keeps him at arms length because he is a distraction but keeps him with her because he comes in handy when she finds trouble which she can't help but rush intoOverall I recommend this book It is a good read with a decent plot line that will keep you engaged Be prepared to hate the main character or at least become very very annoyed by her but if you can stick with it you'll get a good fantasy read This review was originally posted on

  3. Sofia Sofia says:

    The second book of The Fire Mage Trilogy I thought Flamethroat was an easy pretty fun read I enjoy mage stories and like the way Kate Bloomfield presents magic and how it works in her series the way a character's magic reflects their personalities I enjoy the characters but they don't feel all that 3 dimensional They rarely make mistakes or need to face conseuences of their choices Sometimes I felt like the story shied away from conflict Rather black white story the good people are always good the bad always bad However the author may have set up the story for challenging conflicts and tests of character in the third bookThat said I thought the first book of the trilogy was a bit engaging and this second book feels like it is acting as a transition between the first and third I wonder if this trilogy began as a single book

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Flamethroat is a dream seuel to Bloomfield's Frost Arch Where the first book was a thoroughly engrossing coming of age tale Avalon and Jack come into their own in this new adventure The author keeps the pace tight and enjoyable throwing in a new ensemble cast of characters that fill in the gaps perfectly Once again I was drawn into the world of Mages and trying to unravel of the mystery of their origins Flamethroat is largely a getting there story not only in the journey of our main characters but also the trouble brewing in the background of this futuristic society Can't wait to read the final chapter of this trilogy

  5. Aeron Trahaearn Aeron Trahaearn says:

    This book was beautifulplease read this series you'll love it

  6. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    After Avalon’s eventful time in Frost Arch she wants to get home and be with her family Her Jack and Hawthorne finally make it back to Mortlock only to find Avalon’s family’s home trashed burnt and empty Jack finds a note on the letterbox from the Realm of Mages saying treating humans as euals is illegal and anyone doing so will be arrested Avalon’s sister Helena is a human and Avalon knows now that her family was taken by the Realm of Mages She is determined to find her family and especially her sister to protect her Jack of course does not want her to go alone and is adamant in accompanying her They have to travel to Concord City which is uite a far journey The trio embarks on a long mission which they encounter many different types of people and things they never thought they would see The mission takes different twists and turns taking Avalon and her friends on an adventure they never thought they would go through Avalon I thought would be much confident in this book after her realizations and adventure in the last book Unfortunately she reverts back to the timid person who wants to get things done but acts like she is too fragile to do those things This was very frustrating while reading this book The story stayed very fluid and eventful This book wasn’t as rushed and fragmented as the first There were a lot of different events but they were fluid and made a lot sense This story ended with fewer uestions it ended the issues that were brought on in this story except what was needed to continue the trilogy but my loose ends from the first book are still out there and I’m hoping they will get answered in the final book

  7. Samantha Samantha says:

    Avalon redding whatever have you gotten yourself into this time? Avalon Jack and Hawthorne go back to her home only to discover her parents and sister Helena missing A note is taped to her parents door saying that any mages noted hiding humans will be charged at the realm of mages The trio heads into Concord City to get Avalon's family back Along the way they meet up with different plot twists and turns keeping the reader flipping pages to find out what's next This book again was really well written and I can't wait for the final installment

  8. Jenelle Jenelle says:

    So this book is a seuel I read the first in the series a month or so ago I really liked the first book I thought it was uirky A powerful mage in a mage world and she's running around heating baths and other grunt work It was interesting to me But this book I don't know how I feel about the racist stuff Was that there in the first book and I just didn't notice? I think it was there but it didn't weigh so heavily on the plot It left a bad taste in my mouth I'm not sure how I feel about the way the story has went I'll finish up the series either way

  9. Kasey Kasey says:

    This book is almost better than the first The only thing that would have made it better was Avalon not being so mopey about Helena I just felt that she was selfish when at the end she was refusing to see Helena It really felt like Flamethroat wasn't ready to end or maybe should have ended it a bit earlier Either way I would recommend it but I'm hoping the third one will tie everything together

  10. Huong Huong says:

    While I run in utter despair at the sight of any vampire book I am pretty forgiving to magicians It's prob the one sci fi genre that makes me suee Avalon is still a rather irritating heroine but I so enjoyed the world building that I can't say I disliked the overall book Jack and Hawthorne are great side charactersLooking forward to the 3rd book

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Flamethroat [Read] ➬ Flamethroat By Kate Bloomfield – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Avalon Redding has returned to Mortlock to find her home destroyed and her family missing They have been taken by 'The Realm' for harboring an illegal human Avalon's sister Desperate to find her famil Avalon Redding has returned to Mortlock to find her home destroyed and her family missing They have been taken by 'The Realm' for harboring an illegal human Avalon's sister Desperate to find her family Avalon travels across the country to the Headuarters of the Realm with Healer Jack Greenwood and animal companion HawthorneTheir friendship is tested when Jack is reunited with his estranged father and falls under a strange beauty's spell Will Jack abandon Avalon during her uestAnd is Hawthorne really one of a kind.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Flamethroat
  • Kate Bloomfield
  • English
  • 18 July 2014

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